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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 8,1427/April 7, 2006 #23

Personal: [by the Editor of New Trend] In Memory of my Mother, Mahmudah Qureshi

April 5 was a year since my mother passed away. She was a complex personality whose life illustrated both the strengths and vulnerabilities of women in our times. Here are a few words from the Qur'an and from Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, about parents, mothers in particular:

Always Be Very good to them but follow Allah alone:

"And We [Allah] have enjoined on the human being [to be good] to parents: In pain upon pain did his mother bear him and in two years was his weaning. [So} show gratitude to Me [Allah] and to thy parents: To Me [Allah] is [thy final] Goal. But if they strive to make thee join in worship with Me [Allah] things of which you have no knowledge, obey them not; yet bear them company in this life with justice [and consideration], and follow the way of those who turn to Me [Allah]: In the end, the return of you all is to Me, and I will tell you all that you did." [The Qur'an 31:14-15]


"From Abu Huraira, r.a. A man asked the Messenger of Allah: Who is most deserving of my selfless good treatment? He [the Messenger, pbuh,] replied: Your mother! He asked: and then? He [the Messenger, pbuh] said: your mother! He asked [again} and then? He [the Messenger, pbuh] said: Your mother! He asked [again] and then? He [the Messenger, pbuh] said: Your father! and degree by degree all your near relatives." [Hadith Sahih of Bukhari.]

Scholars say that the three degrees relate to the fact that the mother keeps the baby inside her body for NINE months, then gives birth to the baby in great pain, and then nurtures it to a maximum of two years.

What Rights do Parents have AFTER they die?
" From Abu Usaid as-Sa'adi: : We were sitting near the Messenger of AllAH, pbuh, when a person from the tribe of Salema came and asked: O Messenger of Allah: After their death, do parents still have rights which should be fulfilled? He [the Messenger, pbuh] said: Yes! Pray for them and ask forgiveness for them, and fulfill the Will they have left behind, and care for the people who are related to the parents, and respect and honor their friends. " [Hadith. Sunan of Abu Dawud.]

Be Gracious Even to non-Muslim Parents:
"Asma, r.a., the daughter of Abu Bakr, r.a., narrates: My mother, who was then a mushrik [associator/pagan], during the era of the Quresh's power, came to visit me. I asked the Messenger of Allah, pbuh: My [pagan] mother has come to visit me. Should I give her some gift? He [the Messenger]said: Yes! Be generous/gracious with her." [Hadith, Sahih Muslim]

American News: From New Trend's Media Monitor

Members of the lacrosse team at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, allegedly gang raped and sodomized an African American woman from a Black college who had come to dance at their game. The entire team united to prevent the disclosure of the three specific assailants. As of April 6, no one has been arrested. Such a despicable act at one of America's best universities has once more brought up the spectre of racism.

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Pressured to Apologize:

The feisty congresswoman from Georgia bopped a Capitol cop in Washington, DC after she claimed he touched her and tried to stop her physically from entering the Capitol. Unfortunately the Black Caucus [what a bunch of cowards!] did not support her and instead pressured her to apologize when they saw that she was facing criminal indictment for hitting a police officer.

McKinney is unpopular with the people in power because she claimed that Bush knew about the 9.11 attacks and was unable to stop them.

She says she was mistreated by the Capitol police because she is African-American and outspoken. She has been visiting that building for six terms as Congresswoman, yet the police officer claimed not to know her!

New York Police Getting Tired of Jewish Arrogance?
by Sis. Aisha [New Trend's NY city rep.] [News followed by analysis.]

Borough Park, Brooklyn (NYC) - On Tuesday night (4/4/2006), A Jewish driver was pulled by police for driver while using his cell phone, in Brooklyn. The police claim that the man was uncooperative. The Jew claims that the police were very physical. He was placed under arrest in the presence of a growing crowd of onlookers.

The Jews became very angry that one of their own was arrested and the crowd became even larger. They set bonfires and there is footage of them throwing lit items at the police! There were two casualties and they were both cops.

The Jews accuse Police Chief Joseph Esposito of making comments such as, "F--- the Jews" and "F--- the community." Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a democrat who hates anything not Zionist, questioned the police use of excessive force under these circumstances since this was "not the Intifada" and "this is not Ramallah!"

