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The so-called Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) has sent out a letter signed by its Vice President, Dr. Ingrid Mattson, which suggests that ISNA will be working with the Bush administration to channel Muslim charities. This move is significant because the Bush administration has closed down Muslim charities suspected of funneling funds to Muslims independently of the American government's pleasure or displeasure. In a number of cases, Muslim charities, such as global, Benevolence and even the innocuous Holy Land Foundation, are being connected to or suspected of links to "terrorism." (A Bush-Ashcroft code word for Islamic movements.)

The ISNA letter with Ingrid Mattson's signature on it states:

"Immediately following the Convention, ISNA President Muhammad Nur Abdullah and I met with President Bush to discuss concerns of the American Muslim community. We were especially concerned to raise the ongoing issue of Islamic charities and asked President Bush to clarify the administration's stance. As a result, the White House has extended a hand to ISNA to discuss the steps needed to ensure that American Muslims can continue to fulfill their moral and religious obligation to share their wealth to the poor and needy of the community."

[The grammatical error, "share their wealth to the poor...," is in the original.]

As the African experience shows, the imperialists destroy all independent movements and then send in their favored people to distribute "charity."
CAIR's HOOPER PLEASED WITH BUSH: Br. Eric Mueller replies:

After CAIR and AMC repeatedly begged President Bush to respond to Falwell's attack on the Prophet (pbuh), after much hesitation, Bush threw them a bone. They immediately picked it up and started telling the Muslim communities (reverse ‘da'wah again), that Bush is a friend of Islam. Here is Br. Eric Mueller's response (from Texas) to Hooper of CAIR:

["I have just heard from Amman, that brother Laith Shubeilat has been released by the Jordanian authorities this evening. Obviously the repression on the part of that regime has not ended, however, and people might be interested to keep an eye on developments there.]

"Also, I have seen in the last couple days how Bush has criticized the bigoted anti-Islamic statements of Christian Zionist evangelists. Ibrahim Hooper of Cair welcomed Bush's remarks.

In my opinion that welcome was sickening. Hooper should have said:

"We Muslims know, Mr. Bush, that you criticise Falwell and Robertson for their words because they won't help you as you set out to commit mass murder of Muslims in Iraq, having drenched yourself in the blood of Afghans, Yemenis, Somalis, Lebanese, Palestinians, and 1.75 million Iraqis. Falwell and Robertson's bigotry serves to expose your homicidal intent, so naturally you'd prefer that they keep quiet. We believe that the barefaced Zionist propaganda spouted by those evangelists is far less dangerous than your bombs, and far more honest than your claims to love and respect the innocents you are about to kill."

Eric Mueller
Falwell's remarks were also condemned by the ADL, the biggest anti-Islam, anti-people Jewish organization in America. Falwell had come out too openly with what remains usually unsaid by the Zionists. CAIR and all were trying to hand Bush an easy propaganda victory to prove his love for Islam. Falwell and Robertson are so dear to Bush that it took him weeks to look at the grovelling of CAIR. He still refused to criticise Falwell etc by name.
1. From an anti-Hadith writer on WideMinds' list:
"Friends, Now we know that Islam believes in indiscriminate killings - we take our cue from how our enemies behave and not from our own values. From all we know those killed could be working for a non related branch of the CIA. What if they were just visiting?
Congratulations Mr Kaukab for highlighting your version of Islam."
2. From Dr. Muqtedar Khan on PIDL's list:

"KSidd wrote:
'The faces in Pakistani regimes keep changing, but one factor remains constant: the secularized, "lick-America's-boots" mentality which is willing to sell Pakistan for dollars.'

Well if cooperation with the US means "selling Paksitan to the US" how do we understand your abandonment of Pakistan and settling in the enemy country? "selling yourself?" At least they stay "at home" and face the challenges day in and day out, while you live a comfortable life in heart of the enemy." M. A. Muqtedar Khan, Ph.D.
3. From Tsied Neila on WideMinds list.
"So, I suppose that the people that he killed and injured were little more than rats in the view of most Muslims. After all, they were Americans, non-Muslims, workers for the CIA. Who cares about them.
If this is what a "True Muslim" is, then Islam is condenmed to be destroyed. I just hope that this is not true.
And if Allah is just, then Mr. Kasi is now in the eternal hellfire."
1. From a New Trend reader in Florida:

Assalaamu alaikum...
Mashallah, at the least brother Aimal, unlike sooooo many others, did not cower in front of the infidels and claim that he was a flag-waving stars and stripes supporter and try to gain the sympathy and money of US Muslims by claiming that he was framed and duped.

He stood his ground, staked his claim and did not back down - he deserved more support from the Ummah than those who they instead usually choose to rally around - those who feigned innocence and waste/wasted everyone's time and money. My question is: What 'innocence' are they claiming??? Innocence from standing up for Allah?? Of course I am not referring to those who actually didn't do anything (due to either lack of opportunity or lack of backbone). If you are going to stand up for Allah, do so proudly and with conviction - don't just do it as long as you can get away with it without being caught.
Allahma ansur almujahideena fi sabeelak fi kuli makaan. May Allah accept our shuhuda and have Mercy upon our dead. and... may Allah grant us all some backbone....Ameen!
Um Ahmad
2. Reader from UK on WideMinds list:

USA is trying to bully, coerce, enslave, kill, assassinate those who disagree with USA's policies.
Br Mubashir Inayet wants everyone to accept the rule of self-styled "President" Bush.
In reality, there will always be people who will refuse to be slaves. Br Mubahsier Inayet has willingly accepted to be a slave of USA and he invites Br Kaukab to accept the diktat of Bush and his gang.

May Allah (SWAT) shower his blessings on MIR AIMAL KASI. Ameen

Shaikh Mohommad
3. From Jummy Jumshade, a reader on Wideminds list (expletives deleted) from Texas:
[In response to #3 in negative list:]
Brother.........or or we do not know what provoked come all the way from Pakistan to Kill CIA we pause to think what CIA has done to him for him to come all the way from Pakistan to extract revenge upon CIA????????? Guess will not even consider this valid point.
My advise to US is please do not f... with people & countries if you do not want to be f....d back. & if you are f....d is your own fault........& as they say in TEXAS.......You got it coming.....Dude !!!!!!!!!!! What else can I say to make you understand????? When you actually think it is your right to screw the world & get all worked up when you get screwed/paid-back for your own mis-deeds & crimes?????!!!!!!!!!

2002-11-17 Sun 06:23ct