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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 5,1429/ July 8, 2008, #38

Saudi base for attack on Taliban: Secret uncovered. Please scroll way down.

Strange award in Montreal: Scroll to end

Thinking outside the box.
Talking about Iran while U.S. occupies and bombs Afghanistan.

Breaking news: July 8, 2008: Super U.S. aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln has moved to the Oman coast and is near the southern Pakistani coast, to be able to launch air strikes in Afghanistan. [Source: CNN and Fox Tv.]
Comment: American anti-war activists keep talking about the impending attack on Iran while ignoring the ongoing war against Afghanistan launched by 70,000 NATO troops while 80,000 Pakistani troops block Pakistani support for the Taliban. Iran is cooperating actively with the U.S.-installed regime in Baghdad. Iran is silent about the U.S. presence in Afghanistan. There has been no Iranian government comment on daily bombing of Afghan civilians.
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With thanks to Sis. Bint Waleed
by Jamal Shahid

Pakistani Muslimah Held in Torture Related U.S. Prison in Bagram, Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, July 6: British journalist Yvonne Ridley called for help on Sunday for a Pakistani woman she believes is being held in isolation by the Americans in their Bagram detention centre in Afghanistan, for over four years. "I call her the 'grey lady' because she is almost a ghost, a spectre whose cries and screams continue to haunt those who heard her," Ms Ridley said at a press conference, urging Pakistanis to help her.

Ms Ridley, who has come to Pakistan to appeal for help, said the case came to her attention when she read the Enemy Combatant, a book by former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg. After being seized in February 2002 in Islamabad, Mr Begg was kept in detention centres in Kandahar and Bagram for about a year before he was transferred to Guantanamo Bay. He recounted his experiences in the book after his release in 2005.

Ms Ridley read the text from the book's section covering Mr Begg's stay in Bagram: "I began to hear the chilling screams of a woman next door... Why have you got a woman next door? They told me there was no woman. But I was unconvinced. Those screams echoed through my worst nightmares for a long time. And I later learned in Guantanamo, from other prisoners, that they had heard the screams too."

She said the account had been corroborated by four Arabs who had escaped from Bagram in July 2005. "While on the run, one not only confirmed he had heard a woman's screams, but said he had seen her."

Ms Ridley, who was detained in Afghanistan for 10 days by the Taliban in September 2001, said, "My story made international headlines, front page pictures and major stories on TV. But there has not been one word, not one paragraph about Prisoner 650 -- the 'grey lady' of Bagram, a murderous detention facility under control of US military and intelligence services."

Demanding her immediate release from US military's detention, Ms Ridley said: "We don't know her identity, the state of her mind, the extent of the abuse or torture. What I do know is that this would never happen to a western woman. Don't they value a Muslim woman. Is her life worthless?"

She urged every Pakistani to ring America, ask them who Prisoner 650 was. What was her crime? Who else was being held illegally? How many secret detention centres were there?

Ms Ridley's colleague Saghir Hussain gave details about other people of the country who had 'disappeared'.

"All, like the grey lady of Bagram, have been illegally abducted by secretive intelligence agencies. They began disappearing in 2001 during the so-called war on terror," he said.

Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf chairman Imran Khan demanded that the government should hold an investigation into the case. "What has the sovereign parliament done about the missing persons?" he asked.

[See for details of conference.]
Grassroots Islamic political movement in USA Endorses International Islamic Peace and Awareness Conference

1. Islamic Political Party of America, IPPA, gives its full support to your effort, and we are informing all of our affiliates to give them also an opportunity to endorse and attend. May Allah ta' Ala bless your efforts.

Ali Abdur-Rashid [National Coordinator of IPPA] [North Carolina.]

