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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Muharram 4, 1429, January 13, 2008 #3

Osama and Mullah Omar: Are they alive? Please scroll all the way down. [Ms. Bhutto's words created confusion.]

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Oppression of Muslims in America: Padilla, Hassouna, al-Jayyousi Sentencing
On January 14, 2008 the sentencing phase in the cases of three innocent Muslims will enter its second week. The judge is evading the fact that Padilla was tortured [politely called "interrogation" by the regime.]
Dr. Al-Jayyousi never met or talked with Padilla but he is being linked nevertheless.

Appeal in Lynne Stewart, Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar Case Coming up on January 29
Oral Argument for the Appeal is January 29 in the 2 Circuit, 500 Pearl Street, NY, NY for Lynne Stewart, Ahmad 'Abdel Sattar and Yousry. We are hoping for a large turnout to confront the Judges at least visually.

Outreach: Literature on Pakistan & Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar's Case given to 162 Muslims
January 11, 2008: After Juma' salat, at Masjid Rahma in Baltimore, Maryland, selective distribution of literature was carried out. Literature on U.S. strategy for military intevention in Pakistan was given to 75 Pakistanis. It included a powerful article on Karachi as well as documentation of Ms. Bhutto's mistaken revelation of her plans to an Israeli terrorist.
In addition, 87 people, mostly Arabs and African-Americans, were given an extensive article on the case of Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, in a Colorado cell, sentenced to 26 years. This is an eminent Egyptian-American who spoke on the phone to critics of the murderous Egyptian tyrant Hosni Mubarak and stood up for the rights of the Blind Shaikh Dr, Omar 'Abdel Rahman.
Abdel Sattar was a humble worker in the U.S. post office but he was very learned in the Qur'an and Hadith and realized that authentic Islam does not permit Muslims to be silent when the rights of a great scholar like the Blind Shaikh are violated.

Letter from Imam Jamil's wife and Activist-attorney
A Small but Significant Legal Victory for Imam Jamil al-Amin


Al hamdulillah, on Monday, January 7, 2008, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals released its decision on the Imam's 1983 inmate action ruling that the warden and his staff at Reidsville violated his First Amendment right of free speech when they continued to open my legal mail outside of the Imam's presence. The Imam originally filed this suit pro se and received a favorable ruling on the District Court level.
The pro bono attorneys appointed by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals argued the case in September before a three-judge panel. We can now proceed with this case, and we will keep you informed.
The Imam sends his salaams. I am attaching the decision just in case you wanted to read it.


Sister Karima

Movie Review: Another take on the Great Debaters
Up from America's Special Brand of Slavery: The Hunger in our Hearts
by Karen English [Los Angeles]

There was a line in The Great Debaters that took me back three decades to an auditorium on Fillmore Street in San Francisco. I'd come up from Los Angeles to visit my brother, who'd recently left his post Vietnam hippie life to join the Nation of Islam. Not to worry, I had assured my mother. She only had to leave it to me. I would get him out of that "nonsense".
Funny, the turn life can take. The next time my mother saw me I was in a long skirt and head covering, having found the message of the black man needing to be restored to his natural mind, irresistible. How could I not become a part of that movement? Every Wednesday night and Friday night, every Sunday morning, I was in that auditorium on Fillmore Street being mesmerized by the message of unity, self-reliance, and the restoration of the black man to his nobler self. Before that exposure, I had known nothing ---or nearly nothing---about my history. I only had a slight academic awareness of what slavery had done to black people. Having grown up in Southern California, I'd had no experience, in real time, with overt racism nor the spirit or letter of Jim Crow laws. There was my mother's occasional admonishment (directed at my brother and me) to act our age and not our color. She'd drop that gem on us whenever we were about to go a whiter section of L.A. Her words had us straightening up, knowing that, yes---we did have a point to prove.
Sitting in the temple, week after week, I rejoiced in having narrowly escaped my previous, foolish life. I was being given a chance to think a new way. I see now, in part, I'd been caught up in the youthful romance and excitement of the black power movement, but in my heart there must have been a fundamental hunger. I believe it's the same hunger that lives in the heart of every person who is the product of what was America's special brand of slavery.
Probably no one in the movie theater that day had had my experience with the Nation of Islam, but when Melvin Tolson (Denzel Washington) upbraided his student, Henry Lowe, for having the audacity to challenge him, the speech he delivered was so impassioned and heart wrenching, so stunning, I could feel the collective held breath of everyone in the largely black audience. It was as if Professor Tolson's words were going straight to our hearts. No detour to the intellect but straight to that part of our brains in which resides a deep historical pain. I wanted to put my head in my hands and cry. We are still a people so far from our natural selves---as evidenced by too many things to name. I sometimes think we were we a better people fifty years ago when we had to pull together against blatant bigotry and oppression.
It did not matter that the Professor Tolson character was making reference to an event (the Willie Lynch speech) that never took place. It didn't matter the movie's concessions to Hollywood: Samantha Booke falling into bed a little too easily with the Lowe character; the crowd of black protestors outside the jail being just a little too bold; James Farmer demanding just retribution from the redneck farmer... When Denzel gave his two minute speech, The Great Debaters ceased to be entertainment. It became a sobering reminder of all the ways we have been programmed to fail ourselves. The physical chains have been removed but, as a people, we are not yet back to our "righteous minds".

