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Three Police Headquarters Wiped out by Islamic Fighters

On August 17, 18 and 19 Taliban forces attacked police headquarters at three different localities in southeastern Afghanistan. The Islamic fighters this time came in unexpectedly large numbers, 200 in one attack and 50 each in the other two attacks. The Taliban, now operating openly with a Jihad Council led by Mulllah Omar, show these new characteristics:

1. Ability to mobilize openly in spite of U.S. collaborators and Karzai agents on the ground.
2. Growing numbers of Taliban fighters. This shows that the message of Jihad is being accepted by the people.
3. Ability to evade U.S. air attacks launched in support of the Karzai regime.
4. The Karzai clique which claimed that Taliban were insignificant is now beginning to concede increasing casualties. It admits that 8 police officers were killed in the first attack and 10 in the third. [The actual numbers are said to be much higher.] In the second attack Karazai's police officers were, at least 4, CAPTURED by the Taliban.

The Jihad is taking on a pattern familiar from the time of the Soviet invasion. The mujahideen first attack the mercenary Afghan forces hired by the occupiers. These collaborators are the people who can track down the Islamists. [Somewhat like Crazy Horse, the hero of the native American people, was tracked by Indian mercenaries paid by U.S. cavalry.]

Once the Afghan mercenaries are wiped out, the American and European forces in Afghanistan will be like the blinded cyclops who can throw huge boulders but cannot see his tormentors.

The air attacks by the U.S. cause tremendous suffering but they are like a hammer trying to hit a fly.

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