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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 27, 1429/ March 5, 2008 #15

Rushdie's Direct Connection with Israel and American Jews
He Insulted the Prophet, pbuh, was honored by Jews.

[From Nadrat Siddique]

Here is a rather interesting clip I found from a September 2006 AJC (American Jewish Congress) awards ceremony, where Rushdie is flanked by the Israeli flag as he accepts a "Profile in Courage" award from them:

(During the same ceremony, Wafa Sultan and Salim Mansour were also presented awards.)

In a few words, Palestinian intellectual sums it up

Re: Making Baltimore History: vs Rushdie

Dear brother Kaukab:
This is great effort. We need more Baltimores.

[Dr.] Ismail Zayid
Nova Scotia, Canada

Letter: Re: Making Baltimore History: vs Rushdie: [Ecologist's Letter]

Respected Kaukab saheb,
May Allah bless you with more power of communication and may many more men and women who are enemy of the word of Allah and its communicators get the guidance. I appreciate your efforts for organizing the Muslims for non-violent democratic communication in U.S.
With salam,
[Dr.] Muhammad Mukhtar Alam

Letter: Latest Discovery of Massive Jewish Holocaust Fakery

Misha Defonseca's book, "Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years," was translated into 18 languages and made into a feature film in France.;_ylt=Ar_3ytuq08gJLER_hI1Gxv5w24cA
"The Painted Bird" by Jerzy Kosinski, which I vaguely remember being all the rage during my college years, was also a bestseller and a fake (see Finkelstein, "Holocaust Industry"). Makes you wonder if the folks who claim "The Diary of Anne Frank" is a fake might be on to something.

Ken Meyercord

Letter: Re: Nuremburg [NT #14]: Saddam's "Trial" was no Different

The trial of Saddam Hussein was no different than the Nuremberg trials in that they violated "fundamental principles of justice ...via prosecutor, judge and executioner". They should have aired his trial on TV and let the American people hear what he had to say. Boy, could he have exposed our government and its fickle foreign policy in the Middle East. Perhaps he would have discussed the old days when V.P. George Bush, Sr., and Donald Rumsfeld used to visit his country selling weapons, in the 1980's during the Iraq/Iran war. (They were all good buddies.) At the same time, the American terrorist group, the Contras, led by Oliver North, were selling weapons to Iran via Israel. There is always the same common denominator when it comes to foreign policy, especially in the Middle East– Israel.

Carolyn Johnson

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News] [3 items only]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Dr. Sami al-Arian Facing Indefinite Delay in his Release: Begins Hunger Strike
[Courtesy Washington Report.]

On Monday, March 3, 2008, Dr. Sami Al-Arian began a hunger strike for justice to protest continued government harassment. Earlier in the day, Dr. Al-Arian was informed that he would be called to testify before a third grand jury in Virginia, only weeks before his scheduled release date. Under his plea agreement, Dr. Al-Arian should have been released last April at the latest. However, because he has not testified, his sentence was suspended as he served one year for civil contempt.
Dr. Al-Arian's current release date is April 7, 2008, but it will likely be pushed back indefinitely when he is called before a grand jury.

Muslim Woman Shot Dead by Policeman, War Veteran from Iraq

In its March 4 issue, the Las Vegas Sun noticed the funeral services for a Muslim woman from Albania, Deshira Selimaj, who was shot and killed by a police officer in the town of Henderson. The officer, a veteran from the Iraq war, claimed that he was threatened by the woman. The memorial, February 29, was attended by the Albanian community in the Las Vegas area. These are people who are loyal to the U.S. to the point of being flag-waving.

U.S. Muslims urge United Stance Against Israel's Holocaust of Palestinians.
Dismantle Israel Thru Systematic Peaceful Means on a Global Level

February 27-March 3, 2008: More than 100 Palestinians, defenseless and helpless. were slaughtered by Israeli Jews using the latest helicopter gunships, jet fighters and late model tanks. Among those killed were 22 children, including 7 babies. The others were all young men who do not accept Israeli hegemony. More than 200 Palestinians were wounded.

