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Dr. Kaukab Siddique was interviewed on WOL [AM 1450 Washington, DC and AM 1010 Baltimore.] by the "ON WITH LEON" show, January 26, 2003.

INS REGISTRATION Is Transforming At Least Some of Pakistan's ELITES

Br. Kaukab was interviewed by the famous "On With Leon" show for half an hour.He was preceded by Maryland's new Lt. Governor, Michael Steele. A representative from A.N.S.W.E.R was also interviewed. The following are the main points Br. Kaukab made [based on the material he has collected for his book on Pakistan to be published in July].

1. Pakistanis love America but this 50-year long situation has been changed by three factors:
i. The bombing of Afghanistan. ia. FBI interference in Pakistan
ib. U.S. air bases and installations in Pakistan, plus FBI "eye" on overseas visitors to Pakistan at airports
ii. The planned war on Iraq.
iii. INS registration of Pakistanis in U.S. such as students, visitors and workers. [Three plane loads of Pakistanis have been deported.]

2. Musharref has very little support in Pakistan but he plays the "India-will-attack" card very well. [The extreme right-wing Vajpayee government in India, the Bush administration and Musharref seem to be working in cohesion.]

3. Musharref, under U.S. advice, held elections in which a new political party the army has manufactured was supposed to win easily. {The U.S. was fooled by its contacts who claimed the "extremists" are only 10%.) It backfired and in the provinces of Frontier and Baluchistan, Islamic candidates received massive and blanket support from the people. Well-entrenched secularist groups like Wali Khan's people in Charsadda and the PPP in Peshawar were erased. This was basically an ANTI-U.S. vote. It appears that all of Pakistan's people bordering Afghanistan support the Taliban. Most Pakistani newspapers agree that the Taliban have returned and have put U.S. forces on the defensive.

In Punjab and Sindh, Musharref's newly concocted party was able to win owing to variety of dirty political games, "horse trading" and "divide-and-rule" tactics. Still, even at the Federal level, the new Prime Minister, Jamali, who supports Musharref, squeaked by with ONE vote in the parliament; otherwise the pro-Taliban Maulana Fazlur Rahman would have been the Prime Minister.

4. Pakistani observers think that the U.S. will attack Iraq immediately after the Islamic pilgrimage (Hajj), probably on February 15. Bombing of Iraq would traumatize the Pakistani people and could have consequences which are impossible to define right now but would be long range. The U.S. is extremely unpopular and U.S. installations (consulates) in Pakistan are guarded like fortresses facing imminent attack.

5. U.S. foreign policy seems to be conducted by elements for whom American interests are not important. [Probably the Israeli lobby is involved.] The deportation of three plane loads of Pakistanis in a very undignified fashion and now the impending REGISTRATION of non-permanent Pakistani residents threatens to cut America's last line of support in Pakistan. The Pakistanis in America have been staunch supporters of America's power structure. In fact, these elites are oppressors of their own people and it's not a surprise that they support the American power structure, with few exceptions.
The registration move by the INS will help at least some Pakistanis to realize that they are not "white" and that they are Pakistanis and Muslims. Some of them might be transformed. Pakistanis should read THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X as a basic primer on understanding America. [A caller on the program complained that Pakistanis and Arabs who come to the U.S. empathize with the "White" power structure and have little interest in the people of America (even in indigenous American Muslims)]

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