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1. Abdus Salaam Zaeef, Afghan ambassador, Tortured to Death in Guantanamo Bay cage
2. Six U.S. troops, two Afghan mercenaries killed in clash near Khost
3. Gun battle in Islamabad, Pakistan. 5 killed, 45 injured 4. Pakistani college women beaten up by police in Lahore. 200 teachers arrested
5. Pakistani lawyers will not meet Musharref without Constitutional guarantees for nation

1. In spite of healthy scepticism about the morality of the American power structure, New Trend could not accept for two days (July 30-31), that the Islamic ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan has been tortured to death in a cage in Guantanamo Bay. The news came over the internet from Balochistan Post and we are not aware of this paper. We investigated a variety of Pakistani publications and found them all reporting that Mullah Zaeef has died under torture. The source of the news is the ambassador's family.

According to these reports, Mullah Zaeef was subjected to ongoing torture by his American captors and finally succumbed to his suffering.

Readers might remember that Mullah Abdus Salaam Zaeef was the Ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan. When the U.S. bombing of the poorest country in the world began, Zaeef started holding daily briefings at his residence in Islamabad in which he detailed the U.S. bombing of civilian targets. He became the epitome of Afghan resistance. Owing to his humble demeanor and gentle ways he won the hearts of people all over the world.

One of the worst crimes of the Pakistan military leader Pervez Musharref was that after the collapse of the Taliban government, he handed over Mullah Zaeef to the Americans. Such a dirty crime, a Muslim country handing over an Islamic ambassador to his country's Kafir enemy, is unique in Islamic history.

It appears that the U.S. first moved Zaeef to an air craft carrier and then to the prison cages in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Probably, owing to his high position in the Taliban government, he was seen as a rich source of intelligence and was subjected to systematic torture. It appears that he was as brave as he was gentle and seems to have given no secret to the Americans. Hence his death under torture.

New Trend joins the Muslim world in mourning this gentle, humble, learned, cultured ambassador of Islamic Afghanistan. O Allah accept his martyrdom and exalt him in Paradise. Inna lillahe wa inna allaihi rajeoon.
2. PAKISTAN's most prestigious Urdu daily newspaper NAWA-e-WAQT reports an incident on July 29 at Linkarwali, 15 km from Khost in which two U.S. helicopters were shot down resulting in the death of 6 "coalition" forces (a euphemism for American troops) and 2 of their Afghan mercenaries. The incident began when villagers gathered to protest the arrest of Maulvi Abdul Hakeem, who was a police official under the Taliban, by coalition forces. As the clash developed, "coalition forces" brought in air support to bomb the village. At least 25 women and children were killed in the bombing.
3. (July 29) In Pakistan's capital, Islamabad, a crowd gathered to stop the Capital Development authority from carrying out construction in Sector D12. The protestors wanted the government to fulfill its promises to compensate the people from whom the land had been taken. Police was called in. The villagers resisted. The following clash continued for four hours. Police freely used gunfire and was in turn targeted by gunmen hiding in the nearby village. The police killed 5 people and injured dozens of others. Gunmen in turn shot more than 40 policemen including the chief officials of the police though there were no fatalities.
4. In Lahore, teachers and professors gathered at the Government Islamia College on Cooper Road to protest the government's attempt to de-nationalize educational institutions. The government sent a large police force to surround the college. As the teachers resisted the police attempts to break up the gathering, the police used harsh methods. Nearly 200 teachers were arrested and thrown into police's cage like wagons. Many teachers were beaten, among them prominent women like Professor Parveen Khan, who has a Ph.D. and Naheed Musaddaq. The police are a secularized, de-Islamized force of thugs used by the government to crush peaceful protests. Dr. Parveen was hit in the face, her hair were pulled out and her clothes torn.
5. Pakistani lawyers have decided that they will not meet Musharref, the military ruler of the country, until he can guarantee that he will not make arbitrary changes in the country's Constitution. Chaudhery Muzammil Khalid, President of the Lahore High Court Bar Association, made this announcement after countrywide consultations with lawyers across the country. (July 28)

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