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Palestinians Score Against Zionist Occupation Forces
{The rally for Br. Sulayman (John Walker) will be held inshallah near the court house in Alexandria, Virginia on Feb.25, Monday, at 10 a.m. Email us to join the rally.}

PALESTINE: Israel is making a determined effort to crush the Palestinian people. Assassinations of Islamists, murder of protesting youths and children, demolition of homes is a daily tragedy. Entire cities have been turned into concentration camps by the dastardly Zionist Jews. People cannot travel from one village to another without being humiliated by Jewish army thugs. Women in labor, people in pain cannot reach hospitals because they have to pass through checkpoints manned by Jewish swine armed by the U.S.

The tightest security blanket in the world has been placed on the entire Palestinian people. Arafat, who was himself brought up by the Jews in cahoots with the U.S., is being kept in house arrest by Israeli tanks. Poor fellow is being cajoled to let his police loose on the Islamists. He can't do the dirty work, so he is kept like a prisoner. The entire Palestinian nation is being humiliated and crushed by the criminal dregs of Jewry drawn from around the world to occupy a land which is not theirs.

WITHIN THAT CONTEXT, the heroes of Islam are doing that which the oppressor thought could not be done. First the martyrdom operations shook occupied Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, making it clear to Israel's supporters worldwide: This land occupied by the dregs of Jewry is not a place for tourism and partying.

NOW THE LATEST: Israel's pride, a Merkava tank has been blown up by the mujahideen.. Three of the Zionists were killed and 5 injured. Now the martyrdom seekers have attacked the toughest Jewish thugs, the military at the checkpoints and KILLED SIX of the occupiers. {Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd.}
{Dear Muslims of America: Don't sit back helpless. Your power is in your money. REMEMBER IT IS HARAM TO GIVE YOUR MONEY TO JEWISH BUSINESSES WHICH HELP ISRAEL. Are you still visiting Disney? Do you know that Disney's Eisner distributes money to Israel's supporters all over America and DISNEY HAS SET UP ITS TWIN IN ISRAEL. Boycott the Jews who support Israel. BUSH HAS EVEN CLOSED OUR CHARITIES, taking the bread out of the mouths of Muslim widows and orphans. Do not give to any charity which has the slightest taint of Zionism.}

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