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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Mohurram 4,1428/January 24, 2007 #8


January 22: Jamaate Islami leader, Sis. Aisha Munawar, who was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan, told a press conference that the new elections General Musharraf is planning have little chance of being fair. She said, the country is being rent by the agony of lawlessness, high prices and unemployment. The masses are trying to survive while the rulers are planning "elections," she said.

She was speaking in Larkana, Sind province, which was the stronghold of Ms. Benazir Bhutto.

Pakistani Islamist Opposes Musharraf's Talks with India

January 19: Hafiz Saeed, leader of Jamaat ad-Da'wa, criticized the plans of General Musharraf to hold talks with India on Kashmir. Speaking to a large gathering in Lahore, Hafiz Saeed said that such talks are futile because they simply give India an opportunity to strengthen its military occupation of Kashmir.

Jamaat ad-Da'wa is active in helping Kashmiri victims of the catastrophic earthquake which struck Pakistan's northeast. On EID al-ADHA, ad-Da'wa volunteers provided meals to more than 90,000 survivors of the quake. Ad-Da'wa set up little "towns" in Pakistani Kashmir to shelter the people during winter.

LATEST WAR NEWS: by New Trend's Media Monitor

SOMALIA: New Air Attack. U.S. Troops land to identify Bodies

On January 24, 2007 the U.S. media announced that a U.S. gunship carried out a new air raid in southern Somalia in an attempt to kill a middle level Islamic leader. U.S. troops landed in the area after the raid to identify bodies. The leader was not among those killed but is reported arrested in a separate incident by Ethiopian troops.

The British paper Guardian reported that in the first U.S. attack aimed at top Somali Islamic leaders earlier in the month, which failed, 80 [EIGHTY] Somali bedouins were killed while they were watering their animals. [NT observers say, U.S. policy seems to be to kill everyone in an area where a "suspect" is spotted.]

IRAQ: Apaches Firing Missiles in CENTRAL BAGHDAD

January 24, 2007: An all day battle raged back and forth on Haifa street in Central Baghdad. CNN reports that a missile was used to destroy a strong building which would not give way to heavy machine gun fire. Heavily armed U.S. forces backed by Shi'ite troops trained by the U.S. are involved in this solidly Sunni area which supports the resistance.

Meanwhile, more than 600 Mahdi Militia of Moqtada al-Sadr have been "arrested" without a shot being fired. It appears that these arrests are a charade and the men will be released later.

January 23: The resistance brought down a helicopter over south western Baghdad carrying armed American contractors, all 5 of whom were killed in the incident. A U.S. report says they were killed after the copter crashed.

Meanwhile, Ayman al-Zawahiri, number two leader of the armed Islamic organization known as al-Qaidah, issued a video to challenging President Bush to send all his troops to Iraq. Al-Zawahiri thinks the Islamic forces are winning. Al-Qaidah announced an Islamic State in western Iraq.

In his STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS, President Bush placed al-Qaidah as the number one enemy, followed by Hizbullah as number 2. This time he did not blame Iran and only referred to Iran's nuclear projects as the problem. He no longer refers to Iran as "evil." The President seems to be playing into al-Qaidah's hands by pumping new armadas into Iraq.

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban to set up schools in Liberated Areas

January 22, 2007: The Taliban leadership announced that it will open schools in SIX PROVINCES of Afghanistan this spring. The first schools will be for boys, followed by a second series of schools for girls. Till now the Taliban have not been able to open schools because Islamic schools are seen as fair targets of air strikes by the U.S.

The "Education Minister" of the U.S. installed regime in Kabul responded strongly to the Taliban announcement. He said that the Taliban do not control any territory. He accused the Taliban of burning down schools and denying education to women. [Reporters from Pakistan as well as U.S. sources admit that vast areas of southwestern, southern and southeastern Afghanistan are in Taliban hands. NATO's offensive has come to a stop.]

January 23: A martyrdom operator hit a NATO base on the Kandahar-Oruzgan road where mercenary police were lining up. At least 10 of the police were killed and others wounded. [Source: CNN]

PAKISTAN: Attack on Musharraf Troops

January 22, 2007: A column of Pakistani troops in trucks was hit by a martyrdom operator in a car on the road to Miranshah in Waziristan. The martyr reached the middle of the column before detonating. Three of the trucks were destroyed. Five Pakistani troops were killed and 20 wounded. Local Taliban have denied that they had anything to do with the attack. [Source: AFP and Pakistani Urdu language papers.]

January 21: In the district of Hangu [Frontier province] gunmen set up a road block and attacked a police patrol killing a Pakistani police officer and wounding three.

[The attacks come days after the Pakistan army took credit for the U.S. bombing of a Muslim village in Waziristan in which 20 civilians were killed.]

Important News the U.S. Media Left out:by our Media Monitor [2 items]
Mass Rally in Bangalore, India Condemns Execution of President Saddam Hussein [Shaheed]

January 20, 2007: More than 200,000 Indian Muslims rallied in the ShivRaji area of Bangalore, India to condemn the murder of the mujahid President of Iraq Saddam Hussein. This was the biggest rally of Indian Muslims in recent years and was called by a political leader C. K. Ja'afar Sharif. Many of the demonstrators were carrying pictures of Saddam. The crowd vociferously chanted slogans against U.S. President George Bush.

Clashes with Hindus began when the protestors called on Hindus to close their shops. The police then dispersed the crowd with gunfire into the air. The huge crowd responded with stones which injured several policemen. [Reported by the BBC and Pakistani newspaper Khabrain.]

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Honors General Musharraf of Pakistan: Joint Fighters in the U.S. War on 'Terror'

January 21, 2007. King Abdullah of "Saudi" Arabia held a special ceremony to honor Pakistani coup leader General Musharraf and to give him "Saudi" Arabia's highest award. The King and the General are working together to crush the Islamic resistance to their regimes.
[Source: News International, Karachi, Pakistan.]


The rot in Israel is from top to bottom. Moshe Katsev, the President of the terror entity is being charged with rape committed against his OWN female staff. It took more than a year for the charge to be brought after TEN women accused him over a period of time.

Israel is a free fire zone as far as sex and the exploitation of women is concerned. Tel Aviv is reported to have more BROTHELS than any other city in the world. Every years thousands of women are brought from Eastern Europe and Russia with promises of a new life and then end up being prostitutes for the "Chosen People."

Perhaps Muslims should cherish their bad guys like Abdullah and Musharraf. These men wouldn't last a day if allegations of rape were whispered about them. Our tyrants are solid family men.

ISNA VP Working with U.S. Info & FBI
New Trend Special Report by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Imam Mohammed Magid's Visit to the Holocaust Museum: Lack of Knowledge Combined with a Strong Desire to Recognize Israel and Honor the Zionist Power Structure

In Sterling, Virginia, near Dulles Airport on the west side of Washington, DC, the $5 million ADAMS Center attracts the "brain drain" of the Muslim world, Indian, Pakistani and Arab Muslims who want to understand Islam and worship Allah Almighty. A good Muslim leader, even an average person, could have turned this Islamic Center into a source of blessing for the entire area.

Instead of blessings, the ADAMS Center reeks of the humiliation of Muslims trying to please their oppressors and striving to degrade themselves to fit into the Rand Corporation's program for an "American Islam" cut off from the aspirations of the Islamic Ummah both globally and nationally. How did this increasingly subservient community reach a low point of degradation? Let's begin with a recent incident.

On December 21, 2006 Magid, the Imam of the ADAMS Center, Vice President of ISNA [the so-called Islamic Society of North America] visited the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, along with Prof. Akbar Ahmed, a close friend of the father of Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl who was killed by Islamists in Pakistan following the U.S. attack on Afghanistan. CAIR was represented on this visit along with three "holocaust survivors." [As David Irving pointed out in a speech, a "holocaust survivor" is a euphemism for a Jewish person who was not hurt during the World War in which millions, including German civilians, were killed.]

It appears that ISNA's Vice President Imam Magid is quite unaware of the realities of the Holocaust story. Here are a few facts which no one can deny but which probably Imam Magid is unaware of: What does Imam Magid know about the Holocaust story? Evidently nothing. He is NOT a SCHOLAR either of Islam or of the Second World War. He and Akbar Ahmed seemingly went to the Museum to counter the Iranian President Ahmedinejad's call for an open conference on the Holocaust where all the information which has been censored would be published.

Does Imam Magid have the right to make a political gesture to oppose the Iranian initiative? He would have the right if he were a politically open person. At his mosque, he keeps a tight lid on policies critical of the U.S. government. He opposes views which would condemn American atrocities against the Muslim world. There is no indication of him, or of Prof. Akbar Ahmed, friend of Rabbis and a regular mourner over Daniel Pearl, visiting the sites of the destruction of Kandahar [Afghanistan], or of the bombing of Afghan mosques in Ramadan, or more recently the bombing of Pakistani villages by the U.S. Air Force, including one raid in Bajaur which killed 80 Pakistani children and teenagers. Magid has not mourned the destruction of Fallujah, or the devastation of FIVE other Islamic cities in Iraq's Anbar province, with all their mosques and Islamic schools.

The U.S. government considers Magid's visit to the Holocaust Museum a valuable propaganda tool in its efforts to infiltrate Muslims. Magid is one of the FEW, if not the ONLY person with a Muslim name, whose "achievement" is being distributed and publicized by the U.S. government's Information service.

See: USINFO produced by the Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State. Web site:


Imam Magid has turned the ADAMS Center into a listening post for the FBI's infiltration into Muslim communities. NOT ONE PERSON has been arrested as a terrorist but for no acceptable reason Imam Magid has brought the agents of the oppressors right into the Islamic place of worship. Don't take our word for it. Here is what the ADAMS Center web site says: If no one has been arrested and no one is under suspicion, then why this "excellent relationship?" It has to be Magid's gift to the agents and agencies of the government. There is no other excuse. In all these years after 9.11, the Center has suffered three minor incidents of graffiti spray and a couple of threats. That is certainly not an excuse for the need for "protection." The place has enough money to pay Muslim guards and to organize security.

In its November 14, 2005 issue, TIME magazine, was so pleased with ISNA VP Magid's anti-Islam activities that it published a laudatory report on Magid. [Believe it: Magid is so shameless that he had himself photographed getting an award from the FBI. The photo is available on the Internet] After extensive praise of Magid's virtues, TIME wrote as follows:

"Now Magid often serves as an intermediary, coaxing reluctant congregants who might have useful information about unusual activities in their neighborhoods into meeting with the FBI and advising the bureau on how to be more culturally sensitive--for example, by having male agents schedule interviews with women only when their husbands could be present. Magid regularly tips off the bureau when a stranger with a questionable background wanders into his center. In one case, mosque members alerted him to a newcomer who dealt only in cash and wanted to list the ADAMS-center address as his home on his driver's license application. The next time the imam saw the man in his mosque, he kept the newcomer in his office until agents showed up to question him. In the end, the FBI cleared the man."

This story gradually spread through the Muslim community because TIME is sold at grocery stores. To ward off a backlash from the Muslim community, Magid published this "clarification" on the ADAMS web site:

'The article mentioned, "Magid regularly tips off the bureau [FBI]ů" The nature of my relationship with the FBI and law enforcement is that I meet monthly as a member of a collaborative effort by a number of Muslim American organizations that advocate mutual respect and rights in dealing with federal law enforcement agencies. I often convey to the FBI that our Muslim community needs to be treated as partners, not as suspects. I have repeatedly stated in our meetings that I am proud of our ADAMS community, as we uphold the law and work to bring about justice. Our Muslim Advisory committee does not use these monthly meetings to report upon the activities of our community members as the purpose of the meetings are solely to create avenues to work with law enforcement to preserve our civil liberties and civil rights.

'The article also stated that I " kept the newcomer in his office until agents showed up to question him" Referring to a certain incident we had few months ago at ADAMS Center. In this case, I would like to make clear that the brother involved had been reported to the law enforcement by another person. When the matter came to my attention I informed him that he had been reported to the authorities. The brother asked if he could wait in my office, with an interpreter, so that he could clear his name with the law enforcement. I waited with him in my office, and the matter was settled by a respectful and understanding agent." '

Two serious problems are noticeable here:

Magid is NOT denying his relationship with the FBI. He meets them on a MONTHLY basis. He considers himself a PARTNER of the FBI. Notice that he does not deny helping FBI to question Muslim WOMEN.

Secondly, he did not send this clarification to be be published in TIME magazine. It's a basic rule of journalism, that the clarification must be published where the error was published, if it was an error. One can only presume that Magid is interested in keeping the Muslim community fooled. His turban and beard and Arabic make him popular among Indo-Pakistanis who are easily impressed by such externals. Owing to lack of political maturity, young, rich Muslims are often attracted to characters like Magid.

We urge Magid to remove his turban, shave his beard and join the FBI where he really belongs.

Jose Padilla, U.S. Citizen, Latino Muslim: 1,307 Days in Military Prison Isolation

Excerpts from a Reuters report by Jane Sutton Sun Jan 21, 11:17 AM ET

MIAMI (Reuters) - Jose Padilla rocked back and forth during the meetings with a psychologist, his chained hands sweating and facial muscles twitching, and insisted repeatedly in a voice devoid of emotion that he was not crazy.

He is a bit paranoid and believes the government is persecuting him, "but this does not appear to be delusional," wrote one of doctors who examined the alleged al Qaeda operative in a Miami prison cell at his lawyers' request.

Padilla's case, now set for trial in April, has tested the limits of presidential authority and raised questions about whether the fight against terrorism trumps the basic rights of U.S. citizens.

Arrested in May 2002 and accused by the Bush administration of planning to explode a radioactive bomb, Padilla was held without trial for 3 1/2 years in a military prison. Last year, he was sent into the federal justice system, the "dirty bomber" accusation quietly dropped and a lesser charge of supporting terrorism brought against him instead.

His lawyers said in court papers that 1,307 days of extreme isolation, abuse and interrogation in a U.S. military prison had left the 36-year-old American too mentally impaired to stand trial for aiding Islamist terrorists in the Middle East, eastern Europe and Africa. They want the charges dropped.

U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke gave prison doctors until February 9 to conduct their own mental exam of Padilla. The prosecution rejects claims that Padilla was mistreated.

Yet court documents paint a harrowing picture of his detention at the U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig in Charleston, South Carolina, where the Padilla was held without charge as an "enemy combatant" by order of President George W. Bush.

Padilla was kept in a 9-by-7-foot (3-by-2-metre) cell, the lone occupant in a two-story, 10-unit block, defense lawyer Andrew Patel wrote in an affidavit. The windows were blocked so no light could enter and meals, often cold, were delivered through a slot in the door, Patel said.

Interrogators ordered his pillow and foam mattress removed, forcing Padilla to sleep on a bare steel platform.

Padilla was kept without a clock, calendar or reading material, sometimes for long periods in darkness, and other times for long periods under bright light. He was subjected to extreme cold, deprived of sleep, chained in painful positions and drugged with what he believed to be "truth serum," the documents alleged.

"I have been advised that his cell was electronically monitored and that Mr. Padilla had no contact with other human beings," Patel wrote.


For the first two years, he was not allowed to speak with a lawyer nor send or receive mail, except for a brief note sent to his mother in Florida through the International Committee of the Red Cross.

When Patel was first allowed to visit his client in March 2004, the brig staff told him that Padilla "was so docile and inactive that his behavior was like that of a piece of furniture," Patel wrote.

Nonetheless photos introduced in the court case showed that when Padilla was taken to see a dentist, he was shackled at the hands and feet, wearing blackout goggles and earmuffs, and escorted by guards whose faces were hidden by riot helmets.

Padilla, a former gang member who converted to Islam and moved to Egypt after serving time for firing a gun during a traffic dispute, was arrested at Chicago's O'Hare Airport as he returned from Pakistan in May 2002.

The doctors do not believe Padilla is faking mental illness. He speaks in a monotone and tries to hide his anxiety, they wrote.

"He is terrified that anyone will consider him mentally ill or crazy," wrote Dr. Angela Hegarty, a forensic psychiatrist who examined him.

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