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FIRST RESPONSE TO RADIO INTERVIEW: (from a Christian friend in Maryland)

I got home just in time to tune in to your segment of the program, but could not give it my full attention since my grandson had just arrived and we were getting ready to eat lunch.

What I did hear though was very interesting. It is certainly understandable that countries where the US is acting as an occupier would not like this; or, I should say that PEOPLE in the countries . . . . The governments of these countries seem to like it just fine.

My worry is about the absolute overpowering might of the US, especially as to air power. And with all the very sophisticated tracking and sighting equipment available now, there is no hiding from it. No matter how many numbers of people there are against this, it cannot make up for the sheer power of the weaponry.

There is beginning to be a lot of sentiment, even acknowledged in the media, against the war with Iraq--or rather AGAINST Iraq--can't quite see them as equal adversaries. I fear that the Bush Adm. will manufacture some incident that they can blame on the Iraqis which will make people change their minds and be all-out for war.

Peace, Doris R.
P.S. I liked your article on pro-life vs pro-choice. Pretty ironic, isn't it? how they both choose life in one instance and not in the other.
[From Texas.]

as-Salam `alaykum wa-rahmat Allah, wa-ba`d, You wrote in a recent New Trend that the Zionist tanks penetrating into Gaza were no different than Soviet tanks in Prague or Nazi tanks in Warsaw.

Well, actually there is considerable difference between the Zionist tanks in Gaza and the Soviet tanks in Prague -- the Soviet tanks in Prague (in 1968) and the Soviet forces in Prague didn't kill anybody at all.

The Zionists have killed at least 14 people in the last 48 hours alone.

That just makes the different US official responses (to Czechoslovakia in 1968 and Gaza today) even more outrageous.

Eric Mueller

[From New Brunswick, Canada.]
Regarding this abortion on demand issue, I feel compelled to respond. We live in a less than perfect world, I think everyone would agree with that statement. So sometimes it is necessary to allow a woman the right to choose.

We cannot discriminate; rich women in America could travel to a different country to obtain an abortion, but poor women can't. That is descrimination.

When women can refuse a man's advances because they have enough confidence in themselves, then abortion won't be nearly as needed. Until then, to take away the right to choose is only hurting the people we are trying to help.

When I was with my friend who is a Shi'ite Muslim, he told me that his mother obtained an abortion in Iran. This was at the time of the Shah, a Muslim leader. My friend never told me why she did it, only that she did. If she, as a Muslim woman, could obtain a legal abortion then, why not now? She had two children. Possibly she didn't want to overpopulate the planet. I don't have any way of knowing, but feel that it was her right to do what she wanted. Additionally, she was married.

In an open society as we have in the US, the culture is very powerful on allowing youngsters to date by themselves, whereas in Islamic countries, the culture seems to be that they are chaperoned. This is why we must inculcate in young women a pride in themselves so they will not succumb to the deceits of their male companions because their male companions don't need sex to ease the pain whatsoever. That's a myth from which young girls need to be liberated.


Arlene Johnson
The examples Br. Kaukab has given suggest that the fetus has less worth than a human being. The examples relate to a violent act by a third party and not an intentional act by the mother. Though these show that feticide is not equivalent to homicide, they neither condone nor advocate abortion as a device for family planning or for 'unwanted children' by the mother.
Teepu Siddique, MD
[A whole list of JAM supporters have pledged to distribute our Internet articles in their communities. The support we are getting is cherished and valued. However, the best letter of support came from a VERY YOUNG SISTER in Georgia, published below.]

As Salaamu Alaikum Dear and Respected Brother in Islam,

I hope this reaches you in the best of iman and amal, inshallah. I want to first apologize for my late response. The efforts and intentions of Jamaat al-Muslimeen are very important to me and I take much pride in informing other believers about your work. It would be an honor if i could do anything to assist you and your team in the spreading of the truth. Inshallah, once I have spoken with the masjid board whom I'm sure would have no problem with it, I would be more than willing to pass out copies of New Trend at Jumuah. Although I don't feel I am in any way comparable to the amazing brothers and sisters who contribute their articles for New Trend, i will inshallah do my best to follow in their steps and help keep the rest of the ummuah informed of what the young Muslims in Atlanta are doing.

May Allah reward you and bless you and your family in this life and the hereafter, for all your amazing efforts towards re-establishng the noor of this deen. Allahu Akbar! Ameen.

Wa salaamu alaikum,
Your Sister in Islam,
COCA COLA boycott is working!

[From our boycott team, Sis. Aisha (Manhattan, New York) writes that the boycott of Coca Cola seems to be biting. Coca Cola has posted an attempt to squash what it claims are "rumors." Among the "rumors" are the facts which Imam Badi Ali issued, that Coca Cola supports Israel. Dear readers, stay away from Coca Cola: it's worthless as a drink, and it DOES SUPPORT ISRAEL and the Zionists. If in doubt, ask us for the facts we already distributed.
Also, Sis. ĎAisha can give you subsidiaries of pro-Israel companies.

2003-01-27 Mon 14:33ct