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Why do Muslims repeatedly get fooled by western propaganda?
Understanding the Amina Lawal Case: Nigerian Woman Who was Acquitted by Sharia court
Islamic Family System and Sharia Stand in the Way of Spread of AIDS in Africa
Why no Voices are Raised in Media against Death Sentence of Five African-Americans in Ohio?

SHARIA or Islamic Law has only in recent years been implemented in eight Nigerian states owing to mass support for such law from the people of northern Nigeria. It is not an imposition or a foreign element brought in against the people's will.

A MAJOR ASPECT of Sharia is the preservation of the FAMILY. Casual sex is anathema to Islam and there are deterrent punishments under law to stop the assault on the family coming in from the West. The FAMILY if successfully preserved can stop the onslaught of AIDS.

SHARIA: The fault line in front of the AIDS invasion: Euro-American hegemony has let loose the epidemic of AIDS in Africa by the following methods:

i. CULTURAL IMPERIALISM: Widespread distribution of European and American propaganda aimed at the destruction of the family. Movies extolling the virtues of adultery and the joys of fornication have been mass-dropped into African urban centers. [It's very common to see Ugandan, Congolese, Senegalese, Beninese, Ghanian etc., young men coming to America wearing shirts with America's "PIMPING" slogan on it. This is the lowest level of decency for a male to proclaim that he is proud of being a pimp, selling his own wife or woman.}

ii. CONTROL of AFRICA's wealth. Nelson Mandela deserves much respect but he did make a huge blunder when he opted for "democracy" instead of revolution. As a result, even today, most of South Africa's gold and diamond sales are in European hands, especially Jews in England. RESULT: Funds are not available for medical facilities and even for CLEAN WATER in most of post-colonial Africa. Without proper medical facilities, AIDS cannot be controlled. The greatest DEATH EPIDEMIC of our era is taking place, with 25% of the populations of South Africa, Uganda, Mozambique, Tanzania and other African countries slowly dying of AIDS. [By contrast, it is estimated that a revolution against the Whites in South African would have cost 20,000 South African lives and all the Gold and Diamond resources would have been in African hands.]

ISLAMIC AFRICA, which is most of Africa, is still largely free of AIDS owing to the strong family values and SHARIA which forbids liquor, free mixing of males and females, fornication and adultery.


A local Sharia court, still unschooled in the rigorous rules of Sharia, sentenced Amina Lawal to be stoned to death for adultery. It was a sentence which was SO FULL OF HOLES that there was absolutely no chance that an upper appeals court of SHARIA would uphold it. For instance, Amina became pregnant BEFORE the Law was implemented. She was sentenced without HER MALE PARTNER IN ADULTERY being sentenced! Islam would in no way uphold such a sentence. The MALE had to be punished with her for the sentence to be just. If there was doubt about paternity, modern science provides DNA testing. FINALLY, there were no four witnesses.

It was only a matter of time before Amina would have been acquitted by a higher SHARIA court. In the meantime a WORLDWIDE CAMPAIGN WAS LAUNCHED AGAINST SHARIA by the Zionist, European and American enemies of Islam. Most of these attackers also knew that the case was headed for acquittal. Hence they speeded up their attacks to spread widespread HATRED against Sharia before the acquittal would come in. [Under Islamic law, the woman is permitted to give birth and nourish the baby before the final trial takes place.]

When the expected acquittal came in, the Zionist media CONVENIENTLY left out the fact that the acquittal came from a SHARIA COURT! Thus most audiences were left with the impression that the sentencing was done by an Islamic court while the acquittal came from a secular court.

What is saddening is the CONDITION OF MUSLIMS who were taken in by the Zionist propaganda and started petitions in support of Amina! [Similar petitions were distributed against TALIBAN's restrictions on women, BEFORE 9.11, when the grounds were being prepared to demonize and attack the Afghans.]

[Amina herself seems to be a wiser and more Islamically aware woman after going through the Sharia investigation. SHE SUPPORTS SHARIA, wears the hijab and realizes that there is no place for CASUAL SEX in Islam.]

DEAR MUSLIMS, do you see any European or Jewish groups circulating petitions to stop the death sentence imposed on SIDDIQUE ABDULLAH HASAN and 4 others in Ohio? His case is hardly known outside Ohio other than what New Trend has publicized. [He was involved in a prison uprising.]
LET ALONE DEATH SENTENCE, do you see any organizations for the BLIND saying that SHAIKH OMAR ABDEL RAHMAN should not be sealed up in a maximum security prison because he is blind and diabetic and does not understand English?

Do you see petitions being circulated in support of HAILA GABR, the Yemeni teenager who killed her rapist in Atlantic City, New Jersey? She COULD NOT GET A TRIAL FOR THREE AND A HALF YEARS, was held in prison with hardened criminal women and finally plea bargained to get an extensive sentence.

Among Muslims, a serious inferiority complex is at work. If New Trend issues an appeal to support Imam Jamil al-Amin, all with documentation and supporting evidence, Muslims will shilly shally and dilly dally. But if they see an appeal on CNN or Fox, they jump to the conclusion that it must be authentic. [Wasn't that humane, President Bush asking ONE DOLLAR each to help the children of Afghanistan when that country was being subjected not to daisies but daisy cutters.]

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