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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 5, 1429/ February 12, 2008

Why the Holocaust Story was needed. This is horrible but true. View with caution. Strictly NOT FOR CHILDREN.

Scroll all the way down. [With thanks to Br. L.]

URGENT letters of support for Momin Khawaja, calling for his release, should be sent to top Canadian officials:

[For details and sample letter, see New Trend , the one before the last.]

(1) Right Honorable Mr. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada:

(2) Minister of Security and Emergency, and Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Mr. Stockwell Day, MP:

(3) Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Hon Mr. Robert Nicholson, MP

(4) Ms. Alexa McDonough:

(5) Bill Siksay, MP

Local News
From Br. Muhafiz in Washington, DC:

Family from Trinidad hit by Fire Accident: They have 2 Children

On the morning of January 30, 2008, a Muslim family of four (two adults, two children) lost their home and all of their belongings to a heavy (accidental) fire that spread swiftly throughout their single family home in Northeast DC. Pictures can be seen here:

If you can help with funds or goods, please call: 443-869-5233


Date: February 26

Time: 7:30 - 8:30 PM

Place: Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, 1212 Cathedral Street, Downtown Baltimore

For more information, call: 443-869-5233

For FIVE IMPORTANT News Items about U.S. Muslims, please scroll down.

Our America: [3 items only]
Understanding Why People Support Obama and our Role as Muslims
From Imam Warith Deen Umar [Albany, New York] to Br. Kaukab Siddique

Dear Shaikh, as salaam alaikum
Excellent response regarding the elections. Twiddledee or Twiddledum it won't matter who wins. I wouldn't vote for any of them until deen becomes dominant. However as an African-American I can fully understand the glee and sense of pride Black people have when a "brother" wins. It didn't matter whether OJ killed his wife or not. When he won against "these" people, Black people cheered. Its like rooting for the Giants or the Patriots. The people cheer but they get nothing from the win or the loss but a fast-fading feeling.

Muslims have to learn how to compartmentalize these happenings as the war rages. They have to be able to say 'Yaay' for the Yankees or their American Idol and then get back to the battle, get back to the Jihad. When they get so confused that they incline to compromise their deen and follow their feelings, we have to step in and remind them as you have done so well. We have to tell them they are getting close to becoming indistinguishable from the kuffar and the enemy. They must know and feel the fear of getting the pain and punishment of those who they choose to cheer for and then blindly select to represent them. Astaghfirullah. Keep up the good work and may Allah protect you. Your brother in Islam.

Easy Way to Identify and Boycott Israeli Products
by Ken Meyercord [Virginia]

I recently learned that the barcode for products coming from Israel begins with "729" (the numeric representation of the barcode is printed right below the barcode). So for all those who want to do something personally to express their disgust with the policies of the Israeli government, like boycott Israeli products, just remember the ditty "7-2-9, Don't spend a dime!"

Africa's Loot by "Chosen People" Funds Obama-Clinton Campaigns
[Received with thanks from Br. Rafe, California.]

Maurice Templesman is one of the top funders of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Templesman was the unofficial ambassador to the Congo (Zaire) for years, but a new Israeli-American tycoon has replaced him.

Can you imagine if it was Arabs or Muslims stealing African wealth and enjoying $23000 halal dinners while black Africans starve at $95 per year. This story would be front page on every newspaper and the UN would be jumping up and down. Muslim secular intelligentsia would be complaining and whining like crazy.

When Dan Gertler and Chaim Leibovitch and their friends visit the luxury Gertler villa in Lumumbashi, the capital of Katanga, Congo's large southern province, their kosher meals arrive by private plane from Kinshasa. The special executive jet that flies their kosher meals a few hundred miles over the roadless Congo costs some $US 23,000 per trip.

The average income for Congolese citizens each year—if they survive it—is about $95. Shootings at mining facilities and diamond mines are common, land is stolen from Congolese people, strikes are crushed by security forces that companies are partnered with, and black overseers of state terror routinely arrest and torture any vocal opposition—and sometimes disappear them—in support of white bosses. The Société MiniPre de Bakwange—MIBA— and the diamond fields of Mbuji-Mayi in Congo have a long history of bloodshed backed by Western powers, including Israel, from the beginning. Amnesty International points out that not a single state agent has ever been prosecuted for the extrajudicial executions of suspected "illegal" miners in Mbuji-Mayi.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News] [5 items]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

U.S. Muslim Children Speak in Poetry: We are one with the People of Gaza
From Imam Badi Ali, Greensboro, NC

February 9, 2008 --The youth committee of the Islamic Center of the Triad [ICT] met at Borders Books in Greensboro for a poetry reading session titled "To Gaza with Love." Fifteen children read poems during this one hour program. Some of the poems were very brief but evocative. Here are two of them:

How Our People Live
I look up!
The beautiful sky is smeared with a Jet fighter's trail!
I look at the Horizon!
An ugly monster of steel is rumbling towards us!
Father! Mother! Where are you!
I am scared!
Ya Allah! Make me strong!

