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Greensboro, North Carolina
Host: Imam Badi Ali
Ameer: Kaukab Siddique
Secretary General: Sis. Motisola M. Abdallah

Distinguished Professor Abdul Alim Shabazz will expound on RACISM in AMERICA and offer solutions to the problem.

A representative of Imam Jamil al-Amin is expected.
Also, a representative who has just returned from Iraq.

Representatives from New York and San Francisco will bring information to carry out an effective BOYCOTT of businesses which support the murderous entity known as Israel.

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Thought of the Day:
Imam Jamil al-Amin is in solitary confinement in a prison after being moved to a bigoted little town. He has not given up or compromised with his oppressors. Why should we be fearful and afraid of speaking the truth when the United States is supposed to be based on freedom of expression?
Baltimore, Maryland: WBAL's RON SMITH SHOW
Sultaana Freeman: The Muslimah in Florida who veils her face: up against right wing propaganda

On June 6, 2003, Br. Siddique called the Ron Smith show near 4PM to protest Mr. Smith's attacks on Sis. Sultaana Freeman, the woman in Florida who refuses to remove her face veil for her driver's license.

Ron Smith started shouting in the interchange. Br. Siddique shouted right back, at which Smith cut him off. Then Smith spent the next half hour trying to shoot down the points Br. Siddique made. [Ron Smith is better than Rush Limbaugh. Smith at least lets critics speak, though very briefly, and indulges in proving his point after the caller has been removed. Limbaugh simply doesn't let anyone on who would defend Islam or criticize Israel.]

The interchange between Siddique and Ron Smith was as follows in paraphrase:

Sid: It is Sultaana's religious right to wear the face veil.
Sm: Driving is a privilege and Florida has decided that she can't if her face is covered.
Sid: She already has a driver's license and identity can be checked without removing the veil.
Sm: She should go back where she came from.
Sid: She is American. Like other Muslims in America she is being persecuted.
[At this Smith blustered something in a loud voice about Sultaana being a person with a criminal record and removed Siddique from the air. When Smith came back on, he started character assassination of Sultaana, referring to a web site which claims she was involved in a foster care case. Readers should be aware that some Muslims still physically discipline their children. This can land them in criminal cases. That could have happened to Sultaana.]
[Surely Smith knew that a case from the time when Sultaana had recently become Muslim is not relevant to her right to wear a face veil. Looks like Smith's bigotry came out. He only listens to Muslim callers who agree with him. If they disagree, he throws a tantrum.]
[One funny part of Smith's bigotry was his claim that Sultaana can be seen without her veil on the web site he quoted on air and that she is not pretty! That's a mark against her too. In other words, Smith was lashing out at this Muslim woman.]
WAR NEWS: June 2-7

A Muslim woman carried out a martyrdom attack on Russian air force personnel traveling in a bus in southern Russia. The Russians have admitted 16 killed and 39 wounded [Women in the Islamic movement are equals of men, often doing better than the men. The Russians are finding it difficult to claim that Muslim women are excluded from Islamic activities and are confined to the kitchen, the usual western propaganda statement.]

The Chechen mujahideen launched a number of conventional attacks too, including one in which they engaged Russian troops in a gun battle killing seven.

Syed Salahuddin, leader of Hizbul Mujahideen recently declared terrorist by the U.S. has told Pakistani media that the Jihad will continue and Indian-U.S. moves will not be able to stop it.

In occupied Kashmir, Lashkare Taiba launched new raids on Indian forces, including one dare devil attack in which ONE MUJAHID engaged an entire Indian unit and escaped after inflicting six casualties.

EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, there were attacks on U.S. troops, in Fallujah, Balad, Baghdad and Tikrit. In each case the mujahideen melted away after inflicting casualties on U.S. troops. In the latest attack in Tikrit, the U.S. has admitted one killed 4 wounded. [Attacks have escalated after the emergence of Mujahid Saddam's hand written letters invoking the Holy Qur'an in defiance of America.]

Wire services, AFP, AP and Reuters have reported attacks by Taliban ALMOST EVERY DAY. The Karzai clique is on the retreat.
However, the forces of Kandahar governor, Gul Agha, claim to have scored a blow against the Taliban. In fighting which started north of Spin Boldak, the Taliban fired back at Agha's troops killing 7, but then Agha sent in reinforcements and killed numbers of the Taliban. Agha dumped the bodies of 20 Taliban across the border in Pakistan with the claim that they were Pakistanis. However, no one from Pakistan has claimed the bodies and gradually the relatives of the dead have started coming in from Afghanistan to identify them. It appears to have been a move to justify armed incursions into Pakistan.

