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Slavery in Sudan Story was a Fabrication: The Truth Finally Admitted
Br. Hodari Ali Honored for his work in Defending the truth about Sudan

On March 9, 2002 a sedate but touching ceremony was held in Mount Rainier, Maryland (just outside Washington, DC) to honor Br. Hodari Abdul-Ali for his services to the people of Sudan.

Readers might remember that the Zionist-media, starting with the Baltimore Sun, lead a loud and vicious campaign against Sudan with the claim that there is "slavery in Sudan."

Br. Hodari Ali, who is a well-travelled friend of Africa and set up bookstores in American cities to disseminate quality books on African history, culture and religion, VISITED SUDAN TWICE TO FIND OUT THE FACTS FOR HIMSELF. On one of these visits, he was with a Christian clergy group investigating the same issue.

As Br. Hodari wrote in the Washington Informer (June 14-20, 2001 issue):

"We traveled throughout the country, including Khartoum in the north and places like Wau, the second largest city in the south. While we saw extreme poverty, and the effects of famine and civil war, we concluded that there is no slavery taking place there."

He exposed the PR exercise which the "slavery in Sudan" people were undertaking about "redemption of slaves" by Americans sneaking into southern Sudan and paying money to supposed "slave dealers" to free "slaves."

It is indeed a tribute to Br. Hodari Ali that he was way ahead of the American media in pointing out that the "slavery in Sudan" story was a scam.

FINALLY ON FEBRUARY 26, 2002 THE WASHINGTON POST admitted in a watered down report what NEW TREND and FINAL CALL had reported a couple of YEARS earlier, that the "slavery" thing was a scam.

The Washington Post report has these headlines:
"Ripping off slave 'Redeemers': Rebels exploit westerners' efforts to buy emancipation for Sudanese." It continued the story with this headline: "In Sudan, Rebels are swindling 'redeemers."

Claims were made for the redemption of "60,000" slaves by a missionary group called "Christian Solidarity International" (CSI). {This is 4 times the number compiled by the CSI's tribal allies on the ground.}

Huge sums of money were given to the rebels in this swindle. The African American community was duped by Christian groups who were either very naive or were linked to the Zionists. The Post notes that the National Association of Basketball Coaches collected $100,000 for the redemption of supposed slaves.

How was the trickery carried out? In its watered down version, the Post states:
"But in some cases, according to witnesses and rebel officials, the slaves weren't slaves at all, but people gathered locally and instructed to pretend they were returning from bondage."
We honor men of truth like Br. Hodari Abdul-Ali for speaking the truth when most people were fooled.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen, led by Sis. Ashira Na'im, played an important role in challenging the "slavery in Sudan" story but we will relate that separately.
THE HOSTILITY OF THE JEWS IN AMERICA to Islam and African-Americans is important to note in reference to the "slavery in Sudan" story. The Jewish so-called Holocaust Museum took the stories of Muslim "atrocities" in Sudan as truth and actually ALLOCATED A SECTION of the Museum to the atrocity/slavery stories. Such are the Jewish liars that they will swallow any lie as long as it will hurt Islam and Muslims.
{As we have pointed out before, inter-tribal warfare can lead to captivity on both sides. The Zionists construed this to mean "slavery" and built the whole case for sanctions against Sudan.}
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