Mayor Bloomberg, Jewish Billionaire owner of Bloomberg Televion and Radio, has demanded an investigation into the Police Chief's remarks. However, Police Commisioner Raymond Kelly downplayed the remarks saying that they were said in the heat of battle while the police were trying to disperse the crowd. He says that the Chief Esposito has his full support, which is how united the police are under these circumstances.

My Opinion: Anytime a group of people respond to an arrest in their community by being violent and causing a riot then, they are probably not used to experiencing arrests in their community.

The special treatment afforded Jews came out under Mayor Dinkins, the first African-American Mayor of NYC. This started under Jewish Mayor Ed Koch, who had been Mayor for 12 years! Some of the most brutal slayings of black people by the police occurred during his tenure as Mayor. During one scandal it had been discovered that Medical Examiner Michael Gross, a Jew, had been transplanting the eyes of police brutality victims after they had died! He was trying to replace the bulging eyes of illegal choke-hold victims with normal eyes of people who died naturally. He accidentally changed one man's brown eyes to green eyes and the family found out. They sued the city and won a settlement for his death.

This sharply contrasts with a famous incident involving the police and the Jews in 1977. Jews hosed down a precinct. Not one of them was ever arrested for this "protest" against the police.

The Jews get away with so much, but I am beginning to see signs of people no longer yielding to them so eagerly. Had this happened under any other Mayor then, the Police Commissioner would've been apologetic. This time footage actually showed police yelling and man-handling disorderly Jews. In any other previous footage, the police never responded; they would just stand there in riot gear. It's not that significant, but it is a slightly noticeable change.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Muslim Political Prisoners in the U.S.
1.  Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin 
2.  Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman 
3.  Prof. Sami Al-Arian 
4.  Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar 
5.  Dr. Ali Al-Timimi 
6.  Masoud Khan 
7.  Siddique Abdullah Hasan 
8.  Jose Padilla 
9.  Victor Alvarez 
10. Ahmed Abu Ali 
and many other innocents.
Prominent Muslims Facing Oppression:
1. Imam Warith Deen Umar
2. Dr. kifah al-Jayyousi
and many others.

Victims of Jewish Thought Police in European Prisons:
1. David Irving
2. Ernest Zundel
3. Germar Rudolf
and many others

What can you do:
i. Obtain the address of one or more prisoner from us and write letters to them.
ii Donate to their family members. Get addresses from us.
iii. Write to the relevant authorities to make sure they are treated properly in prison.
iv. Invite a speaker from Jamaat al-Muslimeen to speak about ONE of the prisoners. Our phone number is: 410-435-5000. See Jamaat address.

BBC's Better Than Others but...
Is Prof. Deborah Lipstadt any Match for David Irving's Genius and Research Ability?
Irving's Challenge: There is no Order from Hitler about Auschwitz and "extermination."

Producer BBC
London, England

Dear BBC

I was both amused and disgusted with Brendan O'Neill's report on David Irving and Prof. Deborah Lipstadt which is posted on your web site. O'Neill claims that Lipstadt "dramatically crushed Irving in the British courts." Evidently O'Neill did not do his research. When Mr. Irving sued Lipstadt in England, he stood alone against a battery of highly paid and expensive attorneys and experts. Lipstadt did not dare come up against him. In fact she didn't show up at all. Spielberg is said to have poured in huge sums of money to defend the Jewish side. The Israeli ambassador was present.

I don't know on what basis O'Neill claims that Lipstadt "shredded" Irving's reputation. Irving's case was dismissed by a judge who listened to stories which tried to condemn Irving through the process of "guilt by association." Irving used the trial to break the censorship which Lipstadt and her tribe had imposed on him. Of course the judge could not rule in his favor otherwise the entire edifice of the "holocaust" industry would have cracked.

In America Lipstadt's tribe made sure that Irving would not be heard on the major media. He had to find his own audience and sometimes found himself speaking to groups which included fringe elements. He was accused of being linked to Hamas!

