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Islamic & Christian Scholars Denounce U.S. War & Media Blitz
U.S. Islamic Leader Urges CAIR/AMC 'Leaders' to Resign
Massive Islamic Movement in Pakistan Reaches Interior of Sind Province
Powell and Musharraf Dared not Come into Public View

"The fire of hell will not touch one whose feet are covered with the dust of jihad in the way of Allah." (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith, Bukhari's Sahih.)

{LOCAL NEWS FIRST: U.S. Islamic leader, Imam Badi Ali, founder of JUSTICE AND PEACE FOR AFGHANISTAN, JPA, has urged the officers of CAIR, AMC and other bootlicker organizations to resign if they want to be considered Muslims. Do not insult Islam and the Prophet, pbuh, by supporting the attack on an Islamic country, Br. Badi said. It is the height of hypocrisy (nifaq) to call yourself Muslim while you support the powers of world-devouring arrogance.
Who gives Al-Alawani and Hamza Yusuf and others of this shameful tribe of traitors the right to give FATWAS against the clear teachings of Islam? Imam Badi asked. Who is Al-Alawani in any case? Isn't he the traitor who misled the Muslims of America by supporting CAIR and AMC in their call of bloc vote for Bush? Isn't he the traitor who supported the genocidal attack on Iraq? The "Islam" of these people is kufr with an Islamic label on it, the Imam concluded.}
On October 14, 2001, an unusual media event took place when Islamic scholars Christian Palestinians were invited by Wilmer Leon of WOL to join a panel discussion on his TWO HOUR radio program which covers Washington and Batimore (through channels 1450 and 1010 plus areas of San Diego and Dallas). The Islamic panelists were Dr. Kaukab Siddique, Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz and Sis. Motisola M. Abdallah. The Christian panelists were Palestinian-Americans: Dr. Farrah, Fuad Foty and two school students. Here are a few points from the Islamic panelists. {The program began with an essay on peace by Wilmer Leon.}

Dr. Siddique:
1. President Bush does not understand Islam. He thinks religion means prayer, fasting, charity and pilgrimage. Of course America will permit these activities but Islam is first and foremost a rejection of false gods and the establishment of power which is just and people-oriented. The whole world can see that Bush's war is against Islam.
2. America must talk to the real people of Islam, not the puppet rulers. Remember ANC and Mandela were considered terrorists. So was America's friend Arafat. Sharon, with evidence of systematic terrorism against him, is a regular visitor to the White House. Communicate with real Muslims.
3. Bush is insensitive to African and Asian humanity. About 25% of East Africa's population is dying of AIDS. Imagine if that were happening in a European country: billions of dollars would have been pumped into medical sytems, instead of into war.
4. Bush's blood lust is being slaked in Afghanistan. There is NO EVIDENCE which could stand up in any court which could prove who carried out Sept. 11 attacks.
5. Women-related propaganda against Taliban is a form of brainwashing to prepare the grounds for cultural imperial takeover of a Muslim country.
The media blitz against Afghan women's dress is nothing more than demonization and propaganda. If the media is interested in how women feel who wear Islamic outergarments, CNN etc should talk to Muslim women who wear such garments. Self-serving propaganda by non-Islamic women against Taliban ignores the fact that women prefer to follow Islamic law on dress which protects them from the brutalities of war. I came out of a Christian background and wore mini-skirts, side-slits, you name it. I know that Islamic garb is certainly a blessing for women and not any kind of oppression.
l. The events of 9/11 can best be understood by recognizing the natural law: To every action there is a corresponding reaction. Those events were not directed against the American people but at the American government.
They were reactions to the American government's oppression of people around the world, especially that of the people of Palestine, the people of Iraq, the Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan.
2. America needs to look at and within herself to find the answer to the question: "Why is there so much hatred of her throughout the Islamic world?"
She must look at the evil work of her own hands, her deeds and her actions.
3. A big part of the world-wide problem of oppression, cultural imperialism, economic exploitation lies in the world not knowing that humanity is one, that all people are related to each other, that they are all in the same human family, and that they all came from a single pair of human beings, who came into being in Africa. The false theories of race have divided and subdivided people everywhere against themselves and have put almost insurmountable barries and animosities among them in practically every area of life. America and the West have imposed upon the whole world the ideology of white supremacy, which is based upon the false concept of race, used to make easier the rape, robbery and economic exploitation of the whole of the so-called third world, but which is in reality a world-wide system designed to prevent their genetic annihilation.
4. The thinking of the two peoples, the oppressors and the oppressed, is quite different, shaped by the lives they both have lived and endured. To the degree that each knows self, the greater the difference. Thus, they view the events of 9/11 quite differently.
The Christian panelists did very well and agreed on basic points with the Muslims but we were not able to organize their viewpoints for this presentation.
POWELL ON A VISIT TO PAKISTAN. HE AND THE MILITARY RULER OF PAKISTAN DARED NOT SHOW THEIR FACES TOGETHER IN PUBLIC. Massive demonstrations are taking place EVERY DAY in Pakistan, openly supporting Mujahid Osama and the Taliban. Every day CNN, MSNBC and FOXNEWS tell lies about Pakistan, trying to minimize the rising tide of Islamic peoples' power. (CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR HAS EVEN STARTED TEACHING WHAT SHE THINKS ISLAM SHOULD TEACH.)
Let alone the major cities, the general strike to oppose Powell's visit reached even into the interior of Sind (an area often quiet on such agitation).

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