The Palestinians showed that they are good fighters when they repulsed the Israeli military column trying to enter northern Gaza, killing 2 Israeli troops and wounding 5. However, it was a pathetic sight to see Palestinian children hurling stones at the invaders. GAZA STANDS DEFIANT and ISLAMIC but lacking weaponry

We urge the Muslims to wake up and help defeat the Zionist monster seated in the heartland of Islam. Organized effort can help dismantle the terrorist entity. Here is our proposal: [Press release from Jamaat al-Muslimeen. Contact person: Imam Badi Ali, National Islamic Shoora.]

War News [from our Iraq observer]
Ahmedinejad Visit Protested by Iraqis: Rallies and Attacks Censored by U.S. Media

March 2, 2005: According to Reuters, demonstrations against the visit by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took place in the cities of Samarra, Mosul, Falluja and Baghdad, police and witnesses said. [However the reports were censored by ALL the U.S. media.]
Also, according to wire services, the resistance carried out bomb attacks within Baghdad while the Iranian President was visiting, inflicting heavy casualties in two of the attacks, in spite of intensive security precautions for the Iranian's visit.
In MOSUL, U.S. forces with Shi'ite military support are carrying out a house-to-house battle to kill Iraqis supporting al-Qaida and other insurgent groups. More than 200 supporters of the resistance have been killed but the U.S. said, March 3, that it will take a long time to be successful against the mujahideen in Mosul.
U.S. losses for February were put at 29 killed and 79 wounded but no details were given.
At least 14 of the Shi'ite military were also killed in Mosul and their bodies dumped in a mass grave.
On March 2, fighting erupted in Tal Afar [northeastern Iraq, near Syria]. Fighting is also reported from Fallujah with success for the insurgents.

War News from Pakistan: From our Urdu Language Media Monitor
Series of Attacks against Pak. Generals' Supporters Inflict Heavy Losses

March 4, 2008: Lahore: Two martyrdom operators on a motor bike attacked security inside the Navy's War College situated on Mall Road opposite Aitchison college. The powerful explosions could be heard for miles and terrified people in this upscale area. At least 7 Navy personnel were killed and 18 wounded. A dozen cars and two buses caught fire and exploded along with fuel tanks in the area. The military sealed off the area.

U.S. Top Brass Confers with Musharraf and Kayani: Offers Direct Military Help.

March 4: Rawalpindi: Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the U.S. military's Joint Chief of Staff met General [ret.] Musharraf and Gen. Kayani [separately] and was apprised of the strategic Pakistani moves against the forces of Islam as well as the security situation in the battle areas.

The Admiral offered direct U.S. military force action to help defeat the "terrorists." The U.S. carried out two missile attacks on Pakistani villages this year killing scores of civilians along with a prominent Libyan Islamic refugee known as "The Libyan" and several Pakistani Taliban.

Military's Leading Tribal Supporters Wiped out by 22 Year old Bomber

March 2: In the Darra Adam Khel, in the Zarghon Khel area, evacuated by Pakistani Taliban after they decided not to risk damaging a tunnel in the area, a council of pro-military tribal chiefs was held, at a paramilitary post, to plan action against "foreigners." The term is used by General Musharraf's men for Islamic refugees and fighters from Chechnia, Uzbekistan and various Arab countries. The council [jirga] consisting of ultra pro-regime war lords announced that "the house of anyone giving refuge to any foreign trouble maker will be burned to the ground" and a heavy fine would be imposed on any supporter of "foreigners." Further, the tribal chiefs, representing the extreme of Pakistan's war lords and conservative religious bosses, united to order the "expulsion of all [Islamic] militants."

As the gathering was dispersing, a martyrdom operator, estimated by witnesses to be about 17 to 22 years old, strode across the field, entered the crowd of war lords and exploded. Forty six people were killed in the huge explosion and more than 100 wounded. [Thirty six, including security forces, died on the spot and ten died in hospitals.] The regime declared emergency in the entire area and is trying to take care of the wounded.

Police Force Sent by Musharraf to Occupy Swat Hit Hard: Curfew Imposed on Area

February 29-March 1: It all began on Friday morning in Lakki Marwat when a remote controlled bomb ambush killed a senior police officer [a Deputy Superintendent of police] along with three of his troopers. Later that night a grand funeral ceremony for the officer was held in Mingora, the capital of Swat, which is under Pakistani military occupation. [Readers might remember that the leader of the Islamic resistance in Swat, Maulvi Fazlullah, withdrew from Swat after a powerful Pakistani military column entered the state.]

