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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 11,1427/August 6, 2006 #52

Israel has made 800,000 Lebanese homeless, killed 932 civilians, including 466 children, and wounded 3,000 civilians. The Lebanese economy has been put back by 20 years just as Israel had promised on the first day of the war. However, the U.S. and France have "resolved" to punish Hizbullah without a word of condemnation of Israel.
Not a word in the proposed resolution about Gaza where 50 Israeli tanks rampaged on August 5 and killed 8 Palestinians including a mother and two teenagers.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: August 6, 2006
Congratulations to the Muslims of the world! After 26 days of fighting, Israel is unable to defeat Hizbullah. It took a small Islamic force, with faith in Allah, without an air force, without heavy artillery, without tanks, to make Israeli victory a thing of the past.

Now that ISRAEL CANNOT WIN, the U.S. and France have concocted a "resolution" to fulfil Israeli plans. Weeks passed and Bush-Olmert-Blair would not accept a cease fire hoping against hope that Israeli tanks would break through. Too bad guys! Your game is up!

Latest Demonstrations Against Israeli Aggression:

From the battlefields [by New Trend's media monitor]

Lebanon: From August 2 to 5, Israeli tank columns attempted to break into Lebanon along an 11-mile long front. Israel used 10,000 troops against an area defended by an estimated 300 to 500 Hizbullah mujahideen. Israel destroyed 6 border villages and is operating ONE to THREE kilometers inside Lebanon but is not able to claim any area as under its stable occupation. Eight of Israel's tanks were blown up. Forty five of its soldiers have been killed, as opposed to 22 Hizbullah martyrs.

Israel's helicopter raid into Baalbeq [Aug.1-2] was a failure. The Israelis managed to kill 17 Lebanese civilians, including 7 children [mostly in the mayor's home]. They abducted 5 Lebanese and claimed that these were mid-level Hizbullah "leaders" but they turned out to be ordinary citizens.

On August 5, Israel tried to land commandos in Tyre but failed owing to fierce Hizbullah resistance resulting in the shooting of 8 Israeli commandos whom the Israelis say did not die.
[Israel is expected to make a big push to capture territory on the border before the cease fire comes in.]


August 3: In a battle between Taliban and heavily armed Canadian armored forces, the Canadians were routed and fled back to their base in Kandahar. Canada has conceded that 4 of its troops were killed and 10 wounded. [A report in the Toronto Star says that a Canadian soldier, his hand shaking, complained that the Taliban were too well "organized.] It appears that Taliban took on the Canadians in a mountain gulch where the U.S. air force could not bomb.

Earlier on August 2, in Zabul province, 15 Karzai police surrendered when the Taliban attacked.
On August 5, one Canadian soldier was killed and 3 wounded when an Afghan civilian hit their military jeep with his car. It seemed to be an accident.

IRAQ: Heavy Fighting

In the last 8 days, 15 U.S. troops were killed in the western provinces of Iraq in heavy fighting. The Pentagon gave out the figures but did not reveal details. More than 3,000 U.S. troops have been moved to Baghdad to help the Nuri al-Maliki clique control the situation. Meanwhile in Mosul and Kirkuk, military and police organized by the U.S. suffered heavy losses, including a top police officer killed in Mosul.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen
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Put Ehud Olmert on Trial for Crimes Against Humanity

Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader Imam Badi Ali has called on the Muslim world and its friends to put Israeli leader Ehud Olmert on trial for crimes against humanity in Gaza and Lebanon. We will compile Israeli crimes, take them to an impartial international tribunal and put Olmert on trial, he said.

Please send information on Israeli crimes to Imam Ali at:

Letter from Masoud Khan, Pakistani-American, sentenced to 90 years in Prison

[Recently Br. Kaukab wrote to Masoud Khan to find out how he was doing in prison. His reply.]

"It was good to hear from you. I hope you and the family are doing well. How are you? How are the Muslims? I've pretty much just been reading and exercising. Fortunately my health is fine and my situation is for the best, God-willing.

"Yes, we have around 200+ Muslims here and we all congregate for Friday prayers and occasionally in separate units..."

"Thanks for your thoughtfulness and I wish you and the Muslims all the best. My condolences for your mother. May Allah shower her with all His mercy."

Would you like to write to Br. Masoud Khan? Ask us for the address through New Trend.

ISNA Vice President Ingrid Mattson Worked Under Israeli Citizen at Hartford Seminary [Connecticut] Fluent in Hebrew

According to the Hartford Seminary located in Connecticut, see their web site, Dr. Ingrid Mattson, worked under the supervision of Dr. Abu Rabi who is an Israeli citizen and fluent in Hebrew. The Seminary reportedly promotes Christian missionary activity under the guise of research for greater Christian-Muslim understanding.

Ingrid Mattson suddenly became Vice President of ISNA [Islamic Society of North America] under circumstances which were not clear. It appears that owing to the activities of Asra Nomani and Amina Wadud, ISNA was under government pressure to provide "female leadership" for Muslims.

