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August 3 rally in Charlotte, NC for Palestine. Scroll down to end
Why Does the U.S. want to Attack Iraq? What could happen as a Consequence?
More than 1000 demonstrate in Chicago against Israeli bombing of Gaza
17-year old Palestinian Sacrifices his Life to Penetrate Israeli Security + Two settlers killed
[Sneaky Ads on TV Preparing Public for attack on Iraq]

[Have you seen the sneaky advertisements being flashed on the major TV outlets? The ads try to link Palestinians to 9/11 and Osama and then go on to link Palestinians to Saddam. This is a roundabout way of linking Al-Qaeda to Saddam. The ads are flashed rapidly in the screen and flash off before one can see the tiny tag given at the conclusion of the ad. The purpose seems to be to create the impression that this is a news commentary, not an advertisement.]

Iraq has done nothing against the United States. Why is it a target and why is the U.S. preparing for an outright invasion. Our think tank has come up with this analytic outline.

1. Iraq is the only Arab country which has an independent government uncontrolled by the U.S. Such independence which challenges U.S. hegemony in the middle east challenges the power of the American leviathan.
2. Iraq has the socio-economic base of a modern economy permeated with Islamic values. Before the U.S. assault in 1991, Iraq had a highly advanced educational and industrial system. Women in Iraq have more rights than elsewhere in the Middle East.
3. Iraq's oil wealth has been used to help its own people. Saddam is now in a position to use oil to help the economies of Islamic world and Africa. AN INDEPENDENT, MODERN STATE with oil wealth could thwart the strategic plan of Israel to make the entire region subservient to its economic imperialism.
4. Since 1991, Saddam has realized that he needs the support of Islamic forces. Gradually he has opened up Iraq to Islamic activities as long as they do not threaten his regime. Historic symbols of Islamic culture and learning are located in Iraq, such as the tombs of Imam Abu Hanifa and Shaikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani. Iraq, if it could heal the wounds of Shia-Sunni conflict, will become a source of worldwide Muslim unity as the sites of Najaf and Kerbala are located there.
5. Iraq is the only country which has hit Israel with missiles. Saddam is in open defiance of the Zionist entity and has been healing the trauma of Palestinian families whose children have made the supreme sacrifice against Israel.
6. The U.S. assault would successfully COVER UP the crimes against Iraq including the death of one million children owing to 12 YEARS OF SANCTIONS AND EMBARGO.


An outright American assault on Iraq would traumatize the Arab world and the Muslim world. The moral factor is running strongly against Bush.

However, in a conventional strike, the U.S. has a major technological advantage. Iraq cannot counter, let alone match, U.S. fire power. The Iraqi army would probably collapse rapidly. However, if Saddam does not surrender and fighting takes place in Baghdad, the whole Muslim world will be radicalized.

If Saddam successfully fights back and a ceasefire takes place, it could be the beginning of the U.S.-Israeli defeat in the middle east.

If Saddam is martyred and the U.S. occupies Baghdad, there will be chaos in Iraq leading possibly to Iranian advances into Iraq. Although Islamic forces are still considerable in Iran, they are weakening, and there are strategic possibilities of an Iranian-Israeli-U.S. alignment.

Saddam's martyrdom would lead to serious political trauma in the Arab world. If one of the U.S.-propped tyrants, like Mubarak, or Abdullah, or the Saudi dynasty falls in the process, the U.S-Israeli vs Islam war could become really open ended with serious consequences for Muslim minorities in the U.S. and Europe.

If the U.S. were following its own interests, it would not go into Iraq. Unfortunately for the whole world, the U.S. is now controlled by Zionist Jews. The U.S. will do what the Jews want. The chances for political sanity are receding rapidly.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen's CHICAGO representative reports:

An estimated 1,000-1,500 supporters packed the streets of Chicago Friday afternoon (June 26). Downtown Chicago was mystified to see Muslims, Blacks, Puerto Rican Independistas, progessives, and others condemn the attack on the 14 innocent children last week in Gaza, Palestine

Supporters from as far as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota were found chanting loudly for all to hear. City and suburban mosques held joint rallies in a show of support. Muslims carrying banners reminding everyone of India's massacres and Russian genocide could also be found in the crowd.

Amnesty International also joined the march, calling for immediate condemnation of Israeli aggression. The march clearly showed that the masses of America's people do not support Israeli acts of Terrorism. The administration my be pro-Israeli but the people are Pro-Muslim.

It should be noted that all grassroots organizations in Chicago are now beginning to work together with Muslims and Middle Eastern community groups, something that was not happening on a mass scale until 9/11.
Some Jewish groups also joined the protest calling Israel "Illegal" and "wantonly killing innocents.
The Phenomenon of the "Unsuccessful" Martyrdom Attack

Palestinian gunmen skillfully ambushed and killed two more Israeli settlers bringing to six the number killed since the F-16 bombing of Gaza.

Also a SEVENTEEN year old Palestinian sacrificed his life in an attempt to penetrate Israeli security in occupied Jerusalem. It was not a successful attack because only 4 Israelis were injured. Observers are trying to analyze the phenomenon of the martyr who does not succeed but sacrifices his own life. Observers say that these amateurish martyrs are actually more important in some ways as symbols of Palestinian resistance than the trained fighters who get through and create havoc in the Zionist settlements.

The Palestinian people are not willing to be enslaved by the Jews. A more adverse situation can hardly be imagined but they still resist. They face the second most powerful military and security apparatus in the world financed by international Jewry and armed by the U.S. THEY ARE UNARMED:
Not one tank, plane or artillery piece for them.

In addition, there are two kinds of traitors among them:
The collaborators, like the "northern alliance" in Afghanistan who actually pinpoint targets for the Israelis, [like those who sold Jesus] and the lackeys who are aspiring to become rulers of a puppet "Palestinian state."

Within that context, a 17-year old goes and sacrifices himself. When he saw that he had been spotted by the Jewish police, he did not surrender. These are people who are clearly saying what Americans should be the first to appreciate: GIVE ME LIBERTY, or GIVE ME DEATH.
(from Imam Badi Ali, Greensboro, NC)

As you all know, Israel's has reoccupied numerous Palestinian cities in the West Bank, and recently launched an F-16 attack on a residential neighborhood in Gaza, killing 14 people, including 9 children.

This brutality is financed and sanctioned by the U.S. government, which has recently voted on giving Israel an additional $200 million!

We must stand up against the brutalization of the Palestinian people!

On Saturday, August 3, activists from around the region will gather in Marshall Park, downtown Charlotte, to MARCH FOR A JUST PEACE IN PALESTINE. Join us there!

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