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NEWS OF THE DAY: January 15: The U.S. admitted that Osama bin Laden has eluded the Americans. They have no idea where he is and sense that he might have left Afghanistan
Pakistani observers say: Betrayal of Afghan ambassador Abdus Salam Zaeef by the Musharref government is a stain on the history of Pakistan.
African-American Muslim leader Imam Jamil al-Amin faces a trial for his life in Atlanta, Georgia. His persecution by the American power structure is a test of faith for those who claim to be Muslims in America - Pakistani observer.
Wily Afghans Playing Games with Rich Americans
Shock for Americans: Osama is Most Popular Man in Muslim World
Musharref arrests 2000 Muslims: Will Powell and Vajpayee be satisfied?

If you watch CNN, MSNBC and Fox, you might have noticed a week back the hopeful American story that the three top Afghan ministers under the Taliban were about to "surrender." Viewers were told that the Karzai regime will probably hand over the three to the U.S. Of these the justice minister is most wanted because he implemented Sharia during Taliban regime, imposing severe punishments to deter bandits and rapists and to implement Islamic dress and stop the spread of Indian movies and American 'blue' films.

After two days of good news of impending surrender, came the strange report that although the three ministers had surrendered, the Karzai regime had let them go and they had returned to their native villages. There was an element of shock in this report, especially because the man who implemented Quran and hadith had been let go.

After that came the news that the "surrender" had never happened! There were no ministers in government hands to hand over to the U.S. THE ENTIRE STORY, WHICH KEPT U.S. MEDIA BUSY FOR 5 DAYS WAS BOGUS!
People are also realizing that the Afghans we saw on TV killing, murdering al-Qaeda Islamists were not typical of the Afghans. These were Dostum communists as well bandits, mercenaries and cutthroats who do not share the Islamic values of the masses of Afghans. Most Afghans still proved to be true sons of Islam. With a $25 million price on Osama's head, NOT ONE AFGHAN CAME FORWARD to pinpoint where he was. The same is true of Mullah Omar and Ayman al-Zawahiri who have millions of dollars on their head.

With the intense poverty of Afghanistan, it is indeed a miracle of faith that millions of dollars offered by the U.S. did not draw EVEN ONE authentic lead.

The Afghans, with the exception of the few traitors who are now 'rulers' of Kabul, played with the Americans. 'Here, give me $10: I'll take you to someone who has heard about Osama's hiding place.' The CIA man hands over $10, is taken to another wise guy who says: "I could try to find out where Osama is, but I'll need $100 to get people to talk." For the CIA man, $100 is nothing if he can call in an air strike where Osama is even faintly said to be hiding. The wise guy takes the $100 and comes back the next day to say: the area where Osama is hiding is very difficult to enter. I'll put together a team to go in there but I'll need $10,000 to pay my men.

Thus it goes on, up and down Afganistan, the hunt for Osama and the sons of Islam. The CIA is looking bad, and even funny. In the process, one can see the meaning of the Pushtun proverb:
IRAQ HAS RELEASED A SURVEY according to which 98% of Iraqis consider Osama Bin Laden "the man of the year" for 2001. Osama is also the most popular human being in Pakistan, Indonesia,Bangladesh, Kashmir, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Northern Nigeria and SAUDI ARABIA.
It's almost impossible for Americans to understand this phenomenon because for Americans, their history with Muslims began on September 11, 2001.
{Last week Saddam Hussain openly defied American power and said that Iraq would fight American aggression.}
For 4 days after his speech, MUSHARREF's POLICE has been busy arresting Islamic activists. The total arrested is now more than 2000. More than 300 Islamic offices have been closed down. Mujahideen who had gone to Kashmir to fight are not being permitted to return to their homes. In Karachi, a group of imams was invited by the government for "discussion" and then arrested. The Pakistani coup leader is bending over backward to please Powell (who is on the way to check on Musharref's performance) and Vajpayee, the Hindu fascist running India. Will the Indian army strike or will it be persuaded to give up this unusual opportunity?
Muslims are remaining peaceful, as they are sure of their strength and final victory although the treachery and low behavior of Musharref has reached a level seldom attained by any Pakistani leader. Pakistani observers say, Musharref has sold out completely to the U.S. but he has not yet crossed the line with India. If he openly joins hands with India against Islam, the situation would change

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