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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulq'idah 23,1427/December 15, 2006 #83

Top of the line: by Kaukab Siddique
Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman [the blind Shaikh] is dying.
Time to let him go.

On December 14, 2006, U.S. TV channels transmitted muddled messages about Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman. Some of these messages claimed that the Shaikh is dead; others said that he is dying. In any case, he must be very unwell for the U.S. government to have put out this info for its own reasons [ostensibly for fear of terrorist attacks].

As far as New Trend has been able to find out, the Shaikh is alive.

We urge the U.S. government to let him go so that he can spend his last days with his family. He has been broken physically. Thirteen years in solitary confinement can destroy a man who is BLIND, suffers from diabetes and other maladies, has no family visitors and cannot speak with his captors because he does not know English.

Let him go, America! That's the only decent thing to do.
Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman took refuge in America, fleeing from the terrorist regime of Egypt's dictator Hosni Mubarak. He thought of America as many immigrants have thought: a safe haven for people fleeing tyranny. The Shaikh did not realize that America has been taken over by the Zionists. It is no longer a free nation.

Keeping the Shaikh's broken body in Colorado's supermax prison for a decade, with its sound proof cells (even screams do not go outside the cell), was a waste of tax payer's money. He is no threat to anyone.

As far as Dr. Abdel Rahman's message is concerned, no prison can stop it, nor any worldly power. He helped the Muslim world to realize that Jihad [armed struggle with all its associated support activities] is CENTRAL to Islam and OBLIGATORY on every Muslim man, woman and child wherever Muslim majorities are facing dictatorship, oppression, occupation, exploitation or where Muslim women are facing dishonor, rape and cultural imperialism.

Dr. Abdel Rahman is already Shaheed [inshallah], as the Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] has taught about people who bear witness to the truth of Islam at great risk to their own lives. The Shaikh was convicted by a Zionist-jewish judge, Michael Mukasey. He never got a fair trial, as discussed in previous New Trend issues.

Let the Shaikh go, America. Let him die in peace. Perhaps some of the good of pre-Zionist America still exists.

IRAN's Anti-Holocaust Conference Hits Censorship: U.S. Media Attempt Counter Attack

The first fruits of the conference were that the tightly controlled U.S. media were pressuring into bringing "holocaust deniers" to U.S. TV screens. CNN's technique was to interview David Duke [Louisiana]. The interviewer, Wolf Blitzer, told his audience 11 times that David Duke was with the KKK before bringing him on. That way whatever he said would be discredited.

However David Duke turned the tables on Wolf Blitzer. It appears that Duke left that racist group THIRTY YEARS BACK. So for that long, the corporate media have been abusing Duke without letting him have the right of reply.

Duke, speaking from Tehran, really gave it to Blitzer. It was a step-by-step destruction of Blitzer's Zionist antics. For those 30 years Blitzer has been hiding the fact that he is a Zionist Jew and works like the servant of Israel. Duke destroyed Blitzer. Beautiful! Well done!

Duke is one of the leading supporters of Palestine among White Americans, but the years of abuse hid that fact.

Then FOX TV tried to attack Mark Weber [California] of the Institute of Historical Research. Mr. Weber was "cool" and did not allow Hannity and Colmes to unsettle him. He got the point through that the so-called 'Holocaust Deniers" are not denying the suffering of the Jews. They are simply looking for documentation and verifiable evidence so that context might be provided. Were there any "gas chambers?" Where is the evidence? Colmes blustered but Weber remained firm and clear.


November 22 - December 8. German scientist Germar Rudolf was brought to court, for three hearings, in chains as if he is a dangerous criminal. He is being "tried" for collecting evidence which shows that the horror stories about Auschwitz and the gas chambers are without foundation.
Germany is such a servile servant of Israel that it humiliates and imprisons a critic of the holocaust story.

Top Pakistani Islamic Leader Calls General Musharraf a Traitor: Condemns Moves Against Kashmir and the Islamic Rights of Women

[On December 10, New Trend interviewed Syed Munawar Hasan in Lahore, Pakistan. Br. Hasan is Secretary General of Jamaate Islami and a key organizer of the Islamic Coalition MMA. He is one of the most aware and independent leaders of Pakistan and has not gained any worldly goods after decades of political activity. Here are a few excerpts from the interview.]

