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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 15,1427/July 11, 2006 #43

PERSONAL from the Editor: RE: The Prophet's [pbuh] diet, my poor life style, and my daughter Nadrat's intervention. I wish to thank Dr. Anwarul Haque of Islamabad, Pakistan, for distributing the piece to a large number of Pakistanis.
I also want to share this letter from an illustrious old friend regarding that note:

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah.
Good to know that you are doing very well, and that Hakeem Nadrat has made the difference. I hope some of your readers will also benefit from the wisdom that you are practicing. Actually we all should try to keep well so that we could worship Allah as His healthy servants.
I remember when you visited us in London, Ontario with Nadrat. That time you slept on the floor, which is another wisdom to keep the back out of danger. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, and more so to Nadrat.

[Dr] S. Khan

THINK ABOUT THIS: Palestine vs India

U.S. corporate media admit that Israel, by July 10, had killed 60 Palestinians and wounded 137 in Gaza, most of them unarmed or poorly armed people on their own streets or in their homes. Israel used heavy artillery, tanks, helicopter gunships and F-16s in these attacks. As the Israelis rampaged through northern Gaza, they destroyed Palestinian properties in a wide swathe of destruction. NONE OF THIS WAS SHOWN ON U.S. MEDIA. Other than a few 5 second clips, there were no interviews with the families of victims. There were no pictures of bodies of the children killed or anyone else.

July 11: By contrast, the train attacks in Mumbai, India, which hit first class carriages in 7 trains, are receiving MASSIVE coverage in the U.S. media. It appears that CNN has an India branch. India's TV was broadcast LIVE on U.S. TV outlets. An attempt is being to make the attacks on India look like they are attacks on the U.S. Within hourse, both Bush and Blair came out in the strongest possible condemnation of the attacks in India. They had not said ONE WORD of sympathy for the 60 killed and 137 wounded by the Israelis in Gaza.

Also on July 11, there were attacks on Indian tourists in Srinagar, Occupied Kashmir, in which 6 tourists who had come all the way from West Bengal were killed. There has been NO COVERAGE of the Indian army's occupation of Kashmir, nothing at all about the tens of thousands killed by India, thousands of Kashmiri women raped by Indian troops, hundreds of thousands of Muslims uprooted from their homes.

Till now the mass murder and mass rape of Muslims in Gujarat has not been covered in the U.S. media. The Indian army's terrorism against Sikhs and Assamese has been totally ignored.

India, with 700,000 occupation troops in Kashmir, is under attack in its achilles heel, the highly developed system it has in Bombay [Mumbai]. Who did it? Kashmiris, Sikhs, Assamese, Indian Muslims? It could be any of India's millions of victims.
Let's pray for peace and urge that India and all other countries come up with standards for warfare which would totally reject attacks on civilians by BOTH sides.

New Trend Specials:
1. Tribute to an anti-war Briton. [Courtesy: Shaikh Hyder, UK]. Americans often think of Tony Blair as the typical British White man. He is not, although he still has 30% support from British White men. A much more typical Briton, though more courageous than most, is Brian Haw who set up a peace camp for more than FIVE YEARS in front of the British Parliament. The camp gradually spread to 40 metres and included placards, papers, and testimony to British and American crimes committed in Iraq. Finally the British government got a court order and moved against Brian Haw at 2.30 AM. They hauled away his entire treasure of anti-war publicity material. Mr. Haw confronted the Chief Inspector of police with these words: "These are my entire personal possessions that you are taking away. You have taken away my umbrella so I will get wet. And you have taken evidence of genocide carried out by Britain and America."

Incredible as it might seem, the British 'Parliament passed a SPECIAL LAW to evict Mr. Haw because MPs were infuriated by the mess and by the way he and his supporters bellowed slogans and peace songs through a megaphone.'
[Evening Standard May 23, 2006]
[So much for freedom of expression.]

2. SURPRISE: Revisionists are articulate, anti-War and Scholarly

On July 8, 2006 the editor of New Trend attended a program in Arlington, Virginia organized to listen to two top notch revisionists: Mark Weber from Newport Beach, California and Paul Fromm from Rexdale, Ontario, Canada.

