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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulhijjah 2,1426/January 3, 2006 #1

BREAKING NEWS: As we go to the press, Imam Warith Deen Umar's family home is being raided by police. He could hear his children crying on the phone. He himself was not at home.

Please scroll way down for Islamic comment on Sharon's stroke by Dr. Anwar ul Haque in Islamabad, Pakistan

NUMBER 1 TERRORIST Bleeding from Brain: Israel's leader Sharon had a 7 hour long surgery on his brain on January 5. It seems to have failed, for on January 6 he started bleeding from the brain again and was taken to surgery again. The Butcher of Sabra and Shatilla, who personally ordered the murder of Islamic leader Shaikh Yasin, a quadripalegic in a wheel chair, is likely to be permanently incapacitated even if Allah does not want him in hell right away.

Worshipers of the Devil:

  1. President Bush stated after Sharon's stroke: "We pray for him. He is a good man... He is a man of peace....May God bless him" [WBAL Radio, Baltimore, January 5.]
    [If that is not right wing enough for you, read this one:]
  2. According to Christian Evangelist Pat Robertson, Sharon is suffering because he tried to "divide God's land" by withdrawing from Gaza. [MSNBC TV January 6.] Even the Jewish ADL was shocked. Robertson does not realize that the Jews withdrew because of the growing power of Islam and "suicide bombers" as confessed by some Zionists.
  3. And don't think that there are no Muslim worshipers of the devil. In its latest publication, ISNA [so called "Islamic Society of North America"] proudly proclaims its close cooperation with American warmonger Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. With great pride, ISNA's paper states , ISNA Secretary General Sayyid "Syeed and faith leaders met with Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice..." The same page has TWO photos of Syeed, one with ISNA leader "Imam" Siraj Wahhaj and the other with "faith leaders."
    [See Islamic Horizons, January-February 2006, p.10. This is a 60-page multi-colored publication. Thousands of copies are distributed FREE of CHARGE at mosques across the country to disseminate the government version of "Islam."]
[Siraj Wahhaj is being investigated by New Trend for his role in the imprisonment of world famous Islamic leader Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman. Recently Imam Warith Deen 'Umar was attacked in New York. He was then arrested and was visited by the FBI who questioned Imam 'Umar about a khutba he had given in Siraj Wahhaj's Masjid. How did the FBI get that khutba tape? Siraj Wahhaj is keeping quiet.]

[This is what "Tookie" Williams wanted to stop. See "farewell to Tookie" below.]

What a Way to Start the New Year!: [Overseas readers: Check this out.]

January 1, 2006: During Sunday service, a hooded gunman broke into Mt. Zion Church in the little town of Churchville, Maryland [not far from the miltary base in Aberdeen]. He collected the wallets of some of the worshipers and escaped. There was no resistance.

In Baltimore city, the new year day began with three murders. One of these was a young woman whose throat was slashed and her body dumped in downtown. [It stares them in the face, but Americans do not realize the level of oppression of women going on in this country.] The woman's boyfriend has been arrested as a "suspect." One other woman was shot dead in a confrontation between two male thugs at a club.

In 2005, there were 269 murders in Baltimore, 7 less than in 2004. The mayor, a glib talker, claims that this "decrease" shows things are improving!

January 5. Two groups of young gangsters opened fire on each in White Marsh Mall, Baltimore's premiere shopping area. They fired back and forth as they ran through the Mall. Three men were arrested later.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [4 items]
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Baltimore, MD 21234

Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi's Bail Application Accepted: Government Has no Evidence: First Acceptance Since 9.11.

January 5, 2006. The hearing went on all day in the Federal Court, Downtown Miami. The government prosecutor tried a variety of legal ploys to connect Dr Jayyousi to various aspects of "terrorism." At each prosecution move, the Judge wanted evidence and there was none.

Finally, the prosecution wanted that if given bail, the distinguished Muslim educator should have a security "bracelet" placed on his leg so that his movements would be monitored. By then Judge Cooke was getting impatient with the prosecution and denied this final request.

Our congratulations go to Sis. Hidayah [Br. Kifah's wife] and the children who faced this calamity for so many months with great patience.