After the funeral, "when policemen were giving a final honor salute to their officer" a martyrdom operator hit the assembled police officers and their friends. At least 50 people, "among them a large number of policemen" were killed and another 50, mostly police, were wounded.

It is feared that a Jamaat-e-Islami official who had gone to condole with the police officer's family was also killed. [Daily Jasarat]

The Left was with Bush!
"Democracy Now!" "Move-On" and other Left Groups Participated in Demonization Campaign Against Saddam Hussain.
Al-Kurdi uses Haifa Zangana as an Example.
Haifa Zangana, "Left" Wing Iraqi Traitor in Exile

By Husayn Al-Kurdi

A cottage industry of self-appointed Liberal and Progressive self-styled "advisers" to the Occupation forces in Iraq has been growing as disgust with the war and disgruntlement with the government grows in America and Britain.

There's the crypto-Baha'i Juan Cole who expatiates anti-Ba'ath vitriol under the banner of "Global Americana". Actually, Cole was a hanger-on in the openly pro-Zionist Baha'i Shi'ite offshoot sect and specialized in Iranian and Baha'i studies during his academic career, before he launched himself as an instant expert on Iraq and all that US Foreign Policy should and should not do. His "proof" that Saddam was an undesirable? "He looks crazy".

There's "Captain" Kurt Nimmo, another self-appointed USA adviser, aptly dubbed "John Le Carre" by Leila Anwar, one of a very few writers in the English language on the subject of Iraq who knows what she is talking about. He has bruited about the old saw that Iraq was an artificial creation, therefore does not need to be recognized as an entity, therefore can cease to exist and be broken up into three or more pieces, cohering with the old Israeli plan which has been around since the 1950s, and which pushes for ethnically-driven breakup of all Arab and Muslim-based nations in the Middle East and North Africa.

Then there's "Code Pink" and "Global Exchange" and the rest of the "Peace" apparatus which is joining with others in an effort to "Save the Republic", as are virtually all of the 9/11 "conspiracy" theorists who refuse to admit that nineteen Arab Muslim guys could achieve what they did on that fateful date.

One salutary thing about "9/11": it brought out the abject, servile true essence and the rotten political character of almost everybody in America as well as many others elsewhere. The war in Iraq has carried the process of outing the phony "oppositionists" even further.

Thus the spectacle of and all the "anti-war.coms" plumping for the Democratic Party (which has long proven to be at least as pro-Jewish power and anti-Arab and anti-Muslim as their GOP counterparts) to come to the rescue.

A broad coalition, incorporating what was once "the Left", has formed. Its salient features are anti-Saddamism, anti-Ba'athism and anti-Arabism, all wrapped in a "peace" package. It is explicitly against anything Arab that does not make nice with the imperialism which oppresses them, and particularly against national liberation movements which insist on fighting their oppressors until they are out of their countries and out of their lives, refusing anyone's tutelage in pursuing their paths to self-determination.

Among the denizens of the anti-Saddam "Left" camp is one Haifa Zangana. At first blush, she evokes the "do-gooder" maternalist-paternalist soup-kitchen approach, concerned with the living conditions of the people, especially women.

She tries to create the impression of recent involvement as an Iraqi on the ground in Iraq, trying to address the problems which that country faces as a result of invasion and occupation.

Actually, she has been an exile from Iraq for over 35 years. She was briefly imprisoned but then released, as were many others, although they were engaged in activities detrimental to the welfare of the people of Iraq, including efforts to overthrow and undermine the Ba'ath's efforts to transform Iraq into a bastion of Arab liberation and a strong force standing up to the American-British-Jewish-Pharisee Christian Axis of Evil. She has since embellished her story and let others add that she "escaped execution under Saddam".

Actually, the Ba'ath repeatedly tried to get the CP of Iraq to mend its treacherous ways, but to no avail. It is the "Leftist" sectarians who were and are traitors to Iraq, as their presence at the feet of the occupier in the Green Zone demonstrates.

