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Dr. Kaukab Siddique was interviewed on February 28, 2003 for ONE HOUR by South Africa's Islamic Radio coming out of Durban, South Africa. Hosted by Abu Bakr Dawjee, veteran radio talk show host, the program has a large audience in South Africa. The interview went through the entire gamut of the situation of Muslims in America under Attorney General Ashcroft's new regulations. See main points in our next issue.
Shylock's Pound of Flesh: Palestinian thrown out of Israeli Hospital Dies of injuries

For Israeli officials, Palestinian lives don't count
27 February 2003
A Palestinian man who was shot by Israeli forces during an invasion of Qalqilya two weeks ago died yesterday after an Israeli hospital that had been treating him abandoned him at a checkpoint during one of the worst storms to hit the region in decades.

Fathi Abu Jabara, 62, died of a pulmonary embolism in Rafidiyah Hospital in Nablus 18 hours after Kfar Sava's Meir Hospital insisted on transferring him because his family was slow in making payments to the hospital.

According to Abu Jabara's son Hussam, Abu Jabara was shot in the thigh while on his way to visit his sister during the first day of the Eid al Adha. Although the bullet entered his thigh, it traveled to his abdomen, causing severe damage to internal organs. He was left to bleed in the street for an hour before Israeli forces allowed an ambulance to take him to hospital. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was transferred to Meir Hospital in Israel, where he underwent major surgery.

The family paid a portion of their bill immediately, but asked for time to collect the rest of the bill, which totaled close to 40,000 shekels.

On Tuesday, they suddenly received a call from checkpoint authorities notifying them that they must pick up their father from the checkpoint on the Green Line. A Palestinian Red Crescent Society ambulance managed to get to the checkpoint two hours later to pick him up, after desperately and fruitlessly trying to ascertain which hospital Meir Hospital had coordinated the transfer with.

"If Israeli soldiers accidentally injure someone, it should be their responsibility to treat that person. Therefore, we were completely shocked when we realized that the hospital had just thrown him out in sub-zero temperatures -- we would do anything to help our father and we would have tried to get this sum from friends and relatives, but we just needed more time," said Hussam. "And now it's too late."

Additionally, Ala Jaodat Abu Sharkh, 23, died the day before yesterday from wounds sustained in an attack 10 days ago. He was shot in the head by Israelis when they invaded a building in Nablus; three Palestinians were killed in the same attack. Ahmad Khalil abu Aylwan, 13, from Rafah, was also killed the day before yesterday when Israelis shelled the area from a nearby settlement. According to witnesses, the shelling was random and Ahmad was hit by shrapnel all over his body. Another 10 Palestinians were injured in the attack.

For more information contact: The Palestine Monitor
+972 (0)2 298 5372 or +972 (0)59 387 087
U.S. Consulate Guards Attacked: SHOT with their OWN GUN.

[America should be grateful for the services General Musharref of Pakistan is rendering to the defense of America. Musharref's forces have suffered no losses in the defense of Kashmir against India, but in the defense of America, they are sacrificing themselves. Is it not a shame that Musharref has received only $1 billion from the Bush administration? Is it not time for Bush to recognize the sacrifices of Musharref's forces? From our Pakistan correspondent.]

KARACHI, Feb 28 (Reuters) - A gunman killed at least two police officers and wounded six other people outside the U.S. consulate in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi on Friday, police said. "Two police officers were killed and six were wounded in an attack outside the U.S. consulate," Deputy Inspector General of Police Tariq Jamil told Reuters. "The attacker was arrested." A witness said the attacker snatched a gun from a policeman and started firing at a police post outside the consulate. An official at the consulate told Reuters that the attack happened at about 1:30 p.m. (0630 GMT).
The gunman has now been identified as an Afghan and condemned by the Pakistani Interior Minister as an "enemy of Pakistan." Also, the police is trying to make changes in the first incident report which reflects badly on its capabilities -----Our Pakistan monitor
Montreal Perspectives By Jalaluddin S. Hussain, our long time representative in Montreal

