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American Red Cross in Omaha Nebraska USA

This is an update to my situation. I have written 2 previous articles concerning this and I am the webmaster of this website.

I have still received no justice from the amerikkkan system. There have been at least 3 legal professionals that told me I have a strong case, one of them specialized in employment discrimination. However, the EEOC stil refuses to investigate, and I have been told I cannot bring a lawsuit without their investigation. So, no matter how much written documentation I have, no matter how many witnesses I have, no matter how many complaints, including people quitting the Red Cross because of the discrimination, there will be no legal penalties or corrections. One of the racists made fun of the fact that I would not be able to afford medicine for my stomach condition after I was terminated. Such joy at the thought of a slow and painful death for me.

This illustrates the injustices faced here in amerikkka on a daily basis. Amerikkka is expert in "sales" and "presentations". They are expert deceivers. However, their lies are being exposed daily. The discrimination happens all over corporate amerikkka while at the same time they try to tell people all over the world about justice, fairness, and equality. I was born and raised here as a citizen of the United States, I have never experienced any of this justice, fairness, or equality.

It is not just me that feels this way? Remember the Million Man March that was called for by Minister Farrakhan? First the power structure here in amerikkka tried to lie and say only 400,000 came to march, but technology forced them to change the number to 1.2 million. The people I talked to that were there said that many did not even make it into the mall area because it was so crowded. I was told that at least 2 million actually came for the march. That is why I call it the 2 Million Man March. The main point being that most of the people that came were not muslims. Anyone that is Afrikan/Black is discriminated against, and we are tired of it.

The lies that come out of amerikkkan society continue. I saw on the Today show Kaite Couric was interviewing someone about the upcoming war in Iraq and the inspections. The interviewee said something about Iraqis lying about their weapons, she made a statement about "the values over there concerning lying are not the same as in the west". Does she not remember Clinton and Nixon, some of the lies of these leaders of the western world are famous quotes known all over the world. The treachery goes beyond presidents like Bush, as is exemplified by the Enron disaster and other stock market financial disasters. These evil doers lied and lined their pockets while they destroyed the lives of innocent people financially. While these money people are stealing from the people who trust them, the lying lawmakers here cannot give a break to the elderly who can no longer afford the expensive medicine they need. They always seem to have money to kill muslims with bombs and sanctions, and will always have money to give to zionists to kill muslims.

History is on the side of the muslims fighting to bring justice into this world. The Roman Empire at one time had the greatest army on the earth. There was no single battle where they lost all their forces, but over a period of time, the empire slowly was beaten into non-existence. The Romans were once proud to have defeated a muslim power, the Moors, just like amerikkka is proud to have bombed Iraq and Afghanistan, but as in the past, a victory does not mean their regime will not be destroyed. The Roman Empire never treated anyone like me in a fair and just manner, I am glad they are gone forever. Also, the British once had a vast empire, muslims contributed greatly to their downfall. They are still trying to kill muslims every chance they get, it will be a good day for the world when they are no longer to drop bombs on others.

The greatest lesson is to be learned from the East. The last war the west, especially amerikkka, fought against the Koreans and the Chinese, they did not win. Also, the Vietnamese defeated these cowards and took back their country. It cost them 3 million lives (2 million civilians) to do it.

It is very important not to forget that amerikkka is a stolen land. The europeans came here, through deceit and treachery, they killed most of the original inhabitants and stole their land. Not all, but most amerikkkans were babykilling, genocidal maniacs from the beginning. So when they backed Iraq to invade Iran and helped the Iraqis and the Iranians kill each other, this was not something new, they have used the divide and conquer method for a long time.

So the mujahideen are persistent. The zionists had never lost a war until Hizbullah kicked them out of Lebanon. Now, despite the Jenin Camp Massacre, the mujahideen are fighting back even harder. They will win.
"Not the least harm
Will their cunning
Do to you; for Allah
Compasseth round about
All that they do"
- Qur'an 3:120

Keep in mind that while amerikkka says it does not want countries like Iraq to get nuclear weapons because they might use them, they already killed thousands of innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hiroshima was not a military target. They purposely targeted civilians. If Iraq deserves to get bombed for producing weapons of mass destruction, what does amerikkka deserve for using them to kill innocent children?

They are so brave when they are dropping bombs with no air force to oppose them, when they are in tanks having their opponents outgunned 100 to 1. However, 2 soldiers with 1 rifle and a $250.00 junk car terrorized the capitol of this regime. They ran and hid like cowards. They even used a special air force spy plane to try to stop the soldiers. The area came to a virtual stand still.

Some key questions:
1. Can there be justice in the world while amerikkka has power?
2. If the leadership of amerikkka, government and business, is totally corrupt, what kind of New World Order (stated by Bush sr) are they going to be?
3. Amerikkka says dictators and their sponsors should be punished, so what is amerikkka's punishment for supporting the Shah of Iran, Marcos in the Phillipines, Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier in Haiti (just to name a few dictators)?
4. Since amerikkka terrorizes its own citizens and other citizens of the world on a daily basis, what must be done to end this terrorism?
As webmaster I have noticed lately that there are a lot more visitors recently. We appreciate you coming to visit us and we will be adding more articles and pictures in the future.

I also wanted to comment on the information I had received earlier this year that one of the next phases in the war will be prison escapes in amerikkka. The reason I initially responded to this information was because I heard it from more than one source. Also, this did make strategical sense. Every time a group of prisoners escapes it causes lots of problems. If these events were to happen on a regular basis, how would the amerikkkan "storm troopers" keep up with it?


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