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John Ashcroft Wants To Prove that his System works: U.S. citizens are now fair game
[CNN and Baptist Preacher Insult Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): Husein Ibish flubs Again]

"O ye who believe! If a corrupt person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done." (The Qur'an, 49:6)

[Latest NEWS: June 12. A U.S. MC-130 has gone down in the area of conflict on the Afghan-Pakistan border. The U.S. immediately stated that it was NOT shot down. Also, the U.S. said there were only 10 soldiers on board and of these, 3 died. Why would such a big plane be used to ferry only 10 soldiers? Are the losses being hidden again? Why is there no more discussion of Operation Anaconda which killed 15 mujahideen?]
[A coronation plan for Karzai is being implemented in Kabul under the guns of European troops with the U.S. ambassador supervising the show. Even many of the loyalists were appalled and walked out. Looks like a repeat of the Soviet setting up of a "peoples'" government in Kabul backed by Soviet troops.]
[RUMSELD claims that al-Qaida are definitely in Kashmir. As we have predicted, at a certain stage, U.S. forces will be sent into Kashmir to bomb the Islamic resistance.]

The U.S. civil rights community is seething at the blatant new attack launched by Attorney General John Ashcroft. A Puerto Rican convert to Islam, Abdullah al-Muhajir is said to have been planning a "dirty bomb" attack on America. Ashcroft announced his arrest as a coup by the security agencies but the details now coming out indicate that Ashcroft has really put his foot in his mouth. Here are the main points of the government's case:

1. Al-Muhajir was arrested at Chicago's O'Hare airport on May 8. His arrest was announced on June 10.
2. TILL NOW (June 12) he has not been charged with anything.
3. He has been transferred to a "brig" (a navy hulk) in Charleston, South Carolina in the custody of the Defense Department.
4. He will NOT be tried in a civil court or even in a military court.
5. Although a U.S. citizen, he will be held indefinitely without trial. (Some "law" has been dug up from 1942.]
6. He was planning a "dirty bomb" attack on a U.S. city [some references here to Washington, DC].
7. BUT ACCORDING TO WOLFOWITZ, (what names they have, as Irving would say) one of Bush's Jewish associates, whatever plans he had were in the "loose talk" stage.
8. How was he nabbed? There are references to:
1. Information provided by Abu Zubaydah, now in custody for several months.
2. Pakistani (general Musharref) help.
9. The government admits that he HAD NOTHING IN HIS POSSESSION WHICH WOULD INCRIMINATE HIM as far as attack programs are concerned. He had 10,000 dollars, but no one can be held without trial for having 2000 above the limit.
10. Media leaks indicate that ISRAEL was involved in the tracking of Al-Muhajir.


As soon as Ashcroft broke the news, the Zionist media, from CNN to MSNBC to the evening networks to FOX NEWS went on the rampage against Al-Muhajir. With minimum focus on the lack of evidence, the media poured out an endless series of reports on "WHAT IS A DIRTY BOMB?" and what it would do if exploded.
The media also tried and convicted Al-Muhajir for having been a small time criminal in his youth. It forgot to mention that when one embraces Islam, all past sins are erased, so much so that a Muslim woman from overseas was willing to marry him. At least the landlady of his apartment came out strongly and said that she had seen nothing but good in him.
As a citizen of this country, Al-Muhajir (Jose Padillo) has been defamed beyond limit in three days and all his rights have been violated.


During war time, every government tries NOT TO PUBLICIZE the ENEMY'S moves and intentions. If there is danger to national security, agencies involved in security should quietly do their jobs to ensure security. By contrast, it is the task of agents provocateurs to spread rumors and create public fear and uncertainty. Here we find the exact opposite happening. Repeatedly the government issues vague, generalized and dangerous sounding warnings.

We have had the following sequence of events:
1. After considerable outcry from the public and politicians, the FBI was brought under scrutiny and FBI Director Mueller was grilled in a public hearing. The ineptitude of the government was apparent.
2. President Bush suddenly announced a dramatic re-fashioning of Homeland Security. The issue of the FBI-CIA failure went into the background.
3. With drama, Ashcroft announced the arrest of "Al-Mujahir" (he couldn't pronounce his victim's name). It had happened ONE MONTH earlier. Obviously the timing was meant to deflect the blast of criticism which has worried the government. Much thought must have gone into the timing of the dramatic announcement.

If a U.S. citizen can be held indefinitely without trial, evidently the rule of law is going down the drain.

A couple days back, CAIR announced that a Baptist preacher has insulted the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in connection with the Prophet's marriage to hazrat ‘Ayesha (r.a.). There are many non-descript preachers who say insulting and stupid things about Islam. It's a free country. You can say anything. Most people here are Christians, but Jesus (pbuh) gets insulted in the Zionist media regularly.

The first mistake CAIR made was to bring up a preacher's insulting remarks without dealing with them. CAIR has no one who can be called a scholar. None of its Directors have published books, nor are they learned about Islam in any way.

Then we see CNN quoting the stupid preacher's insulting remarks and quoting out of context from the Qur'an and then asking HUSEIN IBISH, the idiot from ADC, to defend Islam. (Ref: CNN's Crossfire program on June 12). Husein Ibish, as usual, was totally inept. He had nothing scholarly to say because he is not a scholar. His "defense" was that "I can" similarly pick passages from the Bible and Talmud and there are bad guys in every religion.

Thus the viewer was left with the impression that the Baptist preacher must have spoken some truths about Islam. A close friend of Israel, Jerry Falwell, was on the show and he kept goading Ibish to admit that the Prophet (pbuh) was a .... and Ibish laughed along with one of the hosts to point out that Falwell had said that the 9/11 attacks were punishment from God. The abuse of Islam was thus trivialized.

Thus a countrywide and worldwide audience has seen the Qur'an and the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) subjected to abuse and calumny on CNN with totally ineffectual and trivial defense put up by Husein Ibish. [As we pointed out before, Ibish admitted on another show, that he is NOT a practicing Muslim.]

We urge CAIR to cease and desist from its activities which are bringing serious disrepute and out-and-out abuse/calumny to Islam. If a stupid preacher said something incorrect, write to him and let interested readers see the answer. It's not a national issue nor is Islam in ANY DANGER OF BEING DIMINISHED BY THE REMARKS OF ONE PREACHER to his congregation or in his church.

[In Islam, symbolic childhood marriages are permitted, very rarely, if the right of the girl to repudiate the marriage when she grows up is safeguarded. This permission occurs sometimes under stress of persecution of Muslims, sometimes to help carry the tradition to the next generation. Sex is not permitted till the girl grows up and makes an independent decision to accept the marriage. Even in the case of the Prophet (pbuh), ‘Ayesha (r.a) had to grow up and accept her marriage before she became a wife in the real sense. Even then sex was not a factor. She never bore any children though she and the Prophet (pbuh) were healthy. She did become the GREATEST teacher and leader of Islam in the era after the Prophet (pbuh) passed away. See ISLAM and REVOLUTION: BASIC ISSUES FACING THE MUSLIM WORLD by Kaukab Siddique.]

We have published extensively about the age of hazrat ‘Ayesha (r.a.). Interested readers can go to click on java frames, click on NEWS and click on HADITH.
Americans should be the last persons to be high and mighty about morality and child molestation. One of the founders of this great nation, one of the most admired persons in this country, actually had sex with an underage slave girl and repeatedly impregnated her. Her descendants are only now beginning to gain recognition as the blood relatives (out of wedlock) of the great leader of America, the most liberal of them all.

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