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UNDER ZIONIST INFLUENCE, the BRITISH GAVE PALESTINE to the JEWS. Now the U.S. wants to legitimize Israel and to make it a permanent dagger in the heart of the Muslim world.

On August 5, 2003 Gen. Richard Myers, Chairman, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, speaking at the Pentagon, gave high praise to Pakistan's General Musharraf and to the Pakistan army for its operations against the Taliban on the Afghan-Pakistan border. Pakistan's Musharraf has done more against the Islamic movement than any other leader and has handed over 800 Islamists to the U.S. [Source: C-Span.]
Exploited, beaten and robbed
Shot and killed
Blood running into
For the wealth of the exploiters -...."

Oppressors and exploiters around the world are joining hands: Bush, Blair, Sharon, Putin, Vajpayee, Mubarak, Musharraf, King Abdullah, Crown Prince Abdullah, Uzbek Karimov, Karzai .... the list goes on.

If you are Muslim, you are ONE BILLION plus and global. If you are Tunisian, Algerian, Pakistani, Saudi, Egyptian, Sudanese, you are little tin pot nation states and will be destroyed one by one and easily.

THE UMMAH CONCEPT: That's the key. Make Muhammad (pbuh) your leader and the Qur'an your guide.

FROM UTAH to ETERNITY: A MORMON-MUSLIM JOURNEY by Sarah Louise Baker, 488 pages, $15. A detailed study of a latter day Christian missionary sect, a fictionalized account of a Mormon's journey to Islam. Very helpful in understanding how the missionary system works and why it cannot defeat Islam.
SUBVERTING ISLAM: The Role of Orientalist Centres by Dr. Ahmad Ghorab, 88 pages, $7. Helps to understand the changes within the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood). Study the infiltration of pro-U.S. elements into Islamic organizations which today are called ISNA. All this was done in the name of Islam. Explains the role of Esposito, Jaafar Shaikh Idris and others. The change was signaled with systematic attempts to attack the writing of Sayyid Qutb who was murdered by the Nasser regime in Egypt.

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23 hour Lock down: Shackled & Handcuffed in Visits: Has to Carry his Papers on his Back

New Trend report
Based on an article by PAUL LOMARTIRE
in the Palm Beach Post of Palm Beach, Florida, dated August 4, 2003

In one of the most shameful episodes of oppression of Muslims in America, a university professor is being held in prison like a dangerous criminal or thug and not being given the rights which even criminals and thugs are given.

Prof. Sami Al-Arian was a professor at the University of Southern Florida. Why is he in prison? The U.S. government claims that he is linked to the Islamic Jihad movement of Palestine. Is Islamic Jihad fighting America? No, it is fighting Israel. Since the Zionist takeover of America, anyone fighting Israel is also seen as an enemy of America.

Prof. Al-Arian has not been brought to trial, let alone convicted, yet he is being treated like a convicted criminal. Such is American JUSTICE, that Al-Arian will be brought to trial in 2005. In the meantime, he will remain in prison.

So shameful is the oppression of Prof. Al-Arian that even Amnesty International has broken its silence and sent a three page letter to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons pointing out the violations of the rights of the Muslim professor. In response, the U.S. is claiming that he is being treated well because he has washing and toilet facilities and a radio to listen to in a small cell with his Muslim co-defendant.

The Post reports that when during attorney visits, the professor is brought in shackles with his hands cuffed behind his backs. The GUARDS WILL NOT HOLD HIS LEGAL PAPERS, so he comes bent over like a mule with his papers on his back.

His wife and two children are allowed visits but they are constantly threatened with stoppage of visits. Once when his wife Nahla took a writing pad and pen to note what he wanted her to get, the guards told her to stop writing otherwise her visits would be terminated for a year.

WHAT IS SAMI AL-ARIAN's fault? He was so LOYAL to President Bush that he supported the disastrous bloc vote launched by CAIR. He was even invited to the White House. His "fault" seems to be that he is a Palestinian and speaks against the victimization of his people. As a result he was targeted by Zionists (pigs like Steve Emerson and Daniel Pipes are actively working against Muslims, particularly Palestinians) and was "tried" on TV by O'REILLY of Fox News as a coordinator of Islamic Jihad.

Sami al-Arian, a learned professor who has never harmed anyone, is in a little cell under 23-hour lock down. That is a sign of our times: a power structure driven to craziness by its Zionist mentors. This is the kind of thing the Jews claim the Nazis used to do. No civilized nation behaves like this. The Zionists have perfected the art of demeaning their opponents WITHOUT LEAVING A MARK ON THE BODY.

Dear reader, can you believe this: The Zionists have even been strip searching Professor Al-Arian, which Muslims consider a form of rape. They claim Saddam was bad but he certainly did not treat anyone like this unless he had picked up arms to fight. If you ever met Prof. Arian, you would be shocked that anyone would consider him dangerous.

2003-08-09 Sat 21:25ct