Br. Kifah's attorney, William Swor, was brilliant. This national level case starting with this victory is indeed a feather in Mr. Swor's cap. He has taken a personal interest in stopping the injustice being done. He is sure that the only reason Br. Kifah has been treated so badly is his genuine faith Islam.

The struggle is continuing. A big bail package has to be put together. Fortunately there is community support. [If you would like to help, let us know.] The trial will begin in September 2006 and it is almost certain that the government will lose.

CAIR's Brazen Opportunism: When Dr. Al-Jayyousi was arrested 9 months back, his wife approached CAIR for help. Like other innocent Muslims, she did not realize that CAIR is a pro-government organization. CAIR told her: "we do not take criminal cases." Deeply shocked and hurt, Sis. Hidaya replied: "My husband is not a criminal." No reply from CAIR.

Readers might remember that CAIR abandoned Prof. Sami al-Arian. In fact his chldren complained of this abandonment in an article which we excerpted from The Chronicle of Higher Education. Now CAIR and Mahdi Bray of MAS etc are holding a meeting in Tampa, Florida to show support for Pro. Al-Arian. Why? Observers say that Al-Arian has been acquitted of the major charges against him. His is now a SAFE case and CAIR+Bray can step in to show support!
[Bray is the person who wants to help the Bush administration catch "Muslim extremists."]

Major Setback for "Mainstream" U.S Media

The U.S. media are in intense "damage control" mode. Their cheap habit of dramatizing human suffering to improve their ratings and to make more money has finally blown back in their faces.

Twelve miners were entombed following an explosion in West Virginia's Sago mine On January 3.

At night January 4, the people of the mining area were praying in a church for the safety of the miners. About 2.35 AM, there was a rumor that the miners had been found ALIVE. Without investigating, the media put out the good news not only locally but across the country and across the world. Next morning, newspapers across America appeared with huge headlines like "ALIVE." All 12 saved etc.

The celebration in the local church went on for more than three hours when suddenly the verified news came out. Yes, the 12 had been found but they were not alive [only one was but in bad shape]. The church people screamed in horror and ran out, some of them cursing God.

For the next two days, the major TV channels have been doing damage control, blaming local authorities and the unknown rumor monger for the tragic misinformation. The fact remains that the media's constant effort to create drama this time bit them. A massive lack of confidence in the Zionist-controlled media, already damaged by the Katrina disaster, has set in.

Boycott Coca-Cola: Here is more evidence

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's boycott of businesses which support Israel got support from the latest information about Coca-Cola coming out of a group in England as follows:

Coca-Cola increase investment in Israel

Haaretz has reported that The Central Bottling Company (Coca-Cola Israel) has bought the 51 percent controlling interest in the Tavor Winery, furthering its ambition to have a holding in every sector of the beverages business.

Central Bottling Company confirmed the report, which brings the soft drinks company smack into the heady realm of wine making, though refused to be drawn on the price paid.
For years the Central Bottling Company had been looking for a medium-sized or big winery to buy and turn into a subsidiary.
Tavor Winery an Israeli company is based on occupied Palestinian land at the foot of Mount Tavor, overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

Friends of Al Aqsa is a voluntary organisation concerned with the defence of Al Aqsa Haram Sharif and the protection of Palestinian Human Rights.
P.O. Box 5127, Leicester. LE2 0WU. England.
Tel 077 11 823 524
Fax ++ 44 [116] 253 7575

4000 Crips Attended Tookie's Going Away: His Son Spoke: Minister Farrakhan gave Eulogy

By Wanda Sabir [Oakland, California.] [Exclusive to New Trend.]

The only element Stanley Tookie Williams' homegoing lacked Tuesday, December 20, in his old stomping grounds, South Central Los Angeles' Westside, was the horse drawn carriage and the second line marching band, a part of his Louisiana heritage. Accused of murdering four people in 1979, the 51 year old man was executed by lethal injection December 13, after months of pleas worldwide to save his life, a life dedicated to peace, conflict resolution, a life he claimed redeemed.

