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American Red Cross in Omaha Nebraska

The editor of New Trend magazine has copies of all the documentation.

I was terminated March 15 under the pretext of sexual harassment because management staff knew that I had knowledge and evidence against them. My termination was out of fear of me bringing allegations against them.

One of the founding principles of the International Red Cross is "Neutrality". The Omaha branch of the American Red Cross is not neutral. There is discrimination against Arabs, Islam, and other non-Christian religions. There is also discrimination based on political affiliation.

Even before the "9-11" event, employees would talk of making an Arabic or Islamic country into a "glass parking lot". Another phrase used was "they should all be killed". There were other comments like "they should thank us", presumably for "civilizing" them and saving them from evil dictators. I do not know if the former Shah of Iran was included as one of the dictators.

A new restaurant and meat shop opened up less than 3 months ago, just one block from where the Red Cross Harney building is. Some Red Cross employees referred to the owners as "towel heads". The talk would go on sometimes refering to Halal Meats employees as "terrorists"

I believe the climate at the Red Cross makes it almost impossible for an Arab, Persian, or Afghan person to be employed there. I think it would be ridiculous to consider this a place of fair employment for a Muslim.

I need to talk about the allegations of sexual harassment against me. In the 16 months that I have worked for the Red Cross I have been touched in a friendly way by female employees. I have been told several times how nice I look. I have been told by female co-workers that they like the bulges in my pants. I have been asked out on dates. Everyday female co-workers call me "honey", "sugar", "love of my life", "baby", "darling", and other names. Also females from the Human Resources department have called me "sweetie" and hugged me.

I was being accused of the things that other employees had done. For example, one of the things they said I did was invite co-workers to eat with me after work. In fact, 2 weeks ago, on an employee's last day with the Red Cross, I and other employees were invited to a party at a Red Cross employee's house 2 blocks away. There was plenty of alcohol at the party. One female employee was late almost 2 hours the next day because of the hangover.

The management of the Red Cross knew that I had this information and decided to terminate me in fear that I was going use this damaging information against them. However, I am a team player and I love helping to save lives. As long as I was working for the Red Cross and we were contributing to saving people's lives everyday, I was willing to continue. I spent more than 2 hundred dollars of my own money feeding my co-workers. I treated them to pizzas, egg rolls, shrimp, and anything else they wanted. Ironically, the management of the Red Cross contantly tried to get me to give them the receipts so that it would come out of the Red Cross budget. They seemed to always want to find ways of giving donor's contributions away.

I was born and raised here in amerikkka. I have always been treated as a second class citizen because of my race. This continues when I make any political contribution, or even if I eat at a muslim owned restaurant. I would like to know where is the United Nations Commission on Human Rights when muslims are being imprisoned on 'secret' evidence, being tortured and discriminated against on a daily basis? When is the UN going to provide some protection for the people of Afrikan descent being beaten and killed by racist police officials?

The editor of New Trend told me years ago that the only way there will be justice in this land for any person of non-european descent is under al-Islam. I am starting to believe that he is correct. In fact, I have decided to start reading The Holy Qu'ran. The first thing that happened when I stated this was that someone sent me an electronic version of the Qu'ran:

The Holy Qu'ran

However, Dr Siddique said this was the wrong version. He is sending me the Yusuf Ali translation in the (snail) mail. I wish I had the time and money to put this version online!

The Red Cross

Omaha Red Cross

Office of the High Comissioner for Human Rights

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