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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Mohurram 26, 1428/ February 15, 2007 #15

The myspace profile of Washington DC's famous Imam, Imam Musa, has been destroyed by Zionists. Please scroll all the way down for a letter from one of his students.

Editor's Note:
Hail to the young Muslim women of Jamia Hafsa in Islamabad, Pakistan.
They withstood the regime of General Musharraf, ready to die, with lathis in their hands! The General admitted defeat. He would have had to kill the young women to win. The young sisters still did not stop the rally. They insisted that the re-building of Masjid Hamza, which Musharraf had demolished, should be re-started without delay. Hence on February 13, the foundation stone of the re-built masjid was laid jointly by the Ulema and a representative of the government.
The victory of the Islamic women has stung secularist groups. Peoples Party is complaining [to its American patrons] that Musharraf is too soft on the Islamists. The secularists often forget that Pakistan has an Islamic base. If the masses wake up and unite with the Ulema, America's agents such as Musharraf and his "special forces," would be swept into the trash can of history in one night.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [only 4 items]
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Baltimore, MD 21234

U.S. Citizen Who Aided Somali Islamists Arrested on "terrorism" Charges

Daniel Joseph Maldonado, a Latino who embraced Islam and went to Somalia to help the Islamic Courts system, was arrested and brought back to Houston, Texas, where he was arraigned before a judge on February 13.

According to the Houston Chronicle, he was arrested in Kenya after Ethiopian invasion forces overthrew the Islamic Courts system in Somalia. He left Somalia for Kenya but fell into the hands of Kenyan security who handed him over to the U.S..

Maldonado took the Islamic name Aljughaifi. His blog showed that he has a strong belief in Allah and wanted to make Islam known to the masses. He saw Somalia as a good example of an Islamic state where justice was being implemented according to Shari'a.

He asked the judge that he be allowed to be in a prison near his family in New Hampshire but the judge rejected his plea and ordered that he be held without bond.
[American bombing of Somalia killed 80 Somali bedouins in one episode alone.]

Prof. Sami al-Arian Moved to Medical Unit as his Fast Continues

Islamic political prisoner Sami al-Arian is facing serious deterioration in his health as his protest fast continues. The prison authorities told us that he is now in a medical unit.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges the U.S. government to let him go. His basic human rights are being violated AFTER his acquittal in charges of "terrorism."

An African-American supporter of Jamaat who embraced Islam in prison and met Prof. Al-Arian writes that the professor probably suffered tremendously during his transfer from Florida to Atlanta and then Virginia for the Grand Jury hearing. There is constant lack of sleep, no food or bad food, strip searches and hassling during such transfers, our brother writes.

Also in Warsaw, Virginia, where he has been kept, we are told, the prisoner has to BUY his own toilet paper, otherwise he is left to use his clothes or his hands to clean himself.

Masaud Khan Found in Infamous Atlanta Prison

Pakistani-American Islamic political prisoner Masaud Khan has been found. He is in a prison in Atlanta infamous for its riots, violence and gangsterism. There is fear that he might come to bodily harm. The government did not inform either the family or the attorney of Masaud Khan and quietly transferred him from Jonesville, Virginia to Atlanta.

Masaud Khan is one of the Virginia Innocents who was sentenced to NINETY years after the U.S. found him guilty of having allegedly visited an anti-India militant Islamic camp in Pakistan.

The Tragedy of Sabri Benkhala: Convicted on re-Trial After 4 years!

The case of the Virginia Innocents continues to sputter. On February 5, 2007 Sabri Benkhala who had been acquitted in the original trial, was convicted. He was re-tried for allegedly making false statements and faces 25 years on sentencing.

The U.S. government has spent tremendous efforts to imprison a group of innocent and naive young Muslims whose main error was too much talk and games which could be misconstrued as "jihad preparation."

Farrakhan Calls for Historic Conference in Detroit, Michigan
February 23-25, 2007

Hon. Elijah Muhammad's Son, Minister Ishmael Muhammad Talks to New Trend.
Islam is the Heritage of the Millions brought to America as Slaves: Process of Re-Discovery of Africa's Most Valuable Asset

New Trend: Tell me about yourself. What is your role in the upcoming Detroit conference?

Ishmael Muhammad: I am one of the sons of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and National Assistant to Minister Louis Farrakhan. I am working as Director and Coordinator of the conference on behalf of of our Executive Council.

NT: What is the significance of the dates at the end of February?

IM: Master Farad Muhammmad was born in Makkah, Arabia in 1877 on February 26. It's an annual event in his memory.

NT: Why Detroit?

IM: Farad Muhammad brought Islam to Detroit and it was here that the Nation of Islam [NOI] started in 1930. He lived here for three and a half years till his departure in 1934.

