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{Please scroll down to end for translation of important editorial in Arabic on Abu Mazen's surrender to Sharon. Translated by Br. Eric Mueller.}
Hamas condemns Abbas' speech as "treasonous,": says won't talk to him unless he recants remarks

by Khalid Amayreh

Occupied Jerusalem: 7 June, 2003 (IAP News)

Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups have castigated PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas for his "treasonous speech" during last week's Israeli-Palestinian summit in the Jordanian city of Aqaba last week.

"His speech shocked all of us, he spoke about Jewish suffering and he labeled our resistance to Israeli Nazism as terror, but he didn't utter a single word about Israel's rampage of murder and terror against defenseless men, women and children," said Abdul Aziz al Rantisi, Hamas spokesman in Gaza.

Rantsi charged that Abbas "effectively sacrificed all Palestinian rights" for the sake of "appeasing the Americans and obtaining a certificate of good conduct from the Bush Administration."

He pointed out that Hamas wouldn't resume talks with the Abbas government until he recanted the content of his speech.

On Friday, tens of thousands of Palestinians demonstrated throughout Gaza to protest "the treasonous speech" of the Palestinian premier.

The protesters carried placards reading "our struggle against the Nazi Israeli occupation is not terror."

Another sign read "Abbas, resign now, we don't want you anymore."

Fatah, the Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine reacted similarly to Abbas' speech but called for a "quiet dialogue" with the Palestinian government.

"We certainly don't agree with what he (Abbas) said in Aqaba; nontheless, we believe the Palestinian movements and factions should continue the dialogue with the government. But the government will have to clarify the content of the speech to the people."

PA Information Minister Nabil Amre said Abbas was eager to resume talks with Hamas and clarify to them his statements in Aqaba.

Amre, who was speaking during an interview with the Jazeera television Saturday, said he hoped the "brothers in Hamas will refrain from convulsive remarks and instead indulge in a quiet dialogue with the government."

Meanwhile, Palestinian sources in Gaza reported that representatives of the various resistance and political groups in Gaza would meet Saturday to reach a common stance on the dialogue with the Abbas government.
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Parvezis Hit Hard
[Ref: to Parwez's "Persian Conspiracy" Theory on Hadith.]

Ma'sha Allah, I loved this scholarly reply to the blind followers of Parvez. Jazakallah.

Iqbal Y. Khan, Toronto, Canada
Really, O'Reilly!
[From Seemi Dallenbach, San Francisco.]

"And I said on my program, if, if the Americans go in and overthrow Saddam Hussein and it's clean, he has nothing, I will apologize to the nation, and I will not trust the Bush Administration again." ---Fox News's Bill O'Reilly, on Good Morning America, March 18
For overseas readers: Bill O'Really is a staunch supporter of the Bush administration and has his own popular TV program.
[From Sis. Motisola M. Abdallah, Atlanta]

Keep the name of Imam Jamil Al-Amin and other Political Prisoners name before the system. We will not go away. Each first Thursday of the month at 10 am the Georgia Department of Corrections Board meets. This is the entire governing body for the entire prison and corrections system in Georgia. On last Thursday, June 5th, Brother Bilal Sunni Ali, lifetime Islamic and community activist, Coordinator for the Atlanta International Support Committee for Imam Jamil Al-Amin and progressive talk show host and myself were in attendance. Before each session begins the chairman of the board extends an invitation for any one who wishes to introduce themselves. Br. Bilal, who has attended these board meetings before, opened with a brief statement that political prisoner Imam Jamil Al-Amin's religious rights were being violated and he was being held on bogus charges. To the further annoyance of these board members, I followed with a statement that political prisoner Imam Jamil is unfairly locked down 23/7 and he is not on death row. The board is under no obligation to respond. However, this is an excellent way of keeping the name of Imam Jamil Al-Amin and other political prisoner's right in their faces. We will not go away. For those of you who are activist for political prisoners, you may find out when your state board of corrections meet and perhaps attend these sessions. Try entering Department of Corrections with your state's name on the web as a start for information about these meetings. Each state may have different sessions; however in Georgia one has the right to make a brief statement at these meetings.