The writer is the distinguished Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

Re: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's 100 Books Campaign: Read Europe's History
As-Salaam Elekum Brother!
My suggestions (not specific but taking a broad-based view of the current need of Muslims living in western countries-- in order to effectively respond to interference in daily religious and cultural lives of Muslims by western political, religious leaders since pre- and post- 9/11 --with facts from history of Christianity and Europe's political and religious warfares of past centuries. Most criticism of Muslims are often --of a defensive nature or overly aggressive --minus facts The Muslims retaliations against the West's verbal propaganda attacks in the media fall on deaf ears and are mostly ineffective. A stronger debate would evolve if Muslims read, as an example, more about European history of several centuries (via English literature as one source). This would give them a more authentic argument against "secularism" as defined by them and as it evolved in Europe through the centuries. Secularism for the west means "anti-religion" and their attacks against Islam and Muslims today is, in fact, an attitude that has evolved through the centuries (in Europe), one (attitude) being for the "ruler"/ruling class may impose its beliefs and power over its (to wipe them out) opponents. "Secularism" for Indians (from India) means something different. It is more about a "live and let live" attitude, in other words, allowing all religious groups to exist within their society because Indian history, especially before British rule, was unlike European history. Their attitude is not "anti-religions." It could be labeled as more "democratic," unlike in western nations which is in essence "anti-democratic" in nature. What I am saying here is that Muslims need to read in depth about the west in order to confront them with rational and valid arguments of their own.
Books to read: Western history; history of the Christian Church and Christianity; anti-Islam/anti-Qur'an/anti-Prophet Mohammad/anti-Muslims writings in Europe such as those related to the Abbots of Cluny/Cluney in France during the 8th century A.D.; Dante's description of Prophet Mohammad in the "Divine Comedy;" forward in George Sade's 19th century English translation of the meaning of the Qur'an (the same that was used by the first Muslim U.S.Congressman during his swearing-in ceremony recently); various 19th century English/British writers such as Voltaire, George Bernard Shaw, etc. Readings such as these may, inshallah, give Muslims better perspective/understanding--and more valid arguments-- against westerners and their anti-Islam/anti-Muslim propaganda.

AS-Salaam Elekum!
Sister Sofia

Letter: Distinguished U.S. Imam Urges bigger distribution of Dr. Siddique's Article

Dear brother Kaukab, Shukran for your great work. The article Understanding Pakistan is outstanding and extremely important. It is an excellent analysis. Of course I don't expect anything less from your scholarship. My Naseehah: This article should be made into a one page tract or flyer and given out to every masjid in America, especially to the African-American masajid. When your group visits a masjid or Muslim convention or conference and give out tracts on political prisoners and such they should be handed this article on Understanding Pakistan, in sha'llah.

