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Shocking Increase in Numbers of Women Prisoners in USA:

There are now 101,179 women in U.S. prisons. This is an increase of 48% since 1995 and 3.6% since 2002. Of these, the largest number, 13,487 women are in prison in Texas, with California coming in number 2 with 10,656. The total number of males in prison is 1,368,866. [2003 figures.]

Welcome Change in Message Coming out of Masjid Rahma, Baltimore

November 14, 2004. Record numbers Muslims prayed Eid ul Fitr prayers at Masjid Rahma on the west side of Baltimore. Three prayer gatherings were held to avoid congestion in parking.
There were almost 800 people in the early morning gathering, more than 1200 in the second gathering and nearly 1500 in the third gathering. The terrible atrocities committed by the U.S. in Fallujah during the month of Ramadan, in particular during the night of Lailatul Qadr, have had a chilling effect on the Muslims of America. In Baltimore, the ongoing rape of Iraq by America seems to have disillusioned even the Muslim leadership.
The Muslims who gather in Masjid Rahma are very loyal to the U.S. and New Trend has had occasion to criticize their leaders for being more pro-government than being pro-Islam. But on Eid ul-Fitr, a new tone and a new message was heard.
The President of the community spoke before the prayers and warned Muslims that testing times are ahead. Their faith and their patience will be tried and they should prepare to sacrifice their comforts to help their community, he said.
The Imam who gave the khutba had the amazing courage to criticize president Bush in his Khutba [very unusual at Masjid Rahma]. He reminded the President that 57 million Americans voted against him, more than any opposition votes in past elections, and he should not think that he has a mandate to do what he wills.
New Trend readers might remember that recently we published the Lancet magazine report which says that 100,000 Iraqi civilians, mostly women and children, have been killed in U.S. air attacks. To our amazement, the Imam of Masjid Rahma reiterated the death statistics from the Lancet report and expressed his horror. He urged the Muslims to look inwards, purify themselves, strengthen their faiths and provide for the weaker sections of the community.
The Muslims now know that all those propaganda moves coming from Bush, that this is not a war against Islam, were meant only to fool and divide the Muslims. The chill of disillusionment is wafting its way through even the most pro-government Muslim communities.

November 13. Greensboro: Jamaat al-Muslimeen reports that 68 year old Afaf Saudi, who was brutalized by police, has been discharged from prison. Owing to the efforts of Imam Badi Ali and others, the case of Ms. Afaf was covered by all the local TV and radio stations. The mayor of the city visited her in hospital.
The local peace activists are urging the government to discipline the police and sensitize it to:
  1. The rights of the elderly. The police should not handcuff the weak and the elderly as it does others.
  2. The rights of Muslim women. It is an outrage for a Muslim woman to be roughed up by male policemen. Even third world countries have female police for women.
  3. The police must apologize to the woman in Arabic and French. [And other demands.]
New Trend notes: The Greensboro case has shown that CAIR and other funded organizations are redundant. When a local incident happens, the local community should rally and help the victim.
Long distance control by heavily funded groups is not needed.


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Brooklyn reports that on November 14, the BOYCOTT campaign was taken to the large Eid gathering at the Masjid Ahlul Bayt [Shia] mosque in Brookyln and was well received.

To join this campaign, write to JAM's Director of Boycott at: PRADIA2@aol.com

Women in Muslim Countries: Studied in Four Categories

Dr. Kaukab Siddique spoke to the Arabic Club on the rights of Muslim women. Most of the audience was non-Muslim. The meeting was organized by a professor from Tunisia. Dr. Siddique made the following points:
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Letter on "Kerry Swamped ... [New Trend #109]

A Few Words from a man New Trend respects:

"As-salaamu 'alaykum!

Al-hamdulillah! Once again, an excellent edition."
Jihad Abdul-Mumit
Richmond, Virginia
[Former Black Panther leader.]
WAR NEWS: [From our media monitor]


Fighting in Fallujah continues on Day 8. The fighting was surprisingly heavy on Eid Day. The U.S. admitted another 16 of its best troops killed and 100 wounded raising the U.S. death toll to 38 killed and 275 seriously wounded. The U.S. is using deceptive language to report the fact that Fallujah's few defenders are difficult to crush. Note the language used after SEVEN days:

'A U.S. officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Fallujah was "occupied but not subdued." ' [Associated Press]

U.S. forces are carrying out a policy of desecration of mosques in Fallujah. The previous excuse that snipers were using mosques has been discarded. New Trend has received a photo of U.S. troops resting in full military gear on the beautiful rugs of a mosque in Fallujah. Some of them are swaggering around. Some are squatting near the Mimbar, some are chatting with each other. Others are half asleep or lounging. It's a good number of troops in the mosque.
[New Trend will post the photo of the U.S. troops in the mosque on our web site: www.newtrendmag.org]

Every day the U.S. declares that it has captured Fallujah but then announces that more fighting is required. Meantime the renegade Allawi puppet regime declares every day that another 500 "insurgents" have been killed. Thus the Allawi propaganda machine, which Fox News loves, misleads the American people by seemingly fabricated claims. First it announced that "hundreds" of "insurgents" have been killed. Then on Day 3, it announced that 500 have been killed. On Day 4, this was increased to 1000, and to 1500 on Day 5, and now on Day 7 it is said to be 2000 with another 200 captured.
Our observers say that these figures are bogus. Careful estimates are that 150 of the mujahideen have been martyred and 25 captured when their ammunition ran out. Another 200 may die of their wounds. The U.S. has also "captured" 50 civilians. At least an estimated 300 civilians have been killed in the U.S. attack and more than a 1000 wounded. These do not include many other civilians who may be found in the rubble later.
The figure of 150 mujahideen killed is probably correct when one considers a story published in the New York Times according to which U.S. troops, using the most powerful machine guns and scope rifles, could not kill ONE MUJAHID for FIVE hours. He kept an entire U.S. marine unit at bay with his rifle and FINALLY ESCAPED ON A BIKE!

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