You may also obtain relevant information as to your state's prison population, budgets, location of private prisons, other statistics and information as to how these board members are elected. The state of Georgia Corrections Board members is comprised of 75% former or retired sheriffs who are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the senate. At the end of the board meeting, a presentation was made to the Georgia Department Board of Corrections of a bouquet of flowers from the American Police Hall of Fame Association. How quaint and intimate these devils be.
Even by Secularist Standards, Abu Mazen Sold out to Sharon

Here is a translation of the lead editorial from the London-based independent Arabic daily newspaper "al-Quds al-Arabi" written by its editor, a former member of the Palestine National Council Abd al-Bari Atwan. I believe he does a good job of outlining what is so very bad about the recent Aqaba and Sharm ash-Shaykh summits, the "Road Map" that the US and Zionists are pushing and the resultant US-Zionist domination of the Arab and indeed Islamic world.

This is important for us to be aware of because right now even some supposed "Palestine supporters" are going around urging support of this atrocious "Road Map."


Eric Mueller
Al-Quds al-Arabi, London, Thursday 5 June 2003.

Sorry, Abu Mazen, but here we part.

By Abd al-Bari Atwan.

The most dangerous thing about the Sharm ash-Shaykh and al-Aqabah summits, held last Tuesday and Wednesday, was the fact that both were so blatantly focused on "Arab terrorism" that it was obscene. All participating parties pledged to fight it mercilessly.

Yet we heard not a word, not even in passing, about "Israeli" terrorism, which has taken the lives of more than three thousand Arab human beings in less than two years, has destroyed thousands of homes, and brought injury to at least seven thousand wounded victims.

We listened to all the speeches and remarks of the Arabs in the Sharm ash-Shaykh summit in the hopes of hearing at least some timid condemnation of this terrorism. We failed to find any. What we did find, instead was an exaggerated zeal on their parts for the security, stability, and prosperity of "Israel."

We expected Mr. Mahmud Abbas Abu Mazen, the Palestinian leader crowned by the Americans and accepted by the Arab leaders at Sharm ash-Shaykh, to correct this error in the speech he delivered before the world in the tripartite Aqabah summit. But his speech was like those of the khawajas [i.e., "westerners and their lackeys", trans.]– he denounced Palestinian terror and declared it to be in violation of our religious and moral traditions. He pledged to crack down on it resolutely and mercilessly. It seemed as if he was talking about some other religion, some other moral values with which we are not familiar.

Mr. Abu Mazen spoke about the sufferings of the Palestinians and about the agonies of the "Israelis," indeed, he was more compassionate and sympathetic with the latter. We know about the sufferings of the Palestinians – and we also know what the source of those sufferings is – but we know nothing about any "Israeli" agonies, unless those are the agonies that result from being tired of killing, razing, destroying, expropriating land, butchering children, and murdering the innocent.

The Aqabah summit, in our estimation, is much more dangerous than the two Camp David summits – the first with Sadat, Begin, and Carter; and the second with Arafat, Barak and Clinton. It is more dangerous than the Oslo Agreements and all the subsequent meetings and summits in Sharm ash-Shaykh or the White House. The following points explain why:

First. The American President George Bush said during his address at the Aqabah Summit that he supports and endorses the security and stability of the "Jewish State." This in itself amounts to America’s adoption of the positions of Sharon and the entire extremist "Israeli" right wing.

The recognition of "Israel" as a Jewish state means, in legal terms, that this is a state for the Jews only, and that it has no room for others in it. That is, that the million Arab "Israelis" currently living in Galilee, the Triangle, and the Naqab have no right to remain there, just as they have no right to demand equality. They are Arab Christians and Arab Muslims, so they must move to the Palestinian state that will be set up to absorb them.