[Imam] Warith Deen Umar [Albany, New York]

Understanding Pakistan [Part 2]
Debacle of Secularism: Military Action was okay...
By Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English & Mass Communication

The secularized segments [the enclaves in major cities] were quite content to let Bush and General Musharraf tear apart the Taliban in Afghanistan. The secularists literally cheered as America's air fleet bludgeoned Afghanistan. They watched with glee as Musharraf handed over hundreds of Islamic activitists to America's tender mercies, to be tortured in Bagram and then hooded, shackled and flown to Guantanamo Bay. Islamic people all over Pakistan protested the bombing of Afghanistan but the secularist line was that the "Islamists" represent only a small minority of Pakistanis.
The violations of Pakistan's integrity, sovereignty, human rights and international law with which the secularists were willing to put up help us to understand the narrow moral base of groups focused on the wonders of New York, London and Paris:
  1. The U.S. crossed Pakistani air space to bomb Afghanistan.
  2. Musharraf provided logistical support to the U.S. and provided a big base near Jacobabad.
  3. Bombing of Afghanistan continued during Ramadan. Even Musharraf cringed but not the secularists.
  4. The Taliban's ambassador to Pakistan, Mullah Zaif, a man known for his culture and grace, was handed over by Musharraf to the U.S., a breach of Muslim history which has no parallel for a thousand years.
  5. After the Taliban resurgence, 2005, 2006, 2007, Pakistan kept the U.S. and NATO occupation armies in Afghanistan supplied by providing transit to the equipment and ammunition. According to the Pentagon, 40% of the supplies for the military forces in Afghanistan are generated from Pakistan itself. Thus Pakistani industrialists are making good money off the occupation of a Muslim nation.
  6. Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay left most Pakistani secularists untouched, other than a few honorable exceptions.
  7. Then came General Musharraf's military incursions into Waziristan in which the Pakistani military killed hundreds of Islamic activists along with uncounted civilians. The Islamic people of Waziristan fought back and killed more than a thousand Pakistani troops. The secularists expressed dismay at the ferocity of the Islamic resistance but did not protest the violations of the rights of Pakistanis in Waziristan which had been affirmed by the Founder of Pakistan himself.
  8. Finally, the corruption and immorality unleashed by Musharraf was challenged by the young Islamic women of Jamia Hafsa and the leaders of the Red Mosque. The challenge though peaceful and non-violent was crushed by Musharraf's commandos with brutal and overwhelming force. Hundreds of young women were killed. Abdul Rashid Ghazi was martyred. The forces of Pakistani secularism UNANIMOUSLY HAILED the murder and mayhem perpetrated by military forces right in the capital of Pakistan. Although the Pakistani military, secular to the core, has committed numerous crimes, the sacrilege and slaughter in Islamabad was unique. It can only be compared to the Indian army's entry into the Golden Temple of the Sikh nation in Amritsar.
[To be continued, inshallah.]

War News {From our Media Monitor and researchers.}
Pakistan: 18 Hour bombardment in Swat: Martyrdom Attack in Lahore.

January 12, 2008: South Waziristan: A Pakistani military fort came under heavy attack by hundreds of Islamic Taliban forces. The Pakistani military says, it repelled the attack and inflicted heavy losses on the Taliban. However, at this point the details cannot be verified.
Pakistan is trying to withdraw its elite troops from North Waziristan to be replaced by paramilitaries if the local people agree.
January 9 and 10, 2008: Pakistani forces moved into the northern confines of Swat state with overwhelming numbers. An attack force of elite troops in one hundreds trucks, protected by armored vehicles and engineering units, advanced into positions previously held by Islamic resistance. Meanwhile Pakistani heavy artillery and helicopter gunships attacked suspected ingress points used by the resistance. The sustained bombardment over 18 hours reportedly killed numerous Islamic militants but a body count has not been been carried out yet.
At one point during the bombing, there was a rumor that Maulvi Fazlullah, the leader of the Islamic resistance in Swat, was among those killed. However, later news indicate that the Maulvi has withdrawn successfully with most of the mujahideen and took weapons along.

