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Elitist Education without Qur'an & Hadith Cannot Solve Any Problem
The Best of Jesus (p) and Moses (p) is Embodied in the Example of Muhammad (pbuh)
War is not the Answer: No One can Defeat the Ummah of Islam

On September 16, in a late evening program, Dr. Kaukab Siddique talked to a group of 30 college students, most of them Muslims along with a few young men and women interested in embracing Islam. The Muslim youths are affiliated to a variety of mosques scattered across Philadelphia and a few from New York.

Dr. Siddique made the following points:

1. There is no god but the One God, Allah, the Creator of the Universe. He has no partners and He has no son. He is Compassionate and oft-returning in Mercy to those who repent.
2. Muhammad (pbuh) is the Messenger of Allah and the last of messengers and prophets. When we accept Muhammad, p, we also accept Abraham, Moses and Jesus (peace be on them).
3. Muhammad (p) can be a role model for all people because his life is documented in the Hadith. We cannot follow Jesus (p), for example, because we do not know how he lived and what was his daily way of life. Did Jesus (p) marry? There is no record. Husband-wife relations, family life, the rulings regarding sexuality are essential to civilization: These are exemplified in the life of Muhammad (p).
4. Education is emphasized by the Qur'an and the Hadith. We should excel in the Humanities, the empirical sciences, the social sciences but more important than all these is understanding of the Qur'an and the Hadith. Unless the Islamic texts become part of our thinking, we will be in the same mess in which everyone else is.
5. Education without Islam can be seen across America's universities which are witnessing the proliferation of drugs, date rape and the destruction of family values. Such education leads to arrogance and destructive attitudes which support our military establishment and are poisoning the world's environment.
6. Look at the ROLE MODELS the Media is presenting to young people. We never see Muslim or African-American people on TV who are scholars, scientists, teachers and discoverers. Instead, week after week, we see Kobe Bryant, a 20 year old with millions of dollars who is accused of rape but says he only committed adultery (with his wife sitting next to him).
7. The media and Hollywood culture want our young women to take their clothes off and our young men to behave like clowns and boys. Hence it is great to see sisters wearing the hijab and coming here to study Islam and brothers trying to cover up and learning to respect women.
8. Our young people must educate themselves about Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine and be able to answer the Zionist propaganda being disseminated by International Jewry. We must oppose war and we must help the people to understand that Muslims are only fighting for their rights IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. Tanks and planes cannot defeat the Ummah of Islam.
9. The U.S. cannot defeat Iraqis or Afghans, Israel cannot defeat the Palestinians. Although Taliban had no planes or artillery, they defied America, and Iraqis are fighting even though they do not have regular armed forces. The Palestinian children are willing to die rather than be slaves.
10. We must be an aware people, MUTTAQI, and not be fooled by propaganda. Alcohol, drugs, crime, rampant sexuality, exploitation of women are ruining this country. The government is building bigger and bigger prisons. Without Islam, there is no hope for America.
The program started with introductions and concluded with the chanting of: "Ya Allah, Ya Allah. La Illaha ill Allah. Muhammad Rasul Allah."

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