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Worsening Situation of Muslims in America
Desire to Assimilate Thwarted by Suspicion and Fear
Loyalty to Allah Challenged by Sectarian, National Interests

1. Since 9/11, the U.S. has arrested 1247 Muslims and is holding them without trial in prison pens. Only their statistics are known. Their names are are not easily available and reports indicate that even their family members do not know their locations.
1a. One of these, a Pakistani prisoner, died of a heart attack while in prison. It's not known through any impartial inquiry if his death occurred owing to assault or mistreatment or merely due to the fear caused to a peaceful person by the sudden end of his normal life. Two other Pakistanis are being alleged as more suspicious and possibly connected to 9/11. They are refusing to speak.

2. The U.S. has now decided to investigate 5000 Muslims in America for possible or potential links to terrorism. Most of these are reportedly students.

3. All independent Islamic dissenters, citizens of the US, were visited by the FBI and files were started on them. These are said to number 500.

4. Several thousand Muslims, mostly Arabs, particularly from Saudi Arabia, who had the resources, have gone back home owing to fear of mistreatment.

5. A particular tactic is being used to demoralize the entire immigrant Muslim community. Muslim supporters of the U.S. government are brought on TV to grovel and repeat their loyalty to the government. The most recent was Salam al-Maryati on Fox News. The low behavior of these "leaders" reduces the courage and sense of honor of the whole community. Bush is offering iftar to his favorites.

6. A national ID card is in the making so that Muslims will get a taste of Apartheid. Any Muslim anywhere will be asked to show his/her ID card or be harrassed and/or arrested.

7. The authorities seem to be eyeing all those Muslims who work in labs or who supervise labs. Recently there was a raid on a lab run by two Pakistanis in Chester, Pennsylvania. One of them is from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He was shocked to see the special police barging in to cart away all his lab equipment.

8. Those who can be used to oppose "wahhabis" are being brought forward. Kabbani was one of them. But there are others brought in from different angles. For instance, a pro-Iran writer, Zafar Bangash, makes this comment on Usama bin Laden's call for Jihad: "An individual cannot issue a Jihad. Only highly qualified scholars respected through the Muslim world can do that, not somebody sitting on some mountain." (Toronto Star, October 13.) The same paper quotes Tarek Fatah who runs a MuslimTV channel in Toronto. He claims that he has been getting "death threats right here in Canada" because he criticizes the Taliban.
The point here is that the western media want to validate those views which create sympathy for the assault on Afghanistan.

Islamic observers say that the ongoing attempt to nationalize Islam in America has gained momentum. Any view which supports internationalism is being dubbed as "support for terrorism."

The leaders of Islam in America, Imam Jamil al-Amin from among African-Americans and Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman from among immigrants are both in prison. Imam Jamil's prosecutor plans to go for the death penalty when the trial opens in January. Shaikh Omar is dying a slow death after being sentenced to life and 65 years.

Both leaders have not compromised. Hence, there is hope for the Ummah. The life of Malcolm X is always a reminder to American Muslims of their real mission in this country.
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WAR AGAINST CORRECT NEWS: Al-Jazeerah TV claims that its office in Kabul was deliberately bombed by the U.S. to stop transmission of news.

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