The author of nine anti-gang children's books, and recipient of many awards among them the 2005 Presidential Call to Service Award for his volunteer work with youth, an honorary doctorate and six nominations for the Nobel Peace, four for the Nobel Prize in Literature, many supporters, couldn't believe the former body builder, someone California governor, Arnold Swartzenegger, admired, would not receive a reprieve or clemency, given his good work for the past 14 years while on San Quentin's death row.

So we made the pilgrimage to Southern California, many of us from the Northern part of the state, who were there that dreadful night when after thirty long minutes they pronounced Stanley Williams, dead at 12:34 a.m.

I was almost dead myself, the following week on the long drive to the funeral; I hadn't slept at all and had to pull over to rest when I began to see double. After arriving at my sister's in the wee hours of the morning, we arose later to make it over to the church, not far from where we were staying. It was hot; so hot, black might have been the polite color to wear, but not the most practical.

It was hot, as only LA knows how, amazing given the rain just a day before at home. Not familiar with gang culture, I noticed lots of youth sporting the bandito look, light blue scarves covering all but the eyes. I asked one young man what it symbolized and he told me that he was on parole which meant he could not be found any where near another gang member.

Another man, younger looking than him, was whisked away before I could inquire about his disguise. If the man who spoke to me was representative, then quite a few people assembled outside in the church parking lot had police records and were on probation.

One woman in the parking lot that afternoon lost her daughter to violence, and a mother on stage spoke about her son killed.
"We don't hate the Crips, we hate the violence." She said.
I wasn't aware of the different factions in the group. It truly is a franchise; however, unlike McDonald's restaurants; Crips kill other Crips.

The evening before there was a viewing at Winston Mortuary where Tookie's former girlfriend, Michelle Ash, works. At least 4,000 Crips from the various areas in Los Angeles paid their respects; as they greeted one another in what P-Jay (a gang member I met at Bethel A.M.E. Church) told me was a "call," each call different depending on the Crip affiliation.

After three hours outside, my photographer and I were able to go inside the church into the stuffy balcony to see, what up tothat moment we'd watched on a large outdoor screen. Just in time for the eulogy, delivered by Minister Louis Farrakhan, the rest of the service progressed quickly to the end of what was definitely a well-planned event.

Those who'd patiently braved the heat and discomfort, were finally able to see the man of the hour, Tookie, lying in splendor, his face calm, a slight smile on his lips. I was in line behind a man in a wheelchair and spoke to another man on crutches. So many black men are physically maimed, or crippled because of violence. No longer is genetics the sole reasona person might be in a wheelchair; a lot of it is gang-related preventable.

I was trying to maintain the right attitude, the right tone that afternoon, especially around so many gang members and gang activity which were and still are killing African people. There was even a slight altercation in front of the church. However, police and Rev. Jesse Jackson were able to keep rival Crips apart I heard. There was no need for ambulances, police cars or vans.

The afternoon was strangely peaceful. Tookie's son, Travon Williams, spoke eloquently about his task, one he expressed to his dad, Stanley before he was murdered by judicial teeth which only seem to close when an African is in the trap. The true terrorists, the ones who keep rewriting the laws or like George W. Bush simply ignore them, get away every time. One can see why two kids with survival on their minds, Stan and Raymond Lee Washington, one from the Eastside, the other, Westside, both 17, would invent a machine like the Crips to keep their neighborhoods safe. The only problem was, they identified the wrong enemy.

"I have your mess to clean up," Travon told his dad. "You know he didn't like that. He told the mourners that afternoon. (Nonetheless) I was raised by soldiers, I am a soldier, so I feel I can speak for the soldiers, he continued, then began to outline a plan for a worldwide crusade to work for peace, abolish the death penalty and clear his father's name.

The Allahu Akbars (God is Greatest) echoing throughout the hall reminded me of the old days in the Nation of Islam. The mosque ringing with spirit as strong male voices shouted out their belief and faith in a higher power.

Unlike his father, Travon chose a route other than Crippen, while his brother Stan, in prison now, didn't. Any man who says he enjoys the warfare, always looking over his shoulder, can't go anywhere without potential threat, is lying! (Yet) this judicial system showed those on the street change don't mean nothing.

