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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Muharram 26, 1429, February 4, 2008

PROTEST RUSHDIE BEING HONORED in BALTIMORE. See you at the Meyerhoff, 1212 Cathedral street, Baltimore. February 26, 7.30 to 8.30 PM

Re: Rushdie: Muslims in India remind us: Muslims are ONE UMMAH. They have been circulating our "Protest Rushdie" message big time. Scroll down to see why.

Our America:

Islam has its Own Agenda: Don't Get Excited by New Packaging of Democratic Party: Obama and Hillary Have Same Bottom Line [from New Trend's Think Tank.]

Muslim elites in America have a very natural desire to be part of the American power structure. At every opportunity they jump to proclaim their solidarity with American leadership, be it Democratic or Republican. The most simplistic of these Muslim elites live in Maryland itself. We'll present their example to illustrate the issue. An offshoot of the Islamic Society of Baltimore [ISB] has been formed with the holy name of Makkah Center. When Israel, Bush and Mahmoud Abbas held the Annapolis Summit to undermine the Islamic aspirations of Palestine, these "Makkah" people went and prayed with Jewish Rabbis for the success of the Summit.

More recently, Makkah Center, under the name of Allah, advertised job listings issued by the White House. [On each occasion, New Trend reprimanded "Makkah" but we were given unclear answers accusing us of having a hot temper.]

Now in their latest activity, "Makkah" and ISB [which are linked to, if not part of, ISNA and CAIR] have announced that ALL the major presidential candidates will speak on February 9 at their Islamic Center in Baltimore. Remember that high level security clearance is required of Muslims for any of these candidates to enter an Islamic center.

[These violations of Islam by "Makkah" and ISB are so far fetched that some readers may not believe that any Muslim could fall this low. Fortunately, we have the info on Annapolis Summit prayer with Rabbis, the White House letter and the latest invitation to presidential candidates from "Makkah" and can email them to interested readers.]

Muslim elites often don't have he political gumption to realize that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have clear cut party platforms and agendas within which the candidates work. Just because Obama and Hillary sound so eloquent and use such attractive rhetoric does not mean that they can go outside the Democratic Party program and agenda. Similarly, if McCain is against torture, does not mean that he will violate the Republican Party's support for war.

The Democrats: As Imam Jamil pointed out, one cannot change an oppressive power structure by becoming part of it. ISLAM HAS ITS OWN AGENDA. It is based on the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith. Muslims should focus on the Islamic agenda. [Dear Muslim, if you are being influenced by the media hype, concentrate on your 5 daily prayers. Try to understand the implications of "Allahu Akbar." Purify yourself by fasting. The Prophet, pbuh, used to fast on Monday and Tuesday. If you can't do both, try one only. The days are still short. Don't get excited about the forces of kufr, tughyan and nifaq: Go and clean the masjid, help your neighbors, spend time with parents and/or children. This Hadith of the Prophet, pbuh, might help you. These are commands from our leader:

"Feed the hungry, visit the sick, free the captives." [ Sahih Bukhari .]

Phone Message: Obama Finds Being Muslim "Offensive"

Shaikh Tijani, the famous preacher who lives in Chicago, has recorded a message on our phone in which he makes this point: Obama was asked if he is Muslim. Obama said he is a Christian and has been going to church for 20 years. So far so good, but then Obama said, he finds being called Muslim "offensive." Thus Obama crossed the line and insulted Muslims. Don't vote for Obama.

Understanding Pakistan [Part 3]

See NT Jan. 10 & 13 for Pt. 1 & 2

Tiny Secularist Minority Runs Pakistan: Divides & Rules Islamic Sects: Sees Resurgent Islam as Threat

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Associate Professor of English & Mass Communication

Most Americans cannot know what Pakistanis want and what are the issues in Pakistan owing to the buffer provided by Pakistani secularists who feed U.S. media about the situation in Pakistan. The Christian Science Monitor [CSM] for instance, is one of the more non-propagandistic American newspapers when it comes to Muslims. When the Red Mosque/Jamia Hafsa situation was boiling over, a CSM journalist contacted me because she was interested in writing about Pakistani women and I have published books about the role of women in Islam. I asked her to find out what was happening in Islamabad and publish it to show that CSM was really serious about the rights of Muslim women. She had no idea what was happening in Islamabad. I asked: "Don't you have a representative in Islamabad? It is Pakistan's capital city." She replied that CSM did have a rep in Islamabad. I told her that if CSM has published nothing about the Red Mosque and doesn't even know what is happening in Islamabad, I can't give the CSM any credibility.