U.S. Losing Respect in Canada + New York Times Losing Touch with Reality
Montreal's one and only English newspaper, true to its pro-American and Zionist stance, has done it again. The February 27, 2003, Thursday edition truly reflects its bias for Uncle Sam and Uncle Sharon! Some sample headings and highlights of the cover page are as follows:
- Bush lays out vision of peaceful Mideast
- Liberal MP apologizes for damning Yankees
- "In Focus" photograph showing Sharon's new cabinet members and mentioning Benjamin Netanyahu being promoted to the all-important Finance portfolio.
On the back page again, there are headings like:
- Letters warn of cyanide attack against US interests (datelined New Zealand!)
- Saudi Arabia shooting a random act. (In fact the Saudi masses are angry at the Saudi family and government and this is showing.)
Talking about naked American aggression as Bush's "vision" is simply preposterous!. In his speech to the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think-tank, George Bush, the almost un-elected President of USA said: "From Morocco to Bahrain and beyond, nations are taking genuine steps toward political reform." He continued in this senseless vein and line of thinking and said: "A new regime in Iraq would serve as dramatic and inspiring example of freedom to other nations of the region." Was he referring to the many sheikhs, the kings and despots of the region, who are allied to America in this blatant act of pre-emptive aggression and that too right under the very nose of the Security Council of United Nations? One wonders where those nations are gone who day in and day out talked about human rights, like China and India? Damn Americans, Liberal MP vents frustration The other news item highlighted above is about the outspoken Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish. In a well attended meeting of politicians and newsmen/newswomen, Parrish was heard saying: "Damn Americans, I hate those bastards". This Mississauga Centre MP is opposed to military action, not sanctioned by the United Nations. After the Canadian Prime Minister's communication aide, who was heard saying publicly a few months ago and had to resign for what she truly believed that, Bush was a moron, Parrish's comment truly reflects and represents the general frustration of the Canadian people. Americans in Iraq are for long haul If we can read between the lines of what General Eric Shinseki told a congressional committee hearing this week, we can very well understand that Uncle Sam will be staying there for the long haul. Listen to what the General said: "It takes significant ground force presence to maintain a safe and secure environment, to ensure that people are fed, that water is distributed - all the normal responsibilities that go along with administering a situation like this." Bush has also stressed the need to stay in Iraq after any military action. It seems President Bush will personally supervise the elimination of Iraqi regime's torture chambers. But has he forgotten the tortures being meted out to the innocents in Guantanamo Camps and thousands of other Muslims, undergoing cruelties right in the USA, thanks to the repressive provisions of Homeland Security provisions. New York Times on Iraq: not much sense The New York Times' marathon editorial of February 23, 2003 is titled: "Power and leadership : The real meaning of Iraq." When power and arrogance is gone into the heads of the American leadership, it is ridiculous to suggest, as the editorial does, that "more discussion is the only road that will get the world to the right outcome." When Bush and his oilmen and oil woman Ms. Rice, are determined to get possession of high quality and abundant Iraqi oil, there is really no time left for any meaningful discussion. Although the Security Council can recommend for more time for Inspectors, to do their job in Iraq , USA and UK are hell-bent on "pre-emptive" aggression. The NYT editorial reflects in the end: "It is whether we (the American people) further split the world into squabbling camps , united only by their jealousy of our power, or use our influence to unite around a shared vision of progress of human rights and mutual responsibility."

If Afghanistan is the recent example to go by, America and the "un-elected" President Bush will not be able to achieve anything. What the world will see is that an ancient Iraqi civilization and a highly educated Iraqi nation will be completely decimated and pushed back to the stone age, right before the very eyes of the world! The wise men at New York Times should know better!!
[Can you believe this: Such a massive march was not reported in the U.S. NOT ONE WORD! The white power structure is saying loud and clear: Africans don't matter.]

