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Abu Bakr, r.a.,was beaten into unconsciousness by the oppressors. When he revived, his first question was: "How is the Prophet?" [Pbuh] p.29. That's the essence of Islam.
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Unusual Information


According to the Press Trust of India [August 12] the biggest group of "immigrants" in Gaza, second in number only to the Jews, were Indians. According to Avin Gangte from the Bnei Menashe community [probably Indian Jews], they refused to leave Gaza when ordered by Israel and were among those who defied eviction to the end.
[Source: Express India, Washington, DC., August 16]

Thus there is rapport not only between the Indian and Israeli governments but between Indian Jews and Israel.
Sad but True.

Israel Wants Peace? You got to be Kidding!

Late on August 24, Israeli forces entered the Palestinian town of Tulkarm and killed 5 Palestinians. Israel had decided that these men were a threat to Israel. After making excuses for the Israeli attack, a Jewish paper with a gentile front, the Baltimore Sun, of August 26 provided this information about what actually happened:

" ... young Palestinians were sitting outdoors, eating sunflower seeds and talking to a well-known militant leader when undercover Israeli troops jumped out of a mercedes."

Thus we see the Israeli Jews sending a hit squad into a Palestinian town and killing an opponent and four of his friends who were sitting peacefully outside their home. Probably a collaborator was used to spot the activist.

Under international law, Israel, an occupying entity, has once more commited a serious crime. Also under Islamic law, the Palestinians have the right to retaliate and to kill 5 Israelis, an eye for an eye. Previously, an Israeli got into an Arab bus and killed 4 Palestinians before he was beaten to death. Later a Jew [settler] killed 4 Palestinians on the West Bank without any provocation. One Jew was stabbed to death in Jerusalem by a Palestinians. That makes it 13 to 2. Can the Israelis expect a living nation to accept this ratio?
Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [3 items]
Using Peaceful Means to Create Awareness
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Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar: Sentencing Postponed

Egyptian-American dissident Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar who was convicted on far fetched and absurd charges of "terrorism" is facing life in prison. For the time being his sentencing has been postponed and a new court date is not available yet.

This gives well wishers another chance to write letters to the judge asking for leniency. The letters should be sent to his attorney. [Email New Trend to get the attorney's address which was published earlier.]

Ahmed's case is unique in the war on terrorism. THERE IS NO WITNESS AGAINST HIM. It's all based on the government's tapes of his phone conversations with opponents of the Hosni Mubarak regime. Human rights groups agree unanimously that Mubarak, the dictator of Egypt, also known as the Pharoah, practices arbitrary arrests, systematic torture, violations of families and homes of opponents, attacks on mosques, rape and murder.

There is no peaceful way of getting rid of the tyrant of Egypt who is a close ally of Sharon, Bush and Blair.

Ahmed used to talk to the opponents of this murderous regime and tried to pass on the key points of the conversations to the blind Shaikh, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, ONCE EVERY Four to SIX MONTHS.

Ahmed has NEVER committted any act of violence, yet is being treated as a terrorist because he opposes the Pharoah.

Ahmed is one of America's leading Muslims, humble yet very learned in both the Qur'an and the Hadith. The Zionists hate his guts and the Egyptian dictator sees him as a threat owing to his defense of the great Egyptian spiritual leader Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman.



Seifullah is an innocent Muslim from Virginia who never opposed the U.S. in any shape or form. He was once in the marines and that came to be counted against him. He is diabetic and owing to neglect in prison, it has developed further.

Former attorney general Ashcroft wanted to prove that there were "terrorists" in America, so he arrested a group of young men who used to play paintball and some of whom had visited Pakistan. Among them was Seifullah.

Seifullah was convicted under the Neutrality Act [for opposing a friend of the U.S., which is India], "material support" for Lashkar-e-Taiba, and for possessing a gun.

Thus a man who has never opposed the U.S. was given 60 years in prison [which in effect means a life sentence]. His Egyptian wife has given us a copy of his final statement in prison. We hope to publish excerpts from it in the near future.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Difficult Task

Islamic Rights for Muslim Women in America: Brief History.
From the Primitive Jahiliyya of ISNA-ICNA to the "Made in America Islam" of Manji and Asra Nomani.

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D.

In 1978, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, an organization of U.S. Muslims, introduced the teachings about women from the Qur'an and the Hadith according to which Muslim men and women are equals: Merit and superiority is based on TAQWA [Fear of Allah, God-conscious behavior, awareness of Allah], not gender.

These teachings were rejected by ISNA and ICNA, two immigrant groups linked at that time to the Muslim Brotherhood [Ikhwan] and Jamaate Islami of Pakistan & India.

These groups were bent upon keeping the "equality" idea out of the Muslim congregations they controlled with their financial and organizational abilities. The more Jamaat al-Muslimeen emphasized the idea, the more these groups reacted against it.

