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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 2,1427/June 28, 2006 #40

New Trend Interviews Ramsey Clark on Saddam Hussain's Show Trial. Please scroll down.

War News: From our Media Monitor with Brief Analysis

Palestine: Islamic Forces Guaged Israel's Racist Response:

It looks like the Forward Bloc of the Islamic resistance sensed that the Hamas led government was about to cave in and accept a two- state solution [implicit recognition of the terrorist entity known as Israel.] In a heroic operation, an Islamic commando unit dug into Jewish controlled territory, blew up two Israeli tanks and several trucks, killed two heavily armed Jewish soldiers and captured one.

The Israeli response was predictable: Naked aggression and blatant use of military power against defenseless Palestine. Israel has been exposed again. It can occupy all of Gaza to free one Jewish terrorist while it holds thousands of Palestinians, including women and children, in dehumanizing concentration camps.

Israel upped the ante by air buzzing Bashar Assad's home in Syria to pressure Assad to expel Khalid Mish'al, Palestinian leader who is being accused of having ordered the commando raid. Israel tried to murder him once before but failed.

Latest: Israel kidnaped 2 Ministers of the duly elected Hamas government. Palestinians have captured two more armed Jews from among the Jewish terror groups known as "settlers."

[See Islamic response from America below. Bush and his lackeys are silent. Bush calls Israeli aggression "self-defence"]


Figures released by the Pentagon indicate that 22 more U.S. troops were killed in Iraq during the last 5 days [ending June 27]. The total U.S. fatalities are now 2527 with more than 18,500 wounded. Very few details on the fighting have been released indicating that the U.S. is getting the worst of it in the hot Iraqi summer. Iraqi casualties are said to be heavy but difficult to quantify.
Four Russian diplomats were reportedly executed by Iraqi mujahideen in retaliation for Russian genocide, mass murder, rape and random torture in Chechnia.

AFGHANISTAN: Condi Rice Rushes to Karzai/Musharraf as Taliban Victory Nears

BBC World Service admitted [June 27] that large areas of Afghanistan are under Taliban control. [Pointed out by New Trend much earlier.] A case of poetic justice, on June 28, Ahmed Rashid, said to be one of the dirtiest dogs in the kennel of anti-Islam Pakistani secularists, had to admit, in an interview with NPR that the Taliban are winning and becoming a threat to the Karzai regime.

There are indications that hundreds of Afghan civilians and dozens of Taliban have been killed in the U.S. air offensive, in particular the 730 air strikes we noted earlier. However, in a classic guerrilla maneuver, the Taliban side-stepped the 10,000 man U.S.-NATO-Karazai juggernaut. The heavily armed forces are looking quite foolish wandering around in the Afghan countryside unable to find the Islamic cadres.

NATO announced at the start of the offensive: "Taliban will be dealth with." [CNN June 15.] Canada's Chief of Defense Staff, General Rick Hilliar, in a bit of disinformation, claimed that 70 countries are supporting NATO and "only" the Taliban are opposing it. [C-Span June 27.] He does not realize that the Taliban are rooted in the Pashtun people, the great majority of Afghans.

In the latest fighting, 2 British soldiers and 4 Karzai Shi'ites were killed in a Taliban ambush. [June 26, Fox TV.] In another attacj the Taliban killed 2 U.S. troops in Kandahar province. [June 24, CNN] Another "coalition" [canadian] soldier was killed by the Taliban on June 28.

What business these Anglo-American forces have in the land of Islam? Observers say it is the latest crusade and the mujahideen who defeated the USSR might defeat NATO as well, inshallah.
Ms. Rice praised both Musharraf and Karzai but both are seen as foreign agents by their people.

Islamic leader Abu Bakr Bashir was released on June 14. Australia protested vigorously to Indonesia's government but to no avail. Islamic sentiment runs high in this country. Bashir, the father figure of Islamic radicals, is accused of okaying the attack on Bali which killed 80 Australians and others in Bali's night clubs allegedly in response to Australian military intervention in Afghanistan.