Travon spoke scripturally about his dad, mentioning verses from the bible which pointed to the inevitability of his father's demise and his rise from the ashes, ashes of guilt and blame.

Redemption breaks down, as we say in the streets, to come anew, to put on a new attitude, to change your program.

Redemption means to 'Free what is distressing or harms, to release from ...debt.
How can a man redeem himself if he is innocent? Stanley said he was innocent of the crimes he was convicted of. What he redeemed himself from was being a Crip.

Learn the Greek words, you Greek. Redemption: śTo change for the better, to work towards something of value.

This is the spirit of redemption, something all ya all have. Yall got it man! I see it; I can see it in your eyes. Travon said to his peers and elders.

Second Exchange of Letters

Mut'ah [Temporary Marriage] Exploits, Demeans Women: Strictly Forbidden by Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. Rebuttal of Sectarian Arguments in Support of Mut'ah

by Kaukab Siddique

asalamu alaikum

I wanted to help the Shia community by pointing out that Khui Foundation and Syed Mohsin Naquvi are doing serious damage to Muslim unity by trying to validate Mut'ah [temporary marriage]. Mut'ah is a form of prostitution which demeans women. It is not essential to Shi'a doctrine and is mistakenly defended by Shia scholars who think mut'ah was forbidden by 'Umar, r.a., [whom they hate] and not by the Prophet, pbuh.

I made two points: First: there is no verse in the Qur'an which permits mut'ah. And Mut'ah was finally and forever forbidden by Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and this prohibition is clearly stated in the most authentic book of Hadith, the Sahih of Bukhari.

One verse in the Qur'an is interpreted, by Shias, with great difficulty, to indicate that Mut'ah is Halal! Let me repeat that Halal and Haram in Islam is not based on interpretation but on clear verses and unambiguous Hadith.

I also pointed out that Al-Khui Foundation is supporting the occupation of Iraq by the U.S. and this sudden adventure in America to validate Mut'ah may give the impression of a sinister move. [I meant that the U.S. government might be using Al-Khui Foundation to create a sectarian issue and to give Islam a bad name to turn women away from Islam.]

Instead of taking this good advice, the Shia group [which I am sure does not represent all Shias] tried to ridicule me and insisted on the validity of Mut'ah. [See below abusive letter from Dr. Masood Zaidi published by Ali Hasan in support of Mohsin Naquvi and Al-Khui Foundation.]

To top it all, Masood Zaidi published material from the Pervezi sect which quotes Hadith to indicate that Mut'ah was permitted by the Prophet, pbuh, himself. The Shias were fooled by the Pervezis, each working for its sectarian interests.

Introduction to the Issue:

CONTEXT: The Qur'an was revealed in STAGES.

"Those who reject faith say: 'Why is not the Qur'an revealed to him all at once?' Thus [is it revealed], that We may strengthen thy heart thereby, and we have rehearsed it to thee in slow, well-arranged stages, gradually." [The Quran 25:32]

Because Hadith is commentary in the Qur'an, it too refers to various STAGES of the mission of Muhammad, pbuh.
The evils of society were gradually removed as the Islamic community developed. Even major commandments like the prohibition of liquor, the end of Riba [interest], the removal of slavery, the change in the conditions of prisoners of war, all went through STAGES of development.

This gradual process is even more applicable to the transformation of women from slaves and things and mere vessels of pleasure [under the pagan-Christian-Jewish system], to equals and the AWLIYYA of men, a mutual relationship without any concept of female inferiority.

Let us look at the verse of the Qur'an which Shi'a scholars try to interpret to validate Mut'ah. It is verse 24 of Sura Nisa [chapter 4]. This Surah was revealed early in the era of Islam in Madinah [as we learn from Hadith]. The verses preceding 4:24 put a stop to the sexual anarchy which was rampant in pagan-Jewish society. For instance, 4:22 puts an end to the male inheriting his father's wife. The next verse 4:23 categorically prohibits incest.
[Its categories are completed by Hadith.]

Then in 4:24 it prohibits adultery and then insists on proper marriage, be it with those who are captives or women from mainstream society. The next verse 4:25 is a radical verse because it sanctifies MARRIAGE with prisoners of war and slaves [and/or former slaves], which had never happened before in human history. Thus the MOST OPPRESSED sections of society were brought into the mainstream.