Hence a strange situation developed: There was a pretense that Jamaat al-Muslimeen did not exist, although our publications and books continued to make inroads in the general Muslim population. The whole issue of women's rights was forced by my article "The Example of Ayesha" published in 1980. No established Muslim company in America would publish it. ['Ayesha, r.a., led men, some of the greatest men, in the Battle of the Camel.] It finally appeared in my book Islam and Revolution, published from Singapore in 1981.

Similar was the situation of much of my [and our] writings on women's rights for 8 years till finally my book The Struggle of Muslim Women appeared in 1986. Till then it had been like samizdat, photocopied, stapled and distributed.

It went through FOUR EDITIONS, one edition published entirely by a Muslim sister, one issued from Bangladesh and one from Singapore. ISNA and ICNA continued to pretend that the book did not exist. Fortunately our paper New Trend helped to sell it and just about every leader-type or activist Islamic woman in America read it.

In 1992, a Bangla translation of the Struggle of Muslim Women was published from Dhaka University. Earlier in 1990, my second book on the subject Liberation of Women Thru Islam was published. Again, in an astonishing development, a Muslim woman published an entire edition of this book. It was too late for ISNA and ICNA. They had been bypassed. They tried damage control and set up various "women's auxiliary" groups [kitchen affliates} to soothe their followers.

Thereafter we came across our real opposition. In Pakistan, for instance, westernized Pakistani groups were trying to prove that women really are second class citizens in Islam. When they found our publications, they had to resort to censorship of their own. It soon became clear that they talked of women's rights because they thought Islam really does NOT support such rights.

Ms. Benazir Bhutto used "The Example of Ayesha" when she rose to popularity in the Punjab but she was not interested in implementing Islam and soon became extremely unpopular.

The first sign of the emerging new problem was the publicity given by the Washington Post to Ms. TASLIMA NASRIN, a Bangladeshi woman who attacked the Qur'an. When Nadrat Siddique from Jamaat al-Muslimeen wrote to the Post to rebut Ms. Nasrin, her letter was not published.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen was the first in the U.S. to set up a masjid which was RUN BY A WOMAN [Ashira Na'im]. As it was run strictly according to the Sunnah, it was ignored by the media. Jamaat al-Muslimeen was the first in America to bring women into its decision-making processes [Shoora]. This too was a problem for those who wanted to prove that women are not equals of men in Islam.

On the positive side, The Struggle of Muslim Women was picked up by women in Minister Farrakhan's movement, the Nation of Islam. One of the leader women in the NOI declared in a heavily attended international Islamic conference that the book which had influenced her the most, after the writings of her own leaders, was The Struggle of Muslim Women.

More recently, Sis. Karen English, Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, organized a boycott of businesses which support Israel, again a FIRST for the Muslims of America.

Earlier we published a whole list of independent Muslim women who work for Islam without any connection to the funded ISNA-ICNA groups and the openly pro-West Asra Nomani types.

On the negative side, ISNA, ICNA etc kept Jamaat al-Muslimeen strictly out of the many masjids they controlled. Unable to get a bigger audience, activists of Jamaat al-Muslimeen started breaking away and joining well-funded and established groups. Some of them simply went off on an independent tangent. However, a HARD CORE remained in the Jamaat.

In the meantime, the FORCES of ZIONISM and IMPERIALISM had realized that a key weakness of the Muslims is the failure of their leaders to deal with the oppression of women. Under the pretense of attacking the Taliban as intractable oppressors of women, these forces started a systematic campaign to enter Muslim societies worldwide in the name of "liberation of women."

In America, these moves are symbolized by Irshad Manji, a Canadian woman, who claims to be a Muslim [Agha Khani], a supporter of homosexuality and of Israel. Asra Nomani, who worked for the Pro-Zionist Wall Street Journal and was a buddy of Daniel Pearl, an Israeli who was brutally killed in Pakistan, is the choice of America's establishment as "woman leader."

People on the brink, but more learned, like Dr.Amina Wadud, who were not treated well by established Muslim organizations, were material to be utilized in the attempts to break Islamic communities.

What made these women dangerous for the Muslim communities was the tremendous coverage the U.S. [and worldwide Zionist] media gave them unstintingly. They were glamorized by the enemies of Islam as "saviors of Muslim womanhood."

As these women TALKED EQUALITY and were LINKED to the ENEMIES of ISLAM, the entire authentic movement for women's rights in Islam became suspect. Muslims now see this "pro-woman" activity as linked to the agents of America, such as Hosni Mubarak, the dictator of Egypt, and General Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan's coup leader.

In this new era of DAJJAL, Muslim women working for their rights according to the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith, will have to prove not only their Islamic integrity but also their INDEPENDENCE from all U.S. government agencies as well as from connections to secularist dictators and Zionist-funded and publicized groups.