On June 7, the war came back to KABUL with an attack on European military forces stationed there. A European military transport column was attacked leading to 4 German troops and 2 Afghan mercenaries killed. Another 34 were wounded.

HAMAS has rejected the Sharon-Abbas plan. Israel has closed the West Bank again and even before the Hamas announcement had sent in troops into Jenin.
General Musharraf seems bent on stopping the implementation of Islamic Law in Frontier Province although it has been approved by the Provincial Assembly. He has made three moves:
1. He claims that by forcibly removing sign boards depicting semi-nude women and cigarettes, Islamic elements have shown that law and order is breaking down in the province.
2. Musharref got district administrators (installed before the Islamic victory) to come to him and tender their resignatons saying that the Islamic government is not doing things democratically.
3. Musharraf wants the supreme court (a court he installed/ratified) to disqualify elected representatives of Frontier because he claims they don't have degrees in western education.

[The question facing the Pakistani people is: how much more damage will Musharraf do to Pakistan's Islamic integrity before the people kick him out.]
[The writer insults Mujahid Saddam and advises that Saddam should have merged with Iran-Ed]

The Saddam letter is typical Arab crap. Blame everybody but yourself. If he was running a police state then he should have tried to bribe his own people to find out who is clean and who is not ALA Stalin and his trials of 37

He says all his neighbors are bad. He calls on Arabism but doesnt back away from his invasion of Iran which was supported by Uncle Sam. The war on Iran killed millions of innocent muslims but he doesn't take any responsiblity. His mismanagement of Iraq got to such a point that invaders could come and the people couldn't care less.

Instead of continuing with these false nation states he should have merged or surrendered to Iran or merged with Turkey but these Arab leaders will never give up their throne until they are thrown out.

It is better to have one large state with bad leadership than to have many states.

Rafe [Los Angeles]
400 Women Helped by Baitul Salaam in Atlanta

As Salaamu Alaikum,
The Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. invites you to visit our website at to get more details about us. We are a national domestic violence awareness organization that conducts educational workshops, lectures and has a speakers bureau. Our organization runs one of the few 24/7 shelters for women and children who have left abusive homes in the Islamic community. A home that is based on universal principles of peace and harmony. Salat (daily observance of worship) is established and a work smart and hard ethic is the core of our program. We house Muslim and non-Muslim women and children (80% Muslim and 20% non-Muslim). To date we have assisted approximately 400 women and children with temporary housing, food, clothing and a hand up to start their lives over in peace and dignity.

We need more financial support today. Our budget is $125,000 per year to run a top quality facility (shelter). We are falling behind in raising this amount. Our total budget is $250,000. We fund raise at the local baseball stadium and can earn approximately 46% of or budget and host other smaller fundraisers. We receive grants (small ones from private foundations). We work hard!

Now we need more of you to open your hearts and minds to giving to a cause that helps people not accept abuse (as the Quran tells us not to).

We ask that-

communities give a minimum of $100 per month. This is small and most can do this and not put any of your programs or services in jeopardy. It will mean pennies for most communities and less than a penny per person for many. Please consider and send those $100 checks per month to us.

individuals give a minimum of $10 per month. Allah is good to us. Many of us have this and will not miss giving it. We spend this on candy, coffee, a sandwich out, etc. Items that we can sacrifice and Allah will reward us for doing so.

Imams support by encouraging your communities to put us on their Eid Al Fitr tax list every year. The sisters and children we serve are truly in need. Many due to political reasons, misunderstanding of Quran and Sunnah have been abandoned by family and community. Just because they want to live a life free of being physically hurt, mentally/emotionally tortured and economically neglected. They want what Allah has promised for being faithful servants-PEACE!

Volunteerism can be money for us. We need a team of people who can understand that they cannot reveal the location of the shelter to help us paint the inside and out now. We need to have this done soon to apply for city, county and state funding. A team of six to eight people with the help of our residents can get this done in two or three days (working four hours a day), insh'Allah. A professional painter is needed to supervise the project.

Please read this post carefully. Please send it to at least three people you know.

If you have comments please contact us. We accept constructive criticism very well. We are only here to serve to you in obedience to Allah. You can email us at or call (404) 366-6610 local and (800) 285-9489 pin #00 nationally.

Make all donations payable to: Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. and send to: PO Box 11041, Atlanta, GA 30310.

Your donation just may save a life!

May Allah continue to bless all of you.

ma salaam
The Families of the Baitul Salaam Network, Inc.

2003-06-08 Sun 13:21ct