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Monstrous Atrocity Committed by U.S. Air Force and Dostum Communists
500 Islamic Volunteers Killed in U.S. Air Strikes in Prison Compound
50 Executed by Dostum Bandits (hands tied behind backs)
72 Died in Attempt to Fight Back with Snatched Weapons

It's difficult to arrive at factual accounts of the situation in Afghanistan owing to the destruction by U.S. bombers of Al-Jazeerah TV service. American media accounts are fragmentary, contradictory and filled with hate talk about the Islamic volunteers.

After 3 days of watching American accounts of the Mazare Sharif massacre ('uprising' as U.S. reporters like to call it), our media monitor has pieced together the following report:

Many of the defenders of Konduz were persuaded to give up their positions on promises from northern alliance that they would not be harmed. The U.S., however, was concerned that the "foreign fighters" might also survive. (Note the terminology here: Islamists in an Islamic land are being labelled "foreigners" while Americans are to be seen as saviors.)

About 650 of these "foreigners" were taken, some with their sidearms, to a fortress used as a prison in Mazare Sharif. They were assured that they would be safe and would after a while be transferred to UN control.

The Americans were perturbed by the survival of the Islamists, who are en bloc considered terrorists by the U.S. although they have never fought against America. With the help of Communist warlord Dostum, the U.S. attacked the prisoners-of-war in the holding compound. CIA agents were sent to call in air strikes on the compound. MASSIVE BOMBS WERE DROPPED ON THE PRISONERS. Nearly 500 defenseless Islamists were slaughtered in this rain of bombs concentrated into a very narrow area.

Some of the prisoners tried to run for their lives. Of these 50 were caught, tied up and executed by the Dostum communists.

The rest in great desperation took cover and found caches of old weapons in the fortress area. Some of them used their sidearms and some even snatched weapons from Dostum's men. These 72 fighters killed more than 50 of Dostum's bandits before they were killed. They also took a CIA agent with them who had been directing the air strikes.

U.S. media have clearly admitted the following:
1. Most of the "foreigners" were killed in U.S. AIR STRIKES.
2. FIFTY "foreigners" were found EXECUTED with their hands tied behind their backs.
3. The U.S. media have shown Dostum bandits firing into the compound as if carrying out a turkey shoot, gunning down the final 72 who were fighting back.
In the circumstances, this is the best we could piece together from 3 days of fragmentary U.S. reporting. The situation might have been worse than what we could make out. The monstrous atrocity committed against the sons of Islam needs to be investigated by the Muslim world. As in Iraq, the U.S. air force has shown its taste for terrorism against totally defenseless targets.
Even the hardened representative of the International Red Cross was sickened by the carnage of prisoners of war murdered by the most sophistcated jet aircraft.
Here we have a gift from Bush for the Muslim world in the blessed month of Ramadan: 622 Muslims devoted to the cause of Allah, reciters of the Qur'an, who left their homes, families, loved ones, not to fight America but to support the affirmation of Islam in one little country, slaughtered in cold blood by the most organized killing machine in the world.
{It appears that most of the Muslims killed were from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chechnya, Egypt and Somalia with a few from Jordan and other countries.}
Shaikh Namahgani, leader of the Islamic movement in Uzbekistan, was killed in a U.S. bombing raid in Mazare Sharif. It's not clear if he was killed in the prison compound or in a separate incident. Readers who have the information are urged to share it.

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