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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 16,1427/July 12, 2006 #44

July 12, 2006. ISRAELI TANK COLUMNS are rolling into Lebanon. Israeli air striikes have destroyed 5 bridges. Israel is threatening to take Lebanon 'twenty years back.' As we go the press, Israelis dropped bombs near Beirut. See press releases below.

"thousands of Kashmiri women raped by Indian troops"
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Correction #2
Please note that the word Hadith is used as a singular noun in Arabic and plural noun is Ahadith (or Ahaadeeth).
Mirza M.

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Press release
U.S. Muslims Condemn Israeli Aggression Against Lebanon: Free ALL Palestinian & Lebanese Prisoners!

July 12: Following a border clash in which an Israeli terror group, IDF,'s unit was routed by Hezbollah, Israeli terrorist tank forces crossed into southern Lebanon. In the initial battle, 3 Israeli terror troops were killed and 2 captured by Hezbollah. The Islamic forces want to exchange the captured Israeli terrorists for the Lebanese prisoners who have been in the prisons of the Jewish terror entity known as Israel for several years.

As the Israeli tanks crossed the international frontier, the first tank was blown up by Hezbollah, killing another 4 Israeli terrorist troops.

Israel is in occupation of Lebanese territory and is now threatening to terrorize all of Lebanon. The Lebanese ambassador to the U.S. said [CNN July 12] that Israel should negotiate to bring about a prisoner exchange but the ambassador of the terrorist entity refused the offer, depending on the tremendous fire power supplied to the terrorists by the U.S. to cow down the people of Lebanon.

The Muslims of America urge the U.S. to call off its Jewish attack dog. There is absolutely no reason why the U.S. should continue to support a terrorist entity.

Press Release #2
Israeli Terror Attacks Kill 14 more Palestinians, Including NINE Children.
Jamaat Condemns Atrocities and calls for Worldwide Boycott of Israel related Business.

July 12: The latest Israeli air attack on Gaza killed 14 more Palestinians, bringing the total killed in the latest aggression to 74. Those killed in the Israeli terror group's air strike include 9 children.

Jamaat notices that these acts, committed by an entity which has a seat in the United Nations and has the full support of the Bush administration, are crimes against humanity.

The Islamic forces in Palestine, following Jewish law itself, as well as Islamic law, should bring the Israeli Jews to trial and execute 71 of them to equalize the score.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen calls for a worldwide boycott of Jewish businesses which support Israel as well as businesses which support Israel. Remember that Nestle has 50% Israeli share and one of its facilities is located on usurped Palestinian territory.

Ashqar: A Friend of the U.S.: Hounded by Israel, accused of Funding his People: Went on hunger Strike to protest Violation of Rights

[New Trend's apologies for the language used by a non-Muslim reporter about an innocent man.]

July 6, 2006

BY NATASHA KORECKI Federal Courts Reporter

As he faces trial this year, terror funding suspect Abdelhaleem Ashqar has dropped one high-profile lawyer for another. And his new lawyer won an acquittal in a similar case in Florida.

U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve on Wednesday allowed Ashqar, of Alexandria, Va., to have attorney William Moffitt lead his case after Moffitt promised he could still be prepared for an October trial.

Moffitt late last year won an acquittal in the highly publicized trial of former University of South Florida Professor Sami Al-Arian. It was among the most high-profile terrorism trials held in U.S. courts since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

In that trial, Moffitt, a Washington, D.C., lawyer, put on no defense witnesses. Al-Arian was accused in a conspiracy tied to raising money for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. He later pleaded to lesser charges.

Ashqar, accused of helping fund Hamas, is dropping Chicago lawyer Tom Durkin, who represents Daley patronage chief Robert Sorich and white supremacist Matt Hale. Durkin asked to withdraw.

Claims charges are political

"I just want out," Durkin told St. Eve at a court hearing Wednesday.

Ashqar is known for staging a nearly two-month hunger strike while in prison here, and in 2004, he ran to replace Yasser Arafat as the next Palestinian leader.

Ashqar is accused along with Muhammad Salah of Bridgeview and Mousa Abu Marzook, a fugitive believed to be living in Syria, of engaging in a 15-year racketeering conspiracy to fund Hamas by opening domestic bank accounts and laundering millions of dollars. Ashqar has always characterized the charges against him as political.