Gaza's Flowers
Little boys and girls
Withering like flower petals
Parents look at them with tearless eyes
Slow creeping hunger and thirst crawls like a snake
Then came the news
The wall is down
thousands crossed into Rafah, the other Rafah
I see my mother opening a bag of flour
Perhaps our flowers will smile again

We congratulate the children of North Carolina! Other Islamic communities in USA should use similar creative ways to connect with the global community of Islam. Remember that intense efforts are underway by agents with Muslim names to cut off the Muslims of America from the Muslims of the world. How shameful it is that a CAIR-ISNA-MAS related group took Muslim children to the Pentagon. One of our brothers will provide details on this sickening episode soon.

Outreach #1: to Arab American Community: Document on Iraq's Albright, Rushdie 2-26, Afghan Genocide, Pakistani Battlefield

February 8, 2008: Most worshipers at a mosque on the north east side of Baltimore are from Arab countries. The imam is an older gentleman from Syria with a sufi-istic bent of mind. Jamaat al-Muslimeen gave literature after Juma' prayers to 85 people and in each case verbally told all 85 about the upcoming rally, inshallah, against Islam-hater Rushdie on Feb. 26.

The document gave details about the successful Jan. 29 protest against Madeleine Albright. It outlined the battles taking place in the northwest of Pakistan between the forces of Islam and American-funded-and-armed army units led by General Kayani. A major part of the document was Dr. L. Ali Khan's analysis of the genocide NATO is carrying out against the Muslim population of Afghanistan. Dr. Khan, Professor of Law notes from the viewpoint of international law that genocide is the correct term for NATO-U.S. military operations in that land.

The worshipers were shocked to know that Rushdie has been invited-supported-publicized for his Baltimore visit by a combination of three Jewish-American groups: Villa Julie College, Meyerhoff Symphony Hall and WYPR Radio [branch of NPR]. Some thanked us for informing them.

A Pakistani brother [one of the very few there] got angry and cursed Rushdie loudly. We urged him to be disciplined and to face the forces of hate in an organized but peaceful way. The blessed messenger of Allah, Muhammad, pbuh, is more precious for us than our own lives but we must be disciplined to be effective, we told him, and he agreed.

Outreach #2: Selective Distribution of Jamaat Resolutions in Brooklyn, New York

Over Juma' and Saturday, Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora's resolutions passed at Lincoln University were given to 10 people at Masjid Farooq, 15 people at a Shia Mosque Foundation and 5 at a masjid which follows W.D. Muhammad. The 9 resolutions include support for the rights of immigrants from Haiti and Mexico, strongly oppose war threats against Iran and call for withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. One resolution condemns the media subversion of values through glorification of adultery, fornication and homosexuality.

Islamic Woman in Louisiana Prison Suffers for her Faith: Her Library Destroyed
By Dr. Mulazimuddin Rasool

Sister Maryam is doing a 90 day stretch in solitary ---- compliments of the Chaplain. She is accused of lying concerning a memo she sent to the Chaplain. The whole thing is so bizarre and ridiculous. For five years the Chaplain and other staff have attempted to break Maryam's spirit through constant ridicule and defamation. The khimar and prayer rug are still a source of aggravation for them, and she is still being challenged by dining hall staff and prevented from eating with the other inmates until she takes that "rag" off her head!

The most recent affront was the trashing of 200 books, while she was in the "hole." They were confiscated by Lt. Bouvey, and Maryam was told that they would be donated to the library, but Asst. Warden Jorden told her they were not fit to be in the library. She was later told that the books were thrown away.

From the time she was admitted, it was a struggle to get the books to her, since everything had to go through the Chaplain. Now, any books sent are considered a package, and she is only allowed two packages per year. She is going to file an ARP (administrative remedy procedure) with a list of all of the books and a request to have them replaced. There still has been no response from the court concerning the appeal. The lawyer's $20,000 fee was prohibitive, she submitted a hand-written 1500 page appeal.