Pakistan: [from Urdu media.]
Musharraf feels Isolated though funded and praised by Condi Rice: Attacks kill troops

On June 26, 2006 a martyrdom operator hit a Pakistani military convoy at village A'sha, 6 km from Miranshah, North Waziristan. Seven Pakistani troops were killed and 10 wounded in the explosion. General Sultan, Musharraf's media man, had no choice but to admit the loss as the local Taliban had already reached the media.

The same day, 5 members of a mafia gang terrorizing the people, were slaughtered in a gunfight by local Taliban in the area of Shawal.

On June 27: A Pakistani military convoy was hit near Mir Ali, on the way to MiranShah. Heavy military casualties are reported [daily Nawa-e-waqt] but Musharraf's officers are refusing to reveal numbers. A ferocious Pakistani counterattack was launched but it appears that the Islamic fighters got away.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [5 items]
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Baltimore, MD 21234

Starbucks and McDonalds at Guantanamo Bay

June 22, 2006: In the course of an interview about the world's most notorious detention center, NPR [National Public Radio] revealed, just by the way, that Starbucks and McDonald's have been set up there to serve the forces running the place. Thus these businesses, linked to the funding and support of Israel, are living off the horrendous human tragedy ongoing at Guantanamo Bay where hundreds of Islamic people are being tortured. [Years back, Sis. Karen English, Jamaat's National Shoora member, wrote a poem urging W.D. Muhammad to speak out against that concentration camp. The deafening silence from W.D. has continued.] O Muslims! Wake up and stop buying from those who fund your enemies.

Press Release:
U.S. Muslims Condemn Israeli Terrorist Invasion of Gaza: 1500 women, 300 Children in Jew prisons

On behalf of politically aware Muslims of America, Jamaat al-Muslimeen condemns the latest Israeli aggression in Gaza. Tank columns of heavily armed Jewish terrorists supported by helicopters and jet fighters provided by the United States attacked the defenseless Palestinian area of Gaza on June 28 early in the morning. Armored columns of Jewish terror groups reached the Rafah refugee camp while Jewish terrorists in helicopters and jet fighters destroyed communication lines and cut off electricity to the entire population.

The brutal face of Jewish terrorism stands revealed once more. The Israelis are holding 1500 Palestinian women and 300 children in their prisons. Drunk with the arrogance of overwhelming fire power against unarmed opponents, they went to terrorize an entire population to recover one Israeli soldier captured in a brilliant Palestinian commando raid in which two Israeli tanks were destroyed and two soldiers killed.

In spite its firepower and support from King Abdullah of Jordan, from Bush and from Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli faces the indomitable will of the Palestinian people steeled by the growing influence of Islamic resistance.

40,000+ Hispanic People Embraced Islam: Jamaat leader Gave out 500 Qur'ans in Spanish

During the last decade more than 40,000 people of Hispanic origin [Latinos/Latinas] embraced Islam in the U.S. This information was released by Br. Sulaiman Solano, a leader of Jamaat al-Muslimeen during the Shoora meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina [June 24]. Br. Solano has himself played a leading role in the effort to provide Islamic information to people looking for the truth of Islam. Among his voluntary efforts, he has distributed 500 copies of the Qur'an in Spanish translation absolutely free of charge.

Legal Case Being Prepared to Impeach Bush

On July 19th, The Center for Constitutional Rights and Melville House Books will be releasing a powerful new film that makes a strong legal case for the impeachment of President Bush. Watch AlterNet's exclusive clip from the film...

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), America's leading group of constitutional scholarship and activism, has developed a legal case for the impeachment of George W. Bush. Now, in collaboration with Melville House Books and progressives across the U.S., they are releasing a film called, How to Impeach a President.