2. The Islamic Political Party of Virginia endorses this effort.

3. Islamic Political Party of America (Washington, DC Chapter) endorses this effort.

Our America
U.S. Media Ignoring issues of War and Peace: Spreading sexual Immorality, Homosexuality, Exploitation of Women

New Trend's Media Monitor notices the almost zero coverage of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, total censorship of the suffering in Gaza, and complete blackout of horrendous suffering in Somalia caused by the Ethiopian invasion backed by the U.S. Remember that U.S. military units have media embedded in them. The suffering the military is causing and the suffering they are getting at the hands of Iraqi and Afghan resistance is evidently so bad that no coverage is given.

To keep the American people distracted, movies with homosexual "good guys," have become staple fare on TV channels, along with explicit ads for older people to have sex, plus a steady diet of sexual gossip about teen sex and random sex. It looks like a campaign to spread filth into every home and family.

We urge our readers, Muslims and Christians, to call the popular TV channels and protest.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Canada: Momin Khawaja's Trial a Farce: Prosecutors trying Guilt by Association
by our Canada observer

July 4, 2008: Hearings in the case of Momin Khawaja, son of prominent Pakistani scholar, Dr. Mahboob Khawaja, continued in Ottawa, Ontario.
The government played tapes of conversations between 5 Pakistani origin youths in England who have been convicted of terrorism.
The conversations show that the young men, seemingly quite stupid, were talking about attacking civilian targets in UK. None of the targets were attacked. In fact the alleged assailants never got anywhere near their targets. This NON-ACT was concocted by British intelligence into a terrorist conspiracy for which the 5 got LIFE SENTENCES.

Momin was NOT with the alleged attack planners when they were allegedly selecting targets. The Canadian media admits this CENTRAL fact but hides it in the body of the report to obscure its importance. Here is the central quote from the Star [].
"He wasn't present at the discussion of potential targets that took place on Feb. 22, 2004."

By contrast British and Canadian troops are in actual OCCUPATION of the Muslim land of Afghanistan and have killed hundreds of Muslims. Compare the non-event of the alleged charges with what these occupiers are doing in one of the central lands of Islam

Trinidad Muslims Extradited to New York for JFK Airport related Conspiracy Story: West Indian Sovereignty Ended as U.S. Moved in
From Br. Abu Talib, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Brooklyn, New York

July 4, 2008: We interviewed Sis. Huda Ibraheem, daughter of Karim Ibrahim who has been extradited to Brooklyn. Ibrahim was extradited along with Abdul Qadir and Abdul Nuh [from Guyana] who are being accused of conspiring to blow up JFK airport!

Ibrahim wanted to appeal in the Trinidad court to stop the extradition but had no chance as the U.S. is asserting its power over the tiny island of Trinidad. Suddenly Trinidad found that it has no national sovereignty. The U.S. can take away anyone it wants to and Trinidad courts cannot hear appeals to stop the extradition. {Not very different from what happened in Pakistan.}

Sis. Huda who is a niqabi, hijabi Muslimah active in the Shi'a community of Trinidad is determined to help Ibraheem fight for his rights. These are Muslims of African descent.
To help in the legal defense please donate to: Huda Ibraheem, account number RBT 1917199265, Republic Bank of Trinidad and Tobago [RBTT].

For previous New Trend reporting on the JFK case, go to: , click on NEWS, go to the search engine on the left, click on Webmaster and then use the google on the left.

Outreach: First Effort in Knoxville, Tennessee
From Br. Yusuf

June 27, 2008 after Jumu'ah Salat, at the Muslim Community of Knoxville - Oak Ridge, a small Masjid that caters to about 22 families of mostly Indo-Pak and Arab descent. The information on Ahmed Abdel-Sattar was passed out. I was very assertive with the literature and told the older and younger brothers alike we need to keep abreast on what is going on in the Ummah worldwide and particularly here in the United States. Some of the younger brothers who seemed interested were then given New Trend Magazines issues #26 (April 30, 2008) and #33 (June 7, 2008). Some of the older Muslims looked weary at first but they kept the literature with them and got into their cars with it. It seemed like a success.

