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(News Analysis from New Trend magazine)
Bush Violates International Law
Attack on Iraq to Counter Palestinian killing of 8 Zionists

"The believers are none other than ONE BROTHERHOOD/SISTERHOOD"
The Qur'an

"Answer them (the enemies) with the power of eloquence."
Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith, Bukhari

The U.S. government insists that the latest attack on Baghdad was carried out in a coordinated and well-planned fashion. This insistence on planning indicates that the Bush administration is aware that the world will see the attack as a random act of terrorism against the long-suffering nation of Iraq.

New Trend's analysis is that Clinton was to Barak what Bush is to Netanyahu. If the Zionists are the real power in America (as they are), the Jewish lobby which saw the failure of the so-called peace initiative backed by Clinton, now wants to play hardball by bringing Bush to power in USA and Sharon in Israel. (The voting turnout in both cases was low as democracy is the name of the money game meant to fool joe blow into thinking that Bush "represents" him, as Clinton did before.)

The bombing is meant to divert attention from the small victory in Palestine. The bus driver who killed 8 Zionist troops put the fear of God in the occupation forces. The fact that a married man with 5 children, trusted and checked by the Jews, would actually kill the Zionists was a tremendous blow. The Muslim world was jubiliant. After the murder of 400 young Palestinians (and 8000 wounded!), here was the beginning of justice.

The American bombing is meant to show that the Zionist power is still dominant. Baghdad is probably right in saying that this was an Israeli move.

Colin Powell had started his job by asserting that the sanctions against Iraq would be "energized." Thus the Jews have now decided to get the job done without placing their co-religionists in high profile positions.

PRESIDENT BUSH's MOVE IS A VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW: The U.S. regime has no right under any law to enter Iraqi air space and to attack installations there. This fiction of protecting Shi'as and Kurds has become a joke in international forum.

THE ATTACK WILL BACKFIRE: President Bush seems to be firmly in Zionist hands. (Remember his statement that his support for Israel is rock solid?) BUT HE DOES NOT REALIZE THAT THIS IS NOT 1991. The Muslim world is much more with Iraq than it was at that time. Also, in the last 10 years President Saddam Hussain has shown new developments in his regime. HE HAS NOT COMPROMISED WITH THE U.S. and has withstood pressures which would have broken any other regime. He has taken Islam as the key to unity. The Iraqi people are with him as never before. At the recent anniversary parade, more than 700,000 people participated with President Hussain.

PRESIDENT SADDAM HUSSAIN has turned out to be the biggest supporter of the Palestinian people and the Palestinians are the first to acknowledge this fact.

Islamic resistance to the U.S. onslaught on Iraq is becoming worldwide. Arabian Muslims struck the U.S. air force at Khobar barracks. There is so much support for those mujahideen in Arabia that the Saudi regime has not been able to arrest even one person.

The second blow came from Yemen against the USS Cole. Again it was a very successful attack from a little boat against a mastodan of a warship.

General Zinny admitted the worldwide anger against U.S. forces. More than 700 times U.S. naval forces have had to evacuate Muslim country ports because of danger of mujahideen attacks.

A major setback for the U.S. has been the emergence of pro-Iraqi sentiment in "Saudi" Arabia. The Saudi Royal family is the biggest bootlicker group in the Mid-East, competing with Mubarak of Egypt and Abdullah of Jordan in crawling to the feet of the occupant of the White House. Like a miracle from Allah, an Arabian Muslim, Osama bin Laden, was the first to openly call for attacks on U.S. forces. He was forced to take refuge in Afghanistan and another miracle from Allah, the tiny state of Afghanistan is defying the world-devouring arrogance of U.S.A. and refusing to extradite Osama bin Laden to the charade known as "justice" in USA.

Thus the U.S.- Zionist policy is in shambles. The attacks on Iraq have made USA an international pariah. With a million Iraqi children dead owing to US/Israeli/Saudi sanctions, no one in his his right mind would support the continuation of US-British air attacks on Iraq.

HOW OBSCENE IS THIS ARROGANT WHITE HOUSE STATEMENT, that our attacks were "routine" and "self-defense." Self-defense when you are in the middle of someone else's country? "Routine" when at the same time you claim they were "well-planned"?

We hail Iraqi resistance. We urge the Muslim world to stand united with Iraq. With one billion Muslims of the World we say: U.S. forces must be withdrawn unconditionally from the Middle East. These forces have quietly encircled the holy cities of Makka and Madina. Such moves are only beneficial to Israel. If the Muslim world decides to take steps to expel the U.S. from the region, the American public will be surprised. Till now the Muslim world as a whole has not moved against the U.S. and only considered Israel its enemy. But if Israeli and U.S. moves are the same, then it is only natural that the Muslim masses, from Morocco to the Philippines, must coordinate their actions to expel American military forces.
It is now time for the bootlicker Muslim groups in USA to seek Allah's forgiveness and apologize to the Muslims of America for having asked them to vote en bloc for Bush.

Apologize now otherwise you will be counted among traitors. Your move to support Bush was a major blunder as was your earlier licking of the boots of Clinton and Albright . There is no place for bootlicking in Islam.
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