Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release (www.newtrendmag.org)

During April 20 rallies: Extend Boycott of Businesses Which Support Israel
Starbucks, Disney, Arm & Hammer, Giant Stores, Haagendaz Ice Cream
Jenin refugee camp was Sharon's "sabra-shatilla II": Outdid Warsaw Ghetto

"Allah loves those good deeds which though little are done consistently." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith in Sahih Muslim.]{narrated by ‘Ayesha, ra.}

Dear friends: Peace be with you.

An important non-violent way of saying "NO" to the Sharon rampage in Palestine is to boycott businesses which support Israel. Financial power is very important in the world in which we live. Israel is able to carry on its wars of aggression in part owing to the massive funding it receives from America. Most people usually think of the $3 billion Israel gets for weaponry each year from the U.S. government. However the money going to Israel from the Jewish businesses in America is reportedly TWICE AS MUCH and is often used to build SETTLEMENTS.

EACH ONE OF US can help to cut down these funds for Israel by watching what we spend our money on. Be aware of Jewish products and businesses. Most of them support Israel. Amana (from Florida) has reported blatant support for Israel by Starbucks, the coffee people. If you havn't seen the report, we can forward it to you.

Please identify Jewish businesses and products which support Israel. Here are a few (there are hundreds more):
1. Disney (ever since Eisner took it over).
2. Arm and Hammer products (used for washing clothes in millions of homes)
3. Starbucks (coffee shop chain)
4. Giants (grocery store which issued a list of 14 rabbis who check their products for kosher)
5. Haagendaaz ice-cream (very attractive as the weather warms up)
6. All products which have a little k within a circle printed on them. The k stands for kosher.
We appeal to Muslim imams who work in the prison system to reject the offering of KOSHER products to Muslim inmates. (This is big business.) KOSHER IS NOT HALAL. Muslim inmates should be allowed to have Halal just like other religions have their dietary modes.

THE FAMILIES OF THOUSANDS OF PALESTINIANS, humiliated, left homeless, with hundreds of relatives buried alive in the rubble, are crying out for justice against Israel and Zionism.

2002-04-20 Sat 11:31ct