NT: How did his message spread?

IM: Farad Muhammad was an outstanding teacher. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad accepted Islam from Farad Muhammad in 1931. Thereafter more than 25,000 people left Christianity and accepted Islam from Detroit to Chicago to Milwaukee. This was the core foundation of the NOI. Elijah Muhammad called this community the "Lost-Found Nation of Islam."

NT: Explain the term.

IM: He was pointing out that the people of African descent, whose forefathers were brought here as slaves. were Muslims by heritage. To discover their original identity, they had to go through a process of self-re-discovery leading to Islam

NT: When were the first slaves brought to America? I have heard this is the 400th anniversary.

IM: The usual date given is 1607 at Jamestown, so that would be 400 years. However, a period of 64 years is missing from that history. Scholars are now looking at 1555. The ship they were brought on was named "Jesus" run by John Hopkins Hawkins.

NT: We were praying for Minister Farrakhan's recovery from hospitalization. It is truly miraculous that he has not only recovered but is going to address a historic conference.

IM: Yes, indeed it is an inspiring recovery. He was in hospital for five weeks. He is recovering extremely well. He has gone back to normal eating habits!

NT: All praise belongs to Allah! Tell me about the scope, the theme and projected content of the conference.

IM: We have organized global level conferences before ...

NT: Yes indeed! I was there!

IM: But this one will be unique even by those standards. The Theme is: "One Nation Under Allah [God]." It will bring about genuine Interfaith Dialogue. We have invited scholars of all the major faiths, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, even Hinduism and Buddhism.

NT: What's your message. NT: What about the specific problems facing Muslims?
IM: Islam today is fragmented. The Muslim world is fighting itself. The situation is worsened by outside intervention. We should not have allowed outsiders, like Bush, to enter our lands. We must come up with solutions and put an end to this internal disruption.
NT: Any famous Muslim leaders invited?
IM: We have invited the Imam of Masjid al-Aqsa , the Grand Imam of Senegal, the President of the OIC and many other distinguished leaders of Muslims. Shaikh Tijani has the list. You can ask him.
NT: May Allah give you success in your righteous endeavors. Give my salams to Minister Farrakhan. By the way, are you married?
IM: Yes, I am married and have six children. The conference will also focus on Marriage, Family and Youth.

TV Review
'The Journalist and the Jihadi"

Was Daniel Pearl a Journalist or a Spy? Was Omar Shaikh a Jihadi? Why Romanticize the Two?
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

CNN's top journalist Christine Amanpour produced a documentary on the life of Daniel Pearl which was aired on February 10, 2007 and then repeated on February 11. It was publicized in advance for several weeks with considerable fanfare but turned out to be a complete failure if judged by the standards of journalistic ethics.

Failure at the micro level:

Ms. Amanpour compromised the authenticity of Pearl as a journalist by admitting that the purpose of his mission in Pakistan was to find out "how al-Qaidah is financed." Obviously that is an intelligence mission in the bailiwick of the CIA. If Amanpour is to be believed, then Pearl was working on the mainline quest of the U.S. government to cut off the financial supply line of its Islamic enemies.

Having given away the premise of Pearl's mission, Amanpour failed to explain how such a mission could be justified as part of authentic journalism. In fact Amanpour did not discuss this central issue at all.

Similar loose ends abound in Amanpour's story. She states that Pearl was Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal in India. How an India-oriented journalist could be expected to be on a friendly mission to Pakistan is not touched in the hour-long CNN docu-drama. We are also told in passing that Pearl visited Iran 13 times. Why? Again, no answer.

The report is marred by Amanpour's efforts to romanticize Pearl's life and death. An attempt is made to depict the dreams Pearl's wife Marianne saw. At the end, even the heavens cry for Pearl. Thus the docu-drama became melodrama.

At the Macro level:

The report fails because it refuses to touch a fundamental issue in the death of Daniel Pearl. What was his connection with Israel? Amanpour tells us very fleetingly that Pearl's father is an Israeli Jew. She completely left out an easily verifiable fact that Pearl's death was mourned in Israel and a street was named after him by the Zionist regime.

Thus if Pearl was an Israeli with U.S. citizenship, it raises the serious question of Pakistan's sovereignty as a nation-state. Pakistan does not recognize Israel as a legitimate state, even under the Israel-friendly regime of General Musharraf. So if an Israeli Jew was moving about in Pakistan, trying to locate the funding channels of al-Qaidah, can he still be considered a journalist and not a spy? Was Pakistani sovereignty being violated or is this kind of activity acceptable under international law?