Let us look at 4:24 because it is the only verse which the Shias can use. It says:

"Also [prohibited in marriage are] women already married, except those whom your right hands possess. Thus has Allah ordained [prohibitions] against you: Except for these, all others are lawful, provided you seek (them in marriage) with gifts from your property,- desiring chastity, not fornication. Give them their dowery as a duty for the benefit/enjoyment you have of them. But if after a dower is prescribed, ye agree mutually (to vary it), there is no blame on you, and Allah is All-Knowing All-Wise."

Notice that temporary marriage would be totally contradictory to the entire message being given here which emphasizes chastity, not fornication. Also notice the equality of the spouses; they can agree MUTUALLY to alter the dower or economic base of the marriage. There is absolutely no prermission here for Mut'ah.

{Masood Zaidi can also look up the translation of the Qur'an by Shakir being distributed by a Shia organization, Tahrike Tasrsil-e-Qur'an. There is no difference in the translation except that the word "benefit" or "enjoyment" is replaced by "profit.}

The words for "benefit" or "enjoyment" or "profit" ["because you derive benefit/enjoyment/profit from them"] in the Arabic original are: "famastamta'tum bihi" have the root "mut'ah" in them. This gave the Shias an opening.

There are Hadith which indicate that men, especially in war time, "enjoyed" women [did mut'ah] with them for limited periods of time. The Prophet, pbuh, did not stop them right away, and even permitted them to do so, as part of his policy of gradual reform. It was the norm in warfare.

Thus the Sh'ias took the root for "enjoyment" mentioned in 4:24 and triied to claim that Mut'ah was permitted by the Qur'an and its details can be seen in the Hadith!

The weakness of the Shia argument is that though there are Hadith showing permission of mut'ah during war time, the Hadith also provides the FINAL PROHIBITION of Mut'ah at the battle of Khaybar. The dishonesty of the Shias lies in the fact that they mention the Hadith showing permission but hide the Hadith showing final and absolute prohibition.

Faced with the Hadith in Bukhari prohibiting Mut'ah, Dr. Masood Zaidi came up with these extremely weak arguments.
  1. "Bukhari seldom used Hadhrat Ali as a source for hadith, even though he was the most authentic source. Yet on this subject Bukhari only quotes Hadhrat Ali."
    My Comment:Dr. Masood Zaidi does not seem to know that Imam Bukhari was NOT a narrator of Hadith. He simply collected Hadith which had the best chains of narration and the narrators with the best memory and character. We should be proud that Ali, r.a., narrated a Hadith from the Prophet, pbuh, which prohibited Mut'ah.
  2. "There were many people in the battle of Khyber. Yet no one else heard about this hadith on such an important subject. Either the prophet whispered in Hadhrat Ali's ears so that no on else heard about it or every one else was still moping about not getting the Banner of Islam."
My Comment: The same Hadith does not have to be narrated by every Sahabi to be normative. No one has found any weakness in the quality of this Hadith. Isn't Ali, r.a., an important enough person to be narrating a Hadith? Masood Zaidi tries to come up with conspiracy theories and indirect insults against the Sahaba. Perhaps he does not know that Imam Bukhari did NOT live in the Ummayad era. He did not have anything to gain by not accepting Hadith from Ali, r.a. In fact there are Hadith in Bukhari's Sahih which extol the Ahlul Bayt.

Masood Zaidi then writes: "I also gave reference from other Sunni sources that showed that it was number two who banned the practice of Mut'a which Hadhrat Ali later reinstated."

My comment: It's a mistake to think that 'Umar, r.a., on his own initiative banned the practice of Mut'ah. There were people like Ibn Abbas, r.a., who in some narrations, which are quite weak, claimed that Mut'ah had not been prohibited. 'Umar, r.a., as the Caliph, declared that the Prophet, pbuh, had banned Mut'ah and that anyone practising it would be punished.