Outreach 2: Irvine, California: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Analysis of Jewish Attacks on Hadith+Intro to Jamaat's Program

June 27, 2008: After jum'ah prayers in the city of Irvine, on the outskirts of Los Angeles, Jamaat al-Muslimeen's literature was given to 130 Muslims. Of these, 80 received archival information outlining the Jewish attack on the Hadith of the Prophet, pbuh. Goldziher, a Hungarian Jew, attacked Hadith in 1869. In the 20th century c.e., another Jew, Joseph Schacht, led the attack on hadith. The Jamaat archive says that Goldziher's attack was popularized by missionaries like Zwemer. The attack on Hadith suffered a serious setback when Nabia Abbott discovered original Hadith written on papyrus.

Another 50 people received literature outlining the International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness to be held in Baltimore on August 16, inshallah.

Outreach 3: Invitation to Islamic Peace Conference: Bombs Can't Defeat Islam: How to bring about an Honorable Peace?

July 4, 2008: Owing to the holiday, Masjid al-Rahma [Islamic Society of Baltimore or ISB] had a record Friday prayer crowd, about 450 people. The leadership here is just about non-existent and the khutbas are almost guaranteed to put people to sleep. The khateeb spent much effort in pointing out that it is the first of Rajab, so we should prepare for Ramadan. [Prepare how was not clear.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's invitation calling Muslims to the August 16 International Conference for Peace and Awareness was given to 200 people, mostly Indo-Pakistani-Bangladeshi and Arab.

[The leadership of ISB is hooked into the oppressive American power structure. A reliable source says that this "masjid" has received funds from the kuffar including the State Government and even federal funds. We invite correction from the people who run this directionless "masjid." ICNA is said to have some support here]

Pakistan in Turmoil: Jamia Hafsa-Red Mosque was Pakistan's Kerbala
From our Pakistan observer
"O Allah Forgive us: We were Asleep when Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa were under attack": Pakistanis Rally, calling for trial of Musharraf

June 27, July 4,5, 6, 2008: Thousands of Pakistanis, men and women, rallied in Islamabad to mourn the anniversary of General Musharraf and Pakistani army's attack on the Islamic women's university, Jamia Hafsa and the Red Mosque. The cowardly Pakistani army used heavy weapons on the young women and men besieged in the mosque and the school. Abdul Rashid Ghazi, the lion of the Red mosque, would not let the army enter the mosque by force of arms. The youth with him, though lightly armed, killed scores of Pakistani elite commandos. Ghazi went down fighting to the last, like Hussain, r.a., at Kerbala. He sacrificed his life to bear witness that Islam is under attack in the very heart of Islamic Pakistan by the servants of Israel and U.S. imperialism.

Hundreds of young Muslim girls were killed in the Pakistani onslaught. The troops, some say led by Israelis, used phosphorous inside the mosque, killing hundreds, including Ghazi's ailing mother.

As the Pakistani army attacked, the smoke and fire caused by its heavy machine gun, mortar and artillery fire could be seen for miles. It was like the Indian army's assault on the Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of the Sikhs in Amritsar.

THREE DEMANDS: Now on the first anniversary, thousands rallied to mourn the tragedy. A large scale convention of Ulema was held. They were calling for the release of Maulana Abdul Aziz, the surviving leader of Lal Masjid, the re-building of Jamia Hafsa on its original spot and the re-opening of Jamia Faridia, an eminent madrassa which supported the Red Mosque. In addition, the mass gathering called for the trial of Musharraf for crimes against humanity.

Al-Qaida's First Urdu Message Hailing Jamia-Hafsa-Red Mosque Struggle.

On July 4, 2008 Pakistani newspapers carried the summary of the first Urdu language message of Al-Qaida which appeared on the Jihad-related web site known as as-Sahab. The message includes segments from Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and other Jihad leaders hailing the struggle of Jamia Hafsa and the Red Mosque. Some excerpts are about the armed struggle of the global Islamic movement known as al-Qaida. The message criticized Pakistani political and religious parties for their compromising relationship with the Pakistani rulers.