Thus, owing to secularist buffer, U.S. media could not tell Americans anything factual about the greatest hour of Islamic women in Pakistan who defied the power of General Musharraf's commandos and sacrificed themselves for the sake of Islam.


The Muslims of India supported he idea of Pakistan as an Islamic homeland. When it came to voting, they voted for Pakistan in areas disputed by pro-Hindu Muslim groups in Frontier Province and in Bengal. Pakistan emerged as a sovereign state in 1947 but it could not turn the Islamic aspirations of the masses into reality owing to a number of reasons: EMERGENCE of the ISLAMIC MOVEMENT

Pakistan would have been just another lack luster secularized "Muslim" state except for a man named Abul 'Ala Maudoodi who challenged the status quo. He said that Islam is a "COMPLETE WAY of LIFE." It gives guidance not only in matters of personal life [such as marriage, divorce, funerals, festivals and charity] but also in politics, law, state craft and international relations, in economics as well as in decision making.

At that time, Islam was so weak in Pakistan that the Qadiyani ["Ahmeddi"] claimants were openly proclaiming that there can be a Prophet after Muhammad, pbuh. Pakistani elites openly scoffed at the idea that there is such a thing as an "Islamic Constitution" [the title of one of Maudoodi's books] or an "Islamic State" [another of his writings]. When people started supporting Maudoodi, the government summarily arrested him and sentenced him to death! [Fortunately, the legal system temporarily fell through and he was released.]

Jamaate Islami, organized by Maudoodi, fought for decades, peacefully and within the law, against governmental oppression. My purpose is not, at this point, to chronicle the history of this struggle. Suffice it to say that Maudoodi and Jamaate Islami earned the undying hatred of Pakistan's power elites.

Most people don't know that the successful counter to Maudoodi and the Islamic movement came not from the secular elites but from the sectarian, low brow religious preachers who, as before, served the rulers. Numerous books were financed and published against Maudoodi by narrow minded religious scholars. His greatest book, khilafat-o-mulukat [Caliphate and Kingship] stirred up all the small minded mullas and maulvies against him. Many Jamaate Islami people too did not understand the book and did not realize that Maudoodi was saying that governments run by MUSLIMS cannot be considered Islamic if they do not follow the guidelines of the Caliphate [the 4 rightly guided Caliphs]. He also taught that ARMED UPRISING against MUSLIM rulers is quite legitimate provided that there are chances of its success.

Thus Maudoodi was challenging the Saudi version of Islam in which prayers and maintenance of the holy places give a certificate of Islamic legitimacy to the rulers. He did not openly criticize the Saudis but the inference was clear. By that time, the SAUDIS had INFILTRATED Jamaate Islami itself. They were alarmed at Khlafat-o-Mulukiat. They financed a new series of books against Maudoodi which claimed that he had "insulted the sahaba, r.a." because he had, in a scholarly style and with full documentation, shown that Usman, r.a., the third Caliph, though greater than any Muslim today, had slipped below the standards set by Abu Bakr, r.a., and 'Umar, r.a.

RED MOSQUE and Jamia Hafsa suffered the same fate as Maudoodi: The inside story of the medressas' response to the tragedy in Islamabad has gradually seeped out. The maulvis did not take any decisive steps against Musharraf's attack. Indications are that some of the maulvies were in touch with General Musharraf and okayed the attack. Never before has a prominent mosque in a major Pakistani city been attacked by the Pakistan army so brazenly and in broad daylight. Mortars, heavy machine guns and light artillery were used against a group which had only a handful of rifles for self-defense. The maulvies were of the view that the Islamic revolutionaries in the mosque were of a too much more progressive Islamic school of thought. The maulvies were also distressed by the leading role women in hijab had taken in the struggle. Umm Hasan knew more Islam than many of the maulvies. [See her interview with New Trend.]