Most reports on revisionists come from their opponents who want to keep them out of the media. It was a pleasant surprise to hear Mark Weber. He presented a well-researched paper on the propaganda against Iran produced by the Israel Lobby in America. Mr. Weber spoke like a scholar, organized, articulate, balanced with thorough documentation of his points. He left little doubt that the "Jewish-Zionist" minority was behind the invasion and occupation of Iraq and it is trying to get the Bush administration to attack Iran as well. He is aware of the latest and most scholarly research on the subject.

Paul Fromm, who heads the Canadian Association for Free Expression, brought considerable literature and information about a leading Revisionist, Ernest Zundel, who is a prisoner in Germany now because he does not accept the Jewish version of World War II. Mr. Fromm brought Zundel's letter relating the trial he is going through in Germany. Looks like he is picking up support from the German people. Also, Mr. Fromm brought a booklet titled The Zundel Trial and Free Speech which contains the arguments of defense attorney Doug Christie , who defended Zundel during a landmark trial in Canada which undermined the Jewish story about the "Holocaust."

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
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FBI Attack on Mosque in Pittsburgh: Friday Prayers Disrupted: Desecration & Racism

On June 30, 2006, the U.S. government attacked a small mosque in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania known as the 'Light of the Age Mosque' [located at 1320 Boyle street]. The worshippers who were ready for Juma' prayers were brought out on the street by the government forces and kept on the street in a humiliating fashion while the assailants went in and desecrated the mosque. The government's excuse was that it was looking for an alleged felon who had taken refuge in the masjid. The local Muslims feel that this was no excuse for desecrating the entire mosque and stopping Juma' prayers which are obligatory in Islam.

On July 7, 2006 the Mosque held a protest to condemn the violation committed by the FBI. According to local newspapers, Tahir Abdullah, Assistant Director of the Masjid, said that the FBI raid "violated a house of worship during services." He added that the raid was "unjust, unethical and unnecessary." The government did not find any weapons or any persons on the basis of which the raid could be justified. It appears that the man the government whom the government claimed to be looking for had already been picked up. So that was merely an excuse to attack and desecrate an Islamic place of worship.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen notes that the U.S. Constitution guarantees the freedom of worship. By targetting an Islamic place of worship, the feds have shown their bigotry and hatred for Islam. This same attitude of bullying and thuggery was shown in the government's attacks on the apartment and home of Imam Warith Deen Umar. The government's racism is also becomung quite blatant as it increasingly targets Muslims of African descent after having subdued and demoralized immigrant Muslims.

[Imam Talib, a leader of Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA), basically an organization of African American Muslims, has strongly condemned the FBI's desecration of the Light of the Age Mosque. It appears that the mosque was part of a a number of mosques across the U.S. which have joined MANA. Imam Talib is an outspoken Imam of a masjid in New York City.]

CAIR[less]: Racist & Divisive Clique
The Miami 7: FBI Claimed they were "terrorists." CAIR Claimed they were NOT Muslims. Bail Denied

On July 5, 2005 the Miami 7 were denied bail. The government claims they are "terrorists" and wanted to blow up the Sears building in Chicago. As Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora stated after the arrests, the evidence brought against the Muslims of Miami is so thin as to be frivolous. The 7 were evidently trapped by an informer whose name has not been revealed and whose credibility cannot be examined. The government's story itself shows that the informant did all the initiation and the talking which led to the entrapment of the accused. There was no weapon, no contact with al-Qaida, no resources and no plan. It was just angry talk which many of America's oppressed people indulge in. We won't be surprised to know that for millions of oppressed Americans, Osama bin Laden is a hero.

After the arrests, instead of challenging the government's allegations, CAIR, a self-styled advocacy group of Muslim "leaders" claimed that those arrested were not Muslims, and thus CAIR washed its hands of the matter.

Such divisive tactics are nothing new coming from CAIR [in which the "I" stands for Islamic]. Readers might remember that when the Imam of America, Imam Jamil al-Amin was accused by the government, CAIR behaved the same way.

In the case of Imam Warith Deen Umar, CAIR behaved as if nothing had happened and refused to answer an anguished appeal from the Imam's daughter who, in her innocence, has long supported ISNA-CAIR [a dastardly-duo who have smeared the name of Islam].