ISNA does not oppose the legitimacy of Israel. Syed Syeed, an ISNA 'leader' for decades, supports close work with the FBI. It's not clear on what basis ISNA should claim to be "Islamic" but it keeps telling American Muslims that it is Islamic and collects funds from the Muslim community. [Syed Syeed claims to be from Kashmir but does not publicly oppose the occupation of Kashmir by India.]

UnNamed Informants Trapped the Miami Seven: One Agent Wanted Immigration. The Case was "Created." African-Americans/Haitians Against U.S. Policies
[The following is excerpted from a Florida newspaper.]

FBI paid informants in case of accused terror cell By Madeline Bar Diaz and Vanessa Blum South Florida Sun-Sentinel

07/26/06 "Orlando Sentinel" -- -- The FBI paid almost $56,000 to two confidential informants who are key to the case against seven men accused of being involved in a terrorist plot to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and other targets.

According to a document filed by federal prosecutors, the FBI paid one unnamed informant $10,500 and an additional $8,815 in expenses. A second informant was paid $17,000 with another $19,570 for expenses. U.S. officials also granted the second informant a "significant public benefit" -- immigration parole so he could remain in the country.

While using paid informants is not unusual in criminal cases, defense attorneys for the accused men said the compensation and benefits will help them show jurors the informants are not trustworthy.

"The fact that these are not just good citizens that are cooperating with the government, but that these are opportunists that are trying to earn not only money but other benefits by creating a case, is extremely significant," said Gregory Prebish, attorney for Burson Augustin, one of the accused.

Jose Padilla Case Postponed to January 22, 2007! Government Can't Find Any Evidence which will Stick.

[The following is excerpted from the Miami Herald, August 5. Notice that it also mentions Dr. Kifah Jayyousi who has no idea who is Jose Padilla but the government linked this totally innocent U.S. citizen to the case when he wouldn't support bogus stories.]

With much fanfare, the U.S. government charged Jose Padilla last fall in a South Florida terror-conspiracy indictment. He was brought to Miami in January under heavy guard, shackled hand and foot, helicopters flying overhead.

But now a federal judge says the case against him appears "very light on facts."

In the last week, U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke ordered prosecutors -- for the second time -- to provide more details to make their case against Padilla and codefendants Adham Amin Hassoun and Kifah Wael Jayyousi, accused of being part of a North American terrorist cell that supported Islamic jihad abroad.

Cooke said the Miami federal prosecutors' initial response was "insufficient".

Perspectives: by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Lebanon war Helps us Understand How World War II history ["Holocaust, etc] was Distorted : Shirer vs Irving

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. A History of Nazi Germany by William L. Shirer, 1249 pages, Simon & Schuster, Ins. 1959, 1960, 1987, 1988, 1990.

Israel's war again against Lebanon has been supported by a campaign of disinformation let loose by the corporate media in which Israeli officials and American Zionist Jews have played an important role. Language has been mutilated in this endeavor and extremely far- fetched interpretations of elementary facts have become common place. For instance, viewers are told that the capture of an Israeli soldier sitting in his huge tank is an "abduction" and/or a kidnaping. Nearly a thousand Lebanese ciivilians have been killed and more than 3,000 wounded in Israeli bombardments. Why? The media tell us that the innocents got killed because Hizbullah hides among civilians and fires rockets from apartments where the families of Hizbullah live. [The Israelis cannot explain why Hizbullah's popularity is at an all time high within that very same population among whom its fighters perpetrate these "cowardly" acts?]

Israel kills Palestinians every day, including children. The excuse? They are "terrorists."
This disinformation is distributed in the U.S. about Israel's enemies. What would the Israelis/Jews and their supporters say about the Germans who were their avowed enemies? Within that context, let's look at a book which is central to America's view of what happened in World War II.

Shirer's book is the most famous of the histories of the war written from the viewpoint of the victors. In can be found in just about every public library in the U.S., from coast-to-coast. The Book-of-the-Month Club sold more copies of this book than any other.

By contrast, David Irving's book, Hitler's War, or the the monumental Churchill's War are not available in any library [with very few exceptions] and the author has been imprisoned in Austria to silence his expression of dissent.

My reading of Shirer's book indicates that it is shoddy history, lacks any attempt at objectivty and is ridulously low in research quality as compared to Irving's book. Here is a sampling of Shirer's tome:

Before Shirer begins his book, he makes it very clear that he is writing a condemnation of Hitler's Third Reich, not an objective history which would provide the facts and let the readers decide. He gives a page to four quotes meant to condemn Germany. The most propagandistic of these is from Hans Frank, the German Governor of occupied Poland: words which he spoke during his trial by the allies at Nuremburg after the war. Frank was trying to save his neck by condemning the regime which he had served. His words: "A thousand years will pass and the guilt of Germany will not be erased." [Frank did not escape the hangman's noose.] One opens this thick book and reads that quote from Frank before the book begins. Thus Shirer makes it very clear which side he is on: He is not a historian but a spillover from the hatred of the war, yet Americans think he is a historian!