New Trend: Is it true that "your" General [Mush] has now openly declared that he is willing to give up Pakistan's claims on Kashmir?

Syed Munawar Hasan: Yes. It has been a long process of surrender, giving up one position after another. It's very embarrassing for all of Pakistan and even for the armed forces which he supposedly leads.

NT: How would you explain the motivation behind this step-by-step process?

SMH: The General is a traitor [ghaddar]. He is constantly looking for what else to give up to the country's enemies.

NT: Why are the Kashmiri people silent?

SMH: The Kashmiris, led by Ali Gailani, have come out openly against this sellout in very inspiring demonstrations carried out in defiance of Indian occupation forces.

NT: What will happen to Pakistan if this process continues? The General has also rejected Sharia, so that fornication and adultery are no longer illegal, and rape cannot be punished under Islamic law. An Islamic country cannot survive if its ideological roots are cut.

SMH: Musharraf will fail. He will be a sorry footnote to Pakistan's history. He has not been able to get even ONE Islamic scholar, of any school of thought, to support his moves against Sharia. He is trying to please America but the people will not accept it.

NT: But why don't the people come out against his humiliating steps. Is it that they are too oppressed or the enclaves of secularist supporters Mush has in every city have successfully undermined the Islamic momentum?

SMH: The people are not accepting any of his moves. Today, this afternoon, there was a HUGE march and rally in Karachi in support of Shari'a and against the General's sell-out. The procession extended for miles on the main streets of Karachi.

NT: All praise belongs to Allah!

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [one item]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Chicago's Upside Down Case Against Muslim Activists: Mohammed Salah & Abdelhalim Ashqar: Israelis Allowed to Testify in U.S. Court
[Source for info: Chicago Tribune of December 12, 2006.]

Try to understand this case: Hamas is a Palestinian organization. It does not oppose or fight the U.S. However, two American Muslims are being tried in Chicago for supporting Hamas.

It gets weirder. The time when Mohammed Salah allegedly funded Hamas was 1993. At that time, the U.S. had NOT put Hamas on its list of terrorists. Thus we have a clear cut case of prosecuting someone for activities which were not illegal at the time they allegedly occurred. He was helping orphans and widows, but evidently, help for ANY Muslim is a crime in the Jewish book.

Even weirder: Mohammed Salah was arrested by the Israelis and tortured till he was forced to confess that he supported Hamas. The Israelis, instead of being tried under U.S. law for torturing an American Muslim, are being brought as witnesses AGAINST Salah!

As if that was not enough of weird, JUDITH MILLER of the New York Times, was brought into the Israeli prison where she listened to Salah's "confession" after torture. She has now been brought in as a witness in Chicago to Salah's "admission" of the Hamas link and she says, he was happily offering his confession and she heard him.
[Only Judith would have the gall to claim that a Palestinian Muslim can be happy in an Israeli prison and would voluntarily provide information about his allegedly illegal acts.]

Judith Miller is a well-known Islam hater. She wrote numerous articles in the New York Times against Saddam Hussein to prepare the public for Bush's invasion of Iraq. In her book God has 99 Names, she opined that the best way to deal with Islam is to do what Assad did in Syria: total destruction of Islamic cities.
[Who said that elite Jews like Judith don't hate Islam and Muslims?]

Prof. Abdelhalim Ashqar is being tried because he refused to cooperate with the FBI's attempts to incriminate other Muslims. He is also being accused of "thought crimes" such as opposition to an unjust peace with Israel.

MUSLIMS IN AMERICA are facing serious oppression. This country's life line is in Zionist hands. Don't let CAIR mislead you into wasting time supporting a "Muslim Zionist" like Ellison. Notice that these dastardly munafiqs are not protesting outside the court trying Salah and Ashqar. Why isn't Ellison standing at that court to protest this grave injustice?