Attack on Musharraf's Police Force: July 6: After the rallies and Ulema convention had ended, a martyrdom operator attacked the police force stationed at Aabpara in central Islamabad. Eyewitnesses say that the attack was carried out by a seemingly 30 year old with a small beard. The explosion killed 19 police and wounded 40. General Musharraf and Prime Minister Gailani strongly condemned the attack. Both the Red Mosque and other religious groups strongly reject such attacks. Observers say that new militant Islamic groups are emerging in Pakistan and some of them see no other way to deal with Musharraf's U.S.-Israeli armed/funded troops and police than through such deadly martyrdom operations.

Letter: Niger's Wealth still in French Hands

Niger's uranium has been in frog hands since before ww2. During the soft german occupation of france the uk/us took it over. The price of the uranium is the same as ww2. The people are still half starving and illiterate. Us/uk/fr are concerned if the govt were to nationalize the mine and start selling it at world prices to Chinese and others.

Niger's two uranium mines—SOMAIR's open pit mine and COMINAK's underground mine—are owned by a French-led consortium and operated by French interests

Rafe [California]

Letter: From the heart of the City

Could you start sending me newtrendmagazines whenever the articles are released through my e-mail please? I would love to read that information. You could also click on my youtube linked page below. It has lots of useful information. Also, I have another question. What is your opinion of Alex Jones? I listen to his radio broadcasts. He agrees with a lot of your viewpoints. i.e. Barack Hussein Obama is already bought and paid for by the establishment. McCain is also. I live in Baltimore City. I am 27 years old. My Muslim name is Malcolm. I live near the masjid al Jamat center at York/Coldspring. I would love to help out in anyway/everyway. I actually attended a Juma Kutba service a few years ago. I need to get back on track. Please respond. i would love to help. I have way too much energy to do nothing.

Malcolm [Baltimore, Maryland]

New Trend Media Monitor
Targeting Bangladesh: Old Veteran of Anti-Islam Propaganda Selig Harrison at it Again after strategic blunder in Afghanistan

{The following is an excerpt from an article published in the Los Angeles Times. Mr. Harrison, about three decades ago made a strategic blunder. He advised the U.S. government to arm the Afghans fighting the Soviets. He wrote that the mujahidin would never be able to defeat the Soviet Union but the USSR would bleed in the process, bringing revenge for Vietnam. To his surprise, and to the surprise of the CIA, the Afghan mujahidin forced the USSR to withdraw unconditionally from Afghanistan. Since then Harrison has been smarting under the defeat of his ideas. Now he is trying to claim that the steady development of Islamic power in Bangladesh, and the retreat of pro-India elements, means that Osama is in Bangladesh. Read and enjoy. - Editor]

Get a grip on Dhaka

With U.S. forces preoccupied in Pakistan, an Al Qaeda affiliate has been gaining power in Bangladesh.
By Selig S. Harrison
July 2, 2008
While the CIA and the Pentagon search in vain for Osama bin Laden in the mountains of northwest Pakistan, an Al Qaeda affiliate has been quietly building up terrorist bases in the jungles of Bangladesh under the protective aegis of a new military regime in Dhaka allied with Islamist forces.

The founding leader of the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami in Bangladesh, Fazlur Rehman Khalil, was one of the six signatories of Bin Laden's first declaration of holy war against the United States on Feb. 23, 1998, and a U.S. State Department study reports that Harkat "maintains contact with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan."

Bush administration officials privately endorse mounting Indian evidence that Bangladeshi Harkat agents spearheaded a series of terrorist attacks in India -- in Mumbai and Banaras in 2006, in Hyderabad in 2007 and in Jaipur in May. But the United States has conspicuously failed to press Bangladesh's military ruler, Gen. Moeen U Ahmed, for a crackdown on Harkat and for the removal of highly placed intelligence officials with Islamist ties.