Irving never claimed that the Jews did not suffer during the Second World War. In fact he is quite blunt in his condemnation of German atrocities against Jews. However, his research showed that there was no order from Hitler to exterminate the Jews, nor was there any evidence of gas chambers at Auschwitz. The topic of the Jewish Holocaust is not part of Irving's expertise but other highly qualified experts in this area of research have shown that the story of gassings of Jews at Auschwitz cannot be proven or verified by any scientific or objective evidence.

It does Prof. Lipstadt no credit if she now flippantly says "Let the guy go home" so that he may die discredited and forgotten. There is no chance of that happening. Irving's achievement is much too great to be forgotten. Lipstadt's tribe is involved in the imprisonment and sentencing of a researcher, historian and scholar par excellence. Earlier Lipstadt's tribe was involved indirectly, if not directly, in the refusal of a reputable publisher to accept his blockbuster of a book on Goebbels even after the agreement had been reached to do so.

Prof. Lipstadt claims that she is not willing to debate Irving because it's like debating "someone who thinks the earth is flat!" That is a laughable assertion. Irving has not writtenn anything which he has not carefully authenticated from original sources. Lipstadt doesn't stand a chance against Irving. Hence her tribe has put Irving in prison while she flaunts her innocence and insouciance on American TV screens.

Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English

Lawyer bodily removed from Zundel trial
Apr. 5, 2006. 12:14 PM

MANNHEIM, Germany (AP) — A defence lawyer of far-right activist Ernst Zundel, charged with denying the Holocaust, was physically carried from the courtroom Wednesday after defying a ruling banning her from the trial on grounds she tried to sabotage the proceedings.

Two female police officers had to carry Sylvia Stolz from the Mannheim courtroom after she refused the judge's order to leave.

"Resistance! The German people are rising up," Stolz shouted as she was taken from the room.

Some of the scores of supporters of Zundel, a 66-year-old German deported from Canada, also quit the courtroom. Zundel, who emigrated to Canada in 1958 and lived in Toronto and Montreal until 2001, has been standing trial since November on charges of years of anti-Semitic activities including denying the Holocaust — a crime in Germany — in documents and on the Internet.

The presiding judge halted the trial on March 9 to ask for Stolz's removal after she denounced the court as a "tool of foreign domination" and described the Jews as an "enemy people" in earlier sessions.

Islamic Caliphate Could Emerge in 10 years: Israeli Burden Restricts U.S. Strategy
From New Trend's Think Tank

Only Allah knows the future but we can forecast to an extent on the basis of facts on the ground.
First, some context:

Reversal of Imperial History:
Background events of Seminal Value:

1. Emergence of Pakistan in the name of Islam. 1947
2. Islamic Revolution in Iran. 1979.
3. Defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. 1980-88.
4. Intifada I and Intifada II in Palestine.
5. Israel forced to retreat from South Lebanon by Hizballah.
6. Chechen uprising and initial victories. Russia faces Islamic wave.
7. Armed struggle in Kashmir rooted in Kashmiri masses.

1. Iran-Iraq War.
2. Civil war in Afghanistan.
3. Destruction of Islamic city in Syria by Assad. [1982]

Cataclysmic Events Leading into our own times:
1. First Gulf War. 42 days of bombing of Iraq.
2. Sanctions on Iraq: 1991-2001. One million deaths including very large numbers of children.
3. 9.11.2001. U.S. attacked on its own soil. Nearly 3,000 Americans killed, damage in trillions of dollars. The 19 assailants changed the content of life in America.
4. U.S. attack on Afghanistan, Tora Bora, etc. Kandahar smashed, Daisy cutters used. Osama fights his way out. Dozens of villages wiped out by USAF during Ramadan.
5. U.S. invasion of Iraq. "Shock and Awe." President Saddam caught after 9 months of resistance. Imam Abu Hanifa's mosque invaded by U.S. Emergence of Jihad movement, al-Zarqawi. Fallujah and 5 other towns smashed by the U.S. White phosphorous used to kill Muslims. Hundreds of mosques desecrated. Islamic resistance intense and growing.


Afghanistan: The Taliban are slowly but steadily gaining ground. Most observers agree that the Taliban are dominant in southern, southwestern and southeastern Afghanistan. The day belongs to the U.S. air force and Karzai's tribal and sectarian forces. The night belongs to the Taliban and allied Islamic forces.