The film will be released on July 19th. Check out AlterNet's exclusive three-minute excerpt:

"Since 9/11 it has been clear that the principle enemy of democracy has been in the White House." -- Bill Goodman, Legal Director, CCR

For more info or to get involved in the movement visit: Articles of Impeachment .net

David DeGraw is AlterNet's video blogger.

"Muslim leaders who abandon and betray Muslim Believers": A letter from Imam 'Umar

New Trend is one of the greatest and most accurate analytical forums of our time here in America and around the world. May Allah continue to bless you and increase your influence. Muslims who are being used to spread the idea that any Muslim who goes against the enemies of Islam must be the modern day Khawaarij (those who dissented and fought against Caliph Ali, radiallahu anh). These misled Muslims are part of a clique that may or may not know that they are being tricked. I coin them "The Tricked Clique". The Muslim leaders among them do know and care more about being favored and accepted by the Western government powers (America-Europe-Saudi Arabia, etc.) than favored by Allah.

These potentially dangerous Muslim leaders must continue to be highlighted and exposed so the Muslims here and abroad and those non-Muslims who love truth may be warned and guided right. I know about them from a rare perspective: I have been and currently am a victim of these types of Muslim leaders who abandon and betray Muslim Believers who are attacked by the media, politicians and FBI. Sympathize with all Muslims who fight against the enemies of Allah and are blessed to be martyred, fi sabilli llahi.

Your brother in Islam,
[ Imam] Warith Deen Umar

As Salaamu Alaikum
Don't Call me American (Until America becomes Muslim)

Interview with Ramsey Clark
No Grounds to Accuse President Saddam Hussain of Gassing Kurds

On June 27, 2006 Dr. Kaukab Siddique inteviewed the leader of the anti-war movement, Ramsey Clark, former attorney general of the U.S., who is defending President Saddam Hussain. Here are a few excerpts:

K.S. In your interview with CNN, you said that Saddam Hussain cannot be accused of gassing the Kurds because he did not have the wherewithal. What did you mean?

Ramsey Clark: Our intelligence agencies, DIA, CIA and the Marine Corp's intelligence service stated that Saddam did not have any of the three nerve gases he is accused of having used in Anfal against the Kurds and at Halabcha. The DIA report is still classified but the CIA report was publicized by Stephen Pelletier in an Op Ed piece in the Times.

K.S. Have you heard of a man named Christopher Hitchens who is often trotted out in the corporate media to make claims about large scale killings of Kurds in these alleged gassing operations by Saddam. What do you make of it?

Ramsey Clark: Hitchens is off the right track. Anyone can make any claim but when it comes to pressing charges, evidence is needed.

K.S. You referred to the murder of Saddam Hussain's defense attorney. Isn't it dangerous for you over there?

Ramsey Clark: The Iraqis are in much greater danger. For a trial, a secure environment is a must. This is the third defense attorney to be murdered. Our attorneys cannot go out and obtain witnesses or investigate evidence. The essentials of a fair trial are being denied.

K.S. What about the Dujail executions of Shi'ites?

Ramsey Clark: These were carried out after a two year long trial. These men belonged to the Da'wa Party, working from Iran, trying to overthrow the government of Iraq by force of arms, trying to to kill the President of Iraq. Such armed attempts on behalf of a foreign country were punishable by death and the process of law was carried out to ascertain guilt. It was armed treason during war time. In the present context, the U.S. destroyed the entire city of Fallujah. On what basis can they try Saddam?

K.S. You might like to see a review I wrote of a book by David Irving on the Nuremburg trials. It has some good arguments to answer the charges against Saddam Hussain. You might be hesitant because Irving is a right winger but he has devastating analysis of Nuremburg. The allies, he says, were trying the Nazis for crimes which they too had committed. The Russiand killed all those Polish officers at Katyn and they were sitting in judgement on Germany.

Ramsey Clark: Yes, it's called tu quoque, and, I know, the destruction of German cities ...

K.S. Yes, Dresden and other cities...

Ramsey Clark: Send me the review. It's always good to hear from you.


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