There is need for unity between all Islamic groups which accept Muslim men and women as each other's AWLIYYA [The Qur'an 9:71] and which reject Zionist, Imperialist, Kingly and dictatorial control of the Muslim world.

We must also learn to respect the different stages of the struggle through which the Muslim world is passing. From the Islamic viewpoint, it's wrong to think that the issue in Afghanistan is the burqa and other local customs which hold women back. The central issue is the expulsion of U.S. and NATO forces and the emergence of an independent Afghanistan which will then give women their rights. Similar is the situation in Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya and Iraq.

BOTH, Muslim men and women, must be freed from foreign domination before internal oppression can be dealt with. Hence we must respect women in Pakistan and Egypt who wear the NIQAB, if they do it to please Allah and to oppose cultural imperialism [as opposed to imposition by the husband or the family]. The state's imposition of restrictions on women in Saudi and Iran is very different from the natural development of Islamic women's movement.

U.S. Prison: People Treated Like Dogs: North Carolina

Inmates say they were put on leash

The Alexander Correctional Institution has been ordered to stop using a leash-like tether on its inmates until the device is tested and evaluated by the state.

The maximum security prison in Taylorsville has been using the nylon tether on some inmates since about the time it opened last year. .The director of prisons didn't know the tether was being used until the Observer inquired this week, after receiving letters from two inmates who said they were put on a "dog leash."

Alexander Correctional, about 65 miles northwest of Charlotte, houses 959 inmates who are serving long sentences or convicted of violent crimes.

Administrator Reggie Weisner said the tether was used when moving inmates considered especially dangerous to the showers or recreation area.

Acree said 57 inmates are in that category.

The tether is about 2 1/2 feet long and made of nylon webbing with a loop handle at one end and a clip at the other.

Weisner said corrections officers attached the clip to the waist chain on inmates who would also have their legs shackled and their arms handcuffed behind their back. The officers, he said, would always walk behind the inmate allowing them to hold the tether loop instead of putting hands on the inmate.

A man serving a life sentence for murder wrote in his letter that inmates who want to shower "have to wear a dog leash around a chain as if we are really dogs or animals."
IMPORTANT NEWS [From New Trend's Media Monitor]


Bangladesh has one of the largest numbers of Muslims in the world. The Islamic movement has emerged there in a variety of ways. The government is nationalist, in coalition with the a very moderate Jamaate Islami and others. The opposition is pro-India and led by Mujibur Rahman's daughter, the politician who along with Bhutto and General Yahya brought about the breakup of united Pakistan.

On August 17, 2005 there were a series of small bomb blasts across the country, more than a 100, with no specific targets, which killed two people and injured more than 50. The effect was to create a "terrorism" alert in Bangladesh.

New Trend notes that around that time, notorious American Jew and warmonger Paul Wolfowitz visited Bangladesh and met in private with pro-India Awami League leader Shaikh Hasina. According to Dhaka newspapers, he discussed Bangladesh's "next government" with Hasina.

Observers say Wolfowitz is very concerned about the increasing Bangladeshi partcipation in the Jihad in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Iraq and Chechnia. An estimated 200 Bangladeshi Muslim volunteers have given their lives in the Jihad while another 500 have been wounded, reports say.

After the bombings, Awami League called for a general strike in the country which met with limited success. However, the strike pressured the government to focus on a medressa group Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh and its two leaders, Abdur Rahman and Bangla Bhai, as alleged perpetrators of the attacks.

The government arrested 123 Islamic students, mostly from medressas, and by August 26 had broken a few of them to "confess" to the bombings.

New Trend analysts say that the pattern of the attacks indicates that it could not have come from Islamic elements and was devoid of any specific targets.

On Bangladesh's borders, India is creating pressure by creating border incidents. On August 19, Indian troops fired on Bangladeshi border guards on the northern Rajshahi border trying to stop Indian attempts to create erosion on the banks of the Mahananda river. The Bangladeshis fired back and the firing went on for two hours.

On August 21, Indian troops opened fire on the Kushtia-Daulatpur border killing a Muslim civilian Azizul Haque. A visitor from India named Biswanath was wounded.


Local elections in Pakistan have resulted in serious charges of rigging and ballot box stuffing, particularly in Karachi and Punjab. The Musharref government seems to have been intent on using the results of the local elections to proclaim victory against the "extremists" which is his term for the Islamic elements.

Media reports say that in Karachi, the Musharref government is allied to the gangster organization known as MQM. At the conclusion of voting at various places in Karachi, the pollsters were strong armed out of the booths and replaced by MQM men who proclaimed MQM's victory.

On August 26, after Friday prayers rallies were held at mosques across Karachi by the Islamic coalition MQM to protest the election fraud.

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