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Nobel Prize to be Used in Move Against Islamic Iran
Authentic Islamic Women Ignored in Strategy Resembling attack on Afghanistan

If one wanted to honor a Muslim woman for helping women and children, where would one look?

1. Hundreds of Muslim women were raped by Hindu fanatics in Gujarat, India. Noble women in the Muslim community have shown great courage in bringing some normalcy back to the shattered lives of these women. Any one of them or the group of them could have been selected.

2. Hundreds of Muslim women have been assaulted and raped by Indian occupation forces in Kashmir. Even in that horrific situation there are Muslim women helping the victims and their families. Unfortunately, from the viewpoint of the Nobel Prize people, the best of these women wear the hijab and even the Niqab.

3. Muslim women in Somalia have suffered widespread destruction of their country's infrastructure. However, there is no lack of great women here who are helping to rehabilitate the victims. Some of these victims are being helped to move to the USA. That would have been acceptable to the Nobel people. Unfortunately Somali women wear their hijab even in the most stringent situations and the leaders among them recite the Qur'an very well.

4. The Nobel Prize people could have looked at PALESTINIAN WOMEN. Among the great Palestinian women are some secularists who do not wear the hijab. Couldn't one of them have been selected? Unfortunately just about all Palestinian women are speaking against Israel and that would have ruined the Nobel committee's agenda.

5. Some effort at peace could have been made in CHECHNIA if one of the struggling women of the Chechen nation had been selected. Unfortunately Putin's stroll in Crawford ranch with Bush has ensured that the genocide against the people of Chechnia will continue uninterrupted.

6. AFGHANISTAN and IRAQ were ignored for obvious reasons. The women in the ranks of the mujahideen would probably spit in the faces of the Nobel people for their silence in all these years of attack by the U.S. As for the women in the puppet Karzai and Chalabi cliques, they are such openly puppet-types that it would have looked too clearly as a propaganda move.

7. Why couldn't a Muslim woman from AMERICA be selected? A woman in Atlanta is working non-stop against domestic violence. A gift of 1.3 million would make a difference here. Obviously the Nobel Peace People cannot honor an Islamic woman because that would accelerate the spread of Islam in America.


The choice of Shirin Ebadi from Tehran, Iran is a major move against the Islamic movement in Iran. It has to be looked at critically because since 1979 women in the Islamic movement in Iran have led the struggle for greater rights for women. Imam Khomeini was an outstanding teacher of the rights and respect which are to be given to women. MILLIONS of Iranian women came out to support the revolution against the Shah. In the years which followed, Iranian women who follow Islam have made steady gains for their rights under the law.

Evidently the Nobel people do not consider any woman wearing the hijab as worthy of recognition. They could not find EVEN ONE WOMAN from among the MILLIONS in hijab who have served in Iran in the fields of social reform, health, law and science.

If the Nobel people did not want to select anyone in the Line of the Imam, they could have selected a dissident Islamic woman. Azam Taleghani, for instance, was outstanding in her role to stop abuses inflicted on women and to safeguard the rights of orphans.

Is it not strange that the only Iranian woman they could find is SHIRIN EBADI who served the accursed tyrant, the Shah of Iran? She is an opponent of the elected government in Tehran and that seems to be her only qualification.

Her selection means that the U.S. and the worldwide Zionist media machine will now have a tool to interfere in Iran's internal affairs. Remember that the demonization of the Taliban was also carried out through the false claim of Zionist sympathy for Afghan women who wear the chadri. The same process is being carried out against Iran. Cultural imperialism prepares the grounds for military imperialism.

It is true that Iran has deviated from the Line of the Imam and has increasingly become a nationalist state which often uses sectarianism to further its agenda. The focus on enmity with Iraq has been disastrous for Iran.

However, the Zionists know that a hard Islamic core is still holding Iran together. Millions of women in black chadors stand with their men to thwart the designs of imperialism. The Nobel Prize for a woman outside the Islamic movement is meant to create a wedge into Iranian society. The Zionists are working hard to bring the rich, corrupt and westernized "north Tehran" elites back into power in the name of "freedom." For the Zionists, hijab is a negation of "freedom" and when an Iranian newspaper is stopped from ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or Imam Ali, then that is "censorship." [Hundreds of newspapers are published in Iran.]

Muslims need to realize that the Nobel prize is far from noble. It is a political tool as was seen in the case of the "peace prize" given to Sadat and Begin. Sadat had struck a huge blow at the integrity, unity and faith of the Egyptian, Palestinian, Arab and Muslim peoples and he was hailed as a man of peace (!) by the ignoble group in charge of the Nobel Prize for Peace.

2003-10-12 Sun 12:26ct