Now in the case of the Miami 7, CAIR has simply denied that the accused are Muslims. As this well-funded group of "advocates" has little or no contact with life in America, it does not realize that huge numbers of Americans, particularly African-Americans, Haitians and Latinos/Latinos are crossing over from Christianity to Islam. Many of them mix Islam and Christianity for a while before they enter orthodox Islam. This is a common phenomenon in America. Countless Muslims have come by way of groups in the African heritage. We should support them when they face U.S. governmental oppression instead of doubting their faith.

Sometimes the relatives of the new Muslims themselves do not understand the changes the young ones are going through. On CNN, a sister of one of the accused kept calling him "Sonny" when the name he has taken is "Suni" [that is orthodox Muslim].

The leader of the Miami group, Narseal Batista, himself went through this process, so much so that his own father was puzzled [it's a family of Christian preachers]. Read this carefully from the Miami Herald:

"Batiste, a Christian preacher at a nondenominational church, said his son also developed an interest in Islam after studying the Bible for years. The pastor said his son was determined to study the Quran despite his urging to remain with Christianity.

'I didn't agree with it but he was a man by then and I didn't think I could argue with him about it,' Batiste said."

We urge CAIR to apologize to the Muslims of America for its bootlicking activities.

TWO PENNSYLVANIA MOSQUES: From the Muttaqi to the Munafiq

On July 7, 2006 Jamaat al-Muslimeen representatives visited a masjid in Philadelphia, located behind the University of Pennsylvania. It was Juma' and the masjid was crowded with hundreds of worshippers. We gave out an 8-page printout, including issue #40 of New Trend and Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora resolutions condemning the arrest of the Miami 7 and opposing Israeli aggression, etc.
[See our web site.]
This was given to 100 people. As we ran out of these, we gave out the Jamaat card calling for a boycott of businesses which support Israel. This was given to 67 people. Thus a total of 167 people were reached.

The Muslims were enthusiastic about the 8-page hand outs and grabbed them like hot cakes. One Arab brother took some boycott cards for the Muslims in Villanova. The anti-Jewish-Zionist response of this community was very evident. The Khutba was openly against Israel. Nearly 50% of the people here are African-Americans and meeting them one senses an immediate Islamic response as compared to the cultist "uncle tom" attitude of W.D. Muhammad's African-American supporters. The rest of the community was very diverse, about 20% Arab, about 20% Indo-Pakistani and Bangladeshi and the rest from Africa.

CONTRAST: "Moderate" Islam in Action: In June, our reps went to an Islamic Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, 45 minutes north of Philadelphia. It has an impressive mosque, a million dollar affair, with a dome. They had held their Juma prayer at 12.30, which is before the time when Zuhr begins! In the Islamic school, within the mosque structure, our rep saw this nice looking White brother with a goodly beard and in brotherly fashion gave him a card calling for the boycott of pro-Israel businesses. The "brother" immediately got up, went to the back and came back with two mosque officials [who seemed to be physicians from India]. The officials demanded that the card distribution be stopped immediately.

An argument followed in which the officials claimed that the card should be cleared first by the mosque committee before it can be distributed. Our rep pointed out that it was not being "distributed" but being given to people on a person-to-person basis. How can a committee stop people from giving out information to each other? Also, how would the committee decide? No coherent answer.

The officials claimed that the committee would decide on the basis of "Qur'an and Sunnah." Whereupon our rep pointed to the large American flag pinned to the wall. This dialogue followed:

JAM rep: That is not the flag of Islam and should not be in a mosque.

Mosque official [Indian doctor #1]: What is the flag of Islam?

JAM rep: La Illaha il Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah.

Mosque Official: Why don't you put that in Pakistan?

JAM rep: We live here. You want to study Qur'an and Sunnah to decide whether an anti-Israel card is Islamic but you have no problem with that flag?

Mosque official: [Indian doctor #2]: There is nothing wrong with that flag!

JAM rep: That flag flies over Haditha! It should not be in a mosque. It is sacrilege.

[The discussion ended on a bad note with the shorter Indian doctor threatening to call the police if need be.]

A relatively new Muslim brother who was with the JAM rep, who was a newcomer to the masjid, later called one of the officials at the mosque and told him he would no longer be attending there. The speed with which the two officials intervened to stop the anti-Israel card showed that they have bought into the "American" Islam being propagated by the Bush administration and its lackeys. The million dollar mosque has been turned into a tiny police state.

New Trend urges the Allentown Islamic Center officials to respond with 300 words if this report is incorrect.

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