Thus Musharraf had the backing of religious conservatives who have become so secularized that though they pray and fast, they do not realize that governments which claim to be Muslims but are linked to oppressor regimes are Islamically liable to be overthrown. These men often have big beards and large turbans but they are willing to cooperate with the oppressors.

Thus the enclaves of secularists have become so influential, with U.S.-British-Israeli and sometimes Indian backing that they can secularize the decision-making of medressas and leaders seen as "Islamic."

[To be continued, inshallah.]

Lynne Stewart Thanks those who Rallied to her Support

To All My Friends, Comrades, Supporters:

A Warm Embrace and an Emotional Thank You.

For the Wonderful Rally at St. Mary's Church on Monday Night January 28. The sight of all of you (This IS what democracy looks like!) The Fiery and Kind Words of the Speakers. The Knowledge that the Next Day we would Face this hateful enemy, Together. This gives me more energy and stamina and courage than anything else.

And on Tuesday, that "prestigious" Court, the 2d Circuit Court of Appeals of the USA, saw all of you–--filling the ceremonial court room (about 300) and the overflow TV room and those who were turned away; refusing to allow this gangster government to criminalize me. Impossible to calculate the effect but as Judge Calabrese said, "This case is like no other case". It isn't and the support that sustains me is the difference. Thank you Thank you . AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL !!!!!! LOVE STRUGGLE

Lynne Stewart

Jamaat al-Muslimeen alone Represented Muslims at Lynne Stewart-Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar Appeal

by Br. Abu Talib [Brooklyn, NY]

New York has tens of thousands of Muslims but when it comes to this most important court case, none of them were there. Only Jamaat was there. We spoke to activist attorney Warren [the only Muslim there outside the Jamaat], distributed Jamaat literature and gave out information on the situation of Shi'a Muslims in Trinidad.

The defense witnesses did a great job. Later, Sis. Lynne was on WBAI radio defending herself against government misinformation.

The socialist and Africanist organizations were well represented along with anti-war people from A.N.S.W.E.R. The court was packed with left wing activists.

As usual Siraj Wahhaj was missing though he claims to be a Muslim leader. Considering his treacherous role in helping to put the Blind Shaikh in prison for life, one would expect him to make amends by coming to the hearing for the Shaikh's long suffering attorney, Lynne Stewart. Siraj Wahhaj did his job for the government and now he is nowhere to be seen.

Dissing Medeleine Albright: The Inside Story of the Baltimore, Maryland, Rally at the Meyerhoff on Jan. 29

Salaams/Greetings all,

A quick report back from the Madeleine Albright protest:

We started picketing right at 7:30 PM (no CPT!) and continued until almost 9:00 PM. Thankfully, the rain missed us entirely, and our (non-waterproof) protest signs didn't melt down.

The protest was religiously, ethnically, and politically very diverse, with participation from:
Muslims; Quakers; atheists; Pledge of Resistance members; students from UMBC's Solidarity Coalition; longtime community activists from Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen (including the mosque administrator, who was frail following a surgery, but protested with us, cane and all!); Caucasians; Blacks; Asians; a jazz musician; and a fighting Irishman. Two bruthas even drove all the way down from Philly to attend the protest.

So, we were able to reach most of the paying guests ($300/ticket to hear a war criminal!) via megaphone and leafletting, as well as a large number of passersby with information on Albright, and her support for the murderous sanctions policy.

The protest was orderly and disciplined, no wrangling with authorities. Thanks again to everyone who helped and supported the action in so many different ways!


Momin Khawaja: Canada's Victim: A Letter to Canadian Prime Minister Harper: We Urge readers to send similar letters

Dear Sir,

In 2004, a Canadian news outlet published a story "Canada's Shame' to disclose the arrest and violations of human rights of Khawaja family by the Intelligence Agencies under the Liberal Government of Mr. Paul Martin. At the time, it was hard to think so but now four years later, we believe that it happened in reality and has placed a black scar on Canadian law and justice system. Fair or foul, it was done under the dictates of President Bush's declaration of war on Muslims – "war on terrorism." Canada seems to have ignored the lessons of modern history. Canada followed the American lead in sending its citizens of Japanese origin to forced interment camps during the Second World War. If Canada had the publicly entrusted leadership at the time, it should have refused to follow the American War Plan and not to arrest its own citizens of Islamic religion who were not involved in any unlawful activities. We are seriously concerned:

(1) In 2004, the Khawaja family of Ottawa (Orleans) was arrested and tortured on false accusations manufactured by the Intelligence Agencies of Canada like the case of Maher Arar who was imprisoned.