Haifa Zangana has attached herself to the dastardly "Progressive Community" by playing the put-upon victim of Ba'ath repression who still hates Saddam so much that she pretends that there is a national resistance but it has nothing to do with the Ba'ath Party!

Zangana (name of a Kurdish clan which has covered itself in shame and treason from San Diego to Suleimaniya and back) spilled her guts to the false-flag Pacifica Foundation "Democracy Now!" radio program, approving the removal of Saddam and the Ba'ath but disapproving of the Occupation and then lying repeatedly through her teeth with comments like "We fought against Saddam's regime, continuously, all Iraqis did that" (no doubt from her exile in London along with such as Ahmad Chalabi) and "I never thought I would live to hear some Iraqis regretting getting rid of Saddam Hussein". If this person had been present in Iraq anytime in the last three decades, she would certainly know better. Her punch line on "Democracy Now!"? "I hate everything Saddam has done." One wonders, does that include releasing her from jail those many years ago?

This is the lying twaddle which is getting her favorable recognition and a starring role in something called "Act Together", an outfit sponsored by Code Pink, Global Exchange and Amnesty International, the false-flag "human rights" outfit that tipped the scales for the invasion of Iraq by spreading the lies about incubator babies being murdered and similar fabrications. The AI intervention was decisive in shifting the few Senators over to vote for war and tipping the scales in the US Congress to pass the resolution authorizing the invasion of Iraq in 1991.

Who the hell she thinks the "Resistance" is that is "defending Iraqi women" is beyond anyone's guess. The Resistance does have a broad range of component parts, but to deny that the Ba'ath is at the heart and head of it is patently absurd. But that is good enough for the "Citizens for a United Nations People's Assembly", one of her hangouts, whose logo is "Empower the UN" and whose on-site stars include longtime Ahmad Chalabi supporter and bad actor Noam Chomsky, the incredibly moronic Australian peacenik Helen Caldicott who comes out every four years to insist that we are all doomed unless we elect a Democrat and...Al Gore, one of the "saviors" she has so endorsed in the past.

Somehow, Zangana has no idea who is killing all of the academics and others on a daily basis in Iraq. She is muddled in her comments on the "Civil War" which the Occupiers have attempted to use to displace and defeat the Resistance and further degrade Iraq.

One does not have to be a scumbag if one is an exile. I cite Leila Anwar as an example of this. She lives in the vicinity of Haifa Zangana (in England) yet has been a staunch and passionate defender of Iraq and admirer of Saddam. I cite Ibrahim Ebeid and Salah al-Mukhtar, in exile from Palestine and Iraq respectively, but firm stalwarts of the Iraqi and Arab cause nevertheless.

What kind of "Arabs" turn on THE Party of Arabism and anti-Imperialist and anti-Zionist struggle? What makes them all too ready to sign on to what has long been in actuality the "Left Wing" of Imperialism as well as a backdoor Jewish colonialist entree into the Arab nation?

Nothing new for Iraq: it was the "Communists" who egged on the lunatic Abdul Karim Kassem in his persecution of the Ba'ath. The heroic Ba'athists turned the tables on their persecutors at their show trials, standing up to them in the face of actual death in their own jerry-rigged courts, thereby winning millions over to the cause.

As authentic Iraq expert Malcolm Lagauche has pointed out, when it comes to the "Progressive Community", "What you see isn't real". They're not REALLY challenging the system, but providing fodder to fill the minds of the unsuspecting consumers of their products.

All Americans in this great "Democracy" are entitled to receive the mushroom treatment: to be sh.t on and left in the dark.

Haifa Zangana and the "Progressive Community" play their part in this mushroom processing of unsuspecting and misinformed minds.