SUDAN SPEAKS: 500,000+ express the Voice of Islamic Africa against U.S. War on Iraq
KHARTOUM, Feb 26 (AFP) -- More than 100,000 Sudanese of both sexes took to the streets of the Sudanese capital Wednesday to condemn a planned US-led strike on Iraq. Government and opposition parties, trade unions, professional associations, students, women's and youth organisations took part in the demonstration which was called by the Popular Organisation for Solidarity with Iraq. Gathering at Martyrs Square in front of the Republican Palace and flooding into the streets leading to the square, the protesters carried placards and chanted slogans against the United States. They also criticised Arab allies of Washington, shouting "Shame upon you, Arabs of the dollar" and burned a US flag in front of the United Nations offices here. Chief organiser Fathi Khalil, head of the Sudanese bar association, who addressed the gathering before handing in a message of protest to the UN, said more than half a million people had turned out, making it the biggest rally here in a decade. Tens of thousands were bussed into the capital from outlying suburbs and villages. Addressed to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, the memorandum said the Sudanese people denounced "the genocidal war by American and British forces now being gathered in the region for aggression on the brotherly people of Iraq and for occupying the state of Iraq using the latest and most destructive weapons, including nuclear." It called the argument that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction "unconvincing" while no reference was being made to such weapons possessed by Israel and North Korea. The memorandum called on the UN General Secretariat and Security Council to "rid the United Nations of American hegemony and live up to its responsibility stipulated by the UN Charter towards such barbaric threats that violate the international charter and jeopardise world peace and security." It also called upon the UN to implement all resolution previously taken against Israel. Uniformed police were out in force to maintain order along the route and outside the UN offices, but the demonstration dispersed peacefully. [Courtesy Sudan Society.]
Muslim Journal's Editor Gets a Point-by-point Reply to Abusive Comment on Dr. Siddique
It is HARAM to call a Muslim Abu Lahab
[Earlier, we published two comments on Imam W.D. Muhammad's paper Muslim Journal's editorial comment on Dr. Kaukab Siddique. The comment appeared in Islam-n-Muslims discussion list and was answered first by Sis. Motisola Abdallah, a noted Islamic activist from Atlanta, and then by Sis. Karen English, from California, the writer of the poem on W.D. Muhammad..]
[The following is a comment by Sis. Amatullah, which appeared also in Islam-n-Muslims. The statements in regular type are by the editor of Muslim Journal, Sis. Ayesha Mustafaa and those in bold type are responses by Sis. Amatullah, published as is, including the original regular and bold type. Quotation marks have been added to Sis. Amatullah's comments in case the bold type does not show on other lists.]

Dear SIs. Hadayai, Mr. Kaukab Siddiqui is abusive in his treatment of Imam W. Deen Mohammed ....
"My comments
Sister, That was a poem written by a female. A question and reflection. What is it about that, that is abusive to anyone? The poem is talking about the atrocities that is happening to the Muslims all over the world. How can that be abusive to "The Imam" The Question was why is The Imam being so silent? This is a question that a lot of people are asking"

and the spirit in which he intended his poem to be taken in was to slap all Muslims who support Imam Mohammed in the face. "Sister Only Allah knows ones' intentions. You seem to be taking this out of context and there is hostility in your words and expressions.
The poem has nothing to do with the supporters of the Imam."

I saw earlier an email from him where he accuses Precious Muhammad of worshipping Imam Mohammed. I am appauled at Mr. Siddiqui's ardacity to berate Imam Mohammed over the internet and then accuse us of personality worship when we confront him on it. He is the likes of Abu Lahab and an enemy to peace. "Sister these are very strong words and not becoming of a servant of Allah. I think we have to be careful when we call Muslims the likes of Abu Lahab
What's wrong with the sister writing a poem asking the Imam a question?"

He has no good intentions and wants to see hostilies and scarves flying off; he wants to push people into a rage. He is the aid of the devil and can't stand the idea that we can make a life for ourselves here in this country - especially without his help.
"Again, Sister these are some very strong words. It is HARAM to falsely accuse someone of something we have no knowledge of. If he is guilty of that then that's on him but if he is not it falls back on you. So please for your own sake don't accuse people of things that you have no knowledge of."

He stays here yet he foams at the mouth at everything that is American. Why does he stay here? What is his purpose? Who does he lead? He certainly is no example of Prophet Muhammed, "Nor is your example a good example of the Prophet (SAW). It sounds as if you are talking about a mad animal here.
I wonder would you be saying all of these things if you knew Allah was seeing and hearing you......Everything is real sister everything. So be careful very careful when you speak of others in a foul way. This was a matter of a question ....a a sister...about the Muslim world need to become bent out of shape"

when all he can create is animosity. Please pass this on to the Mr. Siddique, who is abusing that very good name - Where would the Muslim world be full of people like him? In hell.

"As salaamu alaikum Dearest Sister, You are an intelligent woman. Apparently, you are a journalist it seems. My intent here is not to take sides or to anger you but to just speak to you woman to woman....Sister to sister.....Life is too short and the world is in too much turmoil for us as Muslims to be on edge with other. I realize these are stressful times. But fear Allah and try not to read into things in a negative way. There is no need here for you to be on the defense. I don't think the Imam would have read all of that into that poem. People ask questions all the time........ no harm in that. It's better to ask questions than to assume.
I pray that Allah (SWT) will forgive me if I am wrong. However, if I'm right I pray that Allah will bless both you and me. inshallah. Sincerely,
A concerned sister trying to keep things real
Wa salaam"

2003-02-28 Fri 21:48ct