FUNNY ASPECT OF RENEGADES WHO CLAIM TO BE FOLLOWERS OF ALI (r.a.) [Muslims do not follow Ali, r.a., but Allah and His Messenger, pbuh]

I have been trying to take these renegades seriously, be it Zaidi or Cox or Naquvi or "Abouthar" although there can be little doubt that Ali (r.a.) would have whipped them or even burned them as he did with the Jew Ibn Saba's followers who claimed Ali (r.a.) was better than everyone.

However, now I see that these people should not be taken seriously. They have some kind of psychological problem and will deny clear evidence. They have some kind of fixation on Ali (r.a.) and they have an 'Islam' in which the Prophet's (pbuh) entire mission failed and he had FOUR real followers!

Here is what "Abouthar" claims:

"Khalid being the sword of Allah is another fabrication. The sword of Allah and the hero of Islam was none but Ali Bin Abi Talib(a)."

Poor fellow has ignored the texts of Islam which UNANIMOUSLY state that Khalid (r.a.) was give the title of seifullah by the Prophet himself (pbuh). THERE IS NO ONE WHO HAS CLAIMED THAT ALI (r.a,) WAS SAIFULLAH. Even sectarian scholars do not make that claim.

Ali (r.a.) has been called Abu Turab, Abul Hasan, Asad Allah and other titles but not Saifullah.

How could Ali (r.a.) be called Saifullah when after the first few battles and with the possible exception of Khaybar, the Prophet (pbuh) did not send him into battle. In fact Ali (r.a.) complained on being left with the women and children and the Prophet (pbuh) consoled him by saying that you are like Harun to Musa (a.s.). Thus Ali (r.a.) was to be the spiritual person, man of wisdom and light, but not a leader or a general. (IMAM JAFAR as-SADIQ FINALLY FORMULATED THIS SPIRITUAL ASPECT OF ALAWI SHI'ISM.)

It was Khalid (r.a.), not Ali (r.a.). at Ajnadin. It was Khalid (r.a) at Damacus, not Ali (r.a.)

In case "abouthar" conveniently overlooked this point, let me state this again: Ali (r.a.) married a woman captured by Khalid (r.a.). Here is the quote from my previous post:

"In one of the victories of Khalid (r.a.) against Masailama kazzab, a woman was captured whom hazrat Ali (r.a.) married and she became the mother of his son Muhammad who came to be known as Muhammad ibn al-Hanfiyya. (See Al-Bidaya wa un-Nihayya, vol.6., by ibn Kathir, chapter on Malik ibn Nuwaira)."

Notice that Saifullah Khalid (r.a.) was fighting Masailama; Ali (r.a.) was not fighting. Muhammad (pbuh) sent this sword out against the unbelievers and so did Abu Bakr (r.a.). THE SECTARIANS WHO INSULT KHALID (r.a.) ARE ACTUALLY INSULTING MUHAMMAD (pbuh), because Khalid (r.a.) WAS CHOSEN BY MUHAMMAD (pbuh). Even when Khalid (r.a.) made a mistake against the Banu Jadhima, Muhammad (pbuh) did not remove him.

So seek forgiveness and return to Islam.

I will take up other aspects of your sectarian fitna at my leisure. I will give you the oportunity to reflect and return to Islam. Return to the religion of Islam and stop being the follower of Ali (r.a.). He would have whipped you for following him instead of following the Sunnah of Muhammad (pbuh).

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