Husayn Farajallah Zaki Al-Kurdi is a writer, professor, lecturer, TV/video producer, reporter and journalist. He is founder and president of News International (1983), adviser to the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI) and associate course developer to Dr. June C. Terpstra, Chicago-area educator. Born in Berkeley, California of mixed-race and multi-national parents, Al-Kurdi grew up in Tripoli, Libya, participated in a plethora of social justice and liberation movements, lived in the San Diego area for over 17 years and now resides in Chicago, Illinois, where he is also a world champion senior sportsman, most notably in basketball. He has long been a collaborator with Jeff Archer (Malcolm Lagauche), with whom he recently conducted a lengthy interview on the subject of Iraq. He has written for more than 100 publications worldwide, including The Alternative, Final Call, The Spotlight, Toward Freedom, SD Review, LNS and NLNS, Progressive, Hawa'ai Review, Portland Free Press, North Coast XPress and many more.

What's Happening in Guantanamo Bay? Inside Information on Libyan Innocent al-Ghazzawi: Held Since 2002: No Evidence

[with thanks to Sis. Linda: Taliba al-Qur'an]

Abdel Al-Ghazzawi was born on November 8, 1962. He is just 45 years old, from Tripoli, Libya. He is married to an Afgan woman and has one daughter who does not remember him. He was trained as a meteorologist, but at the time of his arrest he and his wife ran a small shop in Jalalabad that sold honey and spices, and which they expanded to include a bakery.

In the fall of 2001 when U.S. Forces began bombing near his city, he took his wife and young child and fled their home and shop to go to seek safety in a rural area of Northwest Afghanistan where his in-laws lived. Not long after they arrived, around December of 2001 armed men came to his in-laws door and demanded the "Arab". Abdel A-Ghazzawi cooperated in order to avoid any harm toward his family. At that point he was sold to U.S. Forces in return for a bounty under a program that the U.S. Government commenced which provided large sums of money (bounty) for "terrorists and murderers".

Al-Ghazzari is neither a murderer nor a terrorist but was a victim of greed in an impoverished nation. He has been held in Guantanamo Bay since 2002.

He is in very poor health, which deteriorates day after day He has a family that is in desperate need of him." - from another detainee and the only word coming out of Guantanamo about Mr. Al-Ghazawwi in his first four years.

Urgent: An Innocent Man is Dying [Updated]
I cannot improve on what was written on this page. Please visit the page for the full story of Abdul Al-Ghazzawi.

Combatant Status Review Tribunal (From Wiki)
Initially the Bush administration asserted that they could withhold all the protections of the Geneva Conventions to captives from the war on terror. This policy was challenged before the Judicial branch. Critics argued that the USA could not evade its obligation to conduct a competent tribunals to determine whether captives are, or are not, entitled to the protections of prisoner of war status.

Subsequently the Department of Defense instituted the Combatant Status Review Tribunals. The Tribunals, however, were not authorized to determine whether the captives were lawful combatants — rather they were merely empowered to make a recommendation as to whether the captive had previously been correctly determined to match the Bush administration' s definition of an enemy combatant.

Al Ghazzawi's pro bono attorney, H. Candace Gorman, reports that Al Ghazzawi had two Combatant Status Review Tribunals.[2] According to Gorman, when she acquired a copy of his Combatant Status Review Tribunal, she learned

His first Tribunal unanimously determined there was no evidence that he had ever been an "enemy combatant".

A second Tribunal was convened in Washington DC, five weeks later, in the absence of Al Ghazzawi and his Personal Representative, which unanimously determined he was an "enemy combatant", based on secret evidence.

When Gorman visited the secure site where the attorneys of the Guantanamo detainees can review the classified evidence she found that his secure file did not contain any new evidence. All the documents in his classified file had already been made public. The only difference between the classified and unclassified versions was that names that had been redacted in the unclassified version, were in the clear in the classified version.

When captives participated in their Tribunals their transcripts were normally included among the body of documents that Department of Defense was under court order to release.
Earned mention in the "No-hearing hearings" study

According to the study entitled, No-hearing hearings, Al Ghazzawi was one of the captives who had new Tribunals convened, in his absence, when the initial Tribunals determined that they should never have been determined to have been enemy combatants".[3]

The study quoted from the Legal Sufficiency Review from James R. Crisfield, the Tribunal's legal advisor:
"On 24 November 2004, a previous Tribunal [unanimously] determined, by a preponderance of the evidence, that Detainee #654 was not properly designated as an enemy combatant.

On 25 January 2005, this Tribunal, upon review of all the evidence, determined that detainee #654 was properly [unanimously] designated as an enemy combatant.