Lahore Police Attacked by 20 year old bomber: On January 10, a police force waiting outside the Lahore High Court [near the General Post Office] to escort a planned protest rally by lawyers was hit by a martyrdom operator. According to eye witnesses, the assailant was approximately 20 years old with a small beard and long hair. He was chanting in Urdu ["mareyn gay, mur jayen gay"] as he moved rapidly to the police and exploded. The entire police force was wiped out, with 27 killed and 58 wounded. The assailant's body was torn to shreds and bits and pieces of his flesh were collected later from the trees.
The attack sent shock waves through the city as this kind of thing has not happened in Lahore. General Musharraf condemned the attack and added: "They are not human." Conspiracy theories are rampant because if the attack had occurred minutes later, it would have hit the lawyers. The political opposition, including Jamaate Islami, has strongly condemned the attack.
Pictures of the dead and wounded policemen have appeared in the media. Lying on the street, some with their clothes torn off by the blast, the policemen usually reviled by Lahoris have gained some sympathy from the public.

January 9: South Waziristan: In a hit and run attack, Islamic raiders killed one Pak troop and wounded 3. In another incident, three more Paks were captured. Musharraf is planning an all out offensive to capture Baitullah Mehsud, the South Waziristan Islamic leader whom the government accuses of killing Benazir Bhutto.

Musharraf regime launches Propaganda Offensive: The regime has distributed a number of propaganda ploys to discredit its Islamic opponents. One is that the "suicide bombings" are the work of India's intelligence agency RAW. Second that the bomber in Lahore was "Afghan" or of "Central Asian extraction." A third one, not published but distributed by word of mouth is the best. According to this story, the army arrested some men in a house in Swat, who, when their clothes were taken off, turned out to be uncircumcised! [Astute Pakistanis say, why are these men not put on display. The rumor does indicate how "interrogations" are carried out.] Top of the line, this one actually published, is the report that Maulvi Fazlullah has contacted India and sought support.
Others note: General Musharraf's ties with India are excellent and resulted in severe restrictions on Pakistanis trying to enter Kashmir to help the resistance there.

IRAQ: Operation Phantom Phoenix: The "re-Conquest" of Iraq:40,000 Pounds of bombs dropped
by our media monitor

January 10, 2008: As part of a big military offensive against Al-Qaidah titled "Phantom Pheonix," the U.S. air force dropped 40,000 pounds of bombs on Islamic hideouts in the Latifya area southwest of Baghdad. These are areas of palm groves which are on fire as a result of the bombing. The detail of the bombing given out is that 40 bombs, 1000-pounds each, were dropped on 40 targets. The Shi'ite military forces working with the U.S. say that "the air strikes had killed many insurgents" but that they were unable to conduct an official body count by nightfall." [NY Times January 11.]
The U.S. claims that the air assault was conducted with Iraqi civilian information but then it comes out that "people began fleeing the area after the air assault." [NY Times.]
In the north, the operation in Diyala province, stronghold of al-Qaidah, the operation is petering out as the mujahideen were reportedly informed in time and melted away.
The U.S. is suffering casualties even as it is using its maximum power to smash al-Qaidah. In Diyala it says, 9 U.S. troops were killed in one day. U.S. losses for January [13 days] are 18 killed and 34 wounded.

Osama and Mullah Omar send out Radical Messages

Jihad Unspun has translated an extensive message from Osama bin Laden. [December 29, 2007.] It was probably meant only for his own forces because it goes into the details of the situation in Iraq and criticizes the activities of Sunni tribes which have hooked up with the U.S.
Osama excoriates the Saudi rulers' activities which are underway to bring Sunnis in support of the U.S. He has contempt for the Saudi rulers and calls them the "governors of Riyadh."
Woven into the message is some of Osama's poetry.
He shows deep concern for Palestine and some of the elements of Hamas who are flirting with Israel. He makes categorical assertions that no deal with Israel will be accepted by the Muslim ummah and all of Palestine must be liberated.
Overall Osama comes across as an extraordinarily Islamic thinker, deeply imbued with the vision of liberation of Muslim lands.

Dr. Al-Massari, the reknowned Saudi Arabian dissident has circulated an Eid message from Mullah Umar, the legendary leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The content of the message indicates that the Taliban are winning and will not compromise as long as U.S.-NATO forces are in Afghanistan.
The situation of NATO in Afghanistan, observers say, is quite weak. Hence the U.S. announcement that it will send 3000 more marines to stop the Taliban's Spring offensive.

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