Amanpour does emphasize, repeatedly, the role of the FBI operating DIRECTLY in Pakistan, raiding houses, searching suspected facilities. CNN seems to have found nothing objectionable in this activity. After the arrest of the 'Jihadi' Omar Shaikh, we are told that his family was "picked up" and put in prison by the FBI. So here we have the FBI raiding a home in a sovereign Muslim nation and "picking up" women and children because they belonged to the family of the accused. Again Amanpour failed to discuss how this activity can be justified.

An important aspect of the story was the role of the Wall Street Journal which is known for its deep anti-Islam bias. One of its notorious reporters, Asra Nomani, figures repeatedly in the Amanpour report as a very close friend and colleague of Pearl. As Nomani confessed later, she got herself impregnated while in Pakistan by a mysterious Pakistani boy friend of hers. She has been actively involved in efforts to disrupt Islam in America with attempts on her part to lead men in prayers [thoroughly publicized by the New York Times.]

Why would a woman of easy virtue like Nomani be accompanying Pearl if he was interested in friendship and mutually beneficial contacts with Islamic scholars like Shaikh Gilani as the Amanpour story repeatedly says? Again here is a big hole in the Amanpour docu-drama.

Finally, Pearl's Israeli life and his connections with Israel are completely omitted.

Now let's look at the "Jihadi" Omar Shaikh as represented by Amanpour.

The word "jihadi" is a pejorative term and is meant to prejudice readers against the person who receives this label. Omar Shaikh was not involved in any Jihad, be it in Kashmir or Afghanistan, so it's not clear why he is called a Jihadi.

There are references to his studies at the best schools in Britain but hardly anything about his academic activities is presented. Instead the emphasis is on his arm wrestling in a British pub. The story then moves to Omar Shaikh's connection with Maulana Masood Azhar, another shady character about whom little is known.

Amanpour connects Omar Shaikh to Pakistani intelligence ISI. If that is true, why not ask General Musharraf [or is this connection to be kept for a later day move against the General?]. General Musharraf has cracked down against Jihad both in Afghanistan and Kashmir. He cleaned out the ISI years back and the ISI has been diligent in arresting Islamic opponents of America and handing them over to the U.S.

Amanpour does give a slight reference to the role of Afghanistan in the murder of Pearl. She says, he was sold to, perhaps, Al-Qaidah, who killed him. Perhaps, we are told, Khalid Muhammad killed him. Now Khalid Muhammad is in U.S. hands. Why not ask him? There was a statement in the media at that time that the killers justified the murder by saying that they would send food and gifts to the Pearl family just as the U.S. had given food and gifts to Afghan villagers after bombing them. Amanpour leaves this out.

Conclusion: CNN's Amanpour failed to present a a credible report on Daniel Pearl.

From Br. William Reed

Washington, D.C. - WPFW-FM broadcaster Hodari Abdul-Ali has announced plans to participate in an historic "Empower India" conference in Bangalore,India. A long-time Washington, DC area activist and entrepreneur, Abdul-Ali will be hosted by the Popular Front of India, a coalition organizing to empower disaffected segments of the population to help make India a more representative democracy.

A central theme of the February 15 - 17th conference is strengthening the roles of groups such as India's Black "Untouchables". "I'm very excited about participating in such a significant meeting", said Abdul-Ali. "I'm looking forward to comparing notes about their efforts, and the struggles of African-Americans and Muslims in the U.S. I want to share with them some of the ways that we've been able to accomplish certain goals here in America."

Activists in southern India organized "Empower India" to help bring about true democracy in India by strengthening the disaffected groups in the society such as the Dalits (so-called Black "Untouchables") and the Muslims.

According to the Popular Front of India
(, "Existing socio-economic models of development have failed to alleviate the poverty and backwardness of the people of India". The Front says that "since independence the ruling class has strengthened the business monopolies and the urban and rural elite" and that "traditionally dominant social groups have hijacked the democratic process."

According to historian Runoko Rashidi, the Dalits number close to 300 million of India's one billion people. He cites that the Dalits are the largest group of people of African descent in the world and that, "This is far more than the African-American population in the U.S., in Brazil, and even Nigeria,the most populous country in Africa".

"My research so far indicates a disparity between the Hindu projections of peace and non-violence, with the discrimination apparently being practiced against the Dalits, the Muslims, the 'tribals' and others", said Abdul-Ali in regards to his interest in attending the conference. "God be willing, I will seek ways to help forge links and work together with people seeking to establish justice and peace on this earth."

"We wish Brother Hodari well and look for him to represent well Muslims and African-Americans at this conference", said Dr. Kaukab Siddique, publisher of New Trend magazine.