WAR NEWS: [by our media monitor.]
[Every attempt is made to ascertain the veracity of war news, given the nature of wartime propaganda. Regardless, errors are possible, and your corrections are welcome.]



Fighting continues in Iraq as the U.S. tries to suppress the Sunni populations which have proclaimed an Islamic State. According to U.S. sources, 47 U.S. troops were killed in Iraq till December 12, bringing the total killed to 2937 plus 400 armed contractors and more than 22,000 troops wounded.

On December 8, the U.S air force and artillery hit a home in Mosul killing 20 people whom the U.S. described as terrorists. However local sources say the victims were women and children. On December 9 there was a MASS DEMONSTRATION in Mosul which condemned the bombing as "U.S. terrorism."

Genocide in Iraq: 655,000 deaths may be Conservative Figure, Scientists say

December 11, 2006. Gilbert Burnham and Les Roberts, the author and co-author of the British journal Lancet's Study on Civilian Casualties in Iraq were invited to speak to the media by Dennis Kucinich [D-ohio] along with Juan Cole a professor of Middle East History from the University of Michigan.

The Lancet experts who worked under the auspices of the Johns Hopkins Center for Refugees and Disaster victims explained the scientific validity of the program they used to study Iraq. It is impressively detailed and scientific. It's difficult to deny.

The U.S. forces, using artillery, tanks and air force directly killed 203,000 civilians [till July 2006]. Of the rest, a great majority were killed by Iraqi troops armed and funded by the U.S., and in clashes between Shias and Sunnis brought about owing to the U.S. occupation. Thousands of civilians have also been killed by "insurgents" trying to terrorize civilians supporting the U.S. and the installed regime.

The deaths also include thousands killed in fighting BETWEEN Shi'ites. In Basra, for instance, 750 deaths PER MONTH during 6 months of 2006 were not reported by the U.S. but were unearthed by Lancet's researchers.

The researchers point out the fallacy of the U.S. claim that those being killed are supporters of Al-Qaidah. In Baqubah, for instance, there were large pro-SADDAM demonstrations. So it could not be an al-Qaidah city. Here the U.S. installed the 5th Division of the "Iraqi Army" which is Shi'ite. The 5th Division has been slaughtering the Sunni population. The police, too, have been busy: They killed 20 and wounded 23 people in one atrocity alone.

The researchers also pinpointed the statistical games of the "Ministry of Health." This Ministry had been touting President Bush's figure of 30,000 deaths, but after the FIRST Lancet study came out, the Ministry upped its figure to 150,000. Huge numbers of widows and orphans exist in Iraq today. By 2004, more than 50,000 Iraqis had been killed in U.S. bombing from the air. The figure rose to 100,000, not including Fallujah.

[New Trend thanks Mr. Kucinich for airing this horrifying study. Understandably, the U.S., media are not interested. Only 6 journalists were present to hear this most important testimony.]

Compare with Iraq: What America did to Native Americans

Wounded Knee and the Moon of Popping Trees: First the Slaughter, then the Sanitized History!
[By special permission to New Trend from the author.]

By Tim Giago (Nanwica Kciji)
Notes from Indian Country

While Americans agonize over the contents of the Iraq Study Group and weigh the options of extricating its soldiers from the middle of a civil war, the people of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota will gather on a lonely hill overlooking the demolished village of Wounded Knee (Wounded Knee was destroyed during the occupation of the American Indian Movement in 1973 and was never rebuilt) to commemorate and grieve the massacre of their ancestors.

It was after a night so cold that the Lakota called it "The Moon of the Popping Trees" because as the winter winds whistled through the hills and gullies at Wounded Knee Creek on that morning of December 29, 1890, one could hear the twigs snapping in the frigid air.

When a soldier of George Armstrong Custer's former troop the 7th Cavalry tried to wrest a hidden rifle from a deaf Lakota warrior after all of the other weapons had already been confiscated from Sitanka's (Big Foot) band of Lakota people, the deafening report of that single shot caused pandemonium amongst the soldiers and they opened up with their Hotchkiss machine guns upon the unarmed men, women and children.