Ahmed staged a bloodless coup in January 2007, forcing a figurehead president to give him emergency powers. He has pledged to hold elections in December and return power to a civilian government. The Bush administration, while formally urging him to hold the elections on schedule, has so far ignored his increasingly blatant efforts to rig them. ......"

Letter: Peaceful way of Answering the Abuse hurled at Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, by Denmark and the Pope

I came across some poems glorifying our Prophet (Peace be upon him) (naats) that I loved listening to when I was a child/teenager. Whenever the followers of Satan insult the most blessed among men, we should say darood and send God's blessings upon him and his household. Whether it's the pagans of Denmark, or an ignorant man quoting an even more ignorant Byzantine king, we should know that they are just piling up fuel for the hellfire that awaits them. The Muslim response to their satanic mischief making should be to bless the Prophet (pbuh) and follow his message. That is the best revenge.

This naat became very popular when I was 14 or 15. It was originally in Arabic and I could never understand it. Now it's in Arabic and Urdu with English subtitles.

This one is from my childhood. I always loved to hear it (Urdu only).

This is a nice milad naat I came across

[From a reader.]

Letter: Reader Differs with New Trend Report on Muslim Rallies against Text Book in India

Please tell your correspondent from Kerala Mr Hamza to be more objective when reporting about incidents in the province. A case in point is his story about the Muslim organisations' protest against a text book which on the whole positively portrays the Muslim historical figures and sheds light on the long- drawn out struggle of the Dalits against Hindu feudal lords.That is the reason why the Nairs have taken cudgels against the book
The catholic church is angry because there is a lesson on the Dalit revolt against the Church. The Hindu chauvinists are angry because there are references to a Muslim leadr of the 1857 struggle .The Muslim organisations especially The Muslim League which is still with Manmohan Singh Govt while all the Muslims are against the India-Us Nuclear deal has its own political objectives. With out reckoning all the factors he has written the story.


Prof P Koya

War News: Compiled by New Trend's Media Monitor
Afghanistan: Bride killed in U.S. Air strike

July 6, 2008: An entire wedding group of 27 women and children were killed by a U.S. air strike in the Deh Bela district of Nangarhar province. The U.S. says those killed were "militants" while villagers and local officials have given details of the wedding party. The women and children were walking separately from the men, as is the custom there, when the U.S. bombed them, killing all including the bride.

July 4: U.S. helicopters fired at two civilian vehicles in Nooristan province. All 22 civilians in the vehicles were killed. Karzai, USA's man in Kabul, has expressed shock and called for an investigation.

July 7: The Indian embassy in Kabul was targeted by a martyrdom operator. The huge explosion was heard miles away. Among the 41 killed were 4 Indian embassy officials, including the military attache. Another 2 were Indian security guards. The rest were visa seekers who had lined up to go to India. More than 100 were injured. The Indian embassy's cars caught fire and started exploding.
The Taliban have stated that they were not responsible. Afghanistan now has numerous little Islamic groups keen to fight the U.S. and its allies.

India gained a strategic advantage by entering Afghanistan after U.S. occupied the country, thus outflanking Pakistan, owing to Musharraf's alliance with both the U.S. and India. Taliban frequently attack Indian installations but this may well be another group's attack. Mujahideen from the time of the anti-Soviet Jihad, such as Jalaluddin Haqqani and Gulbuddin Hikmatyar are part of the resistance.

July 6: Late news: A large Taliban fighting group captured the Kandahar-Helmand highway at Chah Nagar where it goes through Nad Ali district. British troops in Helmand indicated their inability to take on the Taliban. A U.S. force with Afghan mercenaries as guides is on the roll to attack the Taliban.

Saudi-Canadian Cooperation Against Taliban Uncovered

Saudi Arabia has given the Canadian military a base in the Saudi desert to give Canadian forces a launching pad from which to attack Islamic forces in Afghanistan.
This carefully kept secret came out when a Canadian soldier was killed by the Taliban on July 6 in the Panjwai area on the outskirts of Kandahar. The Canadian Press, [July 7] in a eulogy to the soldier, reported that he flew into Afghanistan from a "Canadian military base in the Arabian Desert."

