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U.S. Fires 40 Missiles in Attempt to Kill Saddam Hussain

March 19: At about 9.45 PM Eastern Standard Time, CNN and other U.S. TV channels reported missile attacks on Baghdad. By 10.30 PM the reports stated clearly that at least 40 tomahawk missiles and at least one bunker buster bomb had hit Baghdad in an attempt to kill "targets of opportunity." It was evidently an attempt to kill the President of Iraq and four other leaders.
At 12.30 A.M. EST, March 20, President Saddam Hussain came LIVE on IRAQI TV to urge the people to stand united and alert. His iron will was evident, as he spoke wearing military uniform and reading with the help of glasses. His call: "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar." He condemned the U.S-Zionist alliance and hailed the people of Iraq and Palestine. He called on the people to be ready for Jihad. As he turned the pages of the statement he read, his hand did not shake or tremble.

On March 19, an story was put out that the Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz had defected. Tariq Aziz came on Iraqi TV to refute the story. He said, this kind of disinformation will probably continue. {If Iraqi TV had been knocked out, this kind of story would have been effective.}
[Christians like Aziz have great respect in Iraq. The U.S. media do not report on Christian community in Iraq so that demonization propaganda against Saddam may not be affected.]

ANOTHER STORY WAS PUT OUT THAT SAUDI ARABIA has asked Saddam to take refuge there. By the evening of March 19, Saudi Arabia had refuted the story.
FUNNY SIDE TO WAR: Karzai's "government" (in Kabul) has offered the U.S. support in its war on Iraq. Karzai is listed as "Afghanistan" in the list of "pro" countries issued by the U.S.
by our representative Ather Masood

The media refuses to elaborate on what has transpired today.

The following events with regards to Iraq has happened:

1. President Bush HAS ALREADY authorized war through Vice President Cheney.

2. America troops have ALREADY crossed the border from Kuwait into Southern Iraq.

3. U.S. and British bombers dropped over one hundred, laser-guided, 2,000 lbs bombs all over Southern Iraqi battle stations. The number of casualties are not yet know.


On Saturday, March 17, one of the most well-known Chicago area communities protested against the upcoming war. In the neighborhood of the newly elected governor of Illinois, an estimated 100-200 anti-war protestors flocked to Wells-Park carrying signs and chanting against the war. The unique gathering was composed of local volunteers, War- veterans who choose to come out despite feeling backlash, students, and even the Alderman. The funny thing about this incident was that the Alderman was confronted by local police officers who did not recognize their own Alderman. If these police officer do not even know their own Alderman can they really differentiate between Osama Bin-Laden, Saddam Hussein, or even a person of color? The police were shocked to learn of the Alderman from the very community of the Governor.
That very same evening, thousands of people marched towards the Ravenswood neighborhood once again to hold a candlelight vigil to protest American Imperialism. Adjacent area-living residents in joined Ravenswood residents turned out to continue the protest. This time with about 1,000-2,000 participants from Middle-upper class backgrounds. The entire spectacular event was made possible by Ms. Julie Peterson whose website link is:

On March 18, Sunday an estimated 9-10,000 Anti war marchers lined the Federal Plaza in downtown. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Vietnam war veterans, Native-Americans, Mexican-Activists, African-American activists and many others joined forces to completely halt downtown activity.

Joan Baez, the legendary singer, organized a successful gathering that included people from every aspect of American life. The major streets in downtown Chicago were completely flooded with protestors, some coming from as far away as California just to protest Bush's policy. Well known Professor of Civil Rights Barak Obama denounced President Bush's war which totally disregards public opinion in the entire world.


On March 11, 2003 the Villa Park Masjid was attacked by random vandals who launched a projectile into the front windows. Even though several individuals were praying at the time, the assailant shattered the front glassed-windows and was able to escape. Let it be known the Villa Park Masjid was one of the few places that invited Dr. Siddique to speak on various subjects regarding the Muslim community. At this point, police have been unable to apprehend any suspect. The Villa Park area in Illinois has been known to be a place frequented by white supremacists for a LONG time. However, the overwhelming number of people there support, stand with, and appreciate the Muslims in that community.


As we all know now, Dr. Samirah was denied entry into America from Ireland. Despite living a life of complete activism and self-sacrifice from the Muslim community. Dr. Samirah ALWAYS was seen at every Muslim event. Always helping, striving, and appreciating Muslims from all walks of life. He was most involved with being a liaison between Muslims, Arab-Americans, and even Non-Muslims and various elected officials. IT IS A SHAME THAT DESPITE THE FACT EVERY ELECTED OFFICIAL KNEW THE BROTHER, ALL KEPT THEIR MOUTH SHUT WHEN HE WAS PUSHED INTO CRISIS.

Now the media is trying to defame Dr. Samirah's academic reputation. Quite recently media moguls have tried to question whether the brother earned credible degrees in college. To this we ask the question what does this have to do with his denial of entry? Why was he denied entry at this time? In the end the removal of Dr. Samirah from these shores, is an attempt to destroy any Muslim in leadership. We are being placed into a situation where any Muslim speaking up will be COINTELPROED out of town.


We must be aware that many so-called "Muslims," are being used by Mr. Ashcrofft to spy, report, slander, and eventually destroy Muslims in this nation. We need to advise our Muslim community, Pro-war activists, and families (bad and good) to become aware of those representatives in the mass-media or government being used to spy and destroy Muslims attempting to stand for the freedoms and rights. Do not accept interviews with people who you do not know. Question interviewers from the media or from the police before they question you. REMEMBER! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TALK TO THE FBI. Tell them to speak to your attorney.
MUSHARREF of Pakistan, MUBARAK of Egypt are Part of War on Muslims
[From Shaikh Mohommed, our representative in London, England]

Well, the die is cast and occupation of Iraq will commence. This is not a war because there is no Army in Iraq which will make a stand. Iraq has no WMD/chemical weapons. This is not a commencement of an attack because attack by US/British planes have been continuing under the so-called “no-fly zone”.

We know that Baghdad and other cities will be bombarded and Iraqi populations will be the target. Before they commence occupation of Iraq, they will make sure that Iraqi cities and towns will be devastated and destroyed. Then only and only then will US and British forces enter Iraq.

We should in the meantime hold fast to our religion (Islam) and pray that Allah (SWAT) helps us in this difficult time. We should also use our energy in demonstrating and marching and doing any activity however little to expose the aggression against the people of Iraq and also expose the stooges ruling over Islamic countries. General Musharraf of Pakistan, President Mubarak of Egypt, and other Governments are helping USA to kill Iraqis and Palestinians and it is our duty to bring these Governments to account.

Time is not far when the might of USA will be defeated as it was defeated in Vietnam. Inshallah.

Shaikh Mohommad

2003-03-20 Thu 13:15ct