For argument's sake, let's accept Shirer's familiar assumption that Hitler was the devil incarnate. Does that help us to understand Hitler's tremendous popularity among the Germam masses? If he was a criminal and all his men were thugs, how does one understand the willingness of his people to fight and die under his command in their millions? Here Shirer's history is hollow. Let's look at one of Hitler's greatest pre-war successes: The unification of Austria with Germany.
[Austria is now such a wretched servant of the Jews that in the year 2006 it sentenced David Irving to three years in prison. So much for democracy and fredom of expression!]

Shirer calls his chapter on the unification of Germany and Austria [page 322-356] "The Rape of Austria." This is comparable to the Israeli insistence in 2005 that Hamas election victory in Palestine means that now the 'terrorists" have taken over the government of Palestine! As one goes through these 34 pages, there is almost nothing in them about the love the Austrian people had for Hitler. Almost as an after thought Shirer tells us that Hitler was received with tremendous acclaim when he visited Austria after the unification. He takes on the tone that perhaps the Austrians were crazy.

Most of Shirer's chapter is a blow-by-blow account of the machiavellian intrigues and intimidation Hitler used to get rid of the government of Austria to bring about the unification. In a footnote, Shirer tells us that in fact the government of Austria was dictatorial and communistic. Thus Shirer conceals the real conflict in Germany-Austria and the rest of Europe: the struggle between Communism and Nationalism.
[Communists were often Jewish and that played into Hitler's diatribes against Jews. A political factor was involved, not raw anti-semitism as we are often led to believe.]

Archives from those times are still available and they indicate that no human being in the history of Europe has EVER received such popular support and veneration as Hitler did from the Austrian masses. That's simply a fact of history, not a trick which Hitler played!


Shirer dug a hole for himself in the beginning of the book and in the later part fell into it. He tells us that he was able to write this monumental book because the "confidential archives of the German government and all its branches" were captured by the allies. He says this was "an event unique in history" that even "private diariies, highly secret speeches, conference reports and correspondence, and even transcripts of telephone conversations of the Nazi leaders" fell into the hands of the victors. [P. ix]

With that kind of availability of secret information, Shirer later in the book, during his coverage of the "holocaust" story, admits that Hitler's order for the extermination of the Jews is NOT TO BE FOUND in WRITING. From this he surmises that the order must have been given orally.[pp. 964-965.] He then claims that every time a German leader referred to the "final solution" of the Jewish question, he MUST have been referring to extermination. Thus he builds up his case for the Jewish claim that SIX Million Jews [in captal letters] were killed by Hitler's war machine [many by "gassing" in "ovens."] Sadly, he can't find Hitler's order for this vast operation. An objective historian like Irving admits that there is no order from Hitler ordering the extermination of the Jews; hence it is historically wrong to surmise that Hitler gave such an order.

A fatal flaw in Shirer's monumental history is his naive acceptance of the testimony of Hoss, the Commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Shirer quotes repeatedly from Hoss's confession to affirm the horrors allegedly committed at Auschwitz against the Jews.[pp.967-969] Shirer never took the trouble to study the origins of the Hoss confession and the process and circumstances through which it emerged. It has been used by the entire gallery of Jewish propagandists who wanted to affirm that 4 million people were "gassed" in ovens.

As Irving has shown, Hoss was subjected to severe torture by his captors after the war. He was beaten into a condition where he was willing to sign anything and was willing to embroider the alleged accounts of the "atrocities" he had committed, when he was brought to the Nuremburg tribunal. Hoss saw his life hanging in the balance and thought he could save himself by recounting the most astounding stories of "gassing" and killing which he was willing to assign to himself! [After the court got what it wanted from him, he was hanged.]

No serious scholar of Auschwitz accepts Hoss' confession which was compiled in stages and which he signed without reading it. Irving does not specialize in "holocaust" study but one of the best critiques was provided by a German judge, Wilhelm Staeglich, in his Auschwitz: A Judge looks at the Evidence.

Staeglich presents a detailed critique of everything Hoss wrote [or was made to write]. The whole story concocted by Hoss to save his own life was bogus and does not stand up to critical scrutiny. Again, owing to the power of the Jewish censorship machine, Staeglich's book remains almost unknown in America, and, of course, is excluded from all public libraries.

Shirer's account of the Battle of Britain too is shallow, to say the least. He ignores the data Irving has unearthed which indicates clearly that Hitler did not plan to invade Britain. In fact he allowed the trapped the British army to escape from Dunkirk.

Shirer is a popularizer of myths and legends. Unfortunately, the American people have been led to believe that he was a historian, even a great historian.

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