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American Red Cross in Omaha Nebraska

The editor of New Trend magazine has copies of all the documentation.

This is an update to the situation with the racist anti-muslim Red Cross. I recently won my judgement against the Red Cross. The Red Cross not only fired me, but tried to give me the maximum penalty for my unemployment benefits. I had to go up against their high priced lawyer, but my former co-workers that are still working for the Red Cross helped me.

The saddest part of this situation is that the only institutions/organizations that responded to my letters were a government organization: the Unemployment Office, and Jamaat al-Muslimeen. I also sent out letters with written documentation proving my allegations to the following :
NAACP (local Omaha NE USA chapter)
EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)
2 Mosques (1 of which was the Nation of Islam)
The Omaha Star (local Omaha Afrikan-owned newspaper)
Ben Gray (Afrikan that has a local weekly TV show "Kaleidoscope")

Even though some might claim to work for the community and might even collect money from the community, it seems they cannot respond to my letters to even say that they are not interested in helping me. In fact, I have done a lot of work in this community since I have been here for 17 years.

I will give just one example of the kind of work I do. I was fired by West Teleservices April 2, 2000. The next day I attended the Black United Fund of Nebraska meeting, of which I was a member. Some workers from Brenda Council's campaign for mayor came and asked for volunteers to come in and help. The next day I went in to her North Side office and realized that she needed help in a serious way. To note, Brenda Council would have been the first woman and the first Afrikan to be mayor if she would have won. I also took a class with the Urban League so I could register people to vote when I was not working with the campaign.

I spent everyday for the next 6 weeks registering people to vote and also campaigning for Brenda Council. I was not working a job at the time because the need was so great I knew I had to give my full effort. I had to rent a car twice because I was appointed captain of my area for election day. I also paid for the rental of 2 "Ollie the Trollie" cars on election day. These are popular tourist vehicles and they helped get people to the voting booths that day.

The last Sunday before election day, people were amazed at how many flyers my team put out because of the way we were hustling to get the job done. I spent money taking my volunteer workers to lunch all the time for all their good work. This entire venture cost me almost $5000.00, but I never asked for anything in return, not even gas money for the cars I rented. Unfortunately, she lost by 735 votes.

You would think after I put in this much effort for just this one event, that I could at least get a response to a letter from these so-called community leaders. I am now very interested in finding out why students of al-Islam are always so quick to respond to calls for justice when others just watch and do nothing. I like the way the members of Jamaat al-Muslimeen all volunteer their services. This is why I do not charge for my website services. I do all my work at no cost to any muslim anywhere. I just wish I had enough money to take time off from working to put the Ali version of the Holy Qu'ran online. The current online Qu'ran is not the Ali version : The Holy Qu'ran

Dr. Siddique said I should receive the correct printed version in the mail soon. I also like the muslim ideas of "being a slave to Allah" and "making sacrifices for the glory of Allah".

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