(2) For 4 years, Momin Khawaja remained in Canadian jail without a trial. Why should he be punished without being guilty of any crimes except that he is a Muslim?

(3) All persons held in Canada (according to the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch), have been identified as people of Arab or Islamic origin. Is it not strange for Canada to do so?

(4) Dr. Khawaja, father of Momin Khawaja, is a political scholar and has spoken and written against the "war on terrorism", and was arrested in a foreign country at the direct instructions of the Canadian Intelligence Agencies on allegations of terrorism. But the Canadian Security Minister Ms. Ann McClellan denied the knowledge of this incident or ever asking a foreign Government to arrest its own citizen on bogus accusations. It is clear now that the Canadian Liberal Minister lied to the public. Does a political Minister ever lie to the public?

Beyond any doubts, the Canadian Government actions have chastised its own citizens under falsified allegations. It is the time that the new Progressive Conservative Government of Canada should take corrective action. We ask that Momin Khawaja be freed and that the Khawaja family be compensated for the unlawful and cruel treatment carried out on the behest of the then Canadian Liberal Government.

Thank you very much for your utmost human consideration.


New Trend Magazine

India's Gujarat Shame : Justice Delayed in Mass Rape of Women

VERDICT ON BILKIS BANO' CASE: Muslim Woman Fought for 5 Years in Court

( by K Hamza, Kerala, India) [Exclusive to New Trend]

Bilkis Bano, a barely educated Muslim woman in Gujarat, the Indian State, bravely fought a legal battle against heavy odds for six years of trial and the judiciary has eventually delivered justice to her. Special judge U.D. Salvi of the Sessions court in Bombay on January 21, sentenced 11 persons to life imprisonment on charges of conspiracy, rioting with deadly weapons, causing disappearance of evidence and unlawful assembly.

Bilkis Bano, then six months pregnant, was gang raped by marauding Hindu fanatics during the Gujarat riots on March 3, 2002..She was also a witness to the killing of 14 members of her family, who took shelter in a field where the hooligans raped four women and killed Bano's three-year-daughter by smashing her on the ground.

The horrendous episode did not end there. When Bilkis regained her consciousness next day, she rushed to the nearest local police station to lodge a complaint. The police did not take the case seriously since the Chief Minister Narendra Modi's government has been following Hindtv, Hindu nationalist ideology, in which secularism or cardinal democratic moorings have no role, but Hindu majority communalism is vital.. Modi has been playing the communal card to continue in power. In the 2002 riots, there are still innumerable cases pending for lack of First Information Reports from the Police. Even today, Muslim victims have no courage to approach the Police to lodge complaints against Hindu offenders due to fear of backlash from them.

The Supreme Court allowed the case to be heard outside Gujarat just because of the fact that justice would not be obtained under Modi's government. Earlier the case was heard at a court in Ahamedabad, Gujarat. The trial was shifted to Bombay owing to the fear that the witnesses would be hurt. Although Bilkis has won the legal battle, she is not fully satisfied in the verdict since five policemen and two Doctors, who had done the postmortem of the dead hiding the truth, were acquitted for lack of evidence. Their acquittal does not sound fair. Bilki's case is a mere tip of the iceberg while comparing the volume of crimes perpetrated against Muslims in Gujarat during the 2002 carnage.

No doubt, the landmark judgment in the case has reinforced public faith in the country's judicial system. The Supreme Court had entrusted the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation. " I stand vindicated. The judgment does not mean the end of hatred in the State. But it does not mean that somewhere justice can prevail. The judgment is a victory not only for me but for all innocent Muslims who were massacred and the women whose bodies were violated only because, like me, they were Muslims", Bilkis said at a press conference. She is afraid of going back to Gujarat where the corrupt officials, who embolden, encourage and protect the criminals to destroy entire Muslim community, still remained free and unblemished under Narendra Modi who came to power again as the Chief Minister in the recently held general elections.