The military situation on the ground indicates the reversal of roles. Almost in all incidents, the Taliban are on the attack while the U.S. and NATO forces are on the defensive. In the most recent incident, the U.S. stated that one of its military bases was attacked by the Taliban. One U.S. and one Canadian soldier was killed. Taliban losses were reportedly high, as the U.S. air force was called in to break the attack. However, the fact that a lightly armed guerrilla force is on the attack and the most most powerful military force is on the defensive shows that the situation on the ground has changed.

In his insightful book IMPERIAL HUBRIS, Michael Scheur, in charge of the Osama bin Laden desk of the CIA before he resigned, stated that Karzai is a dead man walking. In the long run, the Afghans will unite against U.S. and "coalition" forces, he wrote.

Two years later Scheur is turning out to be right.

In March 2006, Afghans in Badakhshan, stronghold of the pro-U.S. "Northern Alliance," held protest rallies following searches of private homes by U.S. troops. If some of the "Northern Alliance" break off from Karzai and join the Taliban, the situation in Afghanistan could change drastically.

Afghan history bears witness that the Afghans have always fought against and driven out western and westernizing forces, be they the British or the Soviets. There is absolutely no reason to believe that they will accept the U.S. and NATO.

IRAQ: The U.S. armada is stuck in Iraq. The cost is ONE BILLION dollars a week. Most Americans want withdrawal from Iraq in the near future. However, owing to Israeli-Jewish influences, America will probably stay in Iraq for years. As a result, the Islamic resistance will continue to grow in organization and depth both within Iraq and in the entire Middle East. The fate of the Soviets in Afghanistan could well be repeated for the Americans in Iraq.

STRATEGICALLY, all the waterways connected to the oilfields are already in Muslim hands. Hence the U.S. supports criminal and intensely anti-Islam regimes in Egypt, Yemen, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain to keep the oil flowing and to keep Israel alive. The fall of the bloodthirsty tyrant in Egypt and the medieval-tribal tyranny in 'Saudi Arabia is inevitable and could happen in the short term.

If even one of these regime's falls into Islamic hands, the U.S. will soon have to re-write its foreign policy.

ISRAEL is the linchpin to America's entire anti-Islam policy. Can Israel survive? The answer is that Israel's economy is based on massive support from the U.S. and International Jewry. Sooner or later, the Muslim world will convince America that it cannot be friends with Muslims if it continues to support Israel.

The Muslim world will soon, inshallah, come up with a practical program to dismantle Israel. The Palestinians do not have the resources to fight Israel militarily, nor can any of the existing Arab armies face Israeli military power. The situation could change if an Islamic government [other than the highly compromised Muslim Brotherhood, Ikhwan] emerges in Egypt. The removal of the Jordanian playboy king would open up the eastern frontier to Islamic fighters eager to take on Israel.

If the American military occupation of IRAQ continues, within half a decade the U.S. could refuse to face the strain of financing the Egyptian and Jordanian regimes. Thus IRAQ has the potential to change the Middle East if the Islamic resistance continues even without a military victory.

Empty slogans coming from Iran against Israel confuse the picture. They provide a victim status to Israel and obscure the fact of Israel's tremendous military power. A better course would be a strict BOYCOTT and tight EMBARGO of Israel. Hidden cooperation of regimes in the Arab world with Israel will sooner or later be pinpointed and subjected to intense public revulsion. ISRAEL is a pariah among nations and will have to live like a pariah. Those Jews who want to return to the lands they came from could well be helped with finances to settle down back where they started.

Without the collapse of Israel, the Middle East will remain a region divided against itself and unable to develop according to its best guidance.

MUSLIMS NEED to STUDY the Second World War so they can understand the Jewish "Holocaust' story and learn how to deal with it. Europe supports Israel owing to the "Holocaust" story. Eminent scholars like David Irving, Ernest Zundel, Germar Rudolf and others are in prison because they provided scholarly criticism of Israel's most important support system. Their truth is too strong for the Jewish power structure.

2006-04-07 Fri 20:14:07 cdt