Abdul-Ali,51, is the Executive Director of the Give Peace a Chance Coalition, a think tank concerned with U.S. foreign policy in Africa. He led fact-finding delegations to Sudan in 2003 and 2005. He has also been involved with efforts to get reparations, end the U.S. occupation of Iraq and to free incarcerated political prisoner Imam Jamil Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown).

A Howard University graduate, Brother Hodari is proprietor of Dar Es Salaam Books/Health Center in Mt. Rainier, MD, and a programmer with radio WPFW, 89.3 fm in Washington, D.C. He has traveled to over 20 countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Jamaica, Italy, England,Palestine, and Saudi Arabia to make hajj.

Western Cultural Imperialism Rampant

800 Pre-Teen Mothers in One Village in Kenya; Sharia is the Solution.
New Trend Special Report

January 30, 2007. According to a BBC report, in one village alone in Kenya, 90% of the pre-teen girls are pregnant. They range from 10 to 15 years in age. The invasion of Kenya by western cultural imperialism has destroyed the family system and made sex easily available. With that softening of morals and values, the breaking point is provided by intense poverty.

By contrast, Muslim communities in Kenya itself and all over Africa resist Western values and their family system is still safe though under increasing pressure because fringes of Muslim society too have been westernized.

Islam is seen as a threat to western cultural hegemony; hence the constant propaganda in Europe and America against Shar'ia and Islamic dress and separation of the sexes. Shar'ia forbids dating and marks fornication, adultery and homosexuality as mortal sins which must be severely punished if Islamic Law is established. Even when Islam is not the ruling power, the stern values and norms of Islam make teenage pregnancies very rare and are always seen as a calamity, not as the norm or a mere aberration.

Here are excerpts from the BBC report. Note the references to "disco" and the "tourist" industry. No one asked, why would a 15 year old go to disco? Rape is not punishable by death as it is under Islamic law.

Kenya's 'cursed' teen mum village
By Odhiambo Joseph
BBC News, Mtondia

Many have sad stories of how they became mothers at such tender ages.
"I was 10-years-old when I got my first child - I was raped by some young men in our village," says 13-year-old Mahenzo.
"Then two years later while I was going to a local disco, I was raped and that's how I got my second child."
Fifteen-year-old Janet Menza, meanwhile, says she was enticed into a love affair by an older man.
"I was in class eight when I got involved with the man; our relationship went on smoothly with him until I became pregnant," she told the BBC.
"That is when he disappeared from the village and left me with the baby."
Mahenzo, Janet and about 800 other under-age mothers recently gathered in an open field to meet Health Minister Charity Ngilu to discuss their plight.
They greeted her with songs and dance as her four-wheel-drive car pulled in.
Those who attended the public meeting with two or more of their children were as young as 16.
Moving Most of the girls are unmarried and have to leave school without completing their education.
The rise in the numbers of under-age mothers in Mtondia has repeatedly been blamed on poor parenting and a breakdown of traditional family structures.
But Dama Charo, whose daughter is a teenage mother, making her a grandmother at the age of 33, does not support these claims.
"This is happening because these girls and boys go to the same school and that is where they get influenced to engage in pre-marital sex," says Mrs. Charo.
In the past, when a girl got pregnant her father would force her to get married to the man responsible, but now the man is able to desert the girl leaving her to nurse the pregnancy alone, she adds.
Such experiences recounted to Mrs. Ngilu almost moved the minister to tears.
"I feel very sad indeed to see such a thing happening in our country and we as a government have not done anything," Mrs. Ngilu told the BBC.
She regretted that laws meant to protect children were not being implemented effectively.
This, she said, had led to the crisis facing families in Mtondia.
"Action must be taken against these men who are having sex with young girls and ruining their future," Mrs. Ngilu said.
Mtondia is 60km from the coastal resort of Malindi and many of the absent fathers work in the tourist industry.
They go to poor villages, knowing that a small amount of money can sometimes persuade girls to agree to sex, sometimes with the knowledge of their families, without thinking of the long-term consequences.

IMAM MUSA's myspace Profile Hacked

As-salaamu 'alaikum, dear believers and warm greetings to friends

Recently, the myspace profile created to spread Imam Musa's message of truth, justice, and hope for our Ummah was destroyed by hackers who have loaded it up with anti-Islamic, pro-Zionist garbage (check it out: It looked organized with the amount of info put up in such a short of time period. It was brought to my attention yesterday that the Imam Musa myspace profile was (coincidentally?) VERY recently mentioned on the website of Jihad Watch--a website that I believe is controlled or supported by Daniel Pipes, an ardent Islam-hater--as well as a related site. Below are the links to the articles:


"To each is a goal to which Allah turns him; then strive together (as in a race) towards all that is good. Wheresoever you are, Allah will bring you together. For Allah hath power over all things." (al-Qur'an, 2:148)

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