Second, this racist designation of the Jewish state signifies the cancellation in practice of the right of return for more than six million Palestinians. The right of return to this Jewish state has become limited to the Jewish "race" exclusively, and the Palestinian refugees are not Jews.

Third. The Road Map that the Sharm ash-Shaykh and Aqabah summits were brought together to adopt and implement is the product of four parties: the United Nations, Europe, Russia, and the United States. It is noteworthy that none of the three other parties were invited to these two summit meetings. The American Administration alone took it upon itself to implement the Road Map; it alone decided that it would send exclusively American observers to supervise its practical application.

Fourth. We didn't hear the word Jerusalem in any of the speeches by the Arab leaders in the Sharm ash-Shaykh Summit, nor in the address of President Bush. Mr. Abu Mazen absolutely never addressed that topic in his speech, as if this word were some "infamy of Satan’s handiwork." [al-Qur'an 5:90]
Similarly we heard not a word about the right of return, which means that we are looking at an enormous conspiracy aimed at knocking out these two fundamental pillars of legitimate Palestinian rights.

Fifth. In his speech Mr. Abu Mazen pledged that he would act against incitement of violence and hate, and that he would take measures to guarantee that no incitement would arise out of Palestinian institutions. This means, very simply, that any person who advocates the intifada is a terrorist inciting to violence, and every writer who mentions the right of Palestinians to return and who affirms that "Israel" was established on the land of the Palestinian people is a hate monger.

It follows from what Mr. Abu Mazen said, that we are supposed to praise "Israeli" "generosity," celebrate the "Israeli" model of "tolerance and justice," and denounce any Arab or European who regards Sharon as a terrorist. We must affirm instead that he is a man of peace who never, ever committed any massacres.

Terrorists and racists are only to be found among the Palestinians, members of Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, and the "extremist" military organizations like the Popular Front and the Democratic Front. They deserve to be killed, wiped out, because they encourage "hate and violence" and the elimination of the "civilized, democratic state of 'Israel,'" the gift of America and the West to the backward Arab East.

We now are face to face with a catastrophe. The countdown to Palestinian internal strife and civil war has begun. Abu Mazen is today talking to Hamas and the Jihad, asking for a cease fire, in order to gain time and to delay until the Palestinian Security Forces, now being trained by experts from the C. I. A. in special camps in Jericho, are ready for this task.

Abu Mazen pledged to disarm the resistance and to put an end to the "militarization of the intifada." He considers the weapons of the Palestinian Security Forces to be the only legitimate weapons in Palestinian hands. Our experience tells us that the fighters of Hamas, the Jihad, and the Martyrs of al-Aqsa Brigades will never voluntarily hand over their weapons. Catastrophe, therefore, is coming.

Yet it is to be a magical type of catastrophe – a Palestinian catastrophe, naturally – but it is to be salvation for the "Israelis." Sharon failed to stop the intifada with all the repression, terror, and bloodiness he had at his command. So now he is entrusting the Palestinians themselves with that task, and calling on the leader of the most powerful state on earth to witness the arrangement.

We wish to tell Mr. Abu Mazen that we stick by the right to return, and to all the territory of Palestine. We, and with us the vast majority of the Palestinian people, are clinging to Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state. We will continue our incitement for the return of these rights in toto, and we will never shower the occupier with flowers. We will never dance the dabkah or sing our folksongs in celebration over each new Jewish settlement they set up or expand. We will plant the values of liberation in the minds and hearts of our children in the refugee camps disbursed in exile, reminding them to hold fast to their right to return to Yaffa, Haifa, Akka, Safad, al-Majdal, Tarshiha, Asdud, Hamamah, ar-Ramleh, and Bir as-Saba'.

It causes us no harm if we are accused of incitement or even of terrorism. The French were not terrorists when they resisted the Nazis, and the Americans were not terrorists when they took up arms against the British colonialists.

2003-06-10 Tue 19:08ct