URGENT NOTE: Mr. Al-Ghazawwi is suffering from Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis and needs proper medical treatment immediately.

US Supreme Court rejects request for health files of ailing Guantanamo detainee
2008-01-29 23:26:56 -
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) - The U.S. Supreme Court turned down a lawyer's request Tuesday for immediate access to the medical files of a Guantanamo prisoner who says he has AIDS.

Chicago attorney H. Candace Gorman said she needs access to her client's records as she wages a legal fight to make sure he gets adequate medical treatment at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo, Cuba.
The court rejected the request without comment. Gorman had said earlier this month that her client, Libyan prisoner Abdul Hamid Abdul Salam Al-Ghizzawi, told her in a letter that a Guantanamo doctor had diagnsed him with AIDS.

Gorman said Al-Ghizzawi, who has been held at Guantanamo without charges since June 2002, appeared seriously ill when she visited him in December but has not been able to confirm whether he has AIDS. She said she previously confirmed he had tuberculosis and Hepatitis B.

The U.S. military has declined to comment on Al-Ghizzawi's health, citing privacy restrictions, or to say whether any detainees have AIDS. Officials insist, however, that all prisoners have access to complete medical treatment.
The U.S. holds about 275 men at Guantanamo on suspicion of terrorism or links to al-Qaida or the Taliban and says it plans to prosecute about 80.

A 68-year-old Afghan detainee died from cancer at the prison Dec. 30, and four prisoners have committed suicide.

Montreal Perspectives
By Jalaluddin S.Hussain

Convicted Baron Flaunts his Power in Canada before Going off to U.S. Prison!
Grassroots Groups Active on Behalf of the People of Montreal

Strange are the ways of ultra-conservative and Zionist media. The coverage of the fraudulent Lord [Conrad Black] in The Gazette, Montreal has been that of a "hero" going defiantly to a U.S. prison, not far from his very own palatial mansion in the Palm Beach. Florida. The text of his news on page A10 of this newspaper, in part, reads: "...I defy and deny unjust charges, not the practical difficulties I have faced for the last four years and am facing now...."

Strangely, in spite of his 6.5 years sentence and actual incarceration, in the Florida jail, the Lord had the temerity to still write a column for the National Post, Canada, pleading his innocence.

Have the pro-Lord and ultra-conservative media ever cared to highlight, in detail, the millions of dollars The Lord defrauded the Chicago-based Hollinger International Inc. now Sun-Times Media Inc.

It was right for the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, Maxime Bernier, to express his grave concern on March 2, 2008 on "military operations that affect civilians" in the context of full-throttle and ruthless Israeli military invasion of the "imprisoned" Gaza Strip, mostly civilians, in the beginning of March! The United Nations Security Council also condemned the violence and urged both sides to respect their obligations under international law.

It is regretted, however, that whether it is the Canadian government or the international body like the UN, should equate the hapless Gazans and powerful military machine of Israel - the fourth biggest State arms-dealer of the world! The present Gaza Strip versus Israel conflict is a typical David versus Goliath confrontation and those commenting should fully realize this.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Montreal, in terms of political movements, is becoming a metropolitan city of activists. To name only a few, there are self-explanatory organizations like the following:

- Solidarity Across Borders (SAB)
- No One Is illegal (NOII)
- Solidarity for Palestinians Human rights (SPHR)
- The March 8th Committee of Women of Diverse Origins (MCWDO)
- Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui (CJAC)
- Immigrant Workers Centre (IWC)
- Teesri Duniya Theatre (TDT)

All such organizations are doing highly productive jobs and that too on a grassroots level. However, it must be pointed out that Muslim organizations of Montreal, barring a few, have kept their hands off such activists organizations. This has given an unfortunate impression that Muslim organizations in general are not interested in resolving issues pertaining to human rights, women's rights and non-status immigrants' rights. Mainstream Muslims must realize that if they do not fight for other oppressed minorities, they will not get much support themselves, in the recognition of their own rights like following the Islamic teachings on dressing modestly for both men and women and for following Sharia laws in contemporary Canada.

2008-03-05 Wed 20:56:01 cst