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WAR ANALYSIS in Easy-to-Read Outline:
Bush, Blair and Sharon should be investigated by an international tribunal
by our media monitor

1. The Iraqi people did not welcome the U.S.-U.K. invasion.
2. Majority of Iraqis support President Saddam Hussain for nationalistic reasons. Even the Shias are not supporting the U.S. invasion though some of their leaders have become collaborators.
2a. Islamic volunteers are in Iraq fighting the Americans. If a coalition between the mujahideen and Saddam's forces emerges it could create serious problems for the U.S.
2b. President Saddam's survival four months after the U.S. took over, with a bounty of $25 million on his head, indicates the mistake the US-UK made. The man is hugely popular. In fact he is becoming a LEGENDARY FIGURE. How many Muslim rulers have continued to fight even after their country was taken over by the most powerful military force in the world?
3. The U.S.-U.K invasion was illegal and a gross violation of international law and Islamic law.
4. ISRAEL and International Jewry was the main force behind the invasion. The PEOPLES OF THE WHOLE WORLD opposed the invasion in no uncertain terms.
5. Blair, the baby faced poodle of Bush, has played a behind-the-scenes role in the war which must be investigated by an international tribunal. He brazenly opposed the will of the British people and should be brought to trial as a war criminal.

The will of the Muslim world, one billion people, is no longer expressed through "Muslim" rulers, all of whom are working, openly or quietly, with Bush, Blair and Sharon. An ISLAMIC UNITED NATIONS [or KHILAFA FORUM] must be organized to express the will of the ONE BILLION MUSLIMS OF THE WORLD. It could be based on points on which ALL Muslims agree:

1. U.S. and its allies must withdraw from all Muslim countries, particularly Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Chechnya.
2. Israel must be dismantled and Jews who came from overseas should be sent home with safe conduct and very peacefully if they do not resist (with the exception of criminals like Sharon who must be tried and sentenced for crimes against humanity)
3. Oil wealth of Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, UAE, Qatar, Libya, Iran must be used first and foremost to provide basic necessities of life and infrastructure to Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Malawi, other African countries, Afghanistan, Bangladesh.
4. All governments in Muslim countries which do not implement the Qur'an and the Sunnah must be opposed by peaceful means.
5. INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC BOYCOTT must be used to deter businesses which support Israel or which do businesses with Israel.
6. An INTERNATIONAL MARTYRS MEMORIAL should be set up to honor martyrs, both men and women, who have kept resistance alive by giving their lives in martyrdom operations.
7. GLOBAL ISLAMIC WOMEN'S MOVEMENT should be organized to honor Muslim women who are achievers according to Islamic standards.
8. GLOBAL ISLAMIC CHARITIES should be organized to help orphans, widows and families with many children.
[Notice that much of this work might have to be done by word of mouth or in cyber space owing to the U.S.-led war on Islam. The human will of ONE BILLION individuals can easily defeat the multinational corporations supported by Bush, Blair and Sharon.]

The Zionist Jews are busy preparing a case against President Saddam Hussain. On August 18 National Public Radio (NPR) reported from one such group. These people are going from house to house in Iraq collecting information from people about "torture" by Saddam's forces.

Only the Jews could be so crafty, that they go into an occupied country where thousands of civilians have been killed in U.S. bombing, and they start a "survey" to prove the use of torture by Saddam's people.

If any such survey is to be carried out, it should be carried out by a neutral tribunal acceptable to the Iraqi people.

What's really happening is an attempt to COVER UP THE GENOCIDE COMMITTED BY THE UN against Iraq through a decade of sanctions and embargo. The occupation forces have stopped all discussion of the sanctions. A crude attempt to LIE BY OMISSION, typical of publications like the New York Times, is underway.

IF ANY READER has heard of any discussion of the million plus deaths caused by the sanctions [on any major media outlet] do let us know.

2003-08-20 Wed 17:19ct