We should be proud of 'Umar, r.a., that he safeguarded the rights of women and made sure that the Prophet's, pbuh, command was implemented. Remember, Dr. Zaidi sahib, that Ali, r.a., was part of 'Umar's [r.a.] SHOORA and NEVER claimed that 'Umar, r.a., was wrong about Mut'ah.

Thus Dr. Zaidi, you have shot yourself in the foot by bringing up 'Umar, r.a. [whom you insultingly call number 2.] Go read Islamic history so you can find how great 'Umar, r.a., was.

As for the number of Hadith narrated by Ali, r.a., they were few for the simple reason that during his Caliphate, which was short, there was constant fratricidal warfare. He did not have time to teach many Hadith.

If you are claiming that Ali, r.a., validated Mut'ah, let me have your text and your source so that I can discuss it.

Now a few words to Ali Hasan [The one who posted the sectarian propaganda in favor of Mut'ah]: Dear brother, you were shameless or ignorant enough to post a lengthy and abusive passage from Ghulam Ahmed Pervez's attack on Hadith called Maqame Hadith. Don't you know that the Pervezis are the enemies of Ahlul Bait? Do you know that one of them named Dr. Shabbir claims that Kerbala never happened?

Hasan sahib, just to win an argument in support of Mut'ah you posted Pervez's garbage. You should do tawbah and refrain from such dishonesty.

Now look at the posting from Pervez: He mentions all those Hadith which indicate that Mut'ah was practised during the time of the Prophet, pbuh. Pervez's purpose was to claim that the Hadith SUPPORTS Mut'ah and hence should be condemned! What did Pervez do to win his argument? He simply LEFT OUT the Hadith which prohibits Mut'ah FOREVER.

Now for a clincher, a final word to Dr. Masood Zaidi: if you don't like the narration from Ali, r.a., in Bukhari's Sahih which makes Mut'ah HARAM, let me give you a Hadith from Sahih Muslim:

"From ar-Rabi'i, from ibn Sabra al-Juhni, r.a., who narrates from his father who said that he was with the messenger of Allah, pbuh, when he [the messenger] said: O people. I had let you have mut'ah with women but surely Allah has now made it HARAM till the Day of Judgement. So if you have a woman with you like that, let her go and whatever you have given her, do not take it back." [Sahih Muslim, kitab-in-nikah, section on Mut'ah.]

[Again, notice what a fraud G.A. Pervez was? He quoted a Hadith from Sabra al-Juhni showing permission for Mut'ah but left out this final Hadith on the matter.]

[Also Pervez provided a fabricated narration, without any basis at all, which implies that, perhaps, Asma, r.a., did mut'ah with Zubair, r.a., and produced Abdullah ibn Zubair, r.a. May Allah forgive me for referring to this shamelessness. In one shot the Shias wanted to attack three great personalities who did not accept Ali's, r.a., Caliphate, so they posted the Pervezi material. However, if you look at authentic Hadith, such as the biographies given in Ibn Sa'ad's Tabaqat al-Kubra, the entire lineage of the three is given. There is absolutely no question of Mut'a here. Shias hurt a lot of Muslims by distributing such nonsense.]

And Masood Zaidi sahib, do not be in a hurry to find fault with Sahih Muslim! It contains the Hadith narrated by Zayd ibn Arqam, r.a., called Hadith al-Thaqalayn which Shia scholars love to quote.

Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English

[Here we give the complete text of Dr. Masood Zaidi's letter to Ali Hasan ridiculing Dr. Kaukab Siddique and defending Mut'ah. Zaidi gave the wrong chapter number of the Qur'anic verse under discussion. We waited three weeks for him to correct himself. He didn't. Such is the level of scholarship used by the sectarians.]

Subj: RE: Exchange of letters
Date: 12/14/2005 11:18:43 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: smazaidi
To: Alihasan
Sent from the Internet

Dear Br. Ali Hasan:

Salaam Alaikum:
Looks like Kaukab Siddique is resurfacing from a long hibernation period. However, nothing has changed. He still can't get his facts straight. I don't know who he wants to impress with his Ph.D. and Associate Professorship of English. I, certainly, am not impressed. Not only by his qualifications but by his arguments as well. He has been following his misguided ancestors. Number one quoted Hadith to support his argument against the citations from Qur'an. Kaukab Siddique is doing the same thing. Qur'an says Mut'a is legal but he brings in a weak hadith to say it was prohibited. This topic has been discussed in this forum several times including with Kaukab Siddique. It was most recently discussed during the past ten or fifteen days.

