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Aware Africans Demonstrate against Handover of Muslims to the U.S.

On June 27, hundreds of Muslims demonstrated in Blantyre, the capital of Malawi, a small country in Africa.

The facts are as follows:

Malawi's government arrested five Muslims, two Turks, a Kenyan, a Saudi and a Sudanese and claimed that they were part of Osama bin Laden's network. Quickly a case was filed by the Muslim community in the high court. The court issued an order: Either charge the five or release them on bail.

Instead of listening to the rule of law, the ruler of Malawi, another mercenary like Musharraf, handed over the five to the FBI who immediately whisked them out of the country.

During the demonstration, the Muslims also ransacked the offices of the local puppet "Islamic association" for not working diligently on behalf of the five. The demonstrators were tear gassed by the police before they dispersed.

[By comparison, in PAKISTAN, general Musharraf hands over Muslim refugees to the FBI without ANY PROCESS OF LAW at all. Pakistanis have no idea what is going on till it is too late. Musharraf also has a sharp "Information" minister who issues disinformation to confuse the people. In the most recent arrest of an Egyptian in Peshawar, the Musharraf regime claimed that it had no knowledge (!) that any such person had been arrested, although the arrest and handing over had been confirmed by the U.S. ]
[Musharref is either much too slick for the Pakistani opposition, or the opposition is too easy going and led by comfortable middle class types.]

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