Thus began an action the government called a "battle" and the Lakota people called a "massacre." The Lakota people say that only 50 people of the original 350 followers of Sitanka survived that morning of slaughter.

One of the survivors, a Lakota woman, was treated by the Indian physician Dr. Charles Eastman at a make-shift hospital set up in a church in the village of Pine Ridge. Before she died of her wounds she told about how she had concealed herself in a clump of bushes. As she hid there she saw two terrified little girls running past. She grabbed them and pulled them into the bushes. She put her hands over their mouths to keep them quiet but a mounted soldier spotted them. He fired a bullet into the head of one girl and them calmly reloaded his rifle and fired into the head of the other girl. He then fired into the body of the Lakota woman. She feigned death and although badly wounded, lived long enough to relate her terrible ordeal to Dr. Eastman. She said that as she lay there pretending to be dead, the soldier leaned down from his horse, used his rifle to lift up her dress in order to see her private parts, and then he snickered and rode off.

As the shooting subsided, units of the 7th Cavalry rode off toward White Clay Creek near Pine Ridge Village on a search and destroy mission. When they rode onto the grounds of Holy Rosary Indian Mission, my grandmother Sophie, a student at the mission school, and the other Lakota children, were forced by the Jesuit priests to feed and water their horses. My grandmother never forgot that terrible day and she often talked about how the soldiers were laughing and bragging about their great victory. She recalled one soldier saying, "Remember the Little Big Horn."

The Massacre at Wounded Knee was called the last great battle between the United States and the Indians. The true version of the events of that day were polished and sanitized for the consumption of most Americans. Twenty-three soldiers of the 7th Cavalry were awarded this Nation's highest honor, The Medal of Honor, for the murder of nearly 300 innocent and unarmed men, women and children. Although 25 soldiers died that day, historians believe that most of them died from friendly fire when they were caught in the crossfire of the Hotchkiss guns. Many Lakota have tried in vain to have those medals revoked without success.

Before they died, the Lakota warriors fought the soldiers with their bare hands as they shouted to the women and children, "Inyanka po, inyanka po! (Run, run)." The elderly men, unable to fight back, fell on their knees and sang their death songs. The screams and the cries of the women and children hung in the air like a heavy fog.

When I was a young boy I lived at Wounded Knee. Of course by then the name of the village had been changed to Brennan to honor a Bureau of Indian Affairs superintendent, but all of the Lakota knew why the name was changed. Because although the government tried various ways to conceal the truth, the Lakota people never forgot and they always referred to the hallowed grounds as Wounded Knee and they continued to come to the mass grave to pray even though it was roundly discouraged by the government.

As a child I walked along the banks of Wounded Knee Creek and I often had an uneasy feeling; it was as if I could hear the cries of little children. Whenever I visited the trading post where my father worked I would listen to the elders as they sat on the benches in front of the store and spoke in whispered voices as they pointed at the hills and gullies. Never did I read about that horrible day in the history books used at the mission school I attended.

Two ironies still haunt me. Six days after the bloody massacre the editor of the Aberdeen (S.D.) Saturday Pioneer wrote in his editorial, "The Pioneer has before declared that our only safety depends upon the total extermination of the Indians. Having wronged them for centuries, we had better, in order to protect our civilizations, follow it up by one more wrong and wipe these untamed and untamable creatures from the face of the earth."

The author of that editorial was L. Frank Baum, who later went on to write that famous children's book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. In calling for genocide against my grandmother and the rest of the Lakota people, he placed the final punctuation upon a day that will forever live in infamy amongst the Lakota.

And finally, as the dead and dying lay in the makeshift hospital in the Episcopal Church in Pine Ridge Village, Dr. Eastman paused to read the sign above the entrance that read, "Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men."

(McClatchy News Service in Washington, DC distributes Tim Giago's weekly column. He can be reached at P.O. Box 9244, Rapid City, SD 57709 or at Giago was also the founder and former editor and publisher of the Lakota Times and Indian Country Today newspapers and the founder and first president of the Native American Journalists Association. He was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard in the class of 1990 =96 1991. Clear Light Books of Santa Fe, NM ( published his latest book, Children Left Behind)

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