IRAQ: Heavy Fighting: Islamic Forces Retain Control of Mosul and Diyala Province, lie Low in Others

Iraqi Shi'ites allied to the U.S. are being sent out front to fight Al-Qaida in Iraq. According to icasualties, these forces suffered heavy losses in June, including 450 killed. Another 84 have already been killed in July. Islamic losses, probably heavy, are not reported. The U.S. reported that 29 of its troops were killed in June and more than 100 wounded.

On July 8, 2008 Islamic fighters killed 4 U.S. contractors and wounded 8 near Mosul. [Contractors form a large American and "coalition" grouping along with regular troops.]

On July 7, in the Samarra area, a martyrdom operator killed 4 and wounded 9 of a force funded, armed and trained by the U.S. from Sunni collaborators to fight al-Qaida.
Also on July 7, BBC reported that a female bomber killed scores of people at al-Mafraq, west of Baquba, 50 miles north east of Baghdad.

Montreal Perspectives
By Jalaluddin S. Hussain

Dr. Morgentaler gets Order of Canada

Dr. Henry Morgentaler was named a member of of the Order of Canada, on July 1, 2008. This recognition, on the 141st birthday of Canada, has understandably fuelled the highly volatile abortion debate. While the pro-choice groups of Quebec and Canada hailed the appointment as well-deserved and overdue, the Archbishop of Toronto, Thomas Collins, angrily remarked: "Canada's highest honour has been debased". He further said, in an interview, that, "Henry Morgentaler is responsible for most grievous destruction of the most vulnerable in our country"..

It may be mentioned that almost single-handedly Morgentaler pushed abortion rights onto the national Canadian agenda, when he opened an illegal abortion clinic in Montreal in 1969. At one point he was jailed for 10 months when a lower court acquittal was overturned by a higher court. This issue culminated in a landmark ruling in 1988 when the Supreme Court of Canada stuck down anti-abortion provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada, on the grounds that they violate a woman's constitutional right to security of person. To be more specific, the Supreme Court concluded that the abortion laws infringed Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Order of Canada was created in 1967 to honour those who have enriched the lives of others and made a significant difference in the lives of Canadians as a whole..

On Thursday, July 3, 2008, Quebec City started the the 400th. anniversary of Quebec City. It was 400 years ago to the day that Samuel de Champlain landed on Quebec shores on July 3, 1608. The anniversary celebrations will continue for a whole year. In 1605, for the first time, Samuel de Champlain travelled up the St. Lawrence River. He was accompanied by jesuits - an order that later established Catholic missions, at what are now La Prairie,and Kahnawake, Kanesatake and Awkwesasne.

Book: "The Revolution Will Not Be Funded"- An Appreciation

Lately, I have been reading an enlightening but eye-opening book, entitled "the Revolution Will Not Be Funded". In its 200-plus pages are nuggets of wisdom, the true activists for social justice, will relish.

In more than a dozen essays contained in this paperback edition, one idea comes out loud and clear that in order to develop new strategies for revolutionary work, the social justice organizers and activists should either not rely primarily on non-profit model or position themselves differently within it.

This anthology "the Revolution Will Not be Funded", primarily talks about how the Non-Profit Industrial Complex (NPIC) comprising of non-government organizations (NGOs) and Non-Governmental individuals (NGIs), are used and exploited to:

- monitor and control social justice movement;
- divert public monies into private hands through Foundations;
- manage and control dissent in order to make the world safe for capitalism;
- allow corporations to mask their exploitive and colonial work practices through "philanthropic" work!

The reading of the book The Revolution Will Not Be Funded helps in understanding the complexities of the corporate world vis-a-vis its philanthropic facade and in thinking beyond state-proctored models like the non-profit system for for organizing political projects for social change.

2008-07-11 Fri 21:06:54 cdt