He says, Mut'ah was clearly and unambiguously forbidden by the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. It is HARAM. This prohibition is stated in authentic Hadith collected by the most erudite scholar of Hadith, Imam Bukhari." His comments are so childish and amusing that it makes me laugh. Even a prophet cannot change an order from Allah. The verse 3:24 has never been abrogated anywhere in Qur'an. The "erudite scholar" would have us believe that the Prophet (PBUH&HF) prohibited what Allah had allowed. And he calls himself a Muslim! Oh no, wait a minute. The "erudite scholar" is some one named Bukhari. Last time Kaukab Siddique was active in this forum, I wrote a long essay on Mr. Bukhari and his collection of hadith. The so-called "Sahih" has so many false hadith that it can never be called a "sahih."

Even granting the fact that the Prophet wanted to prohibit the practice of Mut'a, he did so during the battle of Khyber.There are two problems with this hadith besides being totally wrong.
  1. Bukhari seldom used Hadhrat Ali as a source for hadith, even though he was the most authentic source. Yet on this subject Bukhari only quotes Hadhrat Ali.

  2. There were many people in the battle of Khyber. Yet no one else heard about this hadith on such an important subject. Either the prophet whispered in Hadhrat Ali's ears so that no on else heard about it or every one else was still moping about not getting the Banner of Islam.
I also gave reference from other Sunni sources that showed that it was number two who banned the practice of Mut'a which Hadhrat Ali later reinstated.

I can again send those references to the "erudite scholar" of today if he so wishes. As for as Syed Mohsin Naquvi is concerned Kaukab Siddique does not even have 10% of the knowledge about Islam as Mr. Naquvi does. Kaukab Siddique likes to indulge in self praise, such as "taking to task or rebutting." His "taking to task" is neither factual nor academic. He should stick to his Associate Professorship and leave the Islamic discussion to true scholars.


Masood Zaidi, Ph.D.
Professor and Department Chairman (Ret)

With Allah's Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Number 1 Terrorist of the World Suffers from Massive Cerebral Infarction

By: Anwar Ul Haque

World's most notorious and number 1 Global Terrosit Aerial Sharon suffered from massive cerebral infarction about an hour ago. This is the definite end of Sharon's career; however the legacy of international terrorism will continue under the "able" leadership of his equally notorious successors. Sharon had commanded 101 Brigade of Israel and demolished thosuands of homes and killed numeorus innocent human beings. As a commander of 101 Brigade the young Sharon used to shut the doors of the poor Palestinian workers and fire upon the doors with rifles so that the residents may not be able to leave the house and then used to drop hand grenades from windows and blast every one inside.

On 16th September 1982 he carried out the massacre of thosuands of innocent and un-armed Palestinain women and girls in Shatilla and Sabira camps. He was in contact with the attackers on phone and supplied them with food and light so that this Satanic play could be continued. Israel's court found Sharon guilty and gave him "Befitting" punishment by make him a minister without portfolio for killing thousands of human beings. Later Israeli public further "punished" him and themselves (As Allah in Quran has promised to keep bringing worst leadership to Israeli people till the last day due to their heinous crimes) by making him their prime Minister.

... Under his direct order Bush attacked Afghanistan using 9/11 excuse. Under Sharon's order Bush attacked Iraq using USA army and thus shedding USA blood for Israel. Only the Zionist comapanies are making billions of dollars from this war and Israel aims at getting more territory to expand. The attack on Afghanistan restored trillion dollar drug trafficking from Afghanistan under the able leadership of slave Hamid Karzai.

Sharon is spritual father of Bush and grand father of Pervaiz Musharraf. His demise, if it happens (if he is lucky to not to live as vegetable on bed) will leave Bush, Blair and Musharraf as orphans.)

Anawar Ul Haque

The writer was one of New Trend's Persons of the Year for 2005.

2006-01-06 Fri 19:31:03 cst