Admittedly, Bilki's case has become a symbol of the communal carnage in Gujarat. She deserves a national award for her dare devilry resolve and dauntless spirit throughout the ordeal she encountered during the last six years.

Letter: Why are India's Muslims Fired up about Baltimore Jamaat's Protest on Rushdie's Visit

Incidentally, Rushdie visited Mumbai two weeks back and there was a series of protest meetings. Rushdie was house guest of Godrej, a Parsi industrialist, with consumer products from locks to soaps to frozen chicken. Ulama Council proposed boycott of Godrej products if he and his socialite wife does not submit an apology. Your news circulated among others, to Indian Media was to inform them that even in the US Rushdie is a persona non grata.

Muslims in India are exhorting Indian government to block entry for Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen, doyen of Jews and Indian communists, who are deliberately inviting these hateful characters to instigate and provoke and humiliate Indian Muslims, showing up how helpless 150 million Muslims are in India.

Pray for our deliverance from the evil forces of Brahmins and Jews.


Ghulam Muhammed Siddiqui

By Tarik Borogovac, NCRBH

Imad al-Husseini is a Bosnian citizen of Syrian background awaiting deportation from Bosnia and Herzegovina, possibly back to Syria, where he could be tortured or executed. His large beard gets much air time these days in the media in Bosnia and the neighboring countries. Namely, he is the media's poster terrorist. It is constantly speculated that he is a war criminal and even implied that he is somehow connected to al-Qaeda or Osama bin-Laden himself. Finally, it is always noted that he was a soldier in the Bosnian army during the war in the early 1990's.
Yet, the most interesting thing about Imad al-Husseini is that he is completely uninteresting to any agency of any government that is pursuing terrorism or war crimes. The U.S. never asked to have him. Bosnia always handed over anyone the U.S. asked for, without requiring any answers. For example, in 2002 it gave up six Bosnian citizens, all of Algerian background, who have been imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay ever since, without formal charges. Al-Husseini would have been in Guantanamo Bay if the U.S. had ever asked for him. The War Crimes Tribunal for former Yugoslavia at the Hague did not ask for al-Husseini either as a possible perpetrator of a war crime during the Bosnian war, despite wild speculation from the media. Even the Bosnian courts have not charged him with anything, except a domestic disturbance.
Without any charge against him, we have to assume that he is merely a victim of a human rights violation. Namely, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 15.2 "No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality". What is meant by this clause is that since citizenship is the basis for realization of various rights, (residence status, property, employment, etc.) cases that put in question citizenship should be treated in an authorized court, and on an individual basis, with some "due process". In Bosnia, there is actually a commission, appointed and led by politicians, that is tasked with taking citizenship away from large numbers of Bosnian citizens, in a process called "citizenship review". This commission originally took away al-Husseini's Bosnian citizenship. He sued, and a Bosnian court ordered the reinstatement of his citizenship, on grounds that the commission disregarded documentation about his military service, and which proved that his citizenship was legal and valid. Amazingly, two days after the court's decision his Bosnian citizenship was taken away again by another purely political body -- the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. the government -- which explained that his removal is "of vital national interest". That is truly arbitrary.
Again we come back to the question: why is this guy so important to go to such lengths to strip him of his citizenship so arbitrarily, and to portray him as such a terrorist, but not important enough to charge him with anything, or arrest him while he lived in Bosnia all those long years up to now? Well, he is only important as an example for others. In al-Husseini's case, the politicians are clearly putting their arbitrary commission above the courts, and sending a message that any other court challenges to its decisions are futile. But they have to justify such a drastic move somehow, so through back channels they name him as a terrorist or war criminal in the media.
