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WOL Radio Talk Show Host Questions Bush War on Terrorism
Interview with Dr. Kaukab Siddique on India-Pakistan Confrontation:
It's a Diversion from U.S. Moves
The Real War is Against Islamic Resistance in Kashmir and Afghanistan
First the latest news (May 28):
1. Pakistan leader Musharref has handed over the leader of the Chinese Islamic movement to the Beijing government.
2. Russia has joined NATO in the ongoing attempts to encircle the Muslim world.
3.The "zenith of evil" has happened! A Jewish child killed in an amateurish attack by an 18-year-old Palestinian. Almost every second day, Palestinian children are killed by Israel. No Israeli soldier has ever been brought to the TV screens as the killer of children. Jewish children are valuable:
they have the entire Zionist media machine waiting to highlight their suffering. As for the Palestinian children, they remain unknown, mere statistics.
On Sunday, May 26 Wilmer Leon of the "On with Leon" show interviewed Dr. Kaukab Siddique about his just completed book-writing visit to Pakistan. The one hour interview on WOL radio was heard in Baltimore on 1010 AM, in Washington on 1450 AM and in other parts of the country on XM Satellite Radio Channel 169 "The Power."

The interview was fast moving and conversational. Its main points are summarized here.

Wilmer Leon began the show with a commentary on the current phase of the "war on terrorism". He questioned the methodology of the Bush administration which has been issuing totally non-specific and generalized warnings about the danger of new terror attacks. The Bush administration seems to be deliberately trying to create panic and using the situation to erode American civil liberties.

Leon pointed out that the hijackers on 9/11 did not use submarines, B-52s or Apache helicopters. The Bush military build up, with billions of dollars, is not relevant to what the hijackers did (used themselves).

Later Leon also brought up the issue of the behind-the-scenes issues in this war connected to the oil interests in which the puppet Afghan leader Karzai plays a part.

The following are the main points of Dr. Siddique's responses to Leon's questions:

1. America is entering a stage of "questioning" of the events related to 9/11 owing to the realization that the "war on terrorism" has not led to victory. Mckinney has started the process which could lead to an inquiry into the failure of the CIA and the FBI. The question is:
How could the hijackers get through the most powerful security network in the world.
1a. The "war on terrorism" has been a failure. Billions of dollars of homeland security have netted ONLY ONE SUSPECT, Zakaria Moussoui, and he was in prison on 9/11.

2. Pakistani military leader Musharref and India's Vajpayee are playing a dangerous game of war. India might try to grab a strategic position on the Kashmir frontier and try to use it as a bargaining position.

3. The real target of the Musharref/Vajpayee war games is the Islamic resistance in Afghanistan and Kashmir. [The real force behind the show is the Bush administration.] Musharref has sealed off the border with Afghanistan and India/USA are bringing him step by step to outlaw support for the resistance in Kashmir.

4. Bush put its money on the Musharref regime but this can now be seen as a serious mistake. MUSHARREF became over-confident and held a REFERENDUM to legitimize himself. The move flopped as only FIVE to 10 percent of the voters voted for him. There was a countrywide and successful boycott of the referendum.
4a. So now the Bush administration is left with an ally whose mistaken move showed him to have only 5 to 10 percent of the voters on his side.
5. The Indian build-up on Pakistani borders is meant to convey a message to the Pakistani people:
Don't try to overthrow Musharref, otherwise you'll in effect be helping India. The missile firing is part of Musharref's game:
playing his India card. He is very good at diverting Pakistani attention away from his cooperation with Bush, to the "Indian threat."

6. (In response to caller Carolyn):
The Pakistani people do not hate America or Americans. Pakistanis think America has become hostile to Muslims because the power structure here has been taken over by Israelis and Jews. The Israeli incursions into Palestinian cities have led to intense condemnation in Pakistan of Israel and the American Jewish lobby.

7. America's people are being misled by the Zionists who control the media here. The media here lie on a daily basis about Palestine, Pakistan and the "war on terrorism."

8. A Pakistani suggested that Bush's statement that "Sharon is a man of peace" should be turned into a sticker to put on TV screens as a form of reminder of the flat out falsehoods which come out of the White House.

9. THERE ARE TWO REALITIES IN PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN: One, the big money world of Musharref and Karzai, linked to the World Bank and Bush/Cheyney's oil interests. The other is the GRINDING POVERTY of the vast majority of the Afghan and Pakistani people.

10. After the fall of the USSR, the oil interests in America (now embodied in Bush/Cheyney) rushed to Kyrgizistan, and other republics with oil, gas and minerals. They need Afghanistan to pump this vast wealth out for export. They tried to use the Taliban but the Taliban did not like to be pushed around.

11. The fear complex being created by the generalized "terror warnings" (scuba divers could get you), provides the emerging fascist state happy hunting grounds, with Arabs, Pakistanis and "different looking" people as targets. CITIZENS ARE NO LONGER IMMUNE. Ahmed Abdel Sattar, leading Egyptian dissident, honest American citizen, has been arrested for allegedly talking to opponents of the dictator of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak.
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