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Announcement from Jamaat al-Muslimeen.
FEBRUARY 25, 2002 (Monday, 10 am) Rally for Br. Sulayman Abdul Hamid (John Walker) in Alexandria, Virginia starting at court house. Watch for directions.
U.S. Muslims are united in support of their Imam, Jamil Abdullah al-Amin in Fulton County prison, Atlanta. Has the imam of your masjid or organization spoken out for the record in support of Imam Jamil or is your leader on the side of the oppressors? NOW IS THE TIME TO COME OUT AND SUPPORT IMAM JAMIL. Donate for the Justice Fund.
The U.S. is violating its own laws in the continuing imprisonment of Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman. Are you aware that the judge in his case, Michael Mukasey, was Zionist Jew? Ask us for details of the oppression of this top Islamic scholar.
IN CONNECTION WITH letters against the IMPRISONMENT of jihadist leader HAFIZ SAEED in Lahore, Pakistan, email address for Pakistan's military boss Pervez Musharref is:
Have you read some of our highly praised analyses of the media propaganda against Muslims? Look up our dissection of Saira Khan's fake story on Afghanistan. It's titled: CNN ON TALIBAN AND WOMEN: LIES, WHITE LIES AND DAMN LIES. It's all analysis: no rhetoric. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
100,000 German Children, Women, men burned alive
DRESDEN FEBRUARY 1945: The roots of the art of mass murder from the air which the U.S. and Britain practiced against Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dresden in southern Germany was a beautiful city, famous for its historic churches, theatres, schools and home industries. It was a prime attraction for tourists.

In their attempts to defeat Germany, the British and American air forces destroyed 60 German cities. Even in this murderous pattern, Dresden stands out because it was TOTALLY UNDEFENDED and MILITARILY WITHOUT VALUE.

On the night of February 13-14, British Prime Minister Churchill gave this peaceful city a Valentine's Day gift: Hundreds of British bombers systematically bombed and destroyed the city. The bombing was carried out scientifically to make sure that the population was wiped out. Advance units of the British air force (RAF) dropped markers to guide the incoming wave of bombers to the heart of the civilian areas. Once the 'guiding lights' had been set, the bombing began in a pattern which would start a fire storm.

As thousands of bombs rained down, the people were burned alive. The heat generated was so intense that those who survived the fires were suffocated by lack of oxygen.

CHILDREN PREPARING FOR CARNIVALS WERE THE MAIN VICTIMS. The bodies of hundreds of children were draped across the trees where they were flung by the blasts. Those civilians who fled to the shelters, suffocated there owing to the heat and oxygen created by the bombing and consequent fire storm.

For long it was difficult to determine how many people were killed. Many of them were unrecognizable or pasted together in piles. Also, the local authorities counted only the citizens of the town; these counts had to be revised upwards because tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the Soviet armies were among the dead. They had come to Dresden thinking that as an undefended city, it would not be bombed.

We must remember Dresden and 59 other german cities in ORDER TO UNDERSTAND the ONE MILLION CHILDREN of Iraq and the 60,000 (4076 documented till now) civilians buried in THE MUD HUTS OF AFGHANISTAN by the heroic U.S. air force.
We must ask, why is Dresden not mentioned in the major media? Was it right to kill German women and children? (Note the resemblance with the logic that it's okay for Iraqi children to die because Saddam is a bad guy.)

Why were those who bombed German cities never punished or brought to trial for war crimes?

When will the survivors of the German holocaust (60 cities wiped out) be compensated?

When will reparations be made for the paintings, the sculpture, the churches destroyed in the Dresden terror raids? (The Jews are demanding compensation for their paintings.)
For a meticulous, detailed, documented, hour-by-hour account of the destruction of Dresden, read : APOCALYPSE 1945. THE DESTRUCTION OF DRESDEN by David Irving, hard cover, 315 pages plus 16 pages of amazing photographs. A must for any good library. Available for $20 from: New Trend, POB 356, Kingsville, MD 21087.

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