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[After Jenin massacre, a desperate Jewish attempt to preach morality to Americans]
Jewish Rally was a disguised right-wing Government Operation
Israeli Flags predominated:
Israeli Terrorist was keynote speaker
Realization that 4000 Israeli tanks cannot stop Islamic Martyrs

It's no conspiracy but hard fact: America's power structure has been usurped by the Zionist Jews, leaving the American people helpless and confused. A Christian reader has suggested that we are no longer living in the United States but in the "Jewnited States."

On April 15, Israeli flags in their hundreds flew at the Capitol as speaker after speaker denounced the Palestinian resistance and expressed support for the terrorist state of Israel.
Our analysis is as follows:
1. The Jewish rally was heavily funded but failed in drawing more than a few thousand persons from 14 cities. Spontaneity was missing. These were the rich and the powerful showing support for their Israel. (The Zionist media are busy inflating the figures at the rally and trying to give it a popular slant. They have turned 10,000 people into 40,000.
2. Taking a page from the politics of Egypt's Mubarak and Pakistan's Musharref, the organizers, America's biggest Jewish organizations, had simply flown in several thousand people ALL EXPENSES PAID (plus the jews in buses from New York).
3. Although organized by the Jews, it was a government rally in disguise, extreme right wing in its politics but spotted here and there by Democrats like Hillary Clinton which made it "bi-partisan."
4. Racially, it was a White man's rally, with hardly any colored or black people there.
5. Notorious terrorist NETANYAHOO was the keynote speaker. He made a complete fool of himself by urging the Palestinians to behave like Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King. He tried hard to denigrate the martyrs of Islam. It was childish stuff and amounted to saying: We have the right to kill you but if you kill us, you are terrorists.
5a. Even the Israeli Housing Minister was a speaker but didn't make any new contributions to Jewish thought.
6. Rudi Guiliani (New Yorkers call him Jewliani) forgot that he is supposed to be a Christian and not a Jew. He claimed that Jerusalem is and will be Israel's eternal capital. (Wait till the Jews see Saladin on the horizon; they'll clear out of Jerusalem fast!)
7. The most despicable of the Jews was Elie Wiesel (or Weasel; how do they get these names, as historian Irving would ask). This man made a name for himself by wangling big business out of the Jewish version of World War II (the myth of the holocaust, propagated to cover the terrible firebombing of German cities which left entire civilian populations wiped out.) Wiesel managed to snag the Nobel prize (no opponent of the Jews has ever received it) pretending to be a man of peace, and here he was lying blatantly about Palestine and PRAISING ISRAEL'S SOLDIERS.
Strategic studies pundit Cordesman has indicated that Israel can field forces at quick notice which would have more firepower than the COMBINED ARMIES OF THE ARAB COUNTRIES. Israel has 4000 tanks and an air force more advanced than that of the U.S. But these speakers for Israel on April 15 admitted tacitly that all the might of Israel cannot stop the MARTYRS OF ISLAM. It is the martyrdom operations which have changed the equation in Palestine.
9. All that abuse speaker after speaker poured on the sons and daughters of Islam showed clearly that as ISLAM GROWS STRONGER, the DEFEAT OF ISRAEL is ASSURED.
10. Netanyahoo declared Arafat a terrorist but it was evident that the yahoo was frustrated and near hysteria because Arafat has not been able to do the job America (the Tenet Plan) had entrusted to Arafat: to stop the growing power of Islam.
This report is dedicated to 18-year old Ayat al-Akrash and the others martyrs who broke through Israeli security to attack the Jews who were relaxing in their cafes and hotels after just another day in the occupation of Palestine. These seders and parties are like the picnics the slavemasters used to enjoy after lynching Black people. Sometimes the slave masters would be shocked by a Nat Turner. The martyrs of Islam are the Nat Turners of our time and age.
Our narrator laughed at one point in this story. On being asked why, she said it was like the CEOs and other fat cats coming out to demonstrate for their "rights" or the KKK coming out to blame the Black community. The Jews can see that the American public is getting tired of their lies and bigotry.
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