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{Jamaat al-Muslimeen invites you to the Islamic Movement Initiative at Greensboro, NC on February 10. Ask for your invitation.}
(Kudus to Al Sharpton who has openly questioned U.S.A.'s "civilized" behavior.)

Helicopter downed near Kabul: "Mechanical Failure" says Rumsfield
PROF. Al-Arian and Fox News' Fascist O'Reilly


{ IMAM JAMIL al-AMIN has been placed under 24-hour lockdown (Jan.20). His visiting, mail and phone privileges have been taken away. Even hardened convictees who get into serious trouble are given 23-hour lockdown with one hour for exercise outside. 24 hours is unheard of and the IMAM OF AMERICA's MUSLIMS has not even been brought to trial, let alone convicted.}
{The U.S. Defense Department released degrading pictures of Islamic POWs in Guantanamo bay, kneeling and shackled hand and foot. The pictures are part of psychological warfare meant to tell the Muslim world: See what we are doing to your best people. Legal experts say, these Islamists have committed no crime. They were defending Afghanistan against U.S. aggression, which is not a crime. The U.S. has not come up with even ONE CHARGE against any of the "detainees."}
{The beards of the Islamic POWs were shaved, a deliberate insult aimed at Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who was bearded and urged Muslims to grow their beards to oppose the Jewish lifestyle.}
{The venerable Afghan ambassador Abdus Salam Zaif was handed over by the treacherous Pakistani coup leader, Musharref, to the U.S. which is treating him as a criminal. This takes away all U.S. pretense of international values and law.}

On January 19, a Super Stallion CH-53E helicopter of the U.S. crashed 40 miles south of Kabul. Two U.S. marines were killed and 5 injured. Rumsfield rushed to the media to claim that it crashed owing to "mechanical failure" and vehemently denied evidence of hostile fire.

Observers say that Rumsfield's anxiety is quite obvious. He seems to be using code language because "mechanical failure" can also be caused by ground fire. The super stallion can't just fall out of the sky. There is no record of any sand storm in the area and slow flying helicopters do not stray into mountains.

On the other hand helicopters and KC-130s are slow enough to be vulnerable to ground fire. As the U.S. has admitted, Al-Qaeda is re-grouping and the main targets of the air assault, Mullah Omar, Osama and al-Zawahiri are successfully eluding the U.S.

Ten American troops have been killed in Afghanistan in three weeks of January.

Strobe Talbot, from the Clinton era, now at Yale University, known as a leading intellectual of America, told a gathering that the "terrorists" want to establish a CALIPHATE in the AFGHANISTAN-PAKISTAN area which would oppose U.S. interests and try to overthrow pro-U.S. governments. (Source: C-Span January 20, 2002)
WE URGE READERS TO TAKE UP THE CAUSE OF PROF. SAMI al-ARIAN. A very dirty role was played in his dismissal by O'REILLY of Fox News who has an ongoing witch hunt against Muslims. We urge you to send this message to O'Reilly: (Email to
"Dear Mr. O'Reilly: With your program, MCarthyism has come back to haunt dissidents. Your behavior with Prof. Sami al-Arian was shameful and brought out your barely concealed hatred for Muslims and Islam. You have humiliated and victimized a whole list of Muslims.
Prof. Al-Arian is very loyal to the U.S. and a friend of Christians and Jews. You owe him an apology for your behavior which has further lowered the low level of journalism on Fox News."

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