The sister's full name, prison number and address are: Maryam Uloho #464534, PO Box 26, St. Gabriel, LA 70776

Readers are urged to write letters of protest to:

Governor Kathleen Blanco:
PO Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004
(225) 342-0991
Fax (225) 342-7099

Richard L. Stalder, Secretary
Department of Public Safety and Corrections
504 Mayflower Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
or PO Box 94304
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9304
(225) 342-6741

Sis. Haila: Yemeni Teenager who killed her Rapist 7 years back: Making a Strong Come back +Book on Islam in India v. Important for us here
By Sis. Eileen

salaam alaikum, Haila is doing very well. I sent her books which she didn't get as she had moved. She is not allowed books where she is now. She is in a half back house and hopes to leave the system and live at her sisters in June. She must be almost 25 now. She was attacked right before her 18th birthday. She still has TMJ and carpal tunnel from the fall in the Atlantic County jail years ago. The system wouldn't pay for treatment for that. She got her GED two years ago and was taking college courses which were interrupted when she was transferred. She is very smart with a quick curious mind, so I do hope she persists. Her faith is strong and her personality still cheerful and bubbly. I am happy she didn't get institutionalized and manipulative though Delaney hall is advertised as a substance abuse treatment facility. I don't know if they take others too but Haila was not a substance abuse so maybe she faked it to get in.

I was telling you that the article about the spread of Islam to India was very interesting and that I am always fascinated by such stories. I have read the books on the slaves to America that were Muslim and the pre Columbian Muslim navigators who came to South America but I had been told by a Muslimah that there were some here and that Willliam Penn found in Pa. Indians with Muslim dress and names and these are allegedly to be found on the treaty and in the paintings. I would love to know more.

Please write gentle letters of support to the sister:

Haila Gabr 431527
Delaney Hall ( Hope Unit)
451 Doremus Avenue
Newark, NJ 07105


United Nations Association, Pomona Valley Chapter, presents a special program with
Imam Ali Siddiqui

"What Americans Need to Know About Islam"

When: Feb 19, 2008, 5:30 PM
Where: Porter Hall, Pilgrim Place, 660 Avery Road, Claremont, CA 91711

Imam Siddiqui is an Expert of One Nation ( ), President of California Muslim Institute, Vice Chair of Peace with Justice Center of the Pomona Valley, CA, and Director, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice

For information: Call Mel Boynton 909-398-1124 email:

Open to the public.
Refreshments will be served

Background Research on War
German Soldier Uncovers NATO Atrocity in Afghanistan
ISAF used Afghan children to detect land-mines: ex-German soldier [News Report.]

Berlin, Jan 10, IRNA - Soldiers of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) have repeatedly used Afghan children to detect land-mines in war-ravaged country, said a former German ISAF officer in Berlin on Thursday.
Unveiling his new book titled Final Station, Achim Wohlgetan pointed out that children were misused by ISAF forces to find land- mines in the Kabul region in 2002.
ISAF soldiers threw apples on an area and then waited to see what would happen. If the children were to run to pick up the apples, and there was no explosion, the area was declared safe, according to Wohlgetan.
A German Defense Ministry spokesperson voiced serious questions over some of the claims which Wohlgetan made in his book.
He alleged that German soldiers had operated outside the mandated area of ISAF in Afghanistan in 2002.
Speaking at a routine government press briefing in Berlin on Wednesday, Christian Dienst expressed strong doubts over claims made by Wohlgetan, who said that several troops had knowingly violated the ISAF zone.
The 41-year-old ex-German soldier quit military service in 2006 as a lower ranking officer.
According to Dienst, Wohlgetan lacked an overview of all aspects of the security structure.
Some 3,500 German troops are deployed in mainly northern Afghanistan.
Germany has faced intense pressure in recent months from its NATO allies, notably the US, Britain and Canada, to widen its military presence into southern Afghanistan where NATO troops are battling a revitalized Taliban insurgency.
A spate of kidnappings of German nationals in Afghanistan has also negatively influenced public opinion about the western military campaign in the war-ravaged country.
According to the latest opinion polls, most Germans oppose the western war in Afghanistan.

Montreal Perspectives
By Jalaluddin S. Hussain

Canadians Condemn Israeli Blockade of Gaza: Columnist Calls for Release of Omar Khadr from Guantanamo

The Gaza protest on Saturday, February 09, 2008, drew more than 300 people. It was a vocal 90-minute March, which took place in spite of very cold and inclement weather. The demonstrators condemned the severe and effective blockade imposed by Israel on the people of Gaza Strip, since June 2007. Naturally, this has resulted in severe shortages of electricity, water, food and vital medicines. The demonstrators' route covered Montreal's prime downtown shopping strip.

The one recurring slogan of the demonstrators was : "Israel is criminal, Canada is complicit". It is highly regrettable that even after 7-months of hellish lives for the Gazans, no concrete help has been provided to them even by the wealthy Arab countries/sheikhdoms, like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. It seems that many Muslim states are vying with Uncle Sam and Israel themselves, for perpetrating cruelties on the Palestinians.

It is reassuring that more than 30 groups endorsed or participated in the February 9, 2008, Montreal protest. Some of the groups which took part were: Ligue des Droits et Liberties, the Montreal chapter of the Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians, the Federation National des Enseignants du Quebec and the Concordia's Muslim Students Association. Amir Khadir, a leader of Quebec Solidaire, a left-leaning political party of this province, in effect pointed out that the powers of destruction and injustice were fully in control of Gaza, from outside. One speaker, at the demonstration, also mentioned the painful fact that Canada, of all countries, voted against a January 24, 2008, United Nations Human Rights resolution, sponsored by Syria, calling for Israel to end its siege of that ill-fated Strip.

Janet Bagnall, a forceful columnist of The Gazette, (, wrote an interestingly provocative column, dated February 8, 2008. Entitled, "The U.S. treatment of Khadr is a blight on Canada's reputation", her article pleaded for the active intervention of the Canadian government on behalf of this brave child-soldier. Now that the whole story of his alleged grenade-throwing has been put in serious doubt, the Canadian government should request the U.S. government to release Omar Khadr honourably. His continued incarceration in Guantanamo is a blot on the very face of Canadian sovereignty!

IRAQ: Lull Ends. Heavy Fighting as U.S-backed Shi'ite forces Probe Mosul: Iranian Cooperation with U.S.: Ahmedinejad to Visit
from New Trend's Iraq Monitors

TV coverage of the war in Iraq has completely disappeared in the U.S. Careful reading on wire services and Pentagon casualty figures indicate that U.S. losses are steadily rising. According to a conservative source, icasualties, 40 U.S. troops were killed in January and 16 have been killed in the first 10 days of February, with totals of 3960 killed and 28,770 wounded. The January toll was higher than the tolls for October, November and December. A serious loss in February are two Navy Seals killed on February 4 and 6 Navy Seals wounded and a Sailor working with them killed on February 9. [The training of each Navy Seal costs $1,000,000.]

A large Shi'ite force has entered the Islamic city of Mosul, backed by U.S. air power. Curfew was imposed on two districts of Mosul on Feb. 9. At least 22,000 Shi'ite troops are involved in the large scale killings which have started. Several retaliatory attacks against Shi'ites have occurred.

The scale at which supporters of Islamic resistance are being killed by the U.S. can be gauged by the U.S. announcement that 2400 Al-Qaidah-in-Iraq were killed and 8800 captured in 2007. Random crowd of 27,000 Iraqis are in one U.S. concentration camp and 17,000 in an al-Maliki camp on suspicion of being resistance supporters.

Indications are that resistance is reviving in Anbar province. On Feb.9, a U.S. soldier was killed and 3 wounded near Tikrit in a bomb blast. Three police working for the U.S. were killed in a bomb attack in Fallujah.

The deadliest revenge attack against Shi'ites came from two female bombers who killed 60 people. The U.S. explained the attack by saying that the two women didn't know what they were doing and had Downs Syndrome. [Both sides attempt disinformation in this dirty war.]

LATEST NEWS: February 11: Fourteen tribal leaders [Sunni] who had come to Baghdad to make a deal with the U.S. were killed. [Reported on FOX News ticker.]
On Feb. 9, a car bomb killed 23 and wounded 25 people in an attack on Shi'ite troops in Balad. In Mosul itself, 4 Shi'ite troops were killed and 7 wounded in a martyrdom attack. In Balad Ruz, Shi'ite police were hit by mortar fire which killed 2 and wounded 10.

The U.S. has handed over a captured Al-Qaidah diary to Washington Post which says the radicals cut off the fingers of smokers and whipped alcohol drinkers. Foreign fighters are a problem for al-Qaidah, the diary says, because their accent gives them away. People are leaving al-Qaidah, the diary claims [it may be fabricated].

IRAN has admitted that it is holding a son of Osama bin Laden. As the Iranian Foreign Minister said last year, Iran has invested $1 billion in the regime set up by the U.S. under al-Maliki. Iran and the U.S. are working together against the "terrorists" and now the President of Iran is planning to visit Iraq.

This happened on Valentine's Day in 1945 in Dresden when German children were ready to go and socialize. All German cities were treated similarly. This is why the Holocaust story was needed.;resden_holocaust_500,000.htm

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