The commission for review of citizenship is reviewing citizenships of thousands of individuals in a very short time span. In the round that ended just a few days ago, they announced 661 names of individuals that had their citizenships revoked. Most of the names are Arabic, but a great number are Bosnian, and a few are western. Even if we cannot say for sure that al-Husseini has not in some way been connected to a terror ring, we can definitely be sure that not all of those men and women are terrorists. It has been well publicized that when some of them are forced to leave the country, they will leave their own children and spouses behind. Does not marrying Bosnian spouses and having Bosnian children entitle them to citizenship?
Bosnian politicians often use manipulations of citizenship to eliminate individual citizens or whole groups of citizens whom they consider to be undesirable. Years ago, Prof. Francis Boyle, the lawyer for Bosnia who sued Serbia and Montenegro at the International Court of Justice for committing and aiding aggression and genocide in Bosnia, had his citizenship simply erased - probably in retaliation for starting that lawsuit. Another example, as we have explained previously in this newsletter, is that the Bosnian law on citizenship represents a continuation of ethnic cleansing. Namely, those Bosnians who also took citizenship in one of many other countries will lose their Bosnian citizenship in 2011. Due to agreements with the Serbia-Montenegro union and Croatia, the law excludes those countries, and their citizens can have dual citizenship with Bosnia. Consequently, the law disproportionately affects the Bosniak population, which was the primary target of the ethnic cleansing (genocide) campaign carried out by followers of war criminals Milosevic, Karadzic and Mladic in order to create a "Republic of the Serbs" in Bosnia. Namely, Bosniak refugees primarily settled in third countries, such as the U.S.A., Australia, Canada, etc. In a few short years they will automatically be denied their Bosnian citizenship only because they accepted citizenship of the host country.
We conclude with the story of how al-Husseini and other volunteers became Bosnian citizens at all. When the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RBiH) declared its independence from Yugoslavia, it was a secular state with an overwhelmingly secular populace. The state hastily formed an Army of the RBiH to defend itself from Serb extremist militias, aided by the Yugoslav National Army, who were brutalizing the population as part of their aforementioned ethnic cleansing campaign. The U.N., led by the U.S. president Bush, Sr., put an embargo on Serbia and Montenegro (rump Yugoslavia) for aggression. A number of foreign men, mostly Muslim, volunteered to fight for Bosnia. Although they were not numerous enough to seriously affect the outcome of the war, if they helped at all in that desperate situation, they were very welcome, and for that all Bosnians should be grateful. Most of those volunteers earned the citizenship that was given to them.
Yet, at the time Serbian propaganda needed to turn the world's perception of the war from one waged between an aggressor state and victim state, to a religious conflict between Christian and Muslim armies. The Arab fighters were a great asset to Serbia in that respect, although not by their own fault. Namely, the presence of any number of Arab volunteer soldiers is not proof that the Army of RBiH was a Muslim militia. Instead, the large numbers of Serb and Croat soldiers in the ARBiH categorically prove that it was not a "Muslim militia". Among them we can list heroes and commanders at highest levels, including Dragan Vikic, general Jovan Divjak, general Zeljko Knez, general Stjepan Siber and the current Croat member of the BiH Presidency Zeljko Komsic. Nonetheless, the propaganda using the Arab fighters was very effective, especially since the President of Bosnia at the time Alija Izetbegovic went along with it and constantly tried to show off the "Islamic" nature of the ARBiH, even by taking a group of soldiers on a pilgrimage to Mecca, to be photographed while praying. This was a misrepresentation of the secular ARBiH, and it is our opinion that Izetbegovic created it intentionally to help the Serb propaganda machine. Ironically, for this, the Arab fighters loved him the most, because to them he was the only "true Muslim" among their Bosnian commanders. In the Bosnian media, al-Husseini still invokes the name of Alija Izetbegovic in this context.
Alija Izetbegovic later illegally (in violation of the constitution of RBiH) put his name on the Dayton agreement to partition the country, creating the ethnically clean "Republic of the Serbs" (RS). The Serb politicians, and others who work for them, still use the same tactic of labeling Bosniaks as "Islamic terrorists". Long-bearded Arabs, such as al-Husseini, serve as "proof of the radical Islam danger in Bosnia" in the court of public opinion, even if they cannot be charged with anything in a real court. They hope to distract the U.S. and Europe enough from focusing on the real war criminals -- the perpetrators of genocide who created the "Republic of the Serbs".

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