Viewpoint: Jewish-Black Relations
Horowitz's Lies about the Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam

by Kurt Maynard

[Special to New Trend.] [Edited for length]

David Horowitz's autobiography Radical Son

In one exchange between Newton and Horowitz, the author suggests that he felt morally obligated to correct an erroneous belief that had developed in the Panther party; yep, you guessed it, anti-Semitism. According to Horowitz, some Panther's had come to accept this racist idea because of Stokely Carmichael and his less than revolutionary belief that Jews within the movement were acting as a Fifth Column and weren't particularly interested in the black cause; sound familiar? Of course Horowitz carefully sets up his narrative in such a way that the naive reader will reject the possibility that what Carmichael believed might have had some basis in reality; Horowitz does this by admission and denial, a common tactic employed in kosher revisionism. According to Horowitz, after a time he felt honored to be thought of as an equal by Newton and for that reason he was "emboldened" to speak his mind:

"Talking to Huey as a kind of equal emboldened me to raise yet another difficult issue. A strain of anti-Semitism had developed in the Party during the years he [Newton] was in prison. Of course, the Panthers were not alone among black radicals in their attacks on Jews. In 1966, Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture) and the leaders of the SNCC had expelled whites from the civil rights organization, accusing them of being a fifth column inside the movement. Since Jews were a near majority of the whites in these organizations, and had played a strategic role in organizing and funding the struggle, it was clear to everyone that they were the primary target of the assault. This was underscored by the support that Carmichael and the black left gave to the Arab states during their 1967 attack on Israel.[1]"

In the above paragraph Horowitz absolutely reveals himself to be the liar he is, but it goes unnoticed by the vast majority of readers because most people aren't aware of the fact that Israel preemptively attacked the Arab states on June 5, 1967, not the other way around. This is what I would refer to as kosher revisionism, and it is quite common in the world today. As a matter a fact, it's the norm. Historical revisionism has developed a bad name primarily because kosher revisionism rules the airwaves, radio and television; ethnic Jews have a near monopoly on the media in all its forms, and for that reason, lies like Horowitz's go unnoticed by most people. Horowitz predictably sets up his "admission," i.e. that Jews were disproportionately represented in the black civil rights movement by first prostrating himself in such a way as to fool the reader into believing that he, Horowitz, was only able to influence Newton, because Newton, the black man in the relationship, felt that Horowitz was an equal. Many people will laugh at the very idea that a Jew would consider any black to be an equal. As a rule, Jews loathe blacks more than they do whites, but they find that exploiting blacks is advantageous to the advancement of their agenda, and it is for this reason, and no other, that they associate with blacks. Many blacks know this; perhaps that is why the unapologetic and openly pro-white Larry Darby polled as many black votes as he did in the recent June 5, 2006 democratic primary election for Alabama Attorney General; because he is vociferously critical of organized Jewry. An excellent book on the reality of the Jewish/Black relationship is The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, put out by the Nation of Islam, a group Horowitz absolutely despises as shown by the fact that he allegedly considered the Nation to be more violent than the Black Panthers, a total joke really, and one that no knowledgeable person could possibly accept. Horowitz again "creates" this impossibility by revealing that he promised a property owner that a building the owner was to sell to the Black Panthers wouldn't be used by any violent black groups like the Nation of Islam.[2] In this case, Horowitz kosher revisionism borders on the absurd, yet most readers won't pick it up, again because the predominantly Jewish media has so effectively smeared the Nation of Islam, that most Americans know very little about them, other than they are supposedly anti-Semitic and violent. The truth is that the Nation understands the nature of the Zionist and hasn't shied away from talking about them, or documenting factual stories that relate the actual relationship that Jews have with blacks; which is now and has always been exploitative. In this vein, Horowitz again attempts to create a sympathetic response from the reader by alluding to the idea that he, and Jews in general, were actually the ones that had been exploited by the Panthers. He again divulges important admissions in respect to Jews and the civil rights movement, and then denies that these Jews were motivated by anything but altruism and again he endeavors to reinforce his earlier lie at the expense of the Arabs:

"I began to review events of the past to which I had paid little attention before, like the expulsion of the Jews from the civil rights movement in 1966. Jews had funded the movement, devised its legal strategies, and provided support for its efforts in the media and in the universities – and wherever else they had power. More than half the freedom riders who had gone to the southern states were Jews, although Jews constituted only 3% of the population. It was an unprecedented show of solidarity from one people to another. Jews had put their resources and lives on the line to support the black struggle for civil rights, and indeed two of their sons, Schwerner and Goodman, had been murdered for their efforts. But even while these tragic events were still fresh, the black leaders of the movement had unceremoniously expelled the Jews from their ranks. When Israel was attacked in 1967 by a coalition of Arab states calling for its annihilation, the same black leaders threw their support to the Arab aggressors, denouncing Zionism as racism.[3]"

Here again Horowitz reveals what a propagandist he is, as mentioned previously the Israelis preemptively attacked the Arab states in 1967, not the other way around. Thus in no sense could the Arabs be considered "aggressors." Once again Horowitz admits to the fact that Jews were disproportionately represented in the black civil rights movement, a fact that many liberal college professors are still afraid to acknowledge to this day. Earlier Horowitz attempted to convince the reader that he felt honored to be thought of as an equal by Huey Newton, but in the above paragraph he reveals something he had carefully hidden up to this point in his biography and that is the fact that Jews single handedly funded the black civil rights movement, that they essentially developed all its strategies and that they utilized their media to advance its causes, ideas that organized Jewry has collectively denied for more than forty years. Now I ask the reader - does this sound like a relationship founded on the concept of equality?

The truth is Horowitz was never a Marxist, a socialist or otherwise, except in name, and only where it might have been beneficial to Jewish Supremacism. Horowitz clearly reveals this when he classifies Natan Sharansky as a persecuted Russian dissident,[4] rather than what Sharansky really is, a fanatical Zionist, hater of Gentiles, purveyor of holocaust lies, and Israeli Cultural Minister. No doubt Horowitz's attempts to delude certain Pantherss in the 1970s wasn't entirely successful That is why he focused on the corrupt drug addict Huey Newton, who he knew was weak and would be willing to compromise in all the necessary ways.

One last telling example of Horowitz's Zionist, rather than socialist leanings, is his insistence that Huey allow him to write a "position paper" for the Black Panther party on the Arab/Israeli relationship, which only reinforces the fact that Horowitz, even in the early 1970s, was focused on issues that were good for Jews, rather than what would advance the allegedly revolutionary plans of the Black Panthers and the Black civil-rights movement. Horowitz wasn't stupid however; he knew he had to dress up his propaganda in such a way as not to give away what his intentions really were, so he employed his considerable writing skills and inserted the following rhetoric in the paper:

"Though the ultimate survival of Jews and Palestinians, as of all peoples, depends on the revolutionary overthrow of world imperialism and Capitalism."[5]

Although in the 1970s this wasn't a strange position for a supposed liberal and revolutionary to take, it is ironic that today Horowitz is a vociferous defender of both, at least when it concerns the racist state of Israel and its imperialist expansionism. In the end, Horowitz's relationship with Huey Newton was based upon mutual need; Newton was never ideologically motivated. He bathed in the persona of a revolutionary and Horowitz was a Zionist propagandist that played the role of a concerned Jewish liberal, and who required a front man and found it in Huey Newton.

CENSORSHIP in MUSLIM COMMUNITIES/MASJIDS [Re: Our Report on Allentown, PA's police state type of Islamic Center]

As Salaamu Alaikum Editor of New Trend and community,

I have been quiet for a while due to personal reasons. I see a trend that we must stop in our communities. The official and unofficial banning of news sources, organizations and individuals in our communities. Most of the time this is done simply due to someone saying something that another finds offensive. There are ways to deal with offensiveness from anyone. Question the source (using Quran and Sunnah) present our evidence and if you feel someone has said something out of malice then take the appropriate action and call them to account.

As a community we must learn to be able to look pass any comments made by anyone we may not like for valid or invalid reasons and address any news source,organizations and individuals if we feel a statement has been made that needs correction. We must stop the official and unofficial censoring of news sources, organizations and individuals due to our differences with views about any particular, issue, leader or leadership. Our leadership (local and national) must be big enough to take criticism and move forward. Allah knows our true intention and hearts. If we know our intention is pure it does not matter what anyone else has to say.

We continue to buy and read newspapers published in our cities that harshly and unjustly criticize our community. However when we disagree among each other we often times can not put the criticism in its proper perspective or treat it as we should without the official and unofficial banning of people and organizations. As we continue to allow this to happen we miss out on being able to get valuable information needed by many in our communities.

It is time for us to grow up as a community and learn how to take the good out of any source and leave that which we think is not good in the hands of Allah. We do not have many news sources in our community and we cannot afford to ban any of the ones we have at this time. Call the editors/publishers to account if you must however do not ban. Do not deny people the right to read and think for themselves.

Critical thinking and self-examination is something we must learn to do in order to be able to survive as individuals and as a community. If we can not look at ourselves with a critical eye we will not be strong enough to make the corrections necessary to strengthen ourselves as individuals and as a community. We will not be able to move forward in an effective manner. Remember this race that we are in at this time is it about the propagation of Islam not our own selfish desires.

Every time we attempt to deny Islamic sources of information to be distributed in our community we are in essence attempting to play God. People are smart and know how to read between the lines. Most people will question what they read and act accordingly. We no longer need any leaders attempting to protect us by shielding us from sources that may make comments that are unfavorable to them (valid or invalid). When this censorship is done we miss out on very valuable information needed for us to make informed decisions in our personal and communal lives.

We are intelligent enough to think for ourselves. We do not need anyone spoon feeding us on any level.

Individuals, organizations and news sources must begin to speak loudly about the banning of any source of information in our communities. If someone has said or done something that needs correcting then follow Quran and Sunnah and correct the party or parties involved.

I personally do not need any self proclaimed leader(s) on any level attempting to think for me. I am adult enough and I know many others who are adult enough to read material, analyze it, questioned it and move forward without the help of anyone that we do not ask to assist us.

Hadayai Majeed
Muslim Women's Political Action Committee

2006-07-12 Wed 19:51:24 cdt