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Dr. Anwarul Haque in Pakistan has sent us an email pointing out that the arrest of former Afghan ambassador in Islamabad, Mullah Abdus Salam Zaeef, is a serious violation of international law. It appears that the Musharref government has handed over Zaeef to the U.S. government which has transferred him to its warship USS Bataan. Muslims have never fallen so low in their laws of hospitality.

The arrest and handing over of a well-known ambassador to a third country thirsting for his blood is a new low in the career of Pakistani 'president', coup leader General Musharraf. It fits in well with our theme in this report on MERCENARIES and BELIEVERS in Pakistan. Our sources say, most Pakistanis are as shocked and disgusted with the arrest of the ambassador as Dr. Haque is. However, for Musharref, the money and protection he is getting from the Bush administration is far more important.
{ABOUT DECEMBER 22 WHEN THE COUNCIL OF ROGUES AND CUT-THROATS was meeting in Kabul (a 'government' brought in by U.S. B-52s), a tragedy took place in eastern Afghanistan which was step one in a new series of American attacks on Afghan villages.}

A convoy of vehicles carrying tribal elders was on the way to Kabul from Gardez to observe the opening ceremonies of the new government. On the way, the convoy was bombed by the heroic U.S. air force. All 15 civilian vehicles were hit and 65 civilians, including tribal elders, were killed.

In its first response to the report of 65 dead, the U.S. claimed that the convoy was attacked because there were THREE al-Qaeda members in it.

However, the tribal people protested and pointed out that this was actually a group loyal to the new set-up and friendly to the U.S.! The U.S. then changed its report and claimed that a stinger had been fired at its planes from the convoy.

Pakistani reporters familiar with the ground say that the U.S. has distributed satellite phones among its mercenaries in Afghanistan and they can call in air strikes if they suspect the presence of Al-Qaeda or Taliban. These agents often behave like U.S. highway police filling quotas for tickets given out. They call in air strikes to show that they are doing their job for the good money they are getting.
However, following that attack, the U.S. has bombed eastern Afghan villages almost on a daily basis. Heavy civilian casualties have resulted. In one village alone on December 31, the U.S. killed 100 civilians, according to AP and Reuters.

According to Pakistani sources, the U.S. has killed 60,000 (SIXTY THOUSAND) civilians in Afghanistan since the bombing began. The information cannot be verified but tallies well with the number of bombs dropped with the average of one bomb out of a hundred falling on civilians.

Documentation of civilian deaths from bombing is also going on. Documentation is a difficult task because only those deaths are documentable which were reported and published by western media. According to this process, the U.S. air force has killed 4,076 Afghan civilians.
WHY THE CONTINUING BOMBING OF EASTERN AFGHANISTAN when the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are eluding U.S. attacks successfully? Pakistanis say that the U.S. sees all PASHTUNS as potential Taliban and fears a resurgence of the Islamic movement which would unite Pakistani and Afghan Pashtuns under the banner of Islam, a mixture which would be more powerful than the original Taliban movement.
The bombing is meant to destroy the movement in its initial stages. Pakistanis however insist that the U.S. air force here is doing the exact opposite of its mission because the Pashtuns neither forgive nor forget and Islam gives them the right of BADAL or retaliation.
NOW WE COME TO OUR MAIN STORY: Around December 21, a number of Al-Qaeda slipped into Pakistan, about 35 of them. They were captured by Pakistani border forces owing to intelligence provided by the tribe whose area they had entered. They had made the error of entering the Parachinar district where the Shia sect has its center and these have always sided with anti-Islam forces.
The Al-Qaeda were arrested and were being taken away in transport provided by the Pakistani border force, a mercenary organization which once served the British. On the way, the Al-Qaeda members grabbed the guns of the Pakistanis and tried to capture the bus. In the shootout, the bus crashed with 7 people killed on each side. The Pakistani forces surrounded the area and brought in helicopters to capture the escaped Al-Qaeda.

The Al-Qaeda members killed were dumped into a mass grave.

All this happened very quickly. As the news spread to nearby villages, the BELIEVERS asked for volunteers to go and honor the Al-Qaeda whom the villagers described as martyrs. A several thousand strong LASHKAR (or volunteer force), armed and angry, marched to the grave. The Pakistani troops, heavily outnumbered, withdrew after firing shots in the air.

The LASHKAR then dug up the bodies of the Al-Qaeda members, mostly from Yemen and Chechnya, kissed their faces, held janaza prayers and re-buried them with honor. In their speeches, the LASHKAR leaders made these points:
1. These martyrs are the best of Muslims because they did both hijrah and jihad.
2. They gave up their homes and loved ones for the sake of Islam.
3. We are ashamed of the 'dogs' in human shape who betrayed and sold these martyrs.
4. O Allah have mercy on Pakistan. We have nothing to do with the acts of betrayal of this government. It does not represent us.
The LASHKAR then advanced on the Sh'ite settlement which had informed on the Al-Qaeda members. The Sh'ites fled but the houses of their leaders were set on fire.
Parts of this report were published in the daily NATION, a middle of the road English daily in Pakistan, on December 24. Urdu language papers have also given some of the details. The New York Times and International Herald Tribune avoided the main story but reported that these tribesmen would defend any al